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Edgar Frog Vs the Dark Hand

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Finn, Ratso and Chow stood there, their eyes having widened in shock. There in front of them, a smirk adorning his handsome face as he held up the Monkey Talisman in his hand, was none other than Edgar Frog — who, they had heard, was a “surfboard shaper and vampire hunter”.

Eyes darted back and forth between the three Dark Hand enforcerers; they knew they were in big trouble. Having been disarmed of their weapons, they were forced to rely on their brainpower.

Edgar’s smirk widened. If there was one thing he loved, it was having gotten the upper hand, especially when it came to a battle against the Dark Hand. And right now, he had the right weapon for it. I got to remember to thank Jade for letting me borrow the Monkey Talisman someday, he thought.