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He Felt Safe

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Something Tim didn't really...acknowledge until after Bruce was...gone, and Dick was Batman, and the Demon was Robin?

They're all pretty fucked up.

True, Kon told him (complained to him?) that they were all messed up. Told him it wasn't normal, the repressed feelings, the way they treated each other.

His complaints doubled, tripled, after he found out that Tim and Dick, and Bruce and Dick, and sometimes all three of them, had sex. Frequently.

Kon said it wasn't normal. That he should tell his parents.

Tim liked it, though. He felt safe, with Dick on one side, Bruce on the other, their strong limbs wrapped tightly around his smaller body. He enjoyed their kisses. He enjoyed their hard thrusts into his body. He enjoyed when one took his mouth and the other his ass.

And if Kon couldn't understand that? Well, fuck him.

To bad Kon was right