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Hear the tale as told by skald-kings
Truth of Liesmith’s fall from sky-vault
Heaven’s trumpet, Mary’s herald
Held in grace and felled by ardor
Righteous son fought bane of brothers
Banned the morning star of darkness
Sword of guarding fire was soaring
Silver tongue took ill-gained hiding

Holy witness, heathen veiling
Hallow’d brother of Galdra-father
Trickster’s cloak was proudly taken
Tried the prideful, twisted justice
Hasteful mistletoe betrayal
Torn from Aesir’s horn of plenty
Water angel, endless wand’rer
Walk’d the Earth in mirthful sorrow

Fenrir’s father, holy brother
Found his will, a sounder purpose
Bravely standing, singing swan song
Slain by hand of fallen angel
Hear the tale as told by skald-kings
Truth of ruthless, stark redemption
Charcoal broken, barren feathers
Blood to save the human saviors