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Takes One to Know One

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His mother always warned him all that reading wouldn't do him any good. Next time - not that there'll be a next time - he'll know better than to turn around when he hears familiar words and finish off the quote.

He wouldn't make things worse either by gushing, "Didn't know you were a poetry lover, boss. The Raven's great, huh? Poe's a favourite of mine, " and reciting the next verse.

And he'd look away so as not to see that brief flash of understanding - nerd recognising nerd - in Spike's eyes, swiftly followed by sheer, pure terror at being found out, a sock to the jaw and a growled, "Dunno what you're talkin' about. Get back to work, you idiot."

But as the Judge reaches him, he thinks, so much for discretion. He should have said it while he had the chance.

Takes one to know one.