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Gomer's Troubles

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Around nine in the morning, Goober Pyle, was on his way to start his day at the garage. His cousin, Gomer Pyle had been home from the Marines about five years or so now. He’d hoped he would find Gomer. He was wrong – Gomer was not around in sight. He thought he would get a head start on the cars that were waiting to be fixed.

About five or ten minutes later, Goober thought he heard Gomer pull in. Again, no sign of Gomer. He saw the car headed his way who were two men in the front seat. He didn’t give them a close look for description. He saw the driver and passenger sure didn’t look friendly. He wondered what they were doing here.

Once he fast – walked in the gas station, he headed straight to the telephone. He thought it made sense to call the sheriff of Mayberry, North Carolina, Andy Taylor. Andy had been sheriff here in Mayberry for several years, along with his deputy, Barney Fife. Goober wasn’t able to tell the operator what was going on to put Andy through. It was a little bit too late.

Goober thought he heard a gunshot. That’s when Gomer drove up. Goober saw the look on his cousin’s face – fear. Gomer got out of the car just in time before the driver pulled his gun out and pull the trigger. The passenger saw Gomer had a really frightened look. Goober turned around, seeing the driver and his passenger, a few feet behind him. Of course, they didn’t know Goober or who he was. The driver and passenger looked like they could be related or just friends, but he couldn’t be positive.

The driver, the one with the gun, didn’t bother using the old line, “Put your hands up!” He thought it made snese to surprise Goober without saying the old line. Gomer was watching with his frightened look. Worried with Goober when he thought he heard a gun fire after returning from calling Andy and Barney.

Gomer had this feeling these crooks wanted money from him and Goober but the passenger and driver decided not to ask but they did decide that they didn’t think Goober and Gomer had enough money to give them. When he reached the sheriff’s office, Barney was out, so Sheriff Andy Taylor picked up.

“Sheriff’s office,” he said professionaly.

“Hi, Andy.”

“Gomer? What are you doing by calling me?” Andy asked.

“Andy, you wouldn’t believe what happened just now,” Gomer said.

Andy could tell by the tone of Gomer’s vouce, he sounded a bit shocked.

“You sound like you’re scared, Gomer. Now tell me what happened.”

“It’s kind of hard to explain, Andy. Maybe it’ll be easier to tell in person.”

“All right, Gomer.”

Gomer put the phone back in the cradle.

Once he came back out, the driver and passenger were already gone. He saw Goober lying on the ground, covered with blood. Barney came back shortly.

“Hi, Barney,” Andy greeted the deputy.

“Hi, Andy,” Barney said opening the sheriff office door and he walked in.

“Barney, we need to go to the filling station now. Gomer just called and reported a holdup. We have to go and find out what happened,” Andy told him.

“Ange, I just got here.”

Andy looked right at Barney, telling him silently he should tag along.

“Don’t tell me, Andy. I’m coming,” Barney said as Andy nodded.

“All right. This better be important,” Barney told Andy.

He and Andy took the sheriff’s car.

“Okay. This doesn’t sound good when you mentioned ‘holdup,’” Barney remarked.

“I know.”

The three looked on the ground – lying there was once the body of Goober Pyle!