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Marvel Reader Insert Extravaganza !

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Logan runs as fast as he can. As far as he can remember, he never ran that fast.
His heart beats loudly in his chest, and he's sure it's going to burst out of his body withing minutes.
His legs ache, he has been running for quite a while now...
But he doesn't care. He's got to save her. He HAS to save her, no matter what.
He curses at himself for slowing down, exhausted, but he doesn't stop.
He wishes he could be faster, hoping that he won't arrive too late.
He knew this would happen one day, he knew it.
And yet he stayed with you, putting your life in danger, too much of a coward to leave the one he considered the love of his life.
And now, he was probably going to loose you...
He accelerated once more, running as fast as he could.


Today marked the 7th anniversary of you teaching at Xavier's school for gifted youngsters, and fun coincidence, also your twenty sixth birthday, and your friends prepared a rather big party for you. It was suppose to be a surprise, but Kitty let it out by mistake over breakfast a few days ago.
She was casually talking with her boyfriend, Piotr, when she asked what he was going to wear for Y/N's party...not realizing you were just next to her sipping on a nice warm cup of coffee. When she did realized however, she apologized profusely, and made you and Piotr swear you wouldn't say anything to Logan.
You had smiled gently to her, and swore.
You liked the kid, you weren't going to throw Logan's wrath on her. Apparently, him and your best friends Ororo and Kurt were preparing this party since a long time, and would be extremely disappointed if you knew before the d-day...Logan threatened every one that knew about it to shut the Hell up, promising a lot of pain if anyone let it slip out. And Logan was a serious man when he threatened people. There was no doubt that he would make whoever betrayed the secret regret of having done so...
So you didn't say anything. And you watched with a bit of amusement in your eyes as your friends kept preparing everything. To be honest, you had your doubt, as your boyfriend Logan was acting a bit strange, nervous around you. You thought it was very cute how it was because he was afraid to get caught. But you didn't say anything, because it really was cute.
Logan wasn't the kind of man to show a lot of affection publicly. More often than not, when it was just the two of you, his hands caressed softly your bare skin, or he would wrap his arms around you, kissing you tenderly. People would be surprised to know that The Wolverine actually loved cuddling, especially after a good sex session, and every sex session between the two of you was good...but when there was others around, he would be distant, occasionally glancing or winking at you, stealing kisses when no one was watching, and then returning to his cold behavior as soon as others' eyes were on you. To him, his intimate interactions with you, even if it was just holding hands, were suppose to stay behind closed doors. The only time he showed he was deeply in love with you was when another man was flirting with you, then, he'd get all grumpy and clingy.
You didn't mind at all, you weren't really much into PDA yourself...but it did surprised you a lot when you realized that he was actually planning a birthday party for you. It meant he had to say out loud that he cared enough for you to throw you a surprise party. It meant he had to ask help from others, which he wasn't doing often. In your eyes, it meant he really did love you. Hell, he even asked Scott bloody Summers to help, and it was well known he couldn't stand him.
So for a few days, you acted like you didn't see your friends getting flustered when you surprised them with a bunch of party balloons, or making cakes in one of the mansion's kitchen. You acted like you didn't notice Logan glaring at kids asking about the birthday decorations stuffed in various closet around the place. You even acted like you didn't see him hurriedly hiding a wrapped box behind him. You had such a hard time not laughing at some very obvious things, but you cared too much about all of your friends to ruin their surprise.
On the anniversary day, you stayed a bit in your classroom to grade some paper to leave time for your friends fully prepare. And when you walked in the main hall, fully decorated with colorful balloon and a gigantic banners saying : "Happy birthday Y/N", you acted completely surprised. You thought you actually deserved an oscar for your performance, very convincing in your opinion.
You hugged everyone, and when you came to Logan, he truly surprised you by pulling you into a passionate kiss. In front of everyone. There was a moment of silence, they were all so shocked at this display of affection...But they quickly got over it, howling like wolves, clapping and laughing. Logan grumbled, but he couldn't hide the wide smile on his face.

-Look what you did to me Y/N, I've become a cheesy fucker...

He said, pecking your lips quickly before taking you to the cake table to blow off your candles. You smiled at him, thinking this moment was probably one of your happiest ever.

-I quite like your cheesy fucker side old man.

You said with a wink. He groaned a bit and gestured for you to blow on your goddamned candles. You did, your wish as cheesy and sappy as Logan, wishing you'd always have your friends around you. And you'd spent your life with a certain Wolverine. Everyone clapped, the music started and as you forced Logan on the dance floor you whispered in his ear, a mischievous grin on your face.

-Candles won't be the last thing I blow tonight.

You pressed a little further into his body, and it took everything in him not to moan loudly. Satisfied with his response, you rubbed your thigh on his crotch quickly, an innocent look on your face. He looked at you with hungry eyes, and a promise that you won't get off that easily after what you just pulled. His hand went to the small of your back and, burying his head into your neck, he just let the music direct his feet, and swinged around with you.
The party was perfect. Students were allowed to stay for a while before curfew and all going to their bed...But the teachers, your friends, stayed and drunk and danced too much. You, being the Queen of the party, received all the attention...Usually, you would have hated it, being quite reserved and such, but tonight, you were too drunk to care. Lots of pictures that would never be seen by anyone else but you guys were taken. The only ones that weren't drunk were Professor Xavier, who didn't really enjoy alcohol and was always worried what he would do with his powers if he actually got drunk, and Logan, whose healing factor simply didn't allowed to be drunk for very long.
When the party ended late at night, you were beyond tipsy. Logan gave you a piggy back ride back to your shared room because you couldn't stand straight. He kicked your door opened, and threw you on the bed. As he started to remove your clothes so that you'd sleep comfortably, definitely forgetting any prospect of sex given the fact that you were too drunk, you stopped him, a look of concerned in your eyes.

-I'm sorry dude, but...even though you're extremely hot, I have a boyfriend.

He chuckled lightly, and ignored you, taking off your shirt. You stood up quickly, almost loosing balance.

-Not but for real, I've got the perfect man. I'm not going to cheat on...Oh hey Logan, how long have you been here ?

Laughing frankly this time, he stood up and pressed a kiss on your forehead.

-I'm going to remove your clothes, and I'm going to...
-Fuck me raw ?
-...No. Very tempting, but no, I don't really fancy you throwing up on me while we're doing it, and given the fact that you look paler by the minute...

You pouted.

-But Lo', I want you. It's my birthday. You should...
-It's not your birthday anymore, past midnight.
-But don't you want to...
-There's a lot of things I wanna do to you. But when you're conscious enough to remember it.
-I do remember I promised a blowjob...
-Yeah well, next time. Now let me help you get to bed and shut up.

You were suddenly feeling very tired, and you let him removed the rest of your clothes and put you in bed. He forced you to take two aspirins and to drink a big glass of water, knowing it would help soothed your next morning hangover. And then he slid in the bed as well, letting you snuggle against him, a smile on his lips.
His surprised was perfect...
He woke up early in the morning, not feeling your presence next to him.
He was a suspicious man by nature, and got worried instantly.

-Y/N ? Babe ? Are you in the bathroom ?

No answer. He sat up in the bed, and that's when he saw a note that chilled his blood.

"Tic toc tic toc
Hurry up to the forrest next to the mansion,
Tic toc tic toc
Let's be honest, she's probably dead by now...
Yours truly,

Victor C."



The smell of his arch enemy was filling the forest, and he cursed himself for not smelling it before. He was pretty sure Sabertooth had been around for a while, as he always plan things when he wants to take his grudge out on Logan.
It didn't took him long to find him, out of breath, he stopped in front of Victor Creed.
You were sitting on the floor, your beautiful H/L H/C wrapped violently in Sabertooth's left hand. Gagged. Tied up. Completely naked. Your eyes were full of fear, and the mere sight of your poor sight made his gut wrenched in distress, fear, anger, and despair.

-You know, it IS kinda gettin' old to kill your lovers. Maybe you should just like...stop having one ?

Logan didn't answer. He knew he shouldn't have let you get close. The first time he saw you, he instantly fell in love with you, and he tried so hard pushing you away...but you were the most stubborn woman he ever met.

-Let her go Creed.
-I think not. I think...I'm going to...

Logan's heart stopped. Sabertooth was running a claw slowly on your throat.

-But before, I want you to know that it's definitely all your fault. You know people around you die, and yet, you keep letting people in your life. You're the monster...well, maybe I'm a bit too, but it's because you don't wanna learn your damn lesson. You. Can't. Be. Happy. You asshole.

Logan's jaw clenched. The worst thing was he knew he was right. If he couldn't save you, your blood was going to be on his hand. His brain worked at a thousand miles per hour, trying to figure out a way to save you. He couldn't loose you. He never loved one like you. He thought he would never get over Jean, and yet, you entered his life and made all his past romance seems like little teenage infatuations...He loved you so much it hurt. He couldn't loose you.

-I also want you to know that I'm not going to kill just one person tonight.

Logan flinched. What the Hell was he talking about?

-I'm not going to let you kill her Creed, or anyone else.

A deep chuckle escaped Victor's mouth.

-I don't think you're in a position to act tough Wolvy. And your idiocy will always amaze me.

Sabertooth crouched next to you. You could feel his breath on your neck. His right hand stayed in your hair, while the one that was at your neck slowly went down on your stomach.

-I take it you don't know.

Logan froze. It wasn't possible, was it. Seeing your eyes, he knew you didn't know either. It was true that you didn't had your period for over a month, but you didn't had any bump...Did you ? He cannot remember your belly feeling bigger than before last time he touched you, last time he laid with you...

-Pathetic. Your look. Confused, scared. She's with child, and since it's your girl, I expect it's yours.

Silence. Logan's claws slowly unsheathed.

-Oh, you're not letting me finish my villain's speech then...Well, alright.

Faster than Logan could react, one of Sabertooth's nail went to your throat and...


The scream the Wolverine let out was inhuman. He couldn't loose you...he couldn't...
He woke up in your shared bed, soaked in his own sweat, with you groaning next to him.

-Could you have a nightmare another day ? Like, when I don't have a hell of a hangover ? Man I'm going to throw up...sorry...

It takes him a few seconds to realize that it was all a dream. That you were there, next to him. Real. Alive.
He dragged you to himself and hugged you tight, making you gag a little.

-Ok, but I'm going to throw up on you babe...

You wriggle out of his grasp and run to the bathroom. He follows you, drawing soothing pattern on your back while you throw your guts up in the toilet.
He can't help the smile creeping on his face. You're alright. You're here. You mis-interpret his grin and with a pout, you go back to bed.

-You know, everyone do not have a stupid healing factor. Some of us gotta deal with their bad decisions, and go threw terrible hungovers.

He smiles softly at you, and with a huff you turn away from him, trying to go back to sleep and ignoring the siring migraine you suffer from.
As he stare at your back, he hand slowly crawl over your stomach...just to make sure.
You might be hungover, but you still got your wits. You whip around to him and with a small laugh you say :

-Are you checking if I'm pregnant ?

He doesn't answer and looks again. are ? For real ?

You burst out laughing.

-You know I can't right ? You might spill in me every time, I take the pills, so you know...dead seeds.

He can't stop the smile on his face at your bold way of phrasing things.

-Also, if I knew I was pregnant, I would never have drunk that much. Besides, I know...I know what you went threw with your own kids...I...I don't really think you want...babies.

You carefully say, knowing the subject to be one of discord. Logan kept everything bad to himself, sometimes, he would truly tells you how he feels, and it would always fill your heart with sadness, knowing how much he suffered. He told you the story of how one of his son, Daken, tricked him into killing his other (known) children...but soon after he said that, he decided that the subject was taboo, and never spoke of it again. You had wanted to bring the subject of having kids before, but never dared because of that.

-...Do you want babies ?

He asked rather seriously. You blushed a bit. You thought about it a lot. You loved Logan. He loved you. You had been together for years. You wanted to spent your life with him...and yes, you wanted kids of your own one day...
You stayed silent.

-Well, do you ?

He insisted. Turning away from him once again, you whispered :

-If I say yes, are you gonna bolt ? Run away like you love to do ? He doesn't answer, but his eyes burns her with their intensity. -Yes. Not now. One day. I do...really much.

If he didn't had enhanced hearing, he would never have heard you because you spoke so lowly.
An awkward silence ensued. The conversation miraculously healed you from your hungover, and now, you wished nothing but for it to come back again, so that you had something else to focus on. He finally broke the heavy silence installed between you two.

-I do too. Or rather, I want your babies. I mean, I want babies...with you.

You turned back to him, stunned.

-I...I love you Y/N. So much it hurt. So much I can't even imagine a life without you. So much I'm declaring my love to you right now, in the most cheesy way ever. I love you. With all my heart, with all my being. And I want to built a life with you. I want to raise a child with you. Built a house for you. A normal life. As normal as it can get with us...I want to...I want you. Always.

He laid his hand on your stomach again.

-Not now. But one day. I never thought I could dare to even dream about a child I could raise. About...someone like you. And I'm scared shitless that something would happen to you one day. Or to our kid. But I can't walk away, because it would kill me. I need you. And I might be a coward for...
-Shush you big stupid ass...You won't loose me. You know I can defend myself. I'd like to see fucking Sabertooth try to get me, I'll fry him. I will. And...I love you too much to let you go. And if you do go for that, I swear I'll find you and make you suffer, James Howlett. Because no one ever told me what you just said, and fuck, it makes me feel to good to let it go.

He pulled you to his chest, squeezing you tightly against it.

-Even if I should, I couldn't leave you. Like I said, it'd kill me. And oh my god I sound cheesy as fuck.
-Haha, well, like I said...I like your cheesy side.

You reach over to kiss him, but he stopped you.

-You gotta brush your teeth before kissing me missy, it smells awfully like vomit.

You hit lightly his chest and laughed. You did as he told though, because you really wanted to kiss him...and because you did promise a blowjob and rough sex. And you always kept your promises.



You gently caressed your belly bump, as Logan was resting his head in your laps. You never been so happy in your life. It was only the beginning...