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Masturbation 101

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Travis looks away from his computer with a frown, it takes him hearing the sound of dishes crashing to realise what is going on out in the kitchen. Derek was finally nailing Jones. Loudly.

He takes a drink out of the hand-blown crystal glass he’d brought in with him. Derek’s glass, Derek’s apartment, Derek’s room. Derek’s cock inside Jones.

Not that Travis especially wanted to put his cock in Jones. He liked her and all, and she was attractive. But Travis was an arse man. He liked arse when he could get it. If he had a choice, he’d take the back door any day. But that secret was his. Just like it was his secret that the actual sex of the arse he fucked was negligible as well.

Women were his preferred medium to work with, professionally and sexually. But not a lot of them were into anal so Travis had to be…creative. Still Derek and Jones were making him very aware that he had not had the opportunity to sink himself into anything never mind a backdoor for more than a year. His shyness was fucking crippling his fucking. Travis’ brow furrowed as he muddled through what he’d just thought. Yeah, it made sense. To him anyway.

He looks toward the door as he hears Jones moaning and Derek grunting. Yeah, he envied Derek his ability to smoothly get women, didn’t envy him the loneliness that accompanied his life. Travis didn’t have many friends, but the few he did have were genuine ones. Jones and Derek among them he hoped. But his other friends weren’t people Derek associated with so he barely knew of them, let alone knew them. Travis never brought them home.

None of them brought other friends home now that he thought of it. Looking toward the door again as he takes another drink Travis tries to concentrate on his work unsuccessfully. Their sounds though were turning him on. Putting down his drink Travis unsteadily gets up and makes his way to his bed, falling face down on it before he rolls over on his back. His legs dangling off the sides, feet flat on the floor. He fumbles his way through unsnapping his coveralls and manages to shrug them off his shoulders without getting up. Then he pushes them down exposing his hardening cock and balls to the cool air of Derek’s loft. He always kept it slightly on the cool side so women’s nipples were always on high beam he said.

Travis only knew it drove Jones crazy. Speaking of, he moans lightly himself as he hears Jones moan Derek’s name. One of his hands reaches under his pillow bringing out the lube he kept there and opening it. His other brushes through his pubic hair and down to his balls, sliding them in his fingers softly, Tugging on them a little before he brings it up to put some lube on it. Then as his other hand lets go of the lube to grasp his cock, the fingers that are slippery with it move down between his legs, coming to rest at his rosebud entrance.

Moaning again Travis starts to jerk himself off at the same time he presses two fingers insistently against his entrance. God that was good. He slides his fingers up and over the head of his cock, gathering the pre-come there he lets go of his cock as he brings his fingers to his lips and licks himself off. And that was even better, he spread his legs further, bringing his feet up to the side of the bed and laying them flat on the side of it so his legs were spread wide like a sorority slut.

Pressing his fingers in he pushes two of them inside his hole on a moan that rivalled Jones moan’s outside in the kitchen. Thankful they were being so noisy Travis brought his other hand from his mouth back down to his cock and clasped himself again. He starts to jerk in earnest now, up and down, twisting the head of his cock on the upstroke, grasping it just that bit firmer each time so he is gradually increasing the pressure of his hold on himself. His stomach muscles are clenching in need now.

Then Travis’ hips start to move, fucking his hands, both of them, he pulls his fingers out of his backside and then pushes three of them inside himself this time, his neck arching back on another filthy moan of pleasure that Derek and Jones would have no doubt heard if they weren’t already moaning themselves. Thank God they were busy with each other as well.

It’s been too long since Travis had fucked himself in the literal sense. He pushes his fingers inside himself harder, middle finger pressing further, trying to find…there. That. Hips pistoning now, reaching for orgasm along with Derek and Jones, Travis fucks himself, middle finger brushing his prostate each time it pushes inside him. And his other hand grasping his cock harder and harder each time. His body is quaking in pleasure, his mind blanking with it. And as Jones gives one long protracted groan of pleasure it pushes Travis' orgasm to the forefront and he comes as well.

Come ejects itself with force from his cock, three strong stripes fly out and splatter on his chest before the rest slides out of his cock in a steady stream, moving down his fingers like water over rapids.

Sighing with pleasure Travis lies there letting his body calm down. One hand still grasps his cock and the other still has fingers inside himself. He pushes his middle finger in one more time, gasping as it brushes his prostate before he pulls them out. Then Travis slides them up his body, over his stomach to rub through his come.

He then brings them to his lips and closes his mouth around them, moaning again as he sucks himself from his own fingers. He knows it’s dirty and filthy and kinky but he always cleans himself this way. Less evidence for Derek or Jones to find when they take it upon themselves to do his laundry.

Repeating the process until he’s cleaned himself up Travis lets his arms flop to the side of the bed, legs again resting on the floor. He lies there for some time, listening to Derek and Jones head upstairs to Derek’s bedroom. Then he sits up and pulls his coveralls back up his arms.

Taking his drink he heads out to the kitchen and survey’s the damage. Shrugging he starts to clean up. They’d given him a free show, it was the least he could do. Plus, it gave him the high road he thought with a chuckle to himself.