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To Catch A Killer By The Heart

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Full moon shines between pine trees, illuminating Yoongi’s way. Done with his ten second break to massage his strained arm muscles, he clutches the body bag tightly with his gloved hands, readjusts his backpack and pulls it deeper into the woods.

The man seemed completely harmless when Yoongi approached him just some hours ago. He didn’t know why he was hired for the job but money is money and who is Yoongi to refuse it? Yoongi wonders what the man could have done to get himself assassinated. He smiles at the thought. His job always made him experience complete euphoria, pleasure seeping from his brain to his whole body. Why does it matter what the man do? The climax of his job is seeing pure fear and pulling the trigger, anyways. Curiosity killed the cat, so Yoongi is going to be wiser and choose not to.

He lets go of the body bag, content of his spot in the woods, a kilometer deep between naked trees. Yoongi can only be satisfied with the dry weather. Rain always makes the kill more dramatic but splashing in mud while trying to bury the body is never fun.

Yoongi looks at the body bag, the hole in the ground and a shovel, dug into the pile of soil next to the soon-to-be-grave, “Wow, thanks a lot, leaving me here to do this on my own.”

He keeps grumbling quietly to himself, while unzipping the body bag and pushing the body into the hole. His partner should have been here, waiting for him and later burying the body. Now he’s left to deal with this mess himself. Yoongi takes off the backpack from his shoulders and unzips it, searching for a box of matches.

A light laughter rings through the woods, making Yoongi clutch the gun instead of the matches, “I dig a hole for you and you can’t even be nice enough to bury the body yourself.”

Yoongi’s partner, Hoseok, steps forward, crushing leaves under his every step. He raises his hands up in the air and mockingly says, “Please, Yoon, have mercy on me.”

A smile on his face is bright even in the darkness of the night. Yoongi scowls at Hoseok and takes the matches into his hands. Hoseok takes a kerosene tank and pours it all over the corpse, being careful not to splash any outside of the pit. When he was digging the hole an hour ago, Hoseok made sure that the scene safe for him and Yoongi. A fire in the middle of a forest wouldn’t do any good. Yoongi takes out two respirators and hands one over to Hoseok.

“Thanks,” Hoseok pulls the respirator over his face. Yoongi ignites a match and throws it into the pit, watching the corpse light up in a second, fire reaching up into the sky with tall flames that shorten after a few seconds.

They stand there still for ten minutes, watching flames burn the clothes, melt some of the skin. Every time they do this, a short second of fear goes through Hoseok’s body. Not because he’s afraid of getting caught, but because his imagination tends to run wild sometimes. An image of the corpse suddenly rising, screeching from pain, rises in his head. He imagines that pain could not only kill a person but maybe even bring them back from the dead. He laughs at his own thought, catching Yoongi’s eye.

“Having fun?” Yoongi asks, bending down to take his backpack into his hands.

“Not quite,” he only smiles under his mask. “Do you want to watch the body burn to the bones or is this enough? I think any kind of evidence is gone by now.”

Yoongi laughs at him, “Do you think I leave evidence that easily? What kind of rookie do you think I am?”

Yoongi started the job 7 years ago. Back then he was only a teenager who got kicked out from the poor into the poorer. His first kill was quite accidental – he was hungry and the man had a wallet. The police don’t investigate murders of the poor anyways. But it was the second kill that got him hooked, made him feel like a stronger essence was ruling his body. Since that day he’s been following that feeling, trying to taste the ecstasy once again, to reach a new high.

“No, Yoongi, of course I don’t think like that,” Hoseok’s voice drops an octave, getting ridiculously sweet. He reaches for Yoongi’s neck, gloved fingers tracing circles into the skin. “You’re the greatest one, baby. You could never do anything unprofessional and reckless.”

Words of praise, muffled under the mask, keep leaving Hoseok’s mouth until Yoongi shoves his hand away from his neck and goes to get the shovel. They both know how much praise gets under Yoongi’s skin. Hoseok uses Yoongi’s sociopathic tendencies to his will, manipulating the manipulator, and getting away with it every time.

Yoongi starts to push the soil into the burning pit until the flames burn out and the only light surrounding them is the moon shine. He starts struggling after some time, power abandoning his body.

“Give it to me,” Hoseok reaches out his hand to Yoongi that passes the shovel to him. He laughs at Yoongi, “You know, you can just ask me for my help sometimes instead of pretending you’re tough and invincible.”

“Shut up, I’m just tired,” he sits down on the cold ground.

“I know, I know, babe,” Hoseok finishes dumping the ground into the pit, “I’m just teasing. Get some leaves or something.”

In a few minutes the ground is covered in branches and leaves, looking just like any other corner of the forest. They pack their stuff and head back, covering the tracks of the body bag from before.

“Where did you leave your car?” Hoseok asks, taking off his mask. The smell of a burnt corpse can’t reach them anymore.

Yoongi takes his mask off, too. He points to a bunch of trees and bushes, “Behind those.” They find the car and Yoongi opens the trunk, “I need a bath.”

Hoseok sighs as he dumps the kerosene tank and the shovel into the car, “You’re not the one that’s been digging a grave for an hour. Fuck, I’m so sweaty.”

“Do you want your share right now?” Yoongi closes the trunk and goes over to the driver’s seat, opening the door. He takes out a bag of money and counts stacks, “Here, that’s yours.”

Hoseok stuffs the money into his backpack, “Will you give me a ride?”

“How the hell did you even get here?” Yoongi asks, shoving the bag into the backseat.

“Taehyung,” Hoseok laughs. They work all over the country, riding from one place to another every day. Trusting for somebody to help out is very unlikely but Taehyung is always a safe choice since they have dirt on each other, always ready to use it.

Hoseok takes his gloves and hat off, shoves them into his backpack and drops it next to Yoongi’s money bag, “So, are you going to give me a ride or will I have to earn it?”

He steps into Yoongi’s space, inches from his face, and takes off the elder’s hat, throwing it into the driver’s seat. One hand brushes Yoongi’s cheek as the other finds his navel, pushing Yoongi’s jacket slightly so he could lift his shirt and caress the smooth skin. The night air and Hoseok’s cold fingers send a shiver through Yoongi’s spine.

“I’ll drive you,” Yoongi takes off his gloves and throws them inside of the car. He leans into Hoseok’s touch and puts his hands over Hoseok’s, “I won’t mind if you put some extra work into this, though.”

Hoseok inches forward and catches Yoongi’s bottom lip with his own two. Yoongi tilts his head and presses his whole body close to Hoseok like he can’t get close enough. He can only feel Hoseok part his lips, tongue escaping, pushing through Yoongi’s lips. Yoongi steps forward, pushing Hoseok with him and grabs the air on his side, trying to find the car door. He slams the car door shut and presses his back to it, letting Hoseok pushing him into it even harder.

“What kind of work do you want me to do?” Hoseok asks quietly, their foreheads pressed together. A smirk shows up on his face and Yoongi wants to wipe it off, “Do you want to fuck my face?”

“Oh, fuck,” Yoongi groans as Hoseok palms him through his jeans and kneels down in front of Yoongi.

Hands undo Yoongi’s jeans as he raises Hoseok’s face up, thumb pushing into his mouth. Hoseok licks softly at Yoongi’s thumb, looking up through his bangs that are soon swept to the side with Yoongi’s other hand.

Yoongi feels his cock throb under Hoseok’s hands, his breath quickening. The only ecstasy that can make Yoongi pay attention besides the rush of the kill is Hoseok’s mouth on him, his hands on his body, his cock buried deep inside Hoseok’s ass or Hoseok’s cock inside of his tight heat.

Yoongi shivers as Hoseok pushes his jeans and boxers down, cold air hitting him. Hoseok meets his gaze and smirks before spitting into his hand and wrapping it around Yoongi’s cock, stroking it to full hardness. Yoongi bites down onto his lip, his grip in Hoseok’s hair getting tighter.

Hoseok spits onto Yoongi’s cock and spreads it with his hand, twisting it around the pink tip. He looks up once again as he opens his mouth wide and takes Yoongi’s cock into his mouth as far as he can, his gaze never leaving Yoongi’s eyes. Yoongi can only groan at the sight of Hoseok sucking his dick, feeling the wet warmth around his length.

Hooking up after a job was never a common thing for Yoongi, mainly because he never had many partners, preferring to work alone. Sex wasn’t necessary either. Most of the time, he would only fuck prostitutes – because of their own profession the chances of him getting caught were always kept to the minimum. But Hoseok somehow always makes his way back to Yoongi’s bed, car or wherever they are at the time.

Now, Yoongi doesn’t even want to resist Hoseok, more and more of his cock buried inside of Hoseok’s throat with each bob of his head. Hoseok pulls off to get some air but without much of a break Yoongi opens his mouth with a thumb, pressing down onto his teeth, and thrusts his cock down Hoseok’s throat, making him gag. Hoseok pushes back, coughing, eyes tearing up. He slaps onto Yoongi’s thigh lightly, “Jackass.”

Yoongi only snickers under his breath, “You’re the one that wanted your face fucked.”

“Oh, shut up,” Hoseok wraps his lips around Yoongi’s tip, sucking lightly. He bobs his head shallowly, pressing Yoongi’s hips into the car so that he could get better used to taking him in deeper. He pulls off again, to lick at the underside of Yoongi’s cock, making Yoongi grab Hoseok’s hair and lead his mouth onto himself.

Hoseok doesn’t resist and lets Yoongi push his head a little deeper down his length than before. He relaxes his throat and starts bobbing his head faster, trying to squeeze his lips around Yoongi as hard as he can. His jaw starts hurting a little from Yoongi not letting him catch a good break but he tries to forget about it and only sinks Yoongi’s cock deeper into his throat. Yoongi groans as Hoseok takes his length fully into his throat. Hoseok lets go of Yoongi’s thighs, eyes trying to look up, a tear slipping down his face. Yoongi takes it as a sign and takes Hoseok by the hair, slipping his cock out of his mouth and thrusting it back halfway.

A loud moan escapes past Yoongi’s lips into the darkness of the night. He thrusts into Hoseok’s mouth faster as the other tries to control his gag reflex. Hoseok grabs onto Yoongi’s thighs, trying not to move, as Yoongi curses loudly.

Spit dribbles down Hoseok’s chin as his nose reaches Yoongi’s pubic hair. Yoongi’s thrusts become erratic, moans louder. He doesn’t warn Hoseok before coming and fucks his mouth through his orgasm, making Hoseok choke on his cum. He pulls out and strokes himself fast, the last of his cum spilling onto Hoseok’s face. After his orgasm, Yoongi’s body softens and he leans onto the car.

Hoseok stands up with wobbly knees, erection bulging in his jeans. Yoongi opens his eyes to look at Hoseok, the mess he made out of him - face painted in cum, eyes red and lips swollen. Hoseok opens his mouth to show Yoongi the small amount of Yoongi’s cum that he saved just to tease him, not swallowing after choking. He comes centimeters close to Yoongi’s face and licks at his lips, some of the cum sliding down Yoongi’s lips and chin. Yoongi bites on his lip to taste himself and kisses Hoseok. He sucks onto Hoseok’s tongue, taking his cum to his mouth, swallowing it. After breaking the kiss he licks some of his cum off of Hoseok’s cheek and presses another kiss onto his lips.

Hoseok smiles against Yoongi’s lips, “Drive me home.”

Yoongi pushes Hoseok away, snapping out of his daze. He pushes his jeans up and smirks at Hoseok, “Alright. But I’m not returning the favor if you’re thinking about it.”

“Wasn’t thinking about it,” he laughs and goes to the other side of the car, opening the door, “I’ll take care of myself while you drive.” He raises a finger onto his cheek, cleaning off the last of cum from his face, and winks at Yoongi.

Yoongi can only rolls his eyes but a quiet laugh still slips from his lips as he moves to sit to the driver’s seat.


They meet again after five months. Body with a gunshot wound is lying in the trunk, shovels and kerosene are ready. This time Yoongi picks up Hoseok 5 miles outside the city. In front of them a long road awaits. Yoongi always picks different places to hide the bodies, different styles to get rid of the bodies, leaving them dead at the spot most of the times. It’s been long enough that he can call in Hoseok for the job, repeating the style of a burial.

When Yoongi is asked to make the people disappear, he knows exactly what to do. No body, no case and he definitely won’t get caught. Or at least that’s what he likes to think. It’s rare for people to ask him to get rid of the body but he accepts willingly every time. It’s a nasty and hard procedure but the money covers all of his struggles for having to deal with the body. The kill also has to be unnoticeable, no evidence, no blood, no scratches that look out of the place or broken glasses. It takes way more preparation and strength to pull it off.

Hoseok plays with his hands, bored out of his mind. They’ve been driving for about thirty minutes. Long way is ahead of them. He tears off dead skin around his nails, “Do you ever think about quitting?”

Yoongi changes the gears, car going faster as they reach the highway. He wouldn’t be careless and risk getting caught even at 2 A.M. “No, I don’t.”

Sometimes Yoongi wonders what his life could’ve been but the thoughts are quickly swept under the rug. What if he had a chance to get an education? What if he was born as a different person? Yoongi often wishes he was living somebody else’s life.

When he researches his next hits, Yoongi frequently despises the ones that don’t appreciate their life, how much they have, how easily they can stroll through the day without any struggles. He feels disgusted with people that only know greed. 

“Why do you think people kill?” Hoseok asks as he cleans the dirt under his fingernails.

“Are you asking me why I kill?” Yoongi’s answer to himself is always the same – circumstances.

“Not everything is about you, Yoongi. No matter how much you would like for it to be,” Hoseok sighs. “No, I mean people in general. Why do people hire a hitman to kill somebody? Or what switch flips off inside of them so that they do it themselves? Like, that’s fucked.”

Yoongi laughs, “Honey, I think you chose the wrong career,” he takes his coffee from the cup holder and takes a sip. “Money and love, most of the time. The ones that do it driven by love seem way more dedicated,” he laughs again and puts the coffee down, his hand going back to the steering wheel. “It’s kind of pathetic, really. “

“Selfish,” Hoseok makes his own conclusion and nods to himself as Yoongi hums in agreement. “So, you belong to the side that does it for the money?”

“Of course not, I do it for love,” Yoongi flashes Hoseok with a smirk. After a tiny pause he answers seriously, “I’m neither.”

Yoongi hates money, hates how it takes over people’s minds. The job pays well but he sees it as an instrument. If you play it well, a lot of things can be done. People give away their morals and their souls for money. Money might even be the reason why he’s not locked up in jail or dead. If Yoongi spends money, he spends it because of his job. If he has to spend money in order for the job to flow well, he will give away everything. The money will find his way back to him.

“Oh, yes, you’re neither. You’re special,” Hoseok rolls his eyes, visibly having none of Yoongi’s shit tonight.

Even if Hoseok’s words offend Yoongi, he doesn’t show it. He keeps his eyes on the road and takes another sip of his coffee, not even trying to swallow his pride along with it, “I guess you could say I’m a messenger.”

Hoseok can only laugh, “Not much of a message, if you can’t reply.”

“Then I just make statements,” his smile stretches out.

A mocking tone slips past Hoseok’s lips, “Do you care so much for other people that you make statements for them?” Yoongi’s jaw tenses a little but Hoseok continues. “It’s like having a ghostwriter. You claim a kill and say it’s yours. It doesn’t really belong to you, doesn’t make you special, either.”

“What are you trying to say?” Yoongi feels anger bubbling up in his chest. This is his and no one can tell him otherwise. He’s the one that pulls the trigger, the one that chokes them out, the one that slips in poison or pushes their heads under the water.

“If you did it for the rush, you would do it for yourself. So, that means, you do it for the money and, possibly, the puzzle of it all. Of course, the adrenaline and everything else is a bonus. But would you risk your own life just to take it away from a stranger?” Hoseok rolls the window a few inches down and pulls out a cigarette and a lighter from his pocket. “I bet you could do cocaine and jigsaw puzzles all day and get off from it just as well as killing. You should become an engineer that’s addicted to drugs.” He laughs and lights the cigarette between his lips.

“Get off from making blueprints? No, thank you,” Yoongi rolls down the window on his side, quickly grabs the cigarette from in-between Hoseok’s hands and throws it outside, rolling the window back up. “Not in here.”

“Oh, come on,” Hoseok frowns and rolls the window on his side up, “But if you’re worried about losing your shape without the job, you could just apply for a gym membership or something.” He snickers at his words.

“Why are you trying so hard to deny everything I do or say?”

“Because you seem to live a lie,” Hoseok says in an overly dramatic tone.

“Are you trying to humor me?” Yoongi regrets agreeing to pick Hoseok up. From now on, he’s never getting involved in the process of getting rid of the body. He would only get involved if Hoseok was doing the job anyways. He’s not sure if he doesn’t trust Hoseok to do the job well, or if Hoseok is Yoongi’s only company, the closest to what he would call a friend.

“How did you even start off?” Hoseok doesn’t know anything about Yoongi’s past, present or future. He’s only familiar with the job. But he’s starting to get an image that this job is the only thing Yoongi has.

“None of your business,” Yoongi’s grip on the steering when gets tighter.

“Why, what’s wrong? Did daddy beat you and mommy died?” Hoseok looks at Yoongi with a fake frown. His hand comes up to his face to trail invisible tear streaks. Sarcasm laces with his voice, “Little boy ran away and killing became his outlet of pain? What a story. You should write a book.”

“Shut up, for fuck’s sake. I was hungry and that’s it,” Yoongi growls, trying to keep composed and cool but Hoseok was toying around with his boundaries and he doesn’t know how much he can take it.

“You could’ve gotten a job at McDonald’s. I bet you’d be just as good at flipping burgers and being rude to customers just as you are at killing,” Hoseok’s eyes light up, he looks like this is the most fun he’s had during the whole trip and Yoongi hates him for enjoying it, “If you were hungry, you could just slip a fry into your mouth when nobody’s looking.”

“McDonald’s employees don’t make a change in the world,” is the best Yoongi can think of. It’s unusual for him to lose his cool.

“Aw, little Yoongi wanted to change the world,” Hoseok coos and Yoongi flicks his gaze over to Hoseok. He seems like a child that got a treat. Hoseok’s wicked laughter rings through Yoongi’s ears, making his muscles tighten up, fury clouding his judgment.

Yoongi regrets that one time his name accidentally slipped out of his mouth. Normally, everyone uses aliases, keeping their real identities hidden. After that, Hoseok has been clinging onto the name. He would tease Yoongi by saying he will know what name to scream out when he’s being drilled into the mattress. Not that Yoongi minds that kind of scenario but right now Hoseok is abusing it.

“How are you still alive?” Yoongi hisses through his teeth, trying not to raise his voice. He knows that Hoseok’s point is to provoke him, make him mad. He’s not going to give in. Yoongi grasps the stick shift tightly as he changes the gear, car going faster, passing a couple of others.

“Hm, I wonder too,” Hoseok laughs. “I guess you have a soft spot for me, Yoongi.”

He drawls out Yoongi’s name with a sweet smile on his face. Hoseok might be doing this job only for the money but Yoongi can see that some part of him likes it. He knows Hoseok gets his own dose of adrenaline pumping through his veins. Not everyone can stand in front of a violated corpse, not everyone would be willing to defile it even more. Now, on his side, sits the Hoseok that knows all the tricks for burying a body, that can help butcher up a corpse if Yoongi needs it to be done quickly. He might have a bigger heart than Yoongi but Yoongi never enjoyed mind games as much as Hoseok does.

“I don’t have a soft spot for you. I only need you to deal with the mess,” Yoongi doesn’t have a soft spot for anymore. He wouldn’t be able to do his job well if he did.

“Ah, yes, how silly of me. My cold-hearted Yoongi is never soft,” Hoseok puts his hand on Yoongi’s clothed bicep, fingers digging into it, as he tries his best to keep the laughter away. “Forgot how hard I make you since you’re always begging for my cock.”

“I don’t beg for anything,” Yoongi shakes off Hoseok’s hand from his arm. “You really need to shut the hell up or I’m dropping your ass in the middle of a highway.”

“Oh, my baby wouldn’t do that, would he?” Hoseok takes Yoongi’s coffee cup and takes a sip of it, eyes not leaving Yoongi’s face who’s trying to keep focused on the road.

“I’m gonna drop your ass and you will have to fuck some 50 year old creep for a ride,” he grits through his teeth. Maybe he wouldn’t actually do it because he still needs to take care of the body but the idea is so tempting that Yoongi just might actually do it.

Hoseok laughs loudly at Yoongi’s remark, leaning back into his seat, “I think I made a great deal the last time we had a job together and I needed a ride. Two times younger and you only wanted a blowjob. That’s like getting 50% off for your favourite toy. You’re so easy, baby boy.”

Yoongi’s anger gets too much for him to handle and his mind goes blank for a second as he instinctively grabs his gun, lying on the dashboard, and points it at Hoseok. He sees a second of terror flash through Hoseok’s face, clearly not expecting for Yoongi to break. The terror vanishes from his face when he realizes the effect his words have on Yoongi and the weapon doesn’t seem half as terrifying as it would normally be.

They ride like that for a few minutes, Yoongi’s eyes focused on the road as he holds one hand on the steering wheel as the other has a death grip on the gun. Hoseok just sits there quietly, a proud smirk on his face, even when a silencer, attached to the gun, is pressed into his forehead. He lets Yoongi cool off a little, waits for his breathing to calm down. He doesn’t get to have the upper hand often between them. Hoseok soaks in Yoongi’s rage. He finds it amusing how he got onto Yoongi’s skin with so little effort and over such simple things. Usually, Yoongi would brush it off and forget about it. Maybe this time it was the tiny space of the car or being unable to walk away that let Hoseok to put Yoongi under his thumb. He wonders if he should take it further. He can’t be sure he won’t die but Hoseok has always liked stretching the boundaries past the point of breaking.

Hoseok takes Yoongi’s hand, pulling the gun away from his forehead. Yoongi’s arm muscles tighten as Hoseok pulls it down a little, until it’s pointing at his mouth. Yoongi turns his head slightly so he could watch the road and be aware of Hoseok’s movements.

Yoongi feels his heart drop as Hoseok’s lips part and his tongue swirls around the edge of the silencer, licking at the cold metal. Hoseok opens his mouth and slowly wraps his lips around the gun, watching Yoongi’s face closely, trying to predict Yoongi’s reaction. Yoongi tries to keep still, frozen in his seat, not wanting to crash the car.

Hoseok notices the lack of resistance from Yoongi. He can feel his heart beating like it’s about to break the ribcage. The adrenaline is pumping through his veins and he feels his stomach tingling, anticipating. Blood rushes into his cock and the arousal is clouding his judgment. He slowly slides the gun a little bit deeper into his mouth, the cold metal against his warm mouth.

“Hoseok,” Yoongi’s voice trembles a little. “What are you doing?”

As Hoseok slips his mouth off the gun, his hand finds Yoongi’s thigh. Yoongi lowers down the gun and bites his lip, “Playing.”

“Do you have a death wish?” Yoongi releases the gun for a moment to change the gears. A second is enough for Hoseok’s quick hands to reach the gun. Yoongi knows Hoseok isn’t going to do anything with it. Well, maybe accidentally shoot himself, but that doesn’t bother Yoongi that much. He only huffs out a laugh when Hoseok starts feeling brave and points the gun at Yoongi, “Are you sure you would dare to do that?”

“Of course, why not?” Hoseok smiles. He holds the gun carefully, knowing that the least amount of pressure might set it off. Hoseok’s knowledge about weapons is quite broad because of his main job at the gun store but his skills at handling them aren’t that good.

“Because I’m driving?” Yoongi quirks an eyebrow and shakes his head in annoyance. “You really have a death wish.”

Hoseok frowns, lowering the gun down. He sits like that for a moment, pouting, looking at Yoongi’s face. Yoongi reaches out his hand for Hoseok to give him the gun and Hoseok doesn’t even try to fight.

“Good boy,” Yoongi puts the gun on the dashboard. “You really get too cocky sometimes. Don’t do that if you flinch at my every move, I know you still find me scary,” he sneers at Hoseok.

“Why would I be? Ah, you’re so full of yourself,” Hoseok can only laugh at Yoongi’s words. He leans back into his seat, “You don’t seem scary when you’re writhing under my body, begging to be filled with cum.”

Yoongi can’t stop himself from laughing, Hoseok reacting the same way. He knows there’s a tiny bit of truth in those words but he will never admit it to Hoseok, “You’re so annoying.”

“You love it,” Hoseok bites his lip, leaning his head on the window, and watches the dark scenery around him.

Yoongi hums and takes another sip of his coffee. They have about twenty minutes of driving ahead of them. At least he’s glad that Hoseok got tired of his own games. Yoongi relaxes into his seat and looks at the half moon peeking through the clouds.

“Do you have any music? You’re always so quiet,” Hoseok yawns and cracks his knuckles. Yoongi hums in disagreement and Hoseok sighs. “So, what do you in your free time?”

The ridiculous question makes Yoongi laugh, “Are you trying to get to know me?”

Hoseok shrugs and takes a sip of Yoongi’s coffee, “Just wondering.”

“I don’t have free time,” Yoongi takes the cup out of Hoseok’s hands, mumbling in annoyance.

“That probably means a lot of people are dead. You should start doing yoga or something, wouldn’t be so tense all the time.”

“No, thanks,” Yoongi huffs out a laugh. All of his effort and time is put into the job or improving his skills. He’d rather spend a month in one room, planning and analyzing the assassinations than do yoga. Every new job is exciting and never gets boring. Even if he had the chance, he probably wouldn’t quit. Yoongi knows he can quit any time but he can never go back to where he was before. He would still have to hide and watch his every step.

Yoongi spots a narrow road, on the side of the highway, leading deeper into the woods. He’s never been here for any of his previous jobs. Because of the uphill road he always thought it would be too much of a struggle to bring the corpse up but since there’s two of them, it shouldn’t be hard.

The car turns to the right, bouncing on the bumpy road, surrounded by pine trees. They drive deeper into the forest, headlights leading their way. They stop as they reach a small field. People used to come here during the summer for camping but now all that’s left is a field with tall grass covering its every bit. It has been abandoned for years. Yoongi stops the car closer to the trees, where tall grass doesn’t cover the ground.

They sit in the car, looking at the trees surrounding them, neither of them wanting to start the messy work that is going to take up a few hours. The dead body can wait for a few minutes.

“Hey,” Hoseok turns to Yoongi, boredom engraved into his face. Yoongi meets his eyes, “You wanna fuck?”

Yoongi snorts, “If we do that, I don’t think I’ll be able to go and bury the body afterwards.”

“Oh, come on,” he opens the door and jumps out the car. Yoongi follows his lead and lazily gets out the car. Hoseok sits on the hood of the car and Yoongi walks over to him to stand between Hoseok’s legs, hands squeezing at his thighs.

Yoongi slaps Hoseok’s thigh as a motion to get off from his car but as Hoseok doesn’t move he sighs, “Just suck my dick if you want something. I don’t have enough strength to fuck you and then bury a body afterwards. I think the old man is waiting to be burned.”

“Oh, babe, I’m not asking for you to fuck me,” Hoseok hops down from the car and goes over to the backdoor of the car. Before opening the door he looks at Yoongi with a teasing smirk, “I’ll be fucking you.”

Yoongi groans, “Isn’t it a little too cold to be fucking outside in April?”

Hoseok takes out a packet of lube from his backpack, shuts the car door and goes over to Yoongi, “Stop whining. We can fuck in the car if you want to,” he presses a kiss onto Yoongi’s lips. “But I know how much you hate to have cum stains in your car.”

“You’ll regret this when a bug bites your ass,” Yoongi laughs against Hoseok’s neck, trailing sloppy kisses. He pushes himself onto the car, wrapping the legs around Hoseok, hands leaning onto the hood.

“I love it when you talk dirty like that,” Hoseok smiles against Yoongi’s lips, taking off both of their jackets. “Turn around.”

Hoseok steps back so Yoongi could slide off the car and turn around. He presses his back onto Hoseok’s front, ass rubbing against his clothed cock. Hoseok’s hands wrap around Yoongi’s hips and undo Yoongi’s belt and zipper, pushing his jeans and boxers down.

“Shit, it’s cold,” Yoongi shivers as Hoseok sucks on his ear lobe, taking Yoongi into his right hand and stroking slowly.

Yoongi’s chest meets the cold surface of the car after Hoseok shoves him forward. He can hear Hoseok unbuckling his jeans behind him and anticipation makes his cock throb. He sighs, feeling relieved, when he feels Hoseok’s hands on his ass, kneading his ass cheeks.

Before opening the lube packet, Hoseok slaps Yoongi’s ass, “Spread your ass.”

“Ugh, so demanding,” Yoongi’s hands grab his ass and spreads his ass cheeks. He knows that no one is going to see them in a silent forest but he secretly wishes that someone would be watching him. Yoongi often imagines people watching him get fucked hard, maybe more than one person at a time. But he knows he could never do that. Not that he wouldn’t dare to do so but security always comes first.

“Hurry up, my shoulders are cramping up,” Hoseok laughs at Yoongi’s words and takes him by the hair with his clean hand, pulling Yoongi up from the car, “Alright, princess, don’t wanna hurt you. You still have a grave to dig,” he slaps Yoongi’s ass and turns him around.

“But I can’t spread my legs,” Yoongi points at his jeans, puddled around his feet.

“Well, take them off,” a smirk shows up on his face and when Yoongi doesn’t move, he squats down and huffs, “Seriously, such a princess. Raise your legs.”

Yoongi leans onto his car, cold metal stinging against his bare ass, and Hoseok removes his shoes and jeans, leaving Yoongi with socks and a shirt only. Before standing back up, his face comes next to Yoongi’s cock and Hoseok leaves a wet trail with his tongue on the underside of it. Yoongi shudders and spreads his legs for Hoseok to fit himself between them. Hoseok tilts his head and catches Yoongi’s lips for a chaste kiss.

“Lay down,” he pushes onto Yoongi’s chest. “And push your legs up.”

Yoongi listens and lays down onto the car, taking the back of his knees into his hands, and pushes them as close to his chest as he can. That way he’s fully spread out for Hoseok to see. Even if they’re the only living spirits in the forest, it still makes Yoongi feel a little embarrassed.

Hoseok smirks, looking at Yoongi’s shy eyes directed onto his half hard cock. He loves how Yoongi gets embarrassed and forgets all about his cold façade. Hoseok opens up the lube packet and squeezes out some of it to slick up two fingers. He unzips his jeans with his left hand, pushing them down a little, trying to relieve some of the pressure of his cock pressing against the hard material.

Yoongi feels two cold fingers rub against his asshole, spreading lube around it, and he rests his head back, looking up to the sky. He feels a finger slip into him easily. Yoongi takes his cock into his hand and presses a thumb into the tip, stinging pleasure spreading over his body.

“A second one?” Hoseok asks and Yoongi nods, feeling a second finger stretch him out slowly. Yoongi twists his hand around his hardening cock and whimpers as the second finger is pushed deep inside. Hoseok slides the fingers out and presses them back in faster as the muscle relaxes more and more with every other thrust of the fingers. He takes his cock out of the boxers and strokes himself slowly as his fingers spread inside of Yoongi, stretching him as much as he can.

Yoongi rests his legs on the car, hips rolling down onto Hoseok’s fingers, “Fuck, one more, Hoseok.”

Hoseok leans down and bites on Yoongi’s bottom lip. His breathing is shallow as he sucks onto Yoongi’s lip while his left hand works around his cock. Hoseok pushes a third finger into Yoongi roughly, making Yoongi gasp, pain changing his expression, “It’s okay, babe, relax.”

A tongue slides into Yoongi’s mouth and Hoseok swallows his every little whimper as he’s being fingered fast. Soon Yoongi starts meeting Hoseok’s hand with his hips, his whole body moving up and down against the car with his head lolled back. Yoongi has always liked a little bit of pain – he comes the hardest when pain mixes with pleasure.

“Fuck me, Hoseok, please,” Yoongi’s heart rate is spiking up even more as he opens his eyes to see Hoseok drinking in his every move. His gaze makes Yoongi feel so small, see-through, and a little uncomfortable for being watched so closely.

Hoseok stands up straight and takes the lube packet, squeezing everything into his hand. He spreads the lube against his cock and Yoongi’s hole as he looks at Yoongi with a smirk, “Sorry, didn’t think about a condom.”

This isn’t the first time they fuck without a condom but neither of them can really trust each other. As Hoseok positions himself against Yoongi’s entrance, Yoongi doesn’t care about the safety - he just wants to be taken apart by Hoseok’s cock.

Yoongi takes his legs into his hands and presses them close to his chest as Hoseok pushes his cock inside of him. The fullness and the stretch feel overwhelming when Hoseok’s hips reach Yoongi’s. Hoseok holds still for a few moments, letting Yoongi to relax and get used to the feeling, before sliding out halfway and pushing back in. Hoseok grunts at the feeling, grabbing Yoongi’s hips tighter.

Short whimpers leave Yoongi’s mouth with every slow and deep thrust. His cock lays heavy on his belly, leaking precum. Hoseok wraps his hand around Yoongi’s cock and strokes it in time with his thrusts. His back arches from the hood of the car, “Faster.”

“No need to be to so demanding,” Hoseok slaps Yoongi’s thigh and pulls his cock out to stroke himself a few times lightly before going back in just so he wouldn’t come too quick. Yoongi always made him hot too fast.

As the pleasure starts building up, Yoongi takes one of the hands off from his thigh and wraps it around the head of his cock, squeezing it slightly. The chilly April night weather doesn’t seem cold at all when his bangs start sticking to his forehead with sweat.

Hoseok moans and leans his hands onto the hood of the car as his hips start to stutter from the pleasure and he has to slow down to control himself.

“Come if you want to,” Yoongi says with a rough voice, his hand on his cock stroking faster. “But if you leave me hanging, I’ll kill you.”

Hoseok brushes his hair back, a little bit sweaty, and leans in to hover over Yoongi with a smirk, “You could never.”

“I will if you don’t hurry and there’s going to be two bodies buried toni–oh, shit,” Yoongi cuts himself off when a moan escapes his lips. “Alright, okay, keep doing that.”

The other laughs lowly while his breaths become shorter and shorter. Hoseok’s hips smack on Yoongi’s ass erratically and his legs start shaking. Hoseok closes his eyes and, as his muscles tighten, he slips out of Yoongi and strokes himself through his orgasm, cum dripping onto Yoongi’s hole. Yoongi drinks in the sight of Hoseok and groans as the pleasure reaches a tipping point in his body.

But Yoongi’s hand is quickly swatted away before he can come and it is replaced with a wet warmth. When he looks down he sees Hoseok sucking on the tip of his cock and the sight itself is enough to drive him crazy. Yoongi’s back arches and he comes with a load groan, spilling into Hoseok’s mouth.

Hoseok swallows everything he can and pulls off from Yoongi’s cock. Yoongi just lies on the hood of the car, looking at the cloudy night sky as he comes down from his high.

“Care to clean up?” Hoseok traces his fingers on Yoongi’s ass near where his cum has started to dry.

Yoongi sighs as he keeps looking up, “There are tissues in my jacket.”

“Brighten up, baby boy, we have a job to do,” Hoseok laughs from Yoongi’s instant low energy mood that he gets sometimes after sex and gets a tissue out of Yoongi’s jacket that was laying on the grass.

“Just clean the mess you made and let’s start digging that grave,” Yoongi’s lifts himself up on his elbows.

“Yes, princess,” Hoseok rolls his eyes and cleans Yoongi. He balls up the dirty tissue and punts it into his pocket. Can’t leave any traces behind. Hoseok hands Yoongi his jeans. “But are you sure you will be able to do it with that sore ass?”

Yoongi huffs in annoyance, “Well, you’re here for a reason, aren’t you?”

“The only reason I’m here is that you love to get fucked by me,” a smile spreads on Hoseok’s face and Yoongi stands up, pulling his jeans up.

“You wish. Better get a shovel and start digging.”


Hoseok takes out a few coins from his jacket’s pocket and puts them into the payphone. Shaky fingers dial a number he’s had memorized for a year by now. The dial tone beeps for a short minute and when the call is finally picked up, Hoseok can hear nothing else but a complete silence.

He knows that Yoongi won’t start talking without knowing who’s calling him but he’s scared of dialing the wrong number by accident and calling out his name. Tiny mistakes sometimes lead to big nasty consequences. Hoseok listens to the silence for a few seconds before warily calling out, “…Princess?”

A sharp intake of breath is heard on the other side of the line and Hoseok is already starting to panic a little on the inside before a familiar voice yells at Hoseok, “Oh my God, you can go fuck yourself, I have no time for your shit you–“

Hoseok cuts Yoongi off with a loud laugh, “Babe, relax, it’s just me, your prince charming.” He can already hear Yoongi preparing for cussing him out but Hoseok stops him, his voice dipping into a serious tone, “Alright, calm down, I’m not calling just to mess with you.”

That immediately stops Yoongi because Hoseok never calls for anything serious, mostly to ask for sex, money or a small job, “Why aren’t you calling from the phone I gave you?”

“You know I don’t trust the government. Cellphones aren’t safe when NASA can spy on everything,” Hoseok tries to drag out some time before he actually has to admit his stupid mistake.

“Just keep using the phone that I gave you. Where in the world are you even at? Are there still payphones in this country?” Yoongi seems to be calmed down by Hoseok’s joking tone but Hoseok knows he’s about to get his ass kicked through the telephone speaker.

A female voice butts into the conversation, requesting more money to continue the call. Hoseok sighs and fishes more coins out of his jacket pocket as he tries to get to the point of his call, “Okay, I’ll call you again when I get home from your phone but right now I don’t think I can go home.”

There’s a short pause that is followed by a stone cold, “Why?”

“Before you start swearing at me, just hear everything out first, okay?” After a three second silence with no promise of Yoongi going off at him, Hoseok continues, “Okay. So my boss gave me a job today and it didn’t go very well.”

Hoseok doesn’t even know how to do this because he hates asking for help from Yoongi but in this situation he has no other choice, “Long story short because I don’t have enough coins: a guy made a fool out of me and now I don’t know what town I’m at so I’m going to name out every street name I can see and you’re going to Google that shit and come here to pick me up.”

“Are you serious right now,” Yoongi deadpans. Hoseok can hear him shuffle around a little, “Okay, name them.”

Hoseok sighs with relief and brushes his hair back from his face as he turns around and starts listing down the three street names he can see from the signs on the buildings and the name of some trashy restaurant just to make Yoongi’s search easier.

The lady stuck in the payphone starts asking for coins once again and Hoseok prays for Yoongi to find something before he gets cut off.

“You’re such an idiot,” Yoongi’s voice makes Hoseok want to shrivel up and die partially because he knows those words are the truth and partially because that might mean he’s in the middle of nowhere. “I’ll be there in an hour.”

Hoseok is not sure if the call ended because he didn’t put any more coins into the payphone or because Yoongi hung up on him. But a feeling of relief floods his body and his legs give out for a second. Hoseok squats down and hold his head in his hands.

After thanking the heavens a few times he stands up straight and goes to search for a bench to sit on for two hours. After a year of partnering up for different styles of burials, Yoongi and Hoseok have gotten quite close if a special work phone is anything to go by.

He would go get food if he could but all of his money was in his backpack that he had with himself and all he can do right now is dream about going home and ordering pizza.

At least he didn’t have anything important in his backpack, excluding the money and a pocket knife that was his favourite. He never brought much stuff when he was assigned the dealing jobs. No phones or ID’s.

Hoseok finds a bench to sit on and prepares for a boring wait.

“Why would you let him just take all your stuff and kick you out of his car? I mean, in the first place, why would you even agree to get into his car? You could’ve sold the gun outside,” Yoongi feels annoyed by the whole situation right now: Hoseok in the passenger seat of his car, eating his fries and drinking his cola. “Why didn’t you fight him?”

“Does it look like I’m the fighting type to you? I would have gotten my ass handed to me,” Hoseok turns to Yoongi and puts two fries near the other’s mouth. “That dude looked like Mike Tyson on steroids and I’m pretty sure that Mike Tyson is already on steroids. So you get what I’m saying.”

Yoongi takes the fries from Hoseok’s fingers and hums with agreement. They’re not far away from their destination, “How did your boss even let you go alone?”

“My guess is that he didn’t care as much about the product because it was a pretty regular cheap gun. Who knows what the Tyson guy is going to do with it though,” Hoseok slurps on the plastic cup straw. “Not that I care. But I’m still going to get killed when my boss finds out I didn’t get the money. Now that’s what I’m worried about.”

“His own fault for sending such a weakling like you,” his words earn him a slap on the shoulder from Hoseok and Yoongi smiles a little. “Do you think he’s going to fire you?”

“Who knows,” Hoseok shrugs and takes another slurp. “But he’s definitely not going to pay me for this month’s work. He takes every chance he can get to not pay us.”

Yoongi sighs and mentally goes through his own schedule. He’s not responsible for Hoseok but he can’t just let the other starve completely. As they enter the city streets, Yoongi suggests a few work options that Hoseok dismisses for being too late in the future because he needs money fast, “Or you could join me on Thursday?”

A tiny voice in Yoongi’s head is telling him not to do this but the voice is tiny for a reason and it easily gets shut down. The voice of logic and reason has been the most important one for the most of his life but since meeting Hoseok he has been in doubt about everything he has ever believed in.

“Join you?” Hoseok turns to Yoongi with raised eyebrows and a smirk on his face. “The lonely wolf wants company now?”

“I know you’re good with breaking into houses,” Yoongi turns his eyes from the road only to see disbelief in Hoseok’s eyes. Yoongi himself knows that he’s way better than Hoseok in any kind of criminal activity but he needs a logical excuse instead of just saying he’s “being nice”, “On Thursday I’ll be driving out of town for a job. It’s some old rich guy. The house is pretty big. Must have a lot of doors needing to be unlocked, you know.”

Hoseok seems to give into Yoongi’s babbling and scoops out the last few fries from the bag into his mouth while a shit eating grin doesn’t leave his face. Yoongi doesn’t know if he wants to punch if off his face or kiss it.

“You will need someone to carry the body into the woods anyways,” Hoseok crumbles all of the trash and stuffs it into the car door. “I’ll join.”

The car stops a block away from Hoseok’s apartment building and Yoongi sits still, not wanting to give away the secret of not needing to bury the body. “I’ll call you and give more info later. Now get out.”

Hoseok gets out of the car and before shutting the car door he bends down a little so that he could look Yoongi in the eye and winks at him, “I’ll be waiting for your booty call, babe.”


“I go in, you stay here. I’ll be back in about twenty minutes. If the time passes and I’m still not back, don’t even move a finger.” Yoongi takes a backpack from the backseat.

Thursday rolled in and Yoongi found himself in the middle of the night with Hoseok beside him and a job on the checklist.

“So I just sit here and wait?” Hoseok whines. “Can’t I just go with you? The old guy is probably deaf, I won’t make trouble.”

Yoongi can’t believe himself for actually considering Hoseok’s words for a minute but he has to do this alone, “As I said - you stay here, I do the job.”

They’re in Yoongi’s car, parked in an unnoticeable place. No one would notice it anyways. The old rich man Yoongi was hired to kill is spending his free time in a remote mansion with poor security and a young wife who wants his money.

“Won’t you need help to bring the body to the car?”

The hand reaching for the door handle stops as Yoongi remembers that he never told Hoseok about this job not needing a burial. He knows that Hoseok will make fun of him for letting him tag along and even paying for it. (You always want me near you, babe, don’t you?).

Yoongi turns to Hoseok and decides to stall in the worst way possible, “Put on gloves and a hat.”

Hoseok’s face shines after hearing he can join in on the job. He hops out of the car and Yoongi flinches at the sound of his precious car’s door being slammed. He steps outside and locks his car.

“Do you want me to pick the lock of the fence?” Hoseok inspects the lock.

“I have a key,” Yoongi shows Hoseok the key held between his gloved fingers. “His wife gave me all the needed keys and I made copies.”

Hoseok laughs, “She’s very considerate.”

Yoongi unlocks the fence, “Yeah, people do wonderful things when they really want money.”

They step into the yard and move towards the mansion. Hoseok lowers his voice into a sarcastic whisper, “Is she home? She could let us in.”

“If she was home, she as well could do this herself,” Yoongi checks his wrist watch and sees 3:27 AM. The wife said the old guy falls asleep around nine but often wakes up during the night so they have to be careful.

All of the windows are completely dark and when they reach the backdoor, Yoongi hopes it’s a sign that the man is sleeping like a log. Before Yoongi unlocks the door, he turns to Hoseok with a serious face and puts his finger over his lips - a silent promise to kill Hoseok if he makes even the slightest noise in the house.

He doesn’t know if Hoseok can see well in the dark but Yoongi has naturally good eyes whether its day or night. Yoongi steps into the mansion and passes the kitchen and the living room to get to the staircase. He can hear Hoseok following him a few steps behind. When they’re on the second floor, Yoongi goes through the information he has about the house in his head and looks for the 3rd door on the right.

The door seems to be slightly opened but Yoongi notices a quick flash of blue light seep through it in a second. He freezes in his shoes and Hoseok lightly bumps into him from behind. Before Hoseok can say anything, Yoongi turns around and presses a hand over Hoseok’s mouth. He makes sure that his eyes tell Hoseok all the information he needs to know a.k.a. “don’t make a sound or you won’t be the only dead person in this house tonight”. But this possibility is quite low because Yoongi notices a small CCTV camera and a red tiny light on it that he wasn’t notified about and Yoongi understands that tonight isn’t about killing.

Tonight will be all about running away because Yoongi notices Hoseok staring at something behind him with wide eyes and Yoongi spares only a tiny look for whatever Hoseok saw behind him and sprints right back to the first floor with Hoseok right behind him as the first wave of panic threatens to wash over him.

“What the hell is going on?” Hoseok angrily whispers as they run back down to the first floor. Yoongi doesn’t even care if their steps are too loud because it’s already too late.

Yoongi can only manage to say one word “cops” before somebody shouting on the second floor interrupts him. He sees quick flashes of light shining through the windows on his right and turns to sprint to the left side of the house where he knows there’s an exit, possibly guarded with more people wanting to arrest or even kill him.

Hoseok seems to have caught onto what Yoongi is doing and reaches for his backpack, trying to get his gun out. His shaking fingers reach for the gun as they get close to the exit and he almost screams in a whispered voice at Yoongi, “Is this an ambush? Are we gonna die? If not, I’m going to kill you myself, Yoongi, I swear.”

“Shut the hell up,” Yoongi hears men running down the stairs from the second floor and stands a few feet away from the door. “When we are out, shoot everyone and we will be fine. Got it?”

“Oh, yeah, sure, do you want me to do the macarena white I’m at it too?” Hoseok looks like he’s about to either lose his mind or kill somebody. And Yoongi definitely prefers the second option.

“On three,” is all the preparation Hoseok hears from Yoongi as Yoongi quickly counts to three and blasts the door open, running with his hands in front of himself, guns ready to be fired. Hoseok turns back to see about four men behind him running towards him with guns and starts firing at them before taking off and catching up to Yoongi. He doesn’t know if he hit any of the cops but he’s sure as hell Yoongi hit every single cop that’s currently lying on the lawn dead while they keep running towards their car hidden between the trees.

“You’ve got one hell of an aim,” Hoseok exclaims as Yoongi quickly exchanges his empty guns to Hoseok’s loaded one and shoots two other men.

They reach their car with not even a bruise on their body as police cars drive towards them. Yoongi gets into the driver’s seat and Hoseok gets in the passenger’s seat. He takes off and drives in the direction that will get him to the highway the fastest. The police sirens howl behind them as the Yoongi speeds the car through the dark road.

“Is any of this real?” Hoseok laughs in a maniac way and puts his hands over his face. “I’m with a serial killer in a car right now, running away from the police, after having about fifteen dead bodies left on that lawn. They’re gonna put me in prison for life. Maybe I’ll even get the death sentence! All for something I’ve never even done! Yoongi, where’s the gun, I’m gonna shoot myself.”

“Shut the fuck up!” Yoongi yells at Hoseok as he passes by a car on the road. “I’m not going to prison, meaning you aren’t going either, alright? These are just some local town cops and clearly they had no idea who they were dealing with. They couldn’t catch us even if they had the fastest cars in the world because probably the last time those cops tried to catch somebody was is in that cop school where they simulated everything. I know what I’m doing, just sit and let me drive, okay?”

They can hear some distant sounds of police cars behind them but they’ve already reached the highway and from now on all Yoongi can do is speed through all those cars on the road until they get to his closest safe place.

Yoongi glances at Hoseok just to see the man sitting with closed eyes and his mouth shut tight, “They don’t know who we are, okay?” Yoongi remembers that camera he saw on the ceiling of the house but decides it’s better for Hoseok not to know about it. Maybe it didn’t have night vision. That is possible. Right?

“How did you get us into this? Aren’t you supposed to be the best?” Hoseok manages in a low voice.

“The customer must have gotten the last minute feeling of shame or something and maybe she called the cops. I don’t know. I’ve done a couple of similar cases before. I thought this was going to be just a walk in the park…”

“A walk in the park full of dead bodies.”

“If they were going to arrest an assassin then I’m sure they came prepared with bulletproof vests,” Yoongi is sure he hit at least three cops in the head but again, Hoseok doesn’t need to know.

Hoseok opens his eyes and turns to Yoongi, “Where are you taking us?” The police sirens are long gone but Yoongi is still speeding over the limit.

“There’s a safe place not far away. We’re about twenty minutes away.”

Hoseok looks at him calmly for a few more seconds and goes back to his previous state. “Okay.”

Yoongi starts slowly decreasing the speed and sighs, “Alright then.”

The rest of the ride is nothing but silence and some weird feeling in the air as if somebody has died and nobody wants to talk about it, like an aftermath of an unpleasant event when you’re at a loss of what to do.

“Will you stay with me?” Yoongi asks when they’re close to the old remote house they will be staying at. If Hoseok wanted to run away from him, he wouldn’t really have a way to do it because the closest he could escape to would be a gas station some miles away from the house.

Hoseok sighs and reaches for his backpack that was smushed behind his passenger’s seat. “Do I really have any other choice?”

“Well, you could go off alone. I mean, I would probably stop you because you would get caught instantly without me guiding you but if that’s your wish, then so be it,” Yoongi sees the house and drives around it to park on the other side of it so nobody could see the car.

All Hoseok can manage is a small tired smile and a soft “probably” before stepping out of the car with his backpack in hand. Yoongi takes the keys out and steps outside, shutting the door behind him. He watches Hoseok’s dark silhouette disappear, probably going for the front door and takes out a cigarette, feeling the need to relax at least a little bit after the night’s events. He thinks over everything that has happened, what evidence they might have left back there and makes sure that there really isn’t anything they could trace them by.

That tiny camera is the only thing that bothers him. Yoongi is sure that it only caught his face because Hoseok didn’t face the device. Maybe only when they turned around to run back down the stairs it could have a gotten a quick image of Hoseok’s face but there’s a big doubt if a camera that small and probably shitty was able to actually do that.

He takes one last drag and puts out the cigarette. Yoongi goes to the front door of the small abandoned house and finds Hoseok leaning against the door and looking up to the sky absent mindedly. He reaches for the keys in his pocket and steps in front of Hoseok for the other to move so he could unlock the door. But Hoseok just stands there and focuses his gaze on Yoongi.

“You will have all the time to look at me in the morning, now let me unlock the door,” Yoongi pushes slightly at Hoseok but Hoseok doesn’t budge.

“Your ugly face looks better in the dark. I don’t want to see it in the morning,” Hoseok laughs and Yoongi knows he’s probably starting to loosen up a little.

“Well, you better get used to this ugly face because you’ll be seeing a lot of it in the next few days. Once you’re in this house, I won’t let you out to steal my car and ditch me.”

“Aw, like I would ever do that,” Hoseok smiles and puts his hand on Yoongi’s cheek. “I like you too much to even consider running away.”

Yoongi knows that Hoseok’s words don’t mean a thing but it still makes him feel a slight tingle inside his stomach so he leans in and steals a kiss, “Don’t get too soft on me.”

“You’re saying that like I’m the soft one in here.”








“I’m not soft.”

“Oh yeah, you’re so hard.”

“Shut up.”

“Rock solid.”

“Hoseok, stop.”

“I hope this house has a strong bed or it won’t be able to handle all that hardness of yours.”

“I swear to Go-“