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Alternate Universe


To think, this could have avoided if you just stayed away.

Looking over the letter once more with confused curiosity, by now the words on the page was memorized into her brain.

Dear (Name),

It sure has been awhile since we worked together? 10 Years can sure slip by fast.

For old times now, why not stop by for a visit. There's something I want you to see

Your best pal, JOEY DREW

and at the bottom of the letter was the old stamp that was evidence to the ownership by Joey Drew and co. With a grumble she tossed the note over her shoulder and continue to focus on the road ahead.

It was amazingly idiotic though that only being gone for some years, it felt challenge to get to where she needed to go and the road just seemed to go through the hardest route possible. "Can this get any worse?" (Name) asked as she drove through the crowded gravel road. With a round of thunder and a flash of lightening. The answer was met; heavy rain fell, drowning out every remaining good vibes that was left from the human. "Joey, this better be life threatening or I'm going to kill you." Another half a mile, (Name) found herself at her destination, the Studio.

With the help of the blinding rain shower, you could have easily drove past it, gave up and turned back for home but no, You just walked into the Devil Den.

The heavy door shut itself closed after (name) released it once inside, the young artist was met with instant shelter from the cold, clothes drenched from the unwanted shower outside, hair as seed weed and shoes covered in mud from the quick heavy sprint to get inside faster. "Joey! I'm here!" She hollered to get the attention of her old boss considering they didn't see him in the main room, the only thing greeting her was am audio only projector on the other end of the room. The place was a mess. "Just like old times. " She commented then turned around to walk down the other corridor to the left of the exit hallway. Coming closer, she saw words written in Ink 'Dreams Come True' The words confused her and with a final glance, she continued to walk down the hallway, checking out all the doors along the way, all locked. "Okay..."

This had bad written all over it, why? You used to work here years ago as a character designer, what was there to...fear?

The ink Machine room was next visit since that's where Joey would rather be than anywhere else. But he wasn't. Raising an eye brow, (Name) stood in the room for a while longer. "Okay... I'm out of here." Turning on her heel to step out what awaited her cause a surprised scream. Bendy was blocking her way, staring at her with his pure black old style cartoon eyes and chaster grin.

"Oh my -" With a hand over her breast to keep her heart from jumping out of her ribs and running to Texas, she calmed herself with deep breathing away from the card board cut out. "Joey, what kind of joke was that?" Walking around the Little Devil to the hallway on her right she was met with her old desk and another Cardboard cut out of Bendy. She glared at the thing with hatred for a moment. "Joey... I know you're here. You know what? I'm gone." Yelled the furious female. With a stomp here and a stomp there, she made her way back to the main room to leave the building but to her surprise and great horror the exit was barricaded. "Uh..." Words caught in her throat, how did this happen and without her knowledge.

The sound of creaking brought (Name) back but it was too late to prepare for what came next. The floorboards below gave way and down dropped her to the ground floor. Landing on her back, the air was knocked out of her lungs from her rough landing only when her breathing was recollected she achingly sat up, rubbing the sore spot on the of head. "What happened?" (Name) wheezed out, finding her footing. She glanced up at the hole her created, what a long drop. Luckily she wasn't harmed to much from the fall, looking around her new surroundings she quickly realized she never seen this room before and all her years working here. She followed the only way she saw, a long corridor shrouded in darkness with a dim light source at the other end. With a determination so powerful she made her way over to find an exit or at least Joey to give him a punch in a face present for her visit. But sadly, the destination nearly turned her into a statue. In the room, chained to the wall by their wrist hanging two inches from the ground was something, someone that shouldn't even exist. Boris. The cartoon character you pretty much created all those years ago. Beside him was another set of chains and a dark puddle below, the stain seemed to create a shadow as if someone was hovering above like Boris is currently.

"What is this?..."

The ear of Boris perked up at the sound of her voice and with difficulty he looked up, his cartoon eyes locked onto you and your heart stopped for a moment.

He's alive!

"Please...Help.." He begged in a weak whisper.

Just then a door you have yet to see opened to reveal the gleeful Joey Drew, his smile lost when he saw the female in her state of shock. "(Name), What brings you down here?" Joey had confusion written all over his face as he closed the door behind and stepped forward.

"Please tell me what I'm seeing 'cause I'm not liking it for a second!" She ignored his question, eyebrows knitted together and finger pointing at Boris, you sure as hell deserve answers to the unspoken question. What was he doing all these years?

"I finally did it. I brought our creations to life. But... something didn't go right" Joey admitted with a grin but everything after 'life' (Name)'s mind forced her back to before she left,she always thought Joey was losing his mind and what he just said, was proven. He lost it. To bring something like ...a cartoon to LIFE! That was crazy!

"You're crazy" (Name) breathed out. Without warning her feet led her to Boris and studied his chained wrist. It was like he was merged with the metal. "What are you doing? Get away from him!"

"Yeah I'll definitely do that." Sarcasm laced her voice as she tried pulling at the chains. Now, the other question. Are there more of them that are alive? Looking at the puddle again, a saddening realization came to her. There was... and they were nothing but a puddle now. Too late to save them, who ever it was.

"Behind you" Whispered Boris. (Name) cocked her head but quickly moved to the side to avoid getting her head bashed in by the blunt weapon in Joey's grasp. With a quick swing, her fist collided with Joey's nose, sending the man back to few steps. The connection gave pain to both parties. Moving backwards her foot knocked against something hard and knocked it over. Looking down at the new distraction, her eyes widen in shock for a moment, looking back at Joey then Boris, she picked up the handle of the hard object. Joey shook the stars from his eyes to see the ex-employee with an ax he carelessly left behind to get rid of 'rodents' their blood forever staining the sharp blade.

"Wait-!" She swung the weapon and Joey forced himself to move away but she had already hit her target, the chain broke and Boris hit the floor, leaning on the wall that helped keep him prisoner. "No!" Boris was melting into a puddle himself, nothing but a spot remain. It was hard to tell if he was gone forever or manage to escape. Both options sounded good either way, he wouldn't be Joey's captive anymore.

Joey clawed the spot Boris just occupied, turning his skin black from the ink pool muttering nonsense then he stopped, standing on his hands and knees he slowly turned his head to her, pure rage evident of his face, he quickly got up and towered over her smaller form in comparison to the mad man. "Do you have any idea of what you've just done! He's not right. He's all wrong. Not like the other ones!"

Other ones?

"They're cartoons. Children entertainment, The only 'not right' one is you!" Joey grabbed the handle of the ax and with a swift pull, the weapon was out of her grip and in the hands of her attacker. (Name) back away and then ran into a sprint towards to the door Joey just escaped through, locking herself in the room.

"Now, with you here. I maybe able to send those demons back. Help me, (Name)!" Joey was on the other side of the door, he was close. So very close.

"Get away from me!" With courage and weapons lost, nothing remained but fear and dread. Tears escaped from her eyes as she pressed herself to the door to add weight. With a bang and crack a piece of wood flew overhead and a scream rang through her ears, it took a moment to realize it was coming from her. Joey was breaking down the door.

In the action of it all, (Name) failed to see the walls begin to ooze with ink from the ceiling, until a noticeable drip fell on her shoulder, she looked at her soaked arm then up, slowly one by one, all of their old work, side characters, emerged, all bearing their unique features, yet twisted into something only a child could have nightmares about if seen in the wrong lighting. (Name) let out another ear bleeding scream before getting up and running to another door and down another corridor, this place was a maze, a maze of terror. Funny, a small piece of memory surfaced, it was the name of an idea that was put on hold for Halloween but was forgotten within time, the main star was...


Shaking her head she cleared her mind of the past, it was time to be in the present, in the now and right now she needed to escape this mad place. A big headed monochrome little girl appeared in front of her, she held a look of innocence with her hands behind her back until she out stretched it and a knife was in her grasp, backing up, she reached for anything and felt a door knob, nearly pulling it out of its hinges she entered a new room, this one was a stair case hall going down. If there was after a time to have a good idea, it wasn't now. Jumping down every 2 steps until tripping on her own footing did she make it to the bottom in one piece. Now this room, this one was disturbing, in the center of the room on the floor was a pentagon created from a strange liquid, hard to tell if it was blood or ink but that wasn't important.

"Come out and play with us!" Called a child like voice from the door (Name) just entered, she backed away, ready to run when she saw them but they never did but they continued to try and make her come out, could they not come in this room. Okay, that's good. She is save here.

(Name) knelt down to take a breather, her lungs suddenly began to burn, the pain finally caught up to her and she was loathing every second of it. Then a knock got back her attention.

"(Name), open the door.." Joey asked bitter-sweet. His order was met with nothing, to shocked that he found you so quick spooked you too much to say anything at all, with a snarl. "Listen, you just don't know what's going on. Allow me to explain."


Best idea, barricade the door to keep him out.


Joey finally tried the handle and the knob turned but there was a force keeping it from opening. Taking the ax in both hands, Joey held it above his head, ready to break the door down, his toon soldiers were cackling for their master? father? no creator, to continue their 'game' the game of life. When he swung the weapon down a few times, just creating a hole to peek through, all laughter ceased. A feeling of dread took over the atmosphere. The Toons attention went to the top stair case then disappeared behind the walls, leaving Joey alone and unprotected. Only when it was completely silent did the old man stop his actions and turned his head side to side to noticed no one was there, he saw from the corner of his eye, him, standing tall and threatening. Joey's personality made a complete 180 degree turn. "(Name) please let me in. I'm sorry. I'll stop. Open the door" Dropping the ax from fear, he press both hands on the door and his mouth to the small hole he made he begged again. "Please let me in!"

"Go away!!!" (Name) squeaked, too shook from his first attack. Slowly the ink creature made his way to Joey, Within the creature's mouth pointed teeth appeared, sharp and deadly and yet his facial expression never changed. How disturbing the sight was to witness.

Yet it was still hard to tell... who was the real monster?

Joey's pleas became desperate as he banged his fist, screaming the girl's name.

Within seconds the banging stopped and it was complete silence on the other side of the door. Slowly lowering her hands from her ears, she got up and looked through the hole, nothing.

She saw nothing but didn't here his foot steps leave, maybe he did and just hadn't noticed. A familiar sound of liquid cause her eyes to stare to the wall beside her fallen form and out stepped Boris the Wolf, he seemed to be looking for something and when his eyes landed on her he smiled. He looked much better than before and he was alive, that was good about the only one that hasn't been purposely trying to scare her. "(Name), I'm glad you're safe." Boris even sounded as adorable as he looked right now.

With a huge gloved hand outstretched, She managed to move her body to her own accord and allowed him to help her up to her feet. Okay. What happened back there?

"How?" The question passed through her lips before she could closed them. Boris gave a shrug.

"Not sure, I just appeared."

"What happened to Joey?"

"He isn't here anymore." It felt as if he didn't really know so anymore questions were dropped. "I know this may be sudden but..." Boris began but in the end he couldn't seem to finish his question.


"Can I ... go with you. Outside. I don't want to stay here another minute."

"After how many years. Get me out of in two seconds you can live with me."

Boris's smile has never been so big and bright, not even the greatest artist can draw and match the life that was restored into his heart. With a gentle hold of her hand he fazed through every wall to get the stair case leading back up.

Once to the floor that was familiar, (Name) took the lead and dragged Boris out the door and into the outside world. The rain stopped long ago and nothing but stars and the full moon shined their way to her car that's parted in the lot in front of the studio. The two drove off in silence, Boris was more than happy she came back, he is only wondering why? The question never met with her ears as Boris stared comfortably at his savior.



The letter in the back seat turned black and disappeared entirely through the carpet, not a single stain remained.



"Oh boy, now that Boris is outta here. It's just you and me now, Joey... Did ya miss me?" Asked the Lost Toon. His chaster grin plastered on his paper white face, his black 1920's eyes locked on the captive creator as he approached the human. The man could only shake in terror, no words could probably escape his lips with the duct tape over it. Bendy laughed joyously. "Now, with the two of us, no body can interrupt our game." Bendy stood in front of the table Joey was out stretched on and held up a blade that appeared from his negative space pocket. "You know Joey..." Bendy began looking from the blade to the man. "I always wandered what was inside a human's body..." Bendy's entire face changed drastically, fang like teeth replaced block like ones, his gleeful eyes narrowed into a glare but his smile, that smile that brought pride to Joey only sickened the old man. "SHALL WE FIND OUT, BEST PAL?" Bendy's mouth opened into a wider grin.

Yes Joey, you created a Real Devil .

'Live a happy life, Boris. For the best of us, Okay?' Bendy smiled into the sky at the end of it.

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"Alex, you can't run forever!"


Shouts and screams filled the empty halls as Alex dashed down the stairs, skipping steps and falling to her knee from lost balance. All Alex could do is run, there isn't a place to hide for long, especially when HE broke all the miracle stations that Alex grew accustomed to over time.

"please, stop. Stop running after me..." Alex pants in a weak whisper as she pauses on floor 11 behind the Bendy statue, with her tiny form she is able to crawl in small places to hide, even only for a moment. Alex's lungs burns as she catches her breath, she chokes but bites her tongue to keep from coughing, just when she was about to cave, familiar shadows dance on the walls, a heavy heart beat rhyming with the monster's footsteps as he too walked into Level 11.

"Now where did you go?" the Ink Demon hissed as he scanned the room, Alex, didn't dare to look just incase she gave herself away to him.

Bendy began to walk to the other end of the room, giving Alex a moment of peace, too bad she slipped. She sighed rather loudly in the some what quiet room.

"There you are!" Bendy's cartoon gloved hand wrapped its fingers around her upper arm and pulled her from her hiding spot behind the statue and into his embrace, his inky figure though made of liquid, stayed in place like solid. His ever permanent smile mocking her in her destrace.


"L-let me go. I want to go home now. I don't want to stay with you anymore!" each word getting louder than the last but Bendy didn't hear.

"After your game of hide-and-seek, sorry toots. You ain't going anywhere." Bendy's hold tightened until Alex found it hard to breathe, in a panic, she tried to fight which only made her tired and lose oxygen instead. She went limp in his arms,leaning on his shoulder to keep her head up as she went in and out of consciousness.

"No, Darlin', you're staying with me. It is was you wanted after all"

And it was true, Alex was a little girl when she watched Bendy cartoons and dreamt of meeting him, after finding the studio, Alex went in to explore and take old souvenirs that might have been left behind, never had she believed to actually meet him, ink and all but the meeting wasn't what she had hoped. Being chased by modulated cartoon gangs and used by the once pretty Angel, Bendy was her only saver, No one knows what happened to Boris, she just never saw him, which she found weird. After a few words were exchange and an almost murder on Alex's part, Bendy became her friend and protected her, even fed her but he never let her leave. She tried on her own, many times undercover but there only seemed to be the elevator, which, surprise surprise ..was broken. Alex was trapped.

Lately, the need to leave grew, it got stronger when a small group of people dropped in and offered to help her, Alex was ready to leave her childhood behind, Bendy wasn't what she had thought him to be, he was ....matured... if that could be the right word. He was still scary to look at but it was something Alex forced herself to get use to. When she went to Bendy to say farewell, Bendy got angry and tied Alex down to a pipe by rope to keep her in place as he 'escorted' the new visitors in his demoan. Alex broke free afterwards with the help of the screams of agony from the other people, one by one, they met an untimely fate and became what could only be searchers. Searchers of what? an exit? prey? sanctuary? They no longer kept their minds, bodies melted down to their waist and there they would crawl to traverse through the studio, groaning and moaning.

The rope burn still stings to this day as Bendy carried her through a wall in the corridor of the room and there he set her down one of the infirmary beds. Through he didn't need sleep, he sometimes would rest his legs and lay down to think but today, he had other plans.

"Too bad it had to be like this... my Angel."


Alex took in a deep and long breath when she was woken up from her 'slumber' when she came to all her senses she realized her body felt heavy and numb in certain areas, there was a squishy element close beside her, so close its nearly engulfing her figure. "Wha-" The squishy being moved to her voice to sit up on its elbow, Alex turned her head and pulled back to make space between her and the Ink Demon. "Bendy"

"Yes?" He dragged out the word, as he fondled her hip bone, Alex remained still for the time being. She noticed she was in a smaller area, one that doesn't even looks like it's a room, more like empty space you'll see when you break down a wall and find the other side, like a small attic with support brims everywhere yet it was enough to move around, just a bit. "Get away from me, Bendy." Alex wiggles her arm that has been under his weight, it felt so heavy to her and she had a hard time getting the blood to circulate. Bendy ignored her request and simply moved his huge gloved hand runs up her shirt, he seemed more fascinated with her body at the moment. He enjoys the touch of her skin under his inky palm and fingertips, the sensation causing her skin to react pleasantly to his touches and gropes. Alex took in a sharp intake of air and exhaled a moan. "I'm serious. Stop.." In the middle of it all she continued to move her arm until she got it free and attempted to push him away, Bendy sat up and straddles her as he pins her numb arm back down above her head with his much smaller and human-like hand. Alex always felt creeped out by it so he tried his back to make sure he doesn't touch her with his right hand so much but this time, her comfort was the least of his worries.

"You are so beautiful.." Bendy complimented as he examined her, with burning cheeks Alex looks off into the abyss of darkness that Bendy creates with his presence, Funny how the ink rain misses her eyes and mouth on a regular basis. "So pure-ish" He chuckles, in his time of knowing her, he got information about her personal life, no longer a virgin, had her first kiss in elementary school by a young sweetheart, she drinks, she used to smoke but she has a kind heart and lovely body that makes up for it but a sinful body is just as amazing but not as fun to take that purity himself, oh well, a Demon can make do. Alex had an unsteady feeling about what he was planning, one can only hate knowing someone that only shows one facial expression 24/7. The girl kicks her feet to move backwards in hopes of getting from under him but he only leans forward applying his weight, "Alex, you're making it hard for me to be patient and gentle with you any further."

"I said stop, I'm saying no! Let me go, Bendy!" His patience? His patience??? She was losing her, at this point if he kills her in a blind rage would be welcomed. "You are nothing but a monster that managed to keep me here with false promises and words. I hate it here, I hate you! I hate you so much, you being this close is burning my skin-Ahh" Bendy gripped her throat, cutting her windpipe, she lets out a loud cough as she claws at his hand to fight him off. The room seemed to get darker, her heartbeat pounding hard in her ribcage as she stared fearfully at him.

"You are not leaving me, I will not be alone in this Hell again. DO you understand? You ARE staying here. You ARE going to be mine and you ARE going to obey me from now on. No longer will I follow you, I will make you want me, I'll make you need me. You will be my new Alice Angel."

'New?' Alex couldn't think hard about what he was saying but the more he got worked up, the stronger his hold got. 'No...' With her pinned down under him, he stands up and began to work on taking off her skirt and stockings, the thin cloth of her socks stretching and tearing as they are being pulled down her thighs, Bendy stops his assault to pull at her panties to continue his deposing her bottoms Alex couldn't fight back, couldn't control her legs long enough to close them to make it difficult for him, they came off easily and was tossed to the side, "C-can't...breathe!" She cries out in a whisper. Bendy releases her neck, on instant she fights to turn around, on her hands and knees she pants and takes in as much air as she can, never had she thought of inhaling ink was a blessing, with her new position, Bendy was given a new sight of her, her buttocks framed nicely, as if the best artist spent a lifetime designing it, her legs were parted at a 35degree angle and her pussy as just pretty and displayed for him, in the mist of breathing again, he stuck a huge finger at her entrance, Alex jerked forward from the surprise contact, the finger went in deeper stopping at the knuckle, Alex's body shook, she was able to move her a leg up to crawl away but Bendy grabbed her inner thigh to lift her leg up to the side, losing her balance she tumbled down. The Ink Demon fingered her for a minute or two. In such a short time he had her pussy soaking wet and moaning. "S-stop. No more. Please." She continued to lie on her side, clawing at sheets underneath her.

"You sound to be enjoying it though. I wonder..." Bendy pulled out and inserted two fingers, the space inside her was tight and prove to be challenging to get in deeper, without force. The fullness caused a loud gasp to escape her drooling lips, Bendy pushed in harder until he was back to being knuckles deep, there was a loud squishy sound coming from her pussy, she was so wet. She wanted this, when was the last time she was fucked. A few months, almost a year since she's been living here. She would always spend her time in the studio if she wasn't out shopping for food in the real world, never there was a time she would 'meet up' with people- didn't want to tell anyone about living and breathing cartoon character, right?

She was so secretive about some parts of her life but Bendy found out one. She loves being dominated, she loves what he's doing to her. Fuck having a numb body, her other arm was free to try to stop him, she could have kicked him off, she had plenty of chances and didn't use a single one. That time she was running from him was turning her on. The thrill of it was fun for the both of them. She was perfect.

Bendy's pace quickens, his movements causing her body to jerk with him as she meets his hits. "Oh god... Oh god" His fingers were huge and when he started to scissor her, he was hitting all the right spots.

Ink drips down his body, going to his midsection and building up, his transformation was done when he had a fully erect cock, he removes his hand out her pussy and lowered her leg. "Bend over, Toots. Spread those legs for me." In a cloud of high ecstasy, she moves her body as so it's directly in front of him, she plays with her pussy as she bends forward until her cheek was planted on the bed with her legs as spread as she could. "Just like that, now hold still." gripping her waist and positioning his cock at her entrance he thrust his hips forward and enters her. The two join in a union of screaming bliss. The Ink Demon tilts his head back as he summons to her bewitchment her body enchanted him under. When his high subsided her looks down at their joined bodies, pulling out half way he thrusts back in, he finds a fitting rhythm. He felt as if his dick was being swallowed by her like she was pulling him in and he was fighting to pull away but it always won. He was wrong, she still had this spell over him, he felt ashamed she was giving him this trouble, she was only fueling his desire to have her even more.

"Harder.. go harder.." This would have been the perfect time to make her beg but he couldn't find it in him to speak, he only leaned forward, using the bed as support as he dives in harder into her, her reaction was marvellous, her eyes nearly popping out of her skull as her smile grew. "Just like that, Oh god! Deeper, Bendy. Please! It feels so good!" Bendy flips her body to the side as he moves her leg to his shoulder, he fucks her pussy at a new angle, he was able to see her face, sweaty and glowing in the darkness around them. How she glowed like a star in the night.

"You have this way with me, Angel. You feel so good." He hisses. "I wish I got you sooner" He pants. "So wet, so warm. Heaven ain't got nothing on you."

"Stop talking, just fuck me!" She demands as she looks at his dick enter her body. "Ohh yes, yes! Bendy right there, there. Harder."

Bendy obeys her every command. Obeys her pleas. he was feeling himself cumming, of course, he doesn't warn her. What if that broke her high, no he just cums. Cums hard and fills her up in placing his cock couldn't reach, she pants out "Did you just cum inside me?" She looks at his face, he continues to thrust.


Alex didn't argue, "Do it again. Fill me up, Bendy! Come here" She bends her finger in a 'come over' motion. On the way down, he lays her flat on her back and continues to fuck her, she wraps rest her legs at his sides and held him down by his bowtie. She kisses his teeth when he was close enough to her, she was really into this. The bed creaks and cries with his deep thrusts, the bed nearly breaking at the seems. She licks his teeth, manages to miss the ink over his eyes.

" are something different,"

"I'm a whore for a monster." She counter. To anyone else being called a monster would have rubbed them the wrong way but to him, it was the best damn title in the world.

"You are a whore. Just allowing me to fuck you like this." He pants. "You can be such a Sluty Angel."

"You talk too much..." She manages to laugh.

"I'm going to break you" He speeds up his pace, jerking her body forward from under him, he holds her down by the shoulders, Their body continues to collide and create loud smacks when they meet.

"OHH YES!" Bendy tears at her top from the middle to uncover her breast, how had he forgotten about these?

Similar to paper, his mouth tears, a long black tongue sliding out and tasting her buds, it sliders like a snake as it squeezes her breast and stuffs it in his mouth. Alex cums for hundredth time during their whole 'dance'. There was knot forming on his cock, he was holding back so much. It was starting to hurt, with a few quick and hard thrusts he shoves it inside her, she fills it. "Cum inside me again!"

"Yes, my Angel." Bendy's jerk shakes and jerks as he releases his orgasm inside of her, it shoots fast like a bullet and spreads like a water gun, he stays in place as he empties himself inside her swollen and beaten pussy, filling her insides with his demonic and ink semen, once done he collapsed on her, his erect cock still as hard as ever inside her. Alex moves her hips to get friction,

"No, don't stop. I'm not done." She whines. He chuckles.

"But I am." He pulls out of her and moves her to her side, where he able to hold her, she continues to whine as her legs jerk from the sex. Bendy enters from behind and stays put. "It's so warm inside. I think I'm keeping it in for a bit longer." He whispers as he licks her earlobe. She moans as she moves up and down on his cock,

"Feels so good." She breathes. Bendy's arm help keeps her body in place as she rides him. It wasn't long until her body got tired and she fell asleep before him.

"Heavenly" He concludes.

Chapter Text

"Come out and show yourself." By this time, you were just tired of everything. There was just no escaping danger, just barely getting away from Bendy was enough to make you want to rip your hair from its scalp and die so when a nonthreatening character revealed themselves, a sigh of relief relaxed your entire body onto the floor. Tears falling freely from your tear ducts soaking your inky clothes in tiny droplets. The wolf in overalls, stared at your sunken form before approaching you with a helping hand. He helped you to your feet and then you passed out from exhaustion. The wolf's solid form kept you up as he dragged you to safety.

So much for getting Dinner, he thought.

The steady sound of ticking overhead, gentle music was playing in the distance, the smell of...bacon filled the air when your mind and body began to awake after falling asleep unexpectedly after slamming a door in a demon's face. There was a crook in your neck, you sucked in a gasp as you readjusted your position to sit up right.

Hammock empty, a clock in the likeness of Bendy was swinging it's legs and arms in rhythm of the second hand. Standing up, you quickly noticed you were dressed less. Shoes were tucked just under your bed, your jacket and pants folded on top of a shelf nearby. Bandages, band aids, and wearing an arm case. Whoever that wolf is, sure did take good care of your battered and bruised body, standing up was a chore but a chore that was needed to escape.

After putting on your pants anyway.

One hand isn't so bad, it was getting your sore legs up high enough to slip in them that was the problem. Ok, done.

Pull opening the only door in the room with your less dominate hand allowed the quiet music playing to sound its best without the door blocking it. A small corridor with overalls and underwear hang on hooks in front, a bathroom with a small leak problem to the left and a table for two in a bigger area through the doorway on the right, by an old fashion stove was the wolf himself, Boris. He was stirring something good in a huge pot with a ladle before his ears twitched back, he looks over his shoulder to the doorway as if not really expecting someone to be there, he seemed surprised, surprised enough he stopped his actions and fully faced you, reaching for a rag hanging nearby he wipes his huge hands.

"Um, didn't expect you to be up so soon. You alright?" Boris ask.

"I didn't expect to be chased around by ink people but here I am."

Why did I say that?

His body seemed to relax with that answer. "I can relate. Bet ya hungry, take a seat over there. Lunch is about done." Boris points a thumb to the table before turning on his back heel to the stove to resume stirring the pot, Empty cans littered a small area on the side, Bacon Soup it is then. The room fell into an awkward silence, the ancient record playing filling the atmosphere in a calm radiant didn't make it any easier for a conversation starter. So quiet is the best opinion.

"What are you doing here?"

Your head snapped back up, Boris was pour the food into smaller bowls.

"You helped me, how would-"

"Not what I meant. Why would you come to the studio?"

"To tell you the truth, I don't know. I was somewhere else when something bad happened and next thing I realized I'm falling down a hole and hell broke loose."

Boris took the seat across from you, setting the bowl in front of you, a spoon in tossed on the table next to it. "What?"

"I mean, I was pretty much dying on a street and now I'm here. I should be dead. I'm probably dead."

"No, If you were, you wouldn't be here. I hope." Boris rub his temple as he blew his spoonful of soup before setting the spoon on the side to chug the entire bowl instead. Bacon Soup looked so good to you right now, taking a small bite, it taste like bean soup instead, I'm sure I died.

"You're probably dead then." Boris set his bowl down and rest his head on his open palm. "What did you do to end up down here?"

"Like it matters now." You bit back, not really wanted to open up with something that troublesome.

"Makes it all the more to chat it up and get it off your chest."

"What's your story, you're here with me."

"I worked here, Sweetie. I got ties to this place. That's my story. You're turn."

"No." Simple as that.

"Fine, whatever," He left the table with his empty bowl and headed to the back, the sound of water was running, bathroom.

"How did I end up here?" You mumbled. Looking at your body, you weren't dead or else you wouldn't hurt this much all over. You finished your meal and went back to the room, Boris was on the hammock, a book leaving on his bent legs with his hands behind his head, reading as he swayed side to side. You laid back down on the bed with your back to him.

"I'm Radere," You spoke up, giving out your name wouldn't hurt.

"Radere." You nodded once, he saw your movement from the corner of his eye.

"I used to be Wally, but Boris seems to suit me better now."


"Weird when you say it, Just Boris, he died along time ago."


You spent a lot of time with Boris, slowly your body was healing from the journey's punches with his help. Though having him look at you nearly naked on some days felt extremely awkward, you didn't feel like you were being stared at for pleasure, or lust. He was focused on your bruises, new ones and... old ones. He would linger on staring at them long than any other. "Are you done?"

"Nearly, hold tight." He secured the bandage around your waist before pulling his chair back. "Done." Boris getting his favorite rag to clean his hands from the rubbing medicine. Your arm was no longer in a case but moving it too far or quick is a pain. "I'm going to hunt for food." He stood up from his chair and pulled the lever by the only medal door in the room. You rather not leave the safe house until you were healed so you never really walked towards it, Unless Boris had his hands full and was kicking it to get your attention.


"Be home soon Honey, feed the cat. Blah blah blah," He is a humorous one.

"Yes, Dear." You two made a game when he leaves to get Bacon Soup every so often. You two shared a laugh as he sealed the door behind him.

Any other time, he calls you that, you laugh, brush it off, call him something cutesy and move on with life but this time, this time your heart skips a beat, your cheeks burns with embarrassment when he was no longer in ear shot. "What is wrong with me?" You freaked out loud, shaking your head . "What is wrong with me?"

You find yourself wanting his attention, wanting him to talk around real deep personal things, like his old life as 'Wally', how you want to sleep by him because you feel protected when he's so close. You find yourself falling in love with him. Each day making it harder for you to want to escape this place alone. Without Boris, you don't want to leave this place. You'd rather die.

How did this happen?

When did this happen?

What will happen?

Chapter Text

Boris let himself in the Safe House with a small amount of Soup. Eating the same thing is really annoying, its the only thing you taste nowadays. "Ok so bad news. I'mma has to start hunting longer because nearby areas are emptying out on supplies but hey, least we have food for a while." Making his way to the old shelf he sets up the cans on a high shelf.

"Boris, we have to leave." You spoke suddenly. Boris's ears perked as he squares his shoulders. He didn't say anything automatically, just set another can ontop the other. "You heard me?"


"I heard ya, Sweetie. You can leave when you get better or now if you're in a hurry," task is done, he walks to the back room.

"What the hell?" He's catching an attitude toward what? Instead of digging in deeper, you wanted to clear your mind, you wanted to go for a walk. Collecting your shoes you had under the table, you limped to the lever, door opening to reveal what is always just a few feet out. Empty Food Machines, Empty Drink Machines, empty hallway with a wooden box at a corner with a sign, it's too faded to see from where you were so if a bad leg taking the lead, you limped to it. 'Little Miracle Station.'

You thought it was a bathroom stall like you see in the woods, opening the door was the most annoying thing you heard, it's loud creak makes you visually cringe. The inside was empty except for a wooden plant nailed lower down acting like a sit. You step inside, the hole on the door was too high up for your short structure, taking on your toes gave you a bit of height to just see small areas though. A Bendy Cutout was staring right at you. Creepy.

You step out seconds later, the only other way was straight ahead, down a very dark doorway. Slow, cautious steps lead you to the edge of the abyss, your eyes gazed over a huge box with a bulb, you grab it, examining the thing you find a switch, its one hell of a big flashlight. Your walk went from, well a walk to a side quest. The unknown feared you greatly but the thrill excited you to no end. You just stared into the dark before aiming the light into the darkness, the light source cut through, you knew you were hearing machinery from the darkness but having it proven was easy to the mind, nothing too bad, not like it was a weapon or something. Imagine, a robot killer somewhere in this place. The thought made a dry chuckle escape you.

The hallway was dark, inky, loud.

Shelves collecting dust, rusty buckets of 'INK', more machines, turning, pumping, running. Why is there so much power going through this place? Another turn, ok. You jerked back, seeing a Bendy cutout in the dark being illuminated by your light gave you a sudden and very unwanted jumpscare. "You bastard." You rubbed away your goosebumps from your upper arm as you walked past the cutout into a much brighter room just around another sharp turn. The layout of this place was stupid. The structure of this place was stupid, the people in this place was stupid. Everything was stupid.

You walked to the metal door, expecting a button or lever but found none. You tried slipping your fingers through the cracks, didn't budge. Okay, Journey's over, time to go home. The travel back wasn't as fun as the first time, in fact, it was a shorter trackback which upset you. Returning the flashlight to the table, you just stayed by the table, bored. "Wonder what Boris is doing,"

Back to the entrance of the Safe House, you open the door, Boris was at the stove, stirring a pot of Bacon Soup. His attention quickly goes to the door, he freezes for a moment. "Thought you were outta here."

"Went for a walk, sorry it wasn't long enough." You bitterly answered.

"That's not what I meant." Boris defended.

"That's what it sounds like."

Boris left the pot alone and stumped over to you, this height difference always made you feel some time of way with other people like you were nothing but a roach in a world of giant shoes but with him, you felt safe even as he broke through your space bubble. "Radere." Tone stern, his body relaxes as he takes a deep breath.

"Don't do this. You are the only person in a very long time to come into my life since this hell happened, I really don't want bad blood between us but I also don't want to put up a front just to play a friendly game of 'House'. " Boris isn't much for speeches but he's trying hard. He's avoiding eye contact the whole time, his hands are moving, touching each other, stuffing his pockets, clenching into fists. "You are my only company, the only good thing I have. I really want you to be safe and ok but you want to leave, without a plan without an actual way of escape is dumb, too dangerous. You'll never make it out okay without a weapon, without a map."

"Boris, I want to leave, I'm losing my mind. I'm still surprised you're still sane right now but I want you to come with me. I want 'us' to escape. I want 'us' to no longer hide in the shadows and hunt for old soup cans which by the way, I am so sick of after eating them for god knows how long!"

"Rad, I can't... I'm trapped here. I belong here now. There's no happy ending for me." Boris removed his hands from his pockets, he stares at his gloved hands, a newly found self-hate radiates off him, he turns his back to you, not wanting you to see this side of him, the side he managed to annoy when you started to talk to him after weeks of being silent, weeks of fearing he might kill you or hurt you. You call out to him caused his heart to skip a beat, a voice, a sane sounding voice, a new voice. He saw you, a human! A friend! He was so happy he found you that day but he knew, you didn't belong, but escaping was a stupid dream, a fantasy of a happy thought. With you wanting to leave, he would be alone again, the simple mind of this wolf aided his sanity but only for so long.

"Boris," You whisper, that voice, so soft and cautious right now paused his madness. Your much slender arms now wrapped around his torso, your body is shaking as you cry. "We need to try. We can't live like this anymore. You know this Boris, we can do this. I know we can. Please, just help me."

Bargaining now? Boris chuckles darkly as he thinks about the stages of Death. Though not in order, it's still funny considering he knows if he answers 'yes' they were both dead. There is no escape, there is no HOPE. He's so scared to let you go out there.

He covers your hands in his larger one, his grip is strong. "No,"

"Boris!" You scream out of frustration. Boris's grip tightens.

"Radere! I can't lose you, I'm too scared. I'm sorry." A painful gasp from you releases his hold, he hadn't known he was squeezing your hands so tight, your weak wrist turns purple when he faces you again, holding your off-color arm. "Oh my God, I'm so sorry." He runs off to the back room for the first aid kit, you take a seat at the table. The conversation was cut off short, picking it back up would just reopen the wound as he bandages you up. He is much softer this time, his fingers just barely touching you, the feeling was like a feather on silk, your body reacted pleasantly to his touches, he doesn't seem to notice the effect he has over you, you guessed that was a good sign.

"Finished. Uh, Don't use your hand so much for a while. It should get better soon," Boris stuffed the remaining supplies back into the med. box to return back to the room.

"Thank you."

"Yeah," he breathed out.

10:04 pm? am? who knows, you were in bed with Boris on his hammock, reading a book. You were laying on your side, facing the same boring wall for weeks, sleep wasn't coming easily to you, your wrist was a pain to keep out of trouble, "Boris?" He grumbles a reply, "I'm gonna leave this place, whether you're with me. Or not."

You didn't want to say that, you didn't want to restart the fire so why does it feel right.

"K," He replies, no attitude, no argument, no emotion. Just a simple letter. 'K'

"Hmm" You curl tight into yourself, trying to force sleep, you can feel his eyes burning into your back since you got quiet. He was watching you, waiting. For what, a 'just kidding' 'Nevermind, it was a stupid thought'? "I'd rather die trying than rot in this place. Wouldn't you?"

"I got used to it."

"I refuse."

"I know," He closes his book and places it on its spot on the shelve, he turns out the only light source in the room. You hear shuffling before it stops, he gets comfortable in his hammock, he quickly falls asleep.

Beastly growls resound randomly into darkness, you try to find the source, to stay away but no matter where you backed up, that god awful sound was just getting closer. It was an animalistic, angry and painful groans. A bright and sudden light burned your eyes, shielding your eyes with your hands, the source was quickly blocked off by a moving figure, something huge that put you in its shadow. Uncovering your eyes, you adjust your vision, the figure was wide and tall, big and bulky, familiar and yet unrecognizable by first glance.






"Rad, wake up! wake up!" Boris. That's his voice. He's close to you but his voice seemed like it was calling just above you. You awoke with a jerk and sweat damping your hair and shirt collar. Boris was shaking your shoulders as he sat at the edge of the bed.

"You were having a nightmare. You're okay." Boris releases you and stands at his feet. Wiping away the sweat shining your forehead with his palm.

"It- Felt so real." You sat up, rubbing your eyes, can't really recall what made it so scary, a dark room, a huge figure. That's something childish, something a kid saw and its mind couldn't make it understandable, like an ugly costume on Halloween. Boris jumped into his hammock, he reaches for the light switch. "Can you hand me your plush, please?" Boris repositioned himself to reach down on the other side of the hammock to grab his plush toy on the lower shelf, he tossed it to you without question, you caught it with both hands and held it to your chest, you manage to gain your breathing and sighed contently. "Night." You turned over with the toy held tightly close to you. Boris turned the light back off, he shuffled before everything calmed down and he was softly snoring.

You never went back to sleep, at least not on purpose.

Chapter Text

"How do you feel?" Boris asks as he removed the last wrap off your wrist, it took you an awfully long time to get better, without proper treatment or healthy food your body wasn't able to fix itself normally but you survived. You flex your wrist and curl your fingers into the palm.

"Much better, thank you for everything Boris, you're so great." You complimented the cartoon wolf. Boris was at a lost for words- Idiot, Lazy, Late those were words he was used to hearing describing him from others so having a compliment like that over something he never claimed to be good at was abnormal but not unwanted. He gave a lazy grin as placed a hand on your head, sometimes he would do that then 'Thank you' just wasn't enough. You smiled warmly, you were annoyed at him when he first did it but have grown to enjoy the touch, it would be the only time he would touch you, not including bandaging you up, you wanted it to last. To stay like this longer but you knew better. He retracted his hand and set the kit to the side under the table.

"So, you're at 100 now. Think you ready to leave?" He suddenly asks, he sits in his usual spot at the table, leaning on his thighs with his elbows. He looks relaxed but the fiddling of the thumbs said otherwise.

"You're seriously not coming with me?" Your smile dropped to a deep frown, you thought you could be the reason for him wanting out, did he not like your company as much as he led on?

"I have no life out there even if I tried. I won't be able to have my normal life back," He answers. "But don't let me hold you back."

"Boris, I-" Your jaw hangs, you were at a loss for words. Nothing you said so far changed his mind, what was the point now. "Let's eat, before I leave." You finished, you were defeated. You don't want to force him, as much as you want him with you.

"Ok." He turns on the stove.


Dinner was quiet, the only sound was the radio playing the same song over and over again. Rather have that than dead silence. Your spoon hits the bottom of the empty bowl, Boris barely touched his, he was stirring the contents inside, even as it got cold, he continues to play with his portion. You left the table, he gave you permission to take some supplies, an old bag, a few cans of soup, the blanket from your bed and his plush, with shoelaces freshly tied you slip the straps over your shoulders, he was still at the table, you looked at the door then back to him. This is it.

All this time getting to know each other, all this time bonding, arguing, playing games or watching static tv is coming to end, once you step out that door, you won't be coming back. Boris's heart fell to his feet like a stone in deep water.

"It was nice knowing you, Boris. Thanks again."

"Get outta here, Sweetheart. Have a great life out there." He replies back, he won't even look at you, his eyes face front, his fingers entwined with each other under his chin, his leg is shaking rapidly.

"Yeah," You pull the lever down, the door opens and without looking back, you leave.

Taking his light hat, you walk through the darkness and reenter the lite up room on the other side, you crawl into the vent and with his notes, you maneuvered through the tight space and out into a hallway, the Bendy cutout stares right at you. You ignore the thing that seems to be in every corner of this place. You question why Boris doesn't have one, weird or that Alice Angel you saw back in the Music Department. You twist the doorknob in front of you, the hinges creak and cry when the force causes it to open ink and dolls, everywhere. Ok, why?

You step into the clean areas to avoid having ink in your shoes, the last thing you need is to be followed by your own footsteps. You jumped the rest and landed perfectly on a knee. Another metal door its connected to a box, A and B. You look around, a lever is by the Statue to the right, then see how huge black wires are connected to it then look down to the other set going further down. You pull down the one closest to you then follow the trail to the back, "The Buther Gang." Never heard of them. Sightseeing wasn't your top priority anyway, if it wasn't an exit, screw it.

Your hand reaches for the lever then.

"GAAHH" You scream bloody murder from the surprise pop up of this mutilated thing, who was this supposed to be? It falls face first, it stays there for a moment, you wonder if he knocked himself out, you merge into the wall and kick down the lever. You scream in silence, swallowing your yelp of pain, you turn on your heel.

"Gaahh" He jumps up and swings his wrench at your knee, you jump backward, gaining distance with your reaction and ran away, no weapon, no shield, no help.

You ran down the hallway, the door was still closed, so you went through that for nothing now you're being chased by this long face psycho with a tool. You run through the Toy Shelf room, you nearly had a heart attack. You were about to say something before he grabbed you and pushed you behind him. The attacker limps fast, wrench held high in his only good hand, he spots you and just as he close enough to attack Boris swung his weapon right in his face, ink flew out the wound he created, Boris swung again and again until it fell lifeless and exploded into an ink puddle.

"Boris...?" You were standing on weak knees, legs ready to give out on you. Boris relaxed his shoulders, his torso twist his upper body to face you,

"I can't leave you alone for a minute, can I?" Really a joke? At a time like this?

You jumped at him, arms wrapping around his body as you cried into his stomach, "Boris, I'm so scared!" You cried out, you can't do this alone. You're only one person and you know nothing about this hell-hole.

Boris embraces you lovingly, his arms felt secured and warm. He was your safe haven, your weapon, your shield. "Boris, I need you. Please, don't leave me, I- I can't do this alone. I don't want to be alone!" You beg him. He doesn't say anything, he just holds you tighter for a second before releasing you, he takes your hand and leads you back to the first lever.

"You need to lower this down at the same time, You get this one, I'll take care of the other." He releases your hand, your fingers instantly feel cold after losing his warmth as he struts to the other end of the hall. You put your hand on your lever and wait. "1...2..." On 3 you both pushed the lever, the doors vibrate the floor under your feet as it jerks open agonizingly slow. Boris makes it back to you just as it finally stops, you want to grab his hand again but fight the urge to. You take the lead, You see an old style elevator in the distance on a lower floor.

"You think we can take this up?"

"It's not designed to, but we try to climb the ropes once we get inside, this level is as high as it gets with the button choices inside the thing." You two were walking over to the stairs, conversing about the elevator in front of you.

Entering inside Boris was looking for the roof's opening to climb through, you stepped inside to help him, the doors quickly closed behind you, you jump into the center of the room, the elevator lowers down on its own. "What did you do?" Boris yells from the sudden movements of the elevator.

"Nothing!" You answered, annoyed that he's blaming you for this.

"Calm now, my new fly, it was me," A feminine voice filled the speakers. Why does it sound familiar to you? Boris and You freeze in place by the sudden newcomer.

"Who are you?" You ask.

"Come down to Level Nine and find out," She answers.

"Boris, you know who this is?"

Boris is staring intensely at the elevator's speakers, his gloves are clinched tight, You touch his shoulder to get his attention, he jerks away from you as if you just stabbed him. It takes him a minute to realize what happened. "Sorry." He says dryly.

Level Nine "Step out of your cage, won't you?" Like you have a choice.

You step out the elevator, walk down the stairs, over a bridge and back up, Alice Angel. Wait...

You look back, Boris is just pasting the bridge to come up, the doors in front of you open as all the others do.

You wait for him, he leaves you back when he catches up, you practically run after him. You enter a new room,

"What?" You breathe out a single word as you stare wide eye at dead toons, there are a lot of Boris', you look at the one you've grown to love, staring at a corpse version of himself.

Boris forces his head away, he takes your hand and leads you through the thin board bridge on barrels, you try not to look at the bodies when going across. You see a doll and a tape on a table, maybe after your visit, you'll check it out.

Boris's grip on your hand is tight but you don't voice it as he leads you through another door, you see an Alice Angel cutout and poster, this girl and her one poster. You hear screaming, you look to the right.



Chapter Text

Your shoes were glued to the floor beneath you, Boris tries as gently as he can to pull you towards whatever torture you stepped into but you refused to move, you can see that guy that scared you near death upstairs violently shaking whiles strapped tightly to the table, there's someone at the controls, body entirely black from the neck down. Boris sighs heavily, moving to your side, he wraps an arm around your waist, he carries your dead weight into the room, the door closes when you stepped into the center of the room. The woman behind the glass presses something and the sparks stop flying around the Gang member, his body ceases its seizure, his panting quietly now- black eye in a daze, jaw hanging out, as if what's its suppose to be attached to is just about to pop off its hinges with how open it is. Do you force your eyes off him and onto, Alice Angel?

Big Mistake!

Her face! What is wrong with it? She sees your reaction to her, with a handful of hair she tries to block the bad parts of her. "Now, what to do with you?" She asks herself than to you. Boris pushes you close to him, his arm hasn't left your body since he pulled inside. Boris stood tall and still as the Angel talked your eyes wandered to Boris and then the Gang Member then back to her.

What is happening? Why is it happening? and most important. WHY AM I HERE?

"Alice, I don't know what you're trying to do but I need a favor."

"A favor. After everything we've been through, you think you can come here and demand something of an Angel?" She yells at Boris. Boris's hands twitched.

"Would an Angel allow an innocent soul suffer in this hellhole of a place or would she save them and bring them to Heaven?" He asks in a semi-mocking tone- what are you playing at, Wolf?

"Oh, an innocent soul hmm?" Alice's gaze focused on you, "Come closer. Let me look at you." She demands with an 'angelic' smile. You gulp down your fear and step closer to the glass wall separating the angel and yourself, you step into the light and stare up at her, she gets a clear look at your face. Your normal yet gorgeous face, so gentle and pure, the ink hasn't even tainted you yet, though there are stains dried onto your clothes, you're still beautiful. Alice internally sneers at you.

You shake in place, she hasn't said anything to you yet, she's studying you. You felt vulnerable, exposed even.

"I'll let you ascend this."

Boris sighs in relief, "If you'd do a few favors for me, first" Boris's ear twitched. "Head to the lift, we have work to do." Alice and Boris's eyes meet, she looks down at him smugly before pressing another button, metal fences slam down, blocking your view of her. The screams continue as you walk out. "Damn Angel." Boris breathes out quietly, you act like you don't hear him. Boris takes the lead onto the plank bridge, you follow after him but separate to hear the tape that caught your attention. You press play

"Who would have thought? Me having Lunch with Joey Drew.
Apparently, times are tougher than I thought. For a moment there, I thought I'd be stuck with the check...

You listen to her tape closely, trying to figure her out. She seemed so normal, so happy back then and this Joey Drew, he seems to be the center of all this. Be it be bad or good.

Her tape ends and you get a crawl down your back. Susie, she was the one that voices Alice Angel, her other tape was in the Music Department room, you remember listening to it before being knocked out by a blunt instrument and hanging from the ceiling with a guy wearing Bendy's face strung around his bald head chanting at you. You grab the doll leaning on the cassette, you give a sad smile as you put it back and walk back out of the room with dead characters. Boris waits for you at the end.

"What is it you think she'll have us do?" You ask.

"I don't know..." Boris slowly answered, he seemed to have been thinking the same question or was deep in thought about something. Exiting that horror house was a blessing but the peace didn't last long when her voice returned to the speakers.

"My machines are hungry, " There was an SWIIIISH sound, looking to your right, you see a wench, you grab since Boris was holding the pipe already. You look at the tool for a moment, examining it before looking at him. "Gather me some spare parts!"

Mission One: Gears

You and Boris take the staircase, thanks to that Audio Tape from Thomas, the elevator was going to act as the last resort for you guys, you didn't trust anything in this place so stairs were the best and only bet. Boris's long legs were skipping three steps at a time without missing a beat, you, on the other hand, jumped at his feet just to keep up, you were stomping every so often after having an unbalanced landing. "Boris, please slow down. I can't keep up." Boris stopped moving mid-step, nearly breaking his neck to look back at you. He sees you panting out of breath, already tired, you just got to Level 11. He exhales the stress from his body, for once since leaving the safe house, he seems relaxed. He reaches out his hand like he did when you first met but this time, instead of fainting, you grabbed it, he was walking at your pace now. "I'm glad you're here. With me." You admit, cheeks heating up. The wolf cocked his head in your direction.

"It got real quiet back there. I had tah get outta here 'fore I lost it," You shake your head at his statement.



"Flea butt"

Before Boris could come up with a better come back, an ink creature popped out of a bobbling splot of ink and was crawling towards you, Boris swung the GENT pipe at its head until it fell back into nothingness. The surprise attack caused a deafening-scream out of you.

"Squeakers" He snickers.

"Come off it. I thought we were done with them."

"Sorry, Sweetheart but these were all workers, Boss-man had plenty to go around."

"You know, if you want to attract the Ink Demon, Go right ahead but I doubt you want to go to Heaven that way." Alice hummed from the speakers.

"Shit..." Boris began to speed walk up the next flight of stairs. "Radere, we need to be quiet. We don't need any more time wasters, let's hurry up and-"

"Bor-" Boris covered your mouth with his huge hand and pulled you into his fussy chest, he backed up into the wall across from the door leading you to Level K. You trust him enough to not fight him but curious enough to know what's happening. You try to move his hand but it's like iron melted to Superman, it wouldn't budge then you saw it.

The walls and floors begin to blacken, slowly the area surrounds you were dark and eerie, your body shivers from a sudden chill, Boris is holding his breath, his heart pounding hard against your ear when you hear it, the shallow breathing of the Ink Demon, the demon that chased after you with unknown intend after you manage to break the beam that was hanging overhead during that Sammy guy's chant when the Ink Demon, Bendy, arrived and in a blind rage attacked him. You, ropes still tying your arms to your back ran as fast as humanly possible, The Ink Demon heard your footsteps and gave chase, you didn't know if Sammy was dead or alive but at that moment, it was ok to be selfish when you have a literal demon on your ass.

Being with Boris and his safe house, one can forget about this deep shit you fell in. Bendy, he was wandering around. He has been wandering around this whole time, does that mean, there would have been a day where Bendy just wandered inside your 'home' and killed you and Boris? That thought was very unwelcomed into your mind, what ifs were being thrown at you, drowning you in untold scenarios and questions. You were shaking in your boots as Bendy's arrival approached you, closing in, the air thins around you, it is getting so cold but then- Gone!

He just disappeared, was he just walking around then, does he not know you're here yet? Boris waited a bit longer until he decided it was safe and he let you go. He slips from behind you to slowly reach for the doorknob, he twists the handle and as quietly as he could, pulls the door in. Clear.

"Let's go and keep quiet," Boris instructed, he heads upstairs, you follow close behind.

You were in the middle of unscrewing a bolt in the wall when you hear a grunt behind you, Boris was somewhere nearby but not close by when another clone of that chimp with a foot plunger attacked you, you reacted too late and was struck by the wrench, first the middle of your shoulder blades, then your head and arm when you shield your face from his blows. "BORIS! HELP ME!"

Your arm is taking the attacks, it's getting numb, bent, bleeding, another blow on your just healed wrist when Boris arrived at the scene. Instead of just swinging at it, Boris grabbed his head and thrown him across the hall nearby another hallway with a dead-end. Boris dropped his weapon and punch the Butcher Gang into submission until he was just punching the ink splat that was once the solid antagonist. You force yourself on your feet, back sore but not broken, your arm though, those quick hits with a metal weapon put your hand into idle mode, it was hanging at your side. "Boris." You sob out to him, he balls his fist and jumps to his feet. He looks at your arm, it's bruising already, he holds it at an angle. You gasp in pain but other than that, don't complain. "There's not much I can do right now. We need to finish this. Can you handle it?"

You can't lie, your back is still hurting, your standing at an angle bent over in an easy pose. "N-no"

Boris kneels on a knee in front of you, an arm wrapping around your legs, and back, he carries you back to the Elevator room but stops at a Miracle Station, opening the door he sets you down. "I'll take care of everything, just... be quiet. Please. Not a word." You quickly nod, getting comfort inside. He shuts the door with a loud click, locking you inside.

Boris finishes the first job alone. He walks past you to head downstairs, you can see his ears bouncing through the hole at the angle you're in inside the small box. You can faintly still hear his footsteps until it goes quiet again. You grunt quietly, body not getting used to its new pose yet.

Time has passed but you couldn't tell how much, a few minutes, an hour? Your pain subsides, your hand still hurts but you'll live. You stand up in the station, stretching your legs before unlocking the door and stepping out. You slowly closed the door and walked to the staircase, you reach the first step downwards when again the temperature drops and your surroundings darken, you run but it's useless Bendy is chasing you, you don't get far when he grabs your backpack, in a panic, you worm your way out of the straps, dropping to the ground you land on your ass and slide down the remaining steps when your landing halted you got up as fast as you could and ran again. He lets out a growl, he throws your bag aside and gives chase.

What will he do when he gets you?

Chapter Text

The Invisible speakers around Joey Drew Studio's Music Department finally finished its creepy song as you entered the hallway a metal gate was previously concealing, the entire building had this eerie silence since the moment you stepped foot into it but at the time it was better than the insults that were being thrown at you outside hours ago, maybe a day? You had passed out on the floor before descending down further into the studio so time was at all lost, no telling of the time in this place, cell phone dead and damaged from the unwanted fall so no outside help either.

Another Wally Franks Audiotape finished. Keys. Keys. Keys. How do you lose keys in a trash bin and now noticed? OK, so acting as Hobo for the day, you savage through the dusty bins littered randomly in the studio but failed short (even went back up the way you came). You question why you were doing this.

Keys for the closet? for the office? Keys for the EXIT? Damn, was it important! You take your luck with the few unopened doors, a small office space with two desks, one with a sheet of Bendy's face with the same expression but different words, emotions actually. Sadness, Anger, Happy... An unpleasant shiver rides up your spine.

Another room, Organ piano. Well, why not. Nothing tried to kill you so far. Your fingers feathery touches the keys, the sound is awful. You try again, blocking out the wail oh agony coming from behind the instrument. You pause the second time.

"NOoo..." The voice dies down as if whoever it was, it pained them to use their vocals, you think it was your mind playing tricks on you. You press another key, the note ends, the wailing began again "..nnnnoooo..." You back away from the keyboard and out the room. Keys.

You open the last closed door of the department, the recording studio, and another bin. The keys are there. You run to the Music Director's office and try your luck but neither keys fit, then you try the closet. Easy entry. Another audio. Sammy Lawrence, the same person with the other two tapes. The creepy one set off bells, especially when you heard the tape stop but his voice didn't, that unsettling whisper that was a question forced you to physically keep yourself from falling apart.

The other one, he was just annoyed by the ink in the doorbell... Oh right, you need to get into his office to leave the building, you need to turn off the ink. Now, this audio was just him talking about a SANCTUARY, he's keeping out instructions.

Piano, Violin, Violin, and Drum

Odd song, that one is.

You run to the larger room in what you would call 'the back of the room'. You run to the piano, the violin is resting on a chair at the end, you pluck it twice, then you smack your hand on the drum.

Nothing happened.

"What am I forgetting?" You were at a lost. Taking one of the many empty chairs near you, you pull out your instrument, Harmonica. You lick your dry lips- fearful as to not touch the ink with your tongue, inhaled deeply and played. It was a simple song, one that your Great-Granddad played to your Grandma that she played for you, it's pretty much traditional at this point, the song was something you have never heard, at least one you weren't able to find online but the lessons were forever engraved into your mind. It was a calming song, simple but it held a stronghold over your soul, it relaxed you. Even as you were going through this unwanted experience the song drowned your worries and pain away for the short time, your song ended abruptly with a choked sob. You missed your Grandma, you missed your parents and your pet. Why was your classmates so determined to make you feel worthless, so far as to follow you home and verbally assault you as if you couldn't hear all the words they said, you know what they were doing but it didn't stop the ache that took hold and caused your body to get away from the insults, right into a building just off into the woods, they didn't dare chase after you but you didn't bother to stop and check. Now, those insults seem like a pebble to this giant inky boulder.

You try the audio again, you did it right, so what was missing. You look around the room, oh yeah!

You round the music room and around the sign to the upper floor, you forgot to listen to this audio tape.

"Everything's the same old thing...


Sammy Lawrence...shutting the whole thing down...


turn on the projector...

Sammy comes running like the little devil...


...he doesn't come out for a long time..."


Oh! You search the projector by the audio tape for the power button, you find it, flip it and it turns on, you run out the booth, blind to the three cutouts resting on chairs. You fail to realize that three cutouts are just above the piano staring at you, you hit the key, pluck the string and hit the drum. The ground shakes, another door is opening.


OK, you hope you NEVER have to do that again, you just collected the valve from a thick ink thing in a hat and was turning the cog, that should do it. Hopefully no more fights, after leaving the secret room that was Sammy's sanctuary, plus bathroom it was smooth sailing from there. You play your song again, it's like a drug by this point. Maybe if you played it during that moment, you wouldn't have been here. A part of you thought.

They would have taken it from you. A different voice said, as if saying what is happening now was worth it. Last time you checked, bullies over demons was a no brainier but OK brain. Have it your way.

Sammy's office was clear, you stopped your song again to free your hand while the other had the ax close by. You pull down the lever. Home free.


You cautiously walk towards the staircase going down the building which should be the...exit?... now you're questioning everything, why would the staircase leading to the exit be FURTHER DOWN THE STUDIO!

You stop midway to rub your temple, a sudden headache taking over your nerves. You groan softly as to not give out your location any longer. You feel dizzy as you take your next step, your head really hurts down, the room is spinning, your body feels heavy and sinks to the floor on your back, you look up, its a dark figure looming over you, they say nothing. You black out.


You awake to voices talking around you, well just one voice anything, it's really close. Your moving but you aren't walking, you squeeze your eyes tighter as if trying to regain lost memory, someone is carrying you. Are you finally out of the studio? "" You whisper to your savior.

The savior seems to be shocked by your compliment for they stopped walking to look over you, you were staring down at the ground because the angle was tolerable for your neck, you can't see the mask staring at you, you can barely make out the shadow. They move again, you fall asleep, their skin is really cold but welcoming in such a humid temperature of the building.

"My lord, I have a gift."

...That... voice...

"I hope it pleases you, Bendy."

...Why is it so familiar?... Did he say... Bendy.

Fight of Flight, you force yourself off of the man carrying you, not expecting you to act as you did, didn't have a hold strong enough keep you on him. You land on the floor, you're in a different location now. In an oval room with T.V. screens hanging from the walls, replaying the same fifteen second clip over and over again on each monitor, the only other thing in the center was a mountain of ink, huge bears, projectors and The Demon, set on top it all, sitting in an huge tan leather chair with horns of it's own decorated by metal circles, chains, maybe? That 'Thing' doesn't move a muscle, you can't tell if he's staring at you or...Sammy? or even paying attention at all. You hope for the second opinion, you scoot away from Sammy and roll onto your feet, you try to leave but the only exit door slam shuts just as you hit the metal. You're trapped.

You panic, you try to pry them apart to perhaps squeeze through the crack, it didn't budge. See another door just to the side, nothing. You bang out of frustration. Sammy grabs you by the arm, he jerks you to the center of the room, a lot closer than you want to be to this deform Bendy. You dare to look at his ink covered face, his mouth, the only visible facial feature vibrates in place as he growls, you can't face him anymore.

"My Lord. I have found a songbird for you. They play such wonderful music. Allow me to show you... My Lord..." Sammy gets up close and personal to your body, you fight him off but with enough determination, he takes your harmonica from your pant pocket and shoves your instrument in your gaping mouth, you choke off the metal instrument and the ink from his grabby hands. You spit out the small item and glared at you, he releases your arm. "Now...Play." Sammy orders his hands move in a way that reminds you of that one character Bugs Bunny when he was acting as a director for a choir.

"If I do, Can I leave?"

"If that is what Bendy wants." Sammy answers, he moves off the gears and back on solid, not ink ground. Leaving you just at Bendy's reach, Bendy still has not moved from his spot but his head does turn and tilt to be eye level with you. OK, play a song and home free. Weird but just weird.

You lick your lips as you clean off your harmonica, with shaky hands you play, it's terrible. "What are you doing?! Don't dare insult Bendy with that! Play like before!" Sammy is shouting at you now, you shake even more.

"I DON'T PLAY IN FRONT OF PEOPLE OK!" You shout back, you're just at your peak with this whole mess.

"Play right or else."

"I can't"


In the heat of the moment, you have forgotten Bendy was behind you. You take a step forward, which is a step further from the angry Demon. You dare look behind you, Bendy is reaching for you.

"OK! OK! I'll play! Just..." His action halts but he doesn't pull back. "I need to turn my back."

His mouth vibrates again as he relaxes his body back to the chair. You stare at the wall, you take a deep breath. Harmonica lifts to your lips, inhale.

Now Play

It's your song, the song you have learned from previous generations, two lines in. It's a simple song, one that is dear to your soul. You play note after note, your worry soon fading, your anger, sadness, pain; everything is leaving your body. You are peace, you are numb to all things back as your song fills the quiet, blocks the gears and machinery just outside the walls around you. You feel weightless, the room disappearing under your feet leaving you in a black void. It's quiet, the welcoming kind. Your song is at its end when you drop the harmonica and open your eyes Sammy and Bendy are at a standstill.

Bendy doesn't seem in bad spirits like he was moments before. "Can I leave now?" You ask, turn to Sammy, you gasp when you find he was gone, he was just here! You don't remember the doors opening, you didn't hear it! In the once occupied space that Sammy took were his mask and a new smaller pile of ink.

"The only way out is Death, My songbird or a trade." You turn to Bendy, halfway backing away too far off the ink pile of gears and projectors at his voice. His long lengthy arm grabbing you, keeping you from falling back to the ground by the shirt. "I haven't heard that song is so long, Why not play another." Your unable to speak as his arm seems to take a mind of its own and rush over your body, claiming your neck, the once liquid black substance solidify around you, Bendy's arm is pulled back, thinning out in the process until his hand reappears and is holding the thin string connecting the thing around your neck, he drops the thin string and it melts into the gears at your feet, your mind finish the process of what just happened, you pull at the string attaching you but it's formed with the gear, it doesn't budge, it doesn't tear, it doesn't break! He's trapped you. But why?

"I am feeling rather tired, so play it again but slow down the tune after all,..." Bendy makes a comfortable position on his huge chair, "Sheep Songs was made to put me to sleep quicker that way."

He chuckles, his laughter distorting in your mind, echoing, darkening, taunting you.

"Yes, Bendy..."

You put it to your lips, you inhale and play

You feel so numb as the world fades around you, leaving only you and Bendy.