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“Are you cold?”

“It is San Francisco. I am always cold,” Spock said, seeming to sink down more into his imitation wool coat. He pulled the beanie he wore further down over his ears.

We were walking along the pier, just the two of us. It was a cold, windy day with a few puffy clouds over the bay. We were both dressed as civilians, for which I was happy to be out of the uniform for the first time in days.

“Sorry,” I apologized, looping my arm with his. “I thought a walk together to clear our heads and talk would be good for us. I should have realized it would be too cold for you.”

Spock nodded. “It is true you often fail to think things through.”

“Is that your way of telling me I am selfish and don’t consider your needs?”

He inclined his head. “Sometimes. But after all this time together I have come to accept the way you are.”

“Gack, you make me sound like such a dick.”

“You are not. I am quite certain there are some things about me you find less than ideal as well.”

I shrugged. “Maybe, but they are too small to be significant.”

“Indeed. I agree. I would not change anything about you, Jim.”

“Well, that’s good to know.” I snuggled closer to him. “You’re stuck with me now.”

“I am gratified to be so.”

We lapsed into silence for a moment, stopping to look out at the ocean.

“What are we going to do about the kid?” I finally asked.

“You did mention wanting a Vulcan child at some point.”

I nodded. “Right, when we were done flying around the galaxy. And I thought, you know, like an infant we could raise together. Maybe they wouldn’t look at me with quite such Vulcan disdain if I was around since the start.”

“It is illogical for Vulcans to disdain.”

I rolled my eyes. “Have you seen T’Pau? Lord, I think she invented the concept of Vulcan disdain.”

Spock studied me, his dark brown eyes very intense. “Jim, I do not believe Suvoc feels disdain for you.”

“No, I don’t think he does either. Not really. It’s just he already has preconceived ideas of what humans are like.”

My bondmate reached for my hand and I took it gratefully. “Then you must change those preconceived ideas. As you have done with me. As you have done with my father. There are several Vulcans who greatly admire you for all that you have done for them. With your help, Suvoc would learn of the many admirable qualities humans have.”

“Then you want to keep him?” I asked.

“He is not a stray dog, Jim, it is not as simple as keeping him. But I amenable to raising him with you.”

“Were you like he is when you were small?”

“In some ways. I had both my parents, of course. But I did know the struggles of being from two worlds. It is preferable he knows from both of us.”

“Sounds like you’re pretty sure of that decision.”

“Only if you are in agreement. It has to be something we are both willing to do. If you are not, then we will say no.”

I sighed. “I don’t get to make all decisions. If you want to do this—”

“T’hy’la, do you wish to do this with Suvoc or not?”

I thought about Suvoc’s serious little face and how he carried around a holo picture of his father. I knew Vulcans felt probably better than most other humans knew. I knew they felt very deeply actually. And since I was being grounded anyway, maybe now was a good time.

“Yeah,” I finally said. “I guess I do.”

Spock nodded. “Very well. Can we go back to the hotel now?”

I laughed. “Yeah, but don’t you want to go pick Suvoc up from Bones’ apartment first?”

My Vulcan arched a brow. “I thought since we have someone to watch him we could take advantage and have a hot shower first.”

I stared at him, my groin instantly tightening with arousal. “Oh, my God. I love that mind of yours.”

Spock sort of smirked. “I thought you might.”


I turned on the real hot water in the hotel shower and stuck my hand in the spray to make sure the temperature would be perfect for Spock. I had already removed my clothes and now stood in the large bathroom wearing only a big fluffy robe.

Spock walked into the bathroom with nothing on and I couldn’t keep from gaping at him. I doubt I’d ever get used to having such a beautiful man belong to me.

Amusement thrummed through the bond and he offered his fingers which I met. They tingled where skin touched skin.

“Why are you all wrapped up in my robe?” Spock asked.

“It smells like you,” I said with a smile. “Plus I wanted to present you with a tempting package.”

“I am always tempted by you,” Spock told me. His eyes became somehow darker and more intense as he stared at me with lust clear in his gaze. His hands gripped the lapels of the robe and he lowered it from my shoulders. “You have the lubricant?”

I licked my lips. “Already in the shower.”

“Where you should be.”

The robe was dropped from my body to the floor. Spock’s gaze raked over me with aching slowness, stopping briefly at my erection. Then he said in a deceptively calm voice, “Turn around.”

I obeyed instantly and I felt the desire spike through the bond. Felt Spock’s intent stare at my backside. His hands moved there, his fingers digging into the cheeks. And then he was pushing me into the shower, under the hot spray, his arms wrapping tight around my waist as we both stood there, letting the water wash over us. It was a rare thing, even on Earth to have water showers.

Spock leaned in and sunk his teeth into the cord of my neck and I couldn’t hold back a moan. If he hadn’t been holding me up, my knees would have buckled. Then he slammed me forward against the tile. I splayed my hands out to brace myself as I heard the snap of the lube bottle opening.

Only a slicked thumb ran down the crease between my cheeks and the slowly the tip of his thumb entered me, probing. I closed my eyes and panted.

“Spock, oh God, yes. Please.”

I felt the push of his index finger inside me, slowly sawing into me. I opened my mouth against the wet tile, pushing back against his questing finger. The bond thrummed deep and I felt him wrapping around me inside my head, finding my pleasure points.

“Spock, Spock, oh fuck, that’s not—not fair.”

“You wish me to stop, T’hy’la?”

“Don’t you dare.”

The fingers withdrew and I whimpered, but he hushed me and pushed his cock inside me with one hard and deep thrust. I scrambled for purchase against the slippery tile as he slammed into my body just as he slammed into my mind, stroking my pleasure points with his mind, his manipulations until I was quivering and shaking and screaming with my need.

Spock growled low as he took me and it just increased my own lust, my own want. My cock was leaking pre-cum and was so hard and so aroused I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came even without touching it.

Love…desire…comfort…need…forever flowed back and forth between us through the bond.

And then I was coming as Spock continued to drill my ass hard and deep and thoroughly. Cum splattered over the shower tile, water sprayed down on us from the shower head, and Spock growled, “Mine” out loud and in my mind until we were both hoarse from shouting through the ecstasy.

As soon as he withdrew from me I crumbled to my knees and Spock joined me on the floor of the shower, wrapping his arms around my waist to hold me close.

“I love you,” I whispered, my eyes closed.

“I cherish thee, my Jim.”