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Willow laid on her bed, fingers tracing the shiny skin of the scar tissue on the inside of her thigh. It had been two weeks since he’d put his fangs into her flesh, thirteen days since he’d sent her the flowers. She’d heard nothing else and it was weighing on her. As she’d healed her dreams had gone from a frightening rehash of that night, to something more disturbing. At least, disturbing to her. She blushed even thinking about them. Before this her fantasies had been…well, normal. The last week though she’d had images and feelings run through her body that were almost alien to her.


She sat up and ran a hand through her hair. A part of her wondered if it was something to do with Spike feeding on her, and the only place to get that question answered was in some of Giles’ personal books…or she’d have to go and talk to Angel. Neither option was really appealing to Willow. At least the books, she might be able to convince Giles that she just had a bit of academic curiosity. Something told her that Angel would know just by looking at her what had happened. That made her stomach feel very icky.


She looked at the clock on her bedside table and sighed. It was just after seven, but it was a Saturday. She got up and got dressed anyway, deciding that if nothing else she could head to the Library and maybe see if she could sneak into Giles’ office before he got in. She and Buffy had borrowed some of the old watcher chronicles before, this couldn’t be much harder. She headed downstairs and smiled at her mom.


“Where are you off to so early?” Her mother asked.


“Just wanting to get ahead on a paper. I thought I’d try and get some study time in before meeting Buffy and Xander for lunch.” She grabbed a banana. “I’ll be home for dinner though.” She promised.


“All right, have fun honey.” Her mother smiled and poured herself a cup of coffee.


“Thanks mom.” She said and grabbed her backpack before heading out the door. She headed into the school, passing a few people who were obviously there for make-up lessons. She entered the library and mentally cursed, seeing Giles already sitting there with a mug of coffee.


“Willow? Good morning.” He smiled.


“Morning, I didn’t think you’d be here so early.” She said and then mentally cursed, she really sucked at subterfuge.


“I’m meeting Miss Calendar, we’re going for coffee after she finishes up some grading.” He looked a little embarrassed. “Was there something you needed my help with?” He asked.


“I…I kinda wanted to learn a little more about vampires and their lore? I thought it might come in handy as we keep running into weirdness on that end.” She said. “Seemed like more of a book thing, than a ‘net thing.” She dropped her backpack on the chair.


“Well…I do have a couple of volumes that might be a good place to start.” Giles smiled and stood, going to the book cage and unlocking it. “Was there anything in particular you were curious about?”


“Not really, just looking to dig a little deeper than the usual ‘avoid sunlight’ and ‘stab them with the pointy end of the stake’ stuff.” She said. “Like that ritual that Spike tried to do for Drusilla, that kind of stuff is pretty fascinating.”


“It certainly is, though I warn you there’s plenty in this book to keep you up nights.” Giles came over with a fairly thick volume. “You’re welcome to read it, but I’d prefer that it didn’t leave the library.” He said.


“Sure, I’ll lock it up in the book cage when I’m done.” Willow said, accepting the book with a smile. The volume was nearly as thick as her palm was wide, and had ‘Vampyr’ embossed across the cover.


“That will be fine.” He said and returned to his seat, picking up his coffee and returning to the book he’d been reading.


Willow took the book to her preferred spot and sat down. She opened the book and glanced through the table of contents, one chapter catching her interest. It was titled ‘Feeding Rituals & Bonds’. She nosed through the previous chapter first, not wanting Giles to see what she was really interested in, only turning to that section once he left the Library to meet with Miss Calendar.


The beginning of the chapter was dedicated to the most important feeding ritual, the siring of another vampire. As she read she found herself getting drawn in, reading that there were two distinct types of siring. The first was really a quick and dirty version, it limited how much power the resultant vampire would have. It seemed to account for the usual brainless minions that they always seemed to run into. The second was a more lengthy process, and the vampire created through it would retain much more of the person they had been before turning. Those vampires usually went on to become Masters in their own right, or form small independent clans.


There were several paragraphs about the social hierarchy in a vampire clan before it moved onto other types of bonds. One in particular caught her eye. It was referred to as the Audeat, or ‘Selfless Sacrifice’. It was a bond that was formed when blood was given freely to a vampire who had been injured. In exchange for such a service the human would be marked, and their blood not appealing to any but the vampire to whom they had offered it. There were only a handful of documented cases, but in all it seemed that after the bond was formed, small amounts of the bonded vampire’s blood could also aide the human’s healing in the event of an injury or illness. Willow shivered a little, the thought unsettling. She finished the chapter off, without finding much else.


Willow continued reading, getting drawn into the book and the world it was describing. She didn’t even realize how much time had passed when she heard the doors to the Library open. She looked up to see Giles coming in.


“Goodness, you’re still here?” He looked surprised. “It’s getting rather late.”


“I got caught up in the book…it’s pretty fascinating stuff.” She said, shutting it. “I didn’t really mean to be here this long.” Willow went to put the book in the cage.


“It is a rather riveting read.” He chuckled and locked the cage. “The watcher that wrote it actually spent nearly ten years living captive in a vampire clan.” He said. “It’s one of the few inside glimpses there has been into that world.”


“Why would they keep him captive there?” She asked curiously.


“It’s a sad story really. The Watcher had fallen in love with his Slayer, and when the local Master discovered the illicit relationship he took the Watcher in order to control the girl. In exchange for letting his vampires feed and kill without reprisal, he kept the Watcher safe and alive and would allow the Slayer to see him periodically. After ten years, the Slayer finally fell in battle and the Master chose to release the Watcher. After so long living amongst them, it seems that the Master had grown fond of the Watcher and so spared his life.” Giles said softly.


“Poor man.” She said softly.


“Indeed…but it is a primary reason why such relationships are forbidden between Watchers and their charges.” Giles said and went to put a few more things away. “I won’t be in tomorrow, but if you are keen to do more reading, I’ll leave the key for you.” He showed her where he was tucking it away.


“Thanks, I appreciate it.” She said and grabbed her backpack. “I should get home, before it gets too late.”


“Be careful.” Giles said.


“I always am.” She smiled, showing him the little flask of Holy Water in her backpack. She headed out and mentally cursed, it was already getting dark. Her mother was going to kill her. She hurried down the street, taking her chances by cutting through the graveyard. As she walked quickly through the tombstones and crypts, she thought how even three years ago she’d never have dared to come through here alone. It was like knowing what was really lurking in the dark had made her bolder.


She was nearly to the edge of the cemetery when strong hands grabbed her, one clamping over her mouth as they pulled her backwards. She struggled but was tossed hard against the stone side of a mausoleum. Willow came up swinging and turned her weight behind the blow, hearing the snarl of a vampire. She pushed the hair out of her face, seeing the male vamp coming at her again. She kicked, scratched and twisted but he was just too strong and soon had her pinned to the ground. Willow felt tears in her eyes as he leaned in. Suddenly he was off of her.


“Who do you belong to?” He growled, a Texas drawl colouring his words. 


“To me, actually.” Spike said, stalking out of the shadows. “You alright pet?” He said and offered her a hand up. “This whole bloody town is mine, as a matter of fact….so you’d best be going. You touch a hair on her head again and I’ll flay the skin from your worthless carcass and pour holy water over what’s left.” Spike’s eyes were hard, not wavering from the interloper. 


Willow took his hand and stood, letting him draw her closer. She watched the strange vamp back away.


“No insult intended…honest mistake.” The man said, tipping his hat to Willow. “My apologies Miss.” He disappeared into the night.


“I can smell blood, how badly are you hurt?” Spike asked, grateful he hadn’t needed to fight…he was most certainly not back on his game yet.


“Not too bad…just scraped my knee and split my lip.” Willow said, shaking a little.


Spike cupped her cheek with his hand, thumb tracing her injured lip. “Let’s get you home, pet.” He said and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. “What are you doing out here alone at night?” He asked.


“I was at the Library, got a bit lost in a book.” She said a little sheepishly. “It was getting dark by the time I left.” Willow let him guide her out of the cemetery and towards her house.


“Until I’m back to full strength, you need to be careful.” He said. “You’re lucky I was here tonight.”


“What would he have done?” She asked softly.


“Probably not killed you, but you might have preferred that.” He said softly, not wanting to tell her what challengers often did to humans connected to the ruling vampire in an area. “It wouldn’t have been pretty Willow.” He left it there, feeling her shudder a bit.


“But why?” She asked.


“Hunting here without announcing himself to the local Master is a direct challenge to my authority.” He said. “Sunnydale is mine, and other vampires are allowed here by my sufferance only.” He explained. “Rumours will have gotten out that the Slayer killed, or weakened me. There will be other challengers.”


“How are you?” She asked softly, noticing how he avoided the pools of light left by the street lamps.


“Healing, much quicker due to your help.” He lifted her one hand to his lips, pressing a kiss to it. “Plans tonight pet?” He asked her.


“I just need to have dinner with my parents…and then I could sneak out.” She smirked.


“Sounds good pet. I’ll wait in your room for you then.” He winked and headed around the side of the house as she went through the front door.


She frowned, not hearing her parents anywhere. There was a note on the table, telling her that her dinner was in the fridge and they’d be home late. She sighed, not surprised. Her parents were gone more often than not, and relied on the fact that she was a good girl rather than any actual parenting. She crumpled the note up and threw it in the trash. She headed upstairs and opened her door, stopping and smiling. “You knew they were gone.” He’d brought in her little decorative table off the balcony and had dinner waiting for her.


He grinned. “I saw the house was empty and let myself in, saw the note. Let’s get you cleaned up and then you should eat something.” He took her hand and led her into the bathroom, sitting her up on the vanity and getting a washcloth. He ran the hot water over it, wringing it out before cleaning the blood off her face. He turned his attention to her knee, gently cleaning the dirt out of the wound, wincing at her little hisses of pain. “Sorry baby.” He said and once it was clean he smoothed some antibiotic cream over it.


“Thanks.” Willow said, tucking a bit of hair behind her ear.


“It’s nothing, luv.” He said, reaching up to cup her cheek in his hand. “There’s some pajamas to change into there, come out when you’re done.” Spike drew back and left the bathroom. He’d had different plans for tonight, but he was certain she had to be shaken from the attack so he’d just delay a little longer.


Willow pulled on the fleecy pj pants and the simple blue tank top. She thought about grabbing her robe and hiding under it, but left it hanging on the back of the door. She came out and sat down, blushing a little as he poured her a glass of champagne. “I shouldn’t…”


“You’ve been doing a lot of things you shouldn’t lately.” Spike handed her the champagne flute. “Why stop now?”


She blushed and sipped it, the taste was vaguely sweet but not overly so. “It’s wonderful.” She tried some of the pasta, a little self-conscious eating in front of him.


“Did you like your gift?” He asked, lounging on her bed.


“I did.” She nodded. “Buffy was here, so I’m really glad there wasn’t a note.” She admitted.


“Part of the thrill…the risk of getting caught.” Spike smirked, eyes appreciating the way the tank top clung to her breasts, just able to make out her nipples where they pressed against the material.


“The chocolates were delicious.” She blushed, trying not to think too much about the other thrills she’d want to experience with him.


“I’m glad you liked them, because I brought you some more.” He smirked, thinking that perhaps his plans didn’t need to be put off entirely.


Willow smiled. “You did?”


“Mmmhmm.” Spike grinned. “Eat your dinner first, pet.” He said and got off her bed. “I’m just going to make sure everything’s locked up.” He left her bedroom and went down to the front door, locking it and pausing to look in the front hall closet. He found a dark, silk scarf and chuckled as he tucked it into his pocket. He headed back upstairs, he noticed she’d finished her pasta and was about halfway through her champagne. He closed her blinds and locked the door to her balcony so they’d have some warning if the Slayer showed up.


He went over to her stereo and pressed play, having put a cd in while she was in the bathroom. He slipped off his duster and trademark red, silk shirt and offered her a hand. “Dance with me?” He asked, pleased when she stood and took his hand. What she had done for him was rare, special. Drusilla knew he was here tonight, understood that she’d need to share him with the little human. She was busy planning her party after all. She’d never been one to deny her Spike a little bit of fun.


Willow let him draw her into his arms, resting her head against his shoulder. She shivered a little as the hand resting on the small of her back slipped under her tank top, his thumb tracing against her spine. She swallowed a little, her stomach fluttering nervously. She lifted her head off his shoulder and leaned up, to catch his lips in a kiss. She wasn’t normally bold, but she’d missed him so much. Her dreams had only added fuel to this particular fire. She felt his hand slide up her back, under her shirt, as they kissed. She slipped her one hand out of his and found her fingers tangling in his hair. She moaned softly into his mouth and he pulled her closer.


Willow gasped as he lifted her up, and she wrapped her arms around his neck as he walked back towards her bed. He carefully laid her down on the bed, never breaking their kiss. She moaned as his lips dragged away from her lips and moved to her throat, nipping carefully at the delicate skin over her pulse before continuing downwards. She sat up slightly as he pulled her tank top up and off her body. She bit her bottom lip, self-conscious as he looked at her, his thumb tracing the very outer edge of her breast.


“You’re so fucking gorgeous luv…” He whispered before lowering his face to the newly revealed skin.


Willow’s back arched as his lips found a nipple, teasing it with his tongue before carefully scraping his teeth over the hard little nub. His thumb was flicking her other nipple in time with his mouth and the sensations were intense. “Spike…” She moaned, hips shifting restlessly under him.


“I know baby…” He whispered against her skin, shifting his attentions to her other breast. He could smell her arousal, heavy and inviting. There’d be no stopping tonight, not even if the blasted Slayer broke down the door. He moved back up and kissed her deeply, a hand slipping down, cupping her ass through her pajama pants and moulding her lower body against his. He wanted her to feel how she affected him, know exactly what was going to happen tonight. He felt her hands tugging at his t-shirt and he stripped it off, tossing it aside. He ran his hands up her sides, guiding her hands up over her head and he pinned them there with one hand. He held her eyes as he slipped the other down into her pj bottoms, watching her face intently as he ghosted his fingers against her sex. A beautiful blush rolled up her neck and into her cheeks, her bottom lip getting caught between her teeth when he teased a single finger between her folds.

Spike leaned down and kissed her, lips hard and demanding, as he pressed a finger into her. Her tightness confirmed what he had tasted in her blood. She was untouched. His thumb teased her button as he worked his finger in and out, getting her ready.  He brushed his lips against her ear, “Do you want this, pet?” He needed her to say it.


“Please…Spike.” Willow’s voice faltered, begging him softly for more.


“Shhh….I’ve got you, baby.” He whispered and kissed her again as he added a second finger. Her little moans and whimpers being swallowed up in their kisses. Her hips were moving into his hand, and he didn’t think he could hold off much longer. He released her wrists and pulled his hand out of her pjs, sliding them down her legs and off. He left her laying there while he unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans, never taking his eyes off hers. He watched as her eyes went down, looking at him as he shoved his jeans off his hips and approached the bed again.


He moved over her slowly, catching her lips in a searing kiss. He settled between her legs and broke the kiss, meeting her eyes. “Last chance pet.” He whispered, knowing full well that neither of them wanted to stop, but he had to give her the chance.


“I need you.” She whispered, bottom lip trembling a bit.


Spike nodded and kissed her once more, a soft brush of lips. He started to slowly press into her, his eyes watching the sensations and emotions on her face intently. He felt a bit of resistance and then he drew back a little and thrust roughly until he was completely buried inside of her. She cried out, struggling against him for a moment but he held perfectly still. “Shhh, it’s ok baby…it’ll feel good soon.” He whispered.


Willow whimpered a little, eyes shut tightly against the sudden pain and then it began to ease, replaced by a dull ache and then the steady sense of need. She felt his lips ghosting over her face, kissing the few escaped tears away before kissing her softly, and with care. She let the tension seep from her body and she started to return the kiss. She gasped as he started to pull back and then rolled his hips forward, starting a slow and careful rhythm.


Spike was unable to help the smirk that crossed his lips as she moaned into his kiss on the second thrust. He dragged his lips down her throat, starting a very languid pace for them. As much as he wanted to fuck her through the bed, she needed him to be careful tonight and remember that she was only human. This night was for her, and his own needs would simply have to wait.


Willow arched under him, pressing her throat up into his lips. She didn’t want him to ever stop touching her, it was incredible and all-consuming. Nothing existed anymore except the two of them and the bed he was pinning her against. She squeezed his hands hard and slowly learned how to move her hips with his and the result was just magical. “God…Spike…” She moaned.


“That’s it Baby, let go.” He whispered, releasing her hands. He tangled one hand in her hair, and the other went down to her hip. He smoothed his hand along her thigh and used it to bring that leg up, letting him get even deeper inside her. “You feel so good Willow.” He whispered before kissing her again, this time plundering her mouth and kissing her like he wished he could fuck her, hard and rough.

The new angle of his hips against hers was rubbing against something inside of her and she could feel the pleasure building, hot and white, deep inside. Her moans were swallowed by Spike’s kisses and she moved frantically against him, needing more…needing relief from this intense sensation.


Spike could feel it, and pulled back almost all the way out and thrust hard and fast into her. He set a rough pace, knowing it was hurting her but also needing to feel her fall apart all around him. Her body went tight and tense and he broke their kiss to hear her cry out loudly as she tightened like a fist around him. He released her hair and brought his other hand down to bring her other knee up, pressing them roughly against her chest as she slammed into her a few more times and came with a cry of his own. He met her eyes and could see the haze of pleasure clearing. He leaned down and pressed the softest of kisses against her forehead. “You are so perfect, luv…so perfect.” He whispered and carefully withdrew from her body, unable to notice the wince that crossed her face as he did so. He mentally swore, realizing he’d been too rough with her.


Willow was still trying to catch her breath as she looked up at him. “Wow.” She managed to finally say.


He chuckled and flopped onto the bed beside her. “Very articulate Red.” He lifted her hand off the bed and pressed a kiss to its back.


She smiled and closed her eyes. She hurt, but not in a bad way. It was more of a good hurt…like after a really intense workout. “It’s hard to think after that…” She finally said.


“I’ll take that as a compliment, pet.” He shifted her to lay against his chest and stroked her back. She felt all too good in his arms. He kissed her hair. “Just rest now baby.” He muttered to her, the demon inside content beside her. It was a strange sensation, but he wasn’t about to fight it. She was his now, in every way and all parts of himself would protect her jealously. She’d just have to get used to it.