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Of the Seas

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The current was gentle that morning. A late argument had left the sea in a calm after the storm as if it’s occupants were simply sleeping. A quiet, but persistent song the lulled softly above the others. At least, for now it did. For now, as the counter melody rested in the deep, and Uinen could breathe for once. She could breath instead of frantically trying to vie for her counterpart's compassion, and control. The sea was theirs to protect, not destroy in a single evening.


But Uinen, he would argue as always, we are powerful beings! It is within our right.


Yes, and Ulluboz put us here to watch over the sea, not turn it into a chaotic whirlpool, she would shoot back.


They had had this conversation far too many times already. Actually, they argued on quite a few fronts, and the Firstborns weren't even awake yet. It gnawed horribly at her nerves. If they could barely be peaceful now, how on Arda were they going to last until the Second Music. Ulmo grant her patience as it may well seem like eternity at this pace. He thought his chaos fun, and harmless, and harmless it was not. More often then not the Maia found herself tired from trying to fight against him almost every moment. 


Melkor let him do as he liked, and Uinen wondered if he saw the consequences to those actions. The harm he cause to the creatures they were supposed to protect. For the moment, her kin worked beside her to combat the damage Terror caused, yet even she knew there was only so much to be done. Only so many creatures that could be saved from this, and her song seemed to become quiet at the thought. Darting off to check on the creatures and waters within her care, the Maia was sure to keep a watch for his strain of song much like the strong cadence of drums upon the air that would drown her out within moments. It was rare she could out do him. She was the calm to the storm, but rarely did peace last, and she hoped in this moment that he would leave it be. Perhaps it was a fool's hope. She surely didn't know.


“My Lady?” The voice broke her from her revere , and the Lady of the Waters turned to see Salmar. He was a kindred spirit. Strong like Osse, but they were hardly the same. Actually, their strengths were where the similarities stopped as far as she was concerned. Osse was reckless, chaotic, and childish. Salmar was not. In fact if ever there was an opposite to the Terror it was Salmar.


And Osse knew that.


“Yes, Salmar?” She asked quietly. Her emotions were easy to see, and unless Terror was about she didn't try to hide them. She was distracted. Her thoughts obviously else where then focused upon the Oarni before her. It was had to focus. Much to do before Terror felt like another hurricane, and Eru knew that he wouldn't wait long. He never did.


“Lord Aulë wishes to see you. He asked that you met him on shore.”


The Maia sighed, shaking her head. “Right...Salmar could you please watch over things. I'll be back at the first sign of trouble.”


The other Maia nodded, and Uinen darted off for shore. Why did Aule want her? It seemed peculiar that the forgemaster would have any interest in a Maia of Ulmo. Well there was only one way to find out was there? She would go and see, but the first sign of trouble, and there would be, she was gone. The Seas were her and Ossë's responsibility, and he was gone. It was her job to keep things running as they should, whether Ossë cared or not was not her problem. 


At least that was what she told herself.


She thought back to how loud his Music- his Song had always been loud, and nearly overpoweringly so. It was a powerful theme, and it was beautiful. She would be lying to say it was not, but it was almost hard to hear herself or Ulmo for that matter. Then Melkor...he'd started his discord somewhere in there, and some how the damnable Terror got louder. Several of her kindred had quieted at the sudden intrusion, and yet Eru had pulled his theme out of it all, before stopping. If the Maia had ears perhaps they would have been ringing. Now they only seemed to ring with the sounds of thunder, lightening, and wind. 


The Maia slipped careful from the water to the shore as she spotted Aule. She was smaller then he, and that was by no means a surprise. She was smaller then Osse after all, and certianly she would be dwarfed by a Vala. Even so it was odd to see him away from his forges or his Maiar. “My Lord? Salmar said you wished to speak to me?”


Looking up, the Forgemaster's bright eyes fell upon the Maia as he nodded his great head turned to face her.  "I did." He agreed. "But only because I do not wish for what happened with a dear Maia of mine to happen to Ossë.”


Uinen’s head tilted to the side curiously. He must be referring to Mairon, she thought quietly. She cared for Ossë despite all the times he irritated her. She admired how freely he acted, although sometimes she felt he needed a fraction of restraint. Even if only a little bit. “So what would you like me to do? Talking doesn’t work! He doesn’t listen! He argues!” He belittles her for voicing her concerns to the one that is supposed to be her counterpart! Admittedly though, she kept that thought to herself. For some reason his belittlement hurt more. As if he didn’t trust her, and all she wished was that he would slow down.


The Vala sighed, and leveled Uinen with a pointed look. “Have you tried showing him? Going to his level, and see through his eyes? Perhaps that would help him see what has happened, to see what he has caused. Not all beings are the same nor do they learn the same. Show him rather then talk to him”


“And what is to say that will work?” Uinen sighed, almost looking helpless as she glanced away from the Vala. “I fear Melkor may have more pull upon him then you think, my Lord. Ossë….he seems happy, being able to what he wishes. His fun is a mess I must repair, and I’m not sure if that will sway him, to see what he’s done.”


“You can do nothing, but try, Uinen. Do what I could not.”


The Maia nodded, knowing he had a point, in the end. She knew nothing except the possibility of it not working. She couldn’t truly know the heart of Ossë on the matter. Perhaps if he was shown it could work….


In a way, she wanted it to. He was reckless, headstrong, and often acted before he thought, but that didn’t make him bad. He was a free spirit like the sea could be, and perhaps he simply needed a proper push.