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You had come into a real prize here, possibly the best bull you’ve ever come across.

His strength alone had won him dozens of trophies, but his impeccable form and intelligent nature had really put him to the height of fame in shows.
He was also a real sweetheart too, that helped.

You were tasked with looking after Jonathan for the month he was on the farm as he was taking a break from shows and touring, he really was the most amazingly docile thing. Bulls were usually very territorial and quick to anger, so you were surprised when he would bend down and rub his face against your shoulder, his horns clumsily bumping into you. Seeing his face relax as you gently scratched under his chin and behind his ears made you feel at ease.

“Hey, big guy.” Jonathan perked up from his hay bedding as you came into his stall, standing to his usual towering 6ft something stature. His hooves clipped along the floor towards you, bending down to your level waiting expectantly. You laughed but it was your own fault, as soon as you realised he was in your words “a big friendly loaf of bread” you had started petting him so much it was something he expected upon seeing you. It was a nice way of the both of you to say “good morning, I like you!” since he was a non-verbal species. You brushed out his bed head with your fingers, giving him a nice scratch behind the ears, Jonathans face was tired with sleep almost catching his nose ring with his finger as he rubbed at his eyes. “Aw, still tired fella?”

He gave a low snort and a smile as he stood back up, it was then you noticed his morning wood. You cleared your throat and looked away; it wasn’t like you hadn’t seen it before, in fact the very reason why he was on the farm was because he was here to impregnate a few other monsters the farm owned. It was just, very large. Most monsters had incredibly big and weird junk already but he took the cake. “Well, that skips that part.” Jonathan cocked his head curiously at you as you made your way into the stall. “Come on lay back down fella, I’ll sort that out”

Obediently he clipped over to his bedding as you picked up what you affectionately called “the bucket” ie a “Artificial vagina” that had a plastic pipe filled with warm water shoved into it, an almost industrial bottle of KY jelly, several rags and an actual sterile bucket. Because in your adventures of wrangling monsters you found that it was usually that size that you needed.

Jonathan was a bit shy when it came to mounting, fake cow or not. However his docile nature made it easy to give him some “encouragement”. Kneeling between his legs his height was overwhelming, his whole body was thick with muscle, his pecs gently moving as he breathed, his red cock resting against his abs. You gulped as you judged it at least as thick as your forearm and about that size too, a small amount of precum smeared against his skin.

Squirting a liberal amount of lube into your hand you rubbed them together, hoping that it wouldn’t be too cold for him. Jonathan perked up from his sleepy state as you started to rub down his body, you swallowed as you saw him quiver under your touch his abs squeezing as your fingers moved up his body. Circling your thumbs around his nipples you gave his pecs a squeeze you heard Jonathan moan as he wriggled into the straw bedding and you couldn’t help but smirk, he was cute when he was being milked. His hips thrust upwards as you gently teased the bull more, pinching his nipples his hands rested over your arms gently squeezing when you felt him up the right way.

Looking up you saw his face now flushed with arousal, his cheeks burning bright red as he breathed heavily, his pale blue eyes half lidded under his dark eyelashes, god he was gorgeous. 

You swallowed and looked down, it wasn’t like it was a taboo subject, people did that kind of thing all the time hell many people had a monster partner it was pretty normal. But that was in the privacy of their own homes and this was work, god knows you would die if one of your co-workers found you in the middle of bouncing on top of the prize Joestar bulls dick. You felt a tingle down your spine as your eyes drifted down to his cock; it was even harder than before from all of your teasing. With another liberal squirt of lube on your hands you worked up and down his shaft feeling his breath flow over your face as Jonathan snorted gently, moaning as he curled inward nearing your face.

The proximity was electrifying as you saw his eyes beg for more, his hands resting on your shoulders you felt like he might kiss you at any time. Jonathan curled even further as your thumb played with the flaring tip of his cock, "I can't believe something as big as you gets all shy about this." Jonathan snorted a reply as he nuzzled deeper into your neck the flat of his horns bumping into you. He still gave a whine as your hands drew away, shimmying the warm plastic tube out of the AV you smoothed over his shaft a couple more times holding his cock in place just below his head as you slowly tried to coax the AV on.

Jonathan's back arched against the wall, his eyes screwed shut as his mouth fell open into a wide O as the sleeve slipped on. It would usually cover most bulls but he was a little too big, the tip of his cock popping out the end of the latex sleeve as he filled it. "Nice and warm?" You asked, Jonathan gave a weak nod as you pumped him through the AV, your other hand wondered further down massaging his balls, he gave out a moan his as he started fisting the fabric of your top. You could see his muscles working as he panted, his well-toned stomach flexing as you twisted the sleeve around his cock.

It was a bit of a surprise as Jonathan's hands carded through your hair bringing your attention off his crotch as to his heavily blushing face, his eyes almost welling up in pleasure as his chest rose and fell. "What's up Jojo?" You rubbed along his forearm as he quietly moaned.

 You knew that he probably didn't know his own strength, especially like this, so when his grip on your head became that bit stronger you unexpectedly got dragged down. The flared tip of his cock pressed against your cheek leaving a smear of hot precum against it. Your hands stilled for a second looking up at his pale blue eyes, his other hand over his mouth as he groaned at the sensation of your skin against his. Jonathan faltered as you didn’t react right away his grip loosening from your hair.

“If he really wants me to, perhaps i...” You bit your lip squeezing the base of his cock. You shouldn’t do this at work, but...just a little couldn’t hurt. You pulled away just a couple of inches as you kept eye contact with Jonathan, you saw his expression fall for a second before his eye’s grew wide, hand pressing against his mouth as your own mouth was forced wide by the girth of his cock. You could barely fit the tip inside, your tongue lapped at the slit of his flat head, tasting the salt of his pre as you pumped the AV around his shaft.

Jonathan was trying his best to be still but occasionally he would buck up filling your mouth completely. His eyes were blown wide as his sounds became more and more desperate. Quickening your pace as much as you could his grip on your hair tightened feeling his cock pulse in your mouth it was flooded with cum. Your hands fumbled slightly for the nearby bucket, as another spurt made cum drip down your chin. As you pulled off the front of you was painted white with another streak, Jonathan looked slightly embarrassed but couldn’t help but moan as he came.
You were able to angle the bucket as he continued to cum, undoubtedly the sight of his cum dripping from your mouth and into it only spurring him along as you milked his cock. His hooves clattered against the floor as his back arched his hands fisting at his bedding.

“Good boy, good.” You soothed as his orgasm came to an end, his cock softened and as you coaxed the AV off him it slipped back into its sheath. You cleaned off your hands with a nearby rag, knowing that you’re going to have to change clothes after this. Jonathan reached out rubbing his cum off your mouth, looking at you apologetically, you smiled and laughed quietly. “Aw, it’s okay fella, no harm done”

Putting a cover on the full bucket you began to stand up, yelping as Jonathan wrapped his arms around your thighs. “Jojo?!” His still blushing face looked up at you as he buried himself into your crotch. You could feel his nose ring press against your groin and a rush of arousal washed over you, not realising how worked up you had gotten. “haah, don’t surprise me like that.” You gripped one of his horns, pushing him back but the vibrations of his whine went straight through you, he seemed very eager to return the favour as he licked over your clothed crotch. Looking up at you pleadingly you could feel his nose rubbing against your sex, you held back a moan, regretfully knowing that you’d have to get back on the job. “I can’t, Jonathan, I have to go get this frozen.” Jonathan snorted in reply as he pulled away pouting up at you.

Tousling his hair you he was still flushed from milking and it was early morning, you half expected him to go back to sleep. His ears still flicked as you petted him gently his eyes started to droop as he lay down on his bedding, giving you a small wave as you left with all of your equipment in hand.

Standing just outside the doorway you peeled away your cum soaked shirt from your skin, wondering how to get to the nearest sink to wash up without the chance of running into any of the other farmhands.