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BTOB NSFW Twitter Prompts

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Playing as if they didn't notice each other, ignoring each other, messing around with other members. It made them ache with want. When they were alone, the facade dropped quickly. Desperation and lust took over, their bodies crashing into each other.

"Want you, want you," Ilhoon murmurs over and over, hands caressing and pinching Sungjae's sides and back.

"I'm here, I'm here," Sungjae whispers back, leaning down to kiss Ilhoon fiercely, sinking his teeth into Ilhoon's bottom lip, as he lifted the smaller man and climbed on the bed.

Later, Ilhoon would give vague excuses to the poor makeup artists as he brushed his tongue over the cut and smiled to himself. He could feel Sungjae's gaze on him but ignored it. The game would start over again.