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Pio's Sneeze Attack

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[Pio has gotten a sneeze bomb.]

Pio: A sneeze bomb. Just what I've always wanted.

[The sneeze bomb sniffles, then Top Hat's voice is heard.]

Top Hat: Never fear! Top Hat is here!

[Top Hat is standing on top of a hill. He tries to jump down, but tumbles to the ground and we hear a crash as he screams. Holly, Moby, Diva and Nameless arrive just as Top Hat gets up and lifts up his stomach, revealing a belt with switches and buttons on it. He presses a button, causing a sneeze-bomb-catcher, which is actually a bell, to come out and trap Pio under itself.]

Pio: Hey! What are you trying to do?!

[The sneeze bomb explodes under the sneeze-bomb-catcher, which suddenly shakes. Due to the effects of the bomb, Pio begins to inhale to sneeze.]

Pio: Aaahhh... AAAAAAAHHHHHH...

[Holly, Moby, Diva and Nameless all realize what is about to happen and run away from the scene, while Top Hat, completely clueless, stays where he is. The sneeze-bomb-catcher suddenly gets smaller, and when Top Hat tries to inspect it...]


[The screen shakes as Pio releases a huge sneeze, which blows the sneeze-bomb-catcher away, revealing a crater - which Pio is inside of - where it was, and knocks Top Hat off-camera. Then the crater shakes as Pio sneezes three more times.]


[Holly, Moby, Diva, Nameless and Top Hat cautiously return to the scene to investigate the crater, but right when they get close enough...]


[Pio sneezes again, causing everyone to cringe.]

Moby: Now that is a sneeze attack if I ever heard one.

[Holly decides to help Pio out of the crater.]

Holly: I'll help you, Pio.

[Pio nearly gets pulled out, but sneezes again.]


[Top Hat plugs his ears to keep from hearing the sneeze.]

Diva: Bless you.

[Then Pio rubs his nose on his forefinger and looks at Top Hat in irritation.]

Top Hat: [trying to be innocent] I guess my sneeze-bomb-catcher went a... little off-course.

Pio: [sneezes again] AH-CHOO! [rubs his nose] A little off-course?! Are you a... [sneezes again] AH-CHOO! [rubs his nose] ...schmo or what?