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Too Much? Nope.

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"What in the fresh hell is this?!"

Gaston's incredulous voice rang out loudly through the small apartment he shared with his boyfriend. Lefou frowned, coming around the corner to find Gaston's head in the fridge.


"This... spiruleanna stuff?"

"Spirulina," Lefou grinned, taking the drink out, "It's really good for you."

"It looks like a frog vomited its guts in a bottle," Gaston remarked, and Lefou scrunched his nose up, setting the bottle down slowly. He began to patter his fingers along the counter, then over to Gaston, up his arm, reaching around to loop his arms around his boyfriend's waist.

"Y'know... I was thinking-" he began flirtatiously, and Gaston smirked down at him, hugging him closer with one hand in hopes this was going where he thought it was. "...You don't eat enough health food."

"Oh, no," Gaston shook his head, pushing him away gently, "You are not sucking me into your ludicrous health food craze!"

"You could use the nutrients, babe!"

"Look at my body, Lefou- look at it."

"Yeah, I see it..."

"Does this look like I need to eat healthier?" Gaston lifted his tshirt, exposing his flawless form.

"Look, I'm just-" Lefou stuttered, suddenly captivated at the sight.

"Because I have six reasons why I shouldn't, one, two-" Gaston began counting his abs, and Lefou rolled his eyes, pulling his jacked boyfriend's top back down.

"Okay yes, but you don't need to look good to feel good, case in point." He gestured to himself.

Gaston frowned, perplexed. "First of all, you look wonderful. Second, I do feel good. I get laid every night, what could possibly feel better than that?"

"There's a difference between your stomach and your dick."

"You don't think I know that?" Gaston snapped, "I took chemistry in college!" Lefou stared blankly at the taller man before Gaston looked down dejectedly, shifting. "...Before I dropped out."

"Anyway, I just want you to give it a try." Lefou offered the bottle out with a little prepared plate of sunflower seeds and cranberries. "Come on, you're so closed minded sometimes."

"Humans weren't supposed to eat like birds," Gaston complained, taking the plate and making a face at it, "We're conquerors, we were built to eat meat!"

"Right, maybe back when we had to hunt for food in the sixteenth century. Now, we have a funny little thing called the Whole Foods that just opened up four blocks from our apartment, now take a spoonful."

Gaston continued to make the face until he had begun chewing, and his expression started to change.

"My god... Lefou... darling, I... I... oh!"

"It's good, right?" the shorter man asked excitedly, watching expectantly as Gaston swallowed. Gaston continued to beam at him for a second, then dropped his grin, dumping the plate in the sink.

"No. Get the skillet out, I'm making us steak tonight."

Lefou pursed his lips, shaking his head. His boyfriend was an asshole, but he would get him to see the light one day... one day, when he replaces Gaston's sacred bottom shelf of every slab of meat you could imagine with an organic veggie crisper.