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Iron Scales

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Chapter 1 - Prologue

An orange glowing Sun was slowly setting over the oceans horizon casting a glorious glow upon a white Sandy beach. The oceans sparkled like hundreds of fireflies and the water was so clear an observer could see the Sandy ocean floor and coral reefs that littered the bottom. The beach was deserted apart from a single, small figure perched upon the water's edge who watched the scene in fascination.

The person was small at a glance but if any passers-by observed they could see it was not an adult but a very young child. It was unusual for one so young and so small to be unaccompanied by the water's edge however no other humans were in sight. The child's large, glowing, emerald eyes watched the ocean from the sandy shore with complete fascination. The child had jet black, shaggy hair that was ruffled by the ocean breeze. On a usual today the child also had White, pale, flawless skin that seemed to glow in both the Sun and Moon light. However after remaining on the beach in the glowing hot sun to several hours his skin had become red, sore and had begun blistering. The child wore extremely baggy, worn out clothes which were much too large for his small frame. The youth also wore no shoes therefore their feet were burning upon the molten hot sands which had been heated throughout the boiling Caribbean day.

The trip had begun like several others before. The child's 'loving' family had planned their holiday vacation with the intention to leave the child at home with a neighbour, for they would not risk the safety of their house if the youngster was left alone. A normal person would not leave a seven-year-old on their own or with somebody else during the summer holiday or at all but the Dursley's, or specifically the head of the family Vernon, passionately hated the outcast family member and would find any excuse not to spend any length of time with the youth.

This year was different for the Dursley's for Vernon had gained a promotion at work and therefore his boss had agreed to pay for the holiday if Vernon agreed to meet with a foreign drill company. However unfortunately for the Dursley's the drill company, Grunnings, had known about the youngest member of the family and had provided an air plane ticket and room for the child.

Much to Vernon's displeasure the Dursley's were forced to take the youth along to the Caribbean islands for six weeks. The family has arrived only the day before and after one night Vernon had had enough of the child. He dragged the youth through the trees and several miles out as far as possible down the beach towards the water. After a long session on the shoreline where the overweight, beefy, obtuse man hit and struck the child, making sure the marks and bruises would be hidden by the child's clothes, he left with the words of warning.

"You better stay here boy. I'll be back for you in the morning. If you move even an inch you will be in a world of hurt. And if you even think of telling anybody I will kill you. You got that boy?"

This is why several hours later a young boy at the age of seven, but looks the age of a four-year-old, was crouched in an uncomfortable position at the water's edge with blistering skin waiting for his uncle to appear the next morning. As the sun made its final descent upon the horizon the young boys saw what looked like a green flash but with his poor eyesight he disregarded it as a trick of the light. Rocking on his heels slightly the young child quickly glanced up and down the beach to check there was nobody nearby. After several moments he was satisfied that there was nobody else around he slowly lowered himself into a sitting position and stretched out his legs in front of him. Looking up into the sky the small boy could see a blanket of stars covering the sky as far as the eye could see and a large full moon making its way into the sky behind him. Smiling softly to himself at the site of the star filled sky the young boy began humming a familiar tune he had once heard his aunt singing to his cousin.

Several hours passed the young child had unwillingly fallen into a restless sleep and had changed his position so he was curled in a ball upon the white sand. Unbeknownst to him the tide had begun to come in and was now surrounding the boy who was luckily enough to be sitting upon a large sand dune, or mini island, preventing him from drowning. However due to the boys exhaustion he carried on sleeping despite the danger he was in from the rising tide.

Unfortunately the boy had gathered an audience not from the now distant shoreline but from the sea. Several sets of eyes watched the shoreline from the glistening waves in search of prey. Once they established no other humans were around the creatures begun approaching the beach. Upon reaching a safe distance away they watched the youth in fascination for they had never seen a child this close before. Several moments past and half of the creatures left after realising this would be useless prey for there was barely any meat upon the child. However several stayed to watch.

The moon had finally risen into the centre of the sky and the young boy began to stir opening his emerald green eyes he realised the tides come in and he was stranded from the shore. Looking around in horror and realising the danger he curled his arms round his knees and began to quietly sob. The creatures' interest in the boy only heightened at his actions. One of the oldest and most knowledgeable of the group began to venture closer to the trembling child till she was mostly out the water. The young boy slowly raised his head when he heard the splash of water coming from in front of him. He gasped in shock at the sight of the creature in front of him but did not move from his curled up position. The creature watching the child gave an eerie smile and beckoned the child come closer with the single went hand. The boy debated with himself wherever approaching the creature was a good idea or not but his childlike innocence and curiosity punished any thoughts of danger or doubt from his head and he rose on shaky legs and began walking through the water towards the magnificent creature.

As he walked out the child had taken to look down at the floor to make sure he stood on no rocks rather than watching the mythical creature in front of him. Unbeknownst to him creature had also been moving further out to sea making the child walk further and further from the safety of the shoreline.

Once the boy had walked as far as his shoulders he looked up to find the beautiful creature directly in front of him with fangs bared. Gasping and taking a step back the child tried to flee back to the beach only to be grabbed with webbed hands from behind and dragged at great speeds further out to sea. The child resisted and struggled to get away but several more hands had grasped the baggy worn out clothing and assisted in abducting the child. In several moments the boy was pulled so far out to sea he could no longer see the shoreline. The child closed his emerald eyes and prayed that somebody would come and save him but no such luck came.

All of a sudden the hands began purling downwards and he was dragged to the warm depths of the Caribbean ocean floor. Upon hitting the seabed his emerald eyes flew open to see five or six mythical creatures leaning over him with teeth razor sharp and claws protruding from their fingers. The creatures' long hair floated eerily behind them and their long, powerful, colourful tails were coiled in a striking motion in case he attempted to escape. At the sight of the dangerous mythical creatures the boy mistakenly let out a gasp of air.

His pale slim arms grasped at his throat as he had run out of air and he felt several rows of teeth begin to descend through his burning skin. The boy watched in fascination as the water surrounding him began to turn a dark, red colour and his emerald eyes began seeing red and black spots. He slowly closed his eyes as the pain in his chest became unbearable and he prayed for a miracle or a least a quick death.