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A Trip To Mount Ebott

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It was 8:30 in the morning. Normally you wouldn’t be up this early because you weren’t really a morning person but you didn’t have much of a good rest. You’ve been up. Staring at the ceiling, frustrated that for the second night in a row you’ve been unable to sleep.


Was it because you were overthinking? Or because this didn’t feel like home? You were so used to the busy noises of butlers and maids rushing around preparing for the day. So used to the sounds of the village children laughing and playing hide and seek….


Sighing, you sat up, running your hand through your curly pink hair. You picked up your phone and scrolled through 3 messages: 2 from your father and 1 from your younger brother.

-King Dad Guy: I know you’re still healing...but maybe making some friends could help


-King Dad Guy: Don’t you worry Lea. The castle will still be here when you take all the time you need. I love you.


Your heart ached. You knew your mother’s death was just as hard on your father as it was on you yet he was so worried about you. Then there’s that incident with the...

You responded to the message and hopped out of bed before you could finish the thought.


“Maybe going out wouldn’t be so bad…” You whispered. You were a bit excited. You’ve never left the mansion since you arrived here. Lately you’ve wanted to do nothing but cry and lie in bed all day. Walking into your large closet, you pulled out a few outfits which included a purple dress that stopped at your thighs, a pair of skinny jeans and a tank top with the words “Bad to the bone” and some shorts and a white top. You went with the skinny jeans and the tank top. Soon you were in and out of the shower and putting on your clothes.


You stopped in front of a mirror, almost admiring yourself. You were a bit on the curvy side but you liked it. Pulling on a jacket, you looked at your phone again to see if your father responded, which he didn’t.


“He must be busy…” You muttered. You opened the other unread message from your younger brother.


-Luka Skywalker: Hi!! I miss you. Will you be back for my birthday? You better! You promised me. Anyway. I haven’t received a picture yet. You told me you would send selfies every day while you’re gone. :P Love you Lea!


You rolled your eyes and laughed. You were getting bossed around by your 9-year-old brother. Opening your front camera, you held up the peace sign and smiled widely.


You: Good morning Luka. I haven’t even been gone that long but I miss you too. I will be home for your birthday. Why would I not?! You’re my favorite brother after all.


You quickly sent a message afterward, snickering.


You: But don’t tell your other brothers!


Luka Skywalker: I won’t! You look awesome! Have a good day.


You shoved the phone in your back pocket and left your room, heading down the grand staircase. Your family was always for a color theme and in this house, it was black, white, gold and peach. Your mother always believed colors held meaning. Black for power and elegance. White for goodness and purity. Gold for wealth. Peach..well pink for love and friendship. Overall it was really pretty. Family photos hung on the walls. You were staring at the large photo of your mother. She was a monster. One with long pink hair and two colored eyes, one green, one blue, that you inherited. When you arrived to Mt Ebott, you decided it would be best, for now, to wear a blue eye contact to keep your other eye hidden. In the photo, your mother had her hair pulled back into a neat ponytail with a crown rested on her head. She wore a black and purple dress that complimented her pink skin nicely and she has the widest smile on her face. The photo had a black see-through cloth draped over it.


“She was beautiful...” A voice said softly from the back of your head. It caused you to jump.  “Always welcoming people with open arms..”


“I know…” You sighed. You found yourself wiping the tears from your face. No crying now. Your mother wouldn’t want you to be sad. She’d want you to go out and adventure for once while you had the chance! So that’s what you planned on doing. You ran off into the kitchen only to be greeted by a guard that was assigned to you.


“Good morning, your majesty!”  The guard practically shouts. He was a tall, muscular, black-furred rabbit. He bows towards you quickly then turns back towards the stove. “I’ve made breakfast. Would you like some?”  On the counter, there were 2 plates of pancakes stacked pretty high, bacon and eggs. You almost drooled.


“Good morning Randall.”  You smiled softly. “It looks great”  You grabbed a plate and sat down at the table. You cut into the pancakes and put a fork full in your mouth. You almost moaned. “These...are amazing” You heard a deep chuckle from the guard.


“Glad you like them.” Randall hummed. “Are you leaving out today? Do you need me to tag along?”


You looked up at him. He looked concerned. You gave him a wide smile. “No, I’ll be fine but I have your number. If I need you, I’ll call you. Promise.”


Randall smiled. “Good. I know you don’t really need me but still...Your father would be pleased if I were with you in this place at least.”


He was right. You didn’t really need him since you were pretty damn strong on your own but you know this would bring your father some peace of mind. He sent his only daughter alllll on her own to a town   Especially since you’re a long way from home. Once you finished your breakfast, you made your way to the front door until you heard Randall call out to “Don’t forget your collar” so you quickly run upstairs to retrieve it. It was a black velvet choker with a light blue heart pendant. You decided to bring a small bookbag with you to bring your charger for your phone and other things to keep you occupied.


Once downstairs again, you slowly stepped back into the kitchen.


“Hey, Randi…?” You called out softly, peeking out from behind the wall.


“Hm?” He looked up at you, tilting his head to the side. “Is something the matter?” Randall was one of the few guards your father trusted alone with you.  


“I’m...I’m sorry if dad gave you a h-hard time.” You ran your hand through your hair, looking at the ground. Randall immediately realized what this was about.


“Azalea…” He called. You listened as he got up from the chair and walked over to you. You stiffened as he lightly touched your arm. “Sweetheart, don’t blame yourself. Look at me..”


It took you a moment but you looked up at the rabbit. You saw a mixture of emotions in his face. Sadness...concern...Anger. You knew he wasn’t angry at you but because of the situation that made you feel like you had to apologize. You were about to speak before he pulled you into a hug.


“I’m sorry you had to go through that Azalea...You didn’t deserve such treatment and by a guard no less!” He practically growled. “Someone sworn to protect your life...” He hugged you tighter. He was shaking slightly. You’ve wouldn’t have noticed it if you weren’t paying attention. You returned the hug finally.   


Before anything else happened, you rushed out the door, waving to Randall on the way. You took a deep breath as you walked down the long path towards the large gate surrounding the mansion. Anxiety started to creep up on you and you were ready to turn and go back inside


“Can’t turn back now kiddo. You’re already out of the gate. Buck up”  The voice in your head hissed. You groaned and kept making your way towards the town.


“You don’t always have to sass me, Rayvn..” You sighed, putting your hands in your jacket pockets. Your demonic friend was going to be the end of you one day.


 “Yes, I do. Or you wouldn’t have done half the things you’ve accomplished” She snickered. “You’re going to be fine. Just keep calm and be you.” You nodded.


Once you entered the town, you realized the population was majority monsters. Not that it was a bad thing. You simply had forgotten that it’s been about 2 years since the barrier had been broken by Frisk, the Ambassador of Monsters. You were quite excited to meet more monsters. There were a few back in the kingdom you were from that were there before you even knew about the barrier.


You wondered in an out of a few shops, buying Cinnabunnies and having conversations with a few Froggits and trying to solve a box puzzle. You even sang with Shyren! You were rather pleased with how the day was going so far.


“It seems they don’t know you’re a princess, your majesty.” The sudden voice of Rayvn startles you again. “ Are you truly not used to me yet?”


“Of course not..” You muttered, glancing around to see if anyone had noticed if you were talking to yourself. “And that’s a good thing, Ray...I don’t need the attention right no---” You were suddenly cut off by a loud voice from a nearby alleyway.


“HUMANS, I MEAN YOU NO HARM. I ONLY WISH TO MAKE FRIENDS!” You rushed over, hearing the distress in their voice. You witnessed 3 humans knock over a fairly tall skeleton.


“Shut up! No one fucking wants to be with you disgusting creatures. Go back to the hole you crawled out of!” The other 2 cheered, agreeing with him. They started kicking and punching at the poor monster who held his hands over his head.


You were suddenly filled with anger. You had to do something and quickly. You fiddled with the pendant on your collar, looking around frantically for something to use as a weapon.


“There’s a stick near that dumpster,” Rayvn said quickly. You spotted it and ran for it.


“Yo! Leave ‘em alone.” You shouted, twirling the large stick between your fingers. It’s not the weapon you’re used to but it’ll do...

 All three turned towards you, afraid at first then started laughing.