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Mission Impossible.......Mission Possible?

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Somewhere in the seaside mansion:

“What did you think of Cole, Nate? Emrys asked.

“He’s a nice boy, but like me his path is going to be very hard until he can at least accept his alter personality,” Nate replied softly. “When you consider how he was introduced to his other side I think it’s going to take a direct order from my other half or a deadly threat to one of his friends for him to take charge and stop hiding.”

Nate’s eyes narrowed dangerously, black creeping in and his voice doubled eerily as he growled, “He had better not get Stephanus hurt or worse killed trying to figure himself out. Otherwise he will find out exactly why others fear me.”

“You seem rather protective of Stephanus.” Emrys said quietly, “But he’s more than frightened of you, he’s absolutely petrified. I had to tell him to breathe, and honestly thought he was going to faint on the spot, when Cole told you not to be jealous.”

Nate smiled slightly, the black taking over his eyes completely and his voice settled into a deeper register as he replied, “I am protective, he is one of my loveliest creations and I will not see him suffer for the whims of others. I gave him the power to defend himself and I’m pleased with him, he has done well and come far.” He hesitated than continued, “But you are right he is nearly petrified with fear in my presence.”

“Do you think there’s anything that can be done to help Stephanus be less frightened of you?” Emrys asked, noting that like in the club, Nate’s other side was not radiating the sinister cold that oftentimes came with him.

“Perhaps.” Was Nate’s short reply, although, he sounded thoughtful.

“I’ll think on it a bit.” Emrys announced softly, “I like him and he’s helped me in the past, I hate seeing him crippled with fear like that. Meantime, I’d like to check out that alcove we found the other day, would you like to come with me?”

Nate didn’t respond but he rose from his chair and looked expectantly at Emrys, who grinned and headed for the door. Since they were currently staying at Emrys’ place they simply had to walk out the door and down the stairs to reach the beach. They walked slowly down the beach content to be silent and enjoy the nice day. The alcove they were headed to was about a half mile from the house. They had found it several days earlier but hadn’t had time to explore it then. Reaching it, they went to the door they had discovered and found it was still they way they had left it. Opening said door they made their way down the short tunnel and back into the open. It was a decent sized alcove who’s arms extended out into the sea making it impossible to enter on foot other than through the doorway.

“This is a nice sized alcove but, I’m not sure you could get a boat in here. The coast line is very jagged and full of underwater sharp stone hazards additionally the currents don’t help. I’m not sure I’d want to swim in here either, I’m to wary of getting pulled out to sea by the currents.” Emrys stated looking around.

“I think the entrance is netted to prevent that, I keep seeing flashes of white and orange.” Nate replied his voice back to the lighter register. Emrys noted that the black had receded to the edges of his eyes. Telling him that Nate was here but that his other half was still watching.

Nate stood watching the nearly hypnotic waves against the beach while Emrys decided to go poking about like a curious cat. Nate was broken from his wave watching when Emrys gave an excited yelp saying, “Someone left blankets, cushions and pillows here!”

“Which means if you like them they are very, very nice and probably shouldn’t be outside.” Nate replied laughing as he walked over.

“I want to have a picnic here.” Emrys announced, “But we do need a proper fire pit.”

“Well someone spent a lot of time here and some serious money,” Nate stated having wandered off. “Come see what I’ve found, it appears to be a very nice bathroom.”

“A what!” Emrys exclaimed abandoning the pillows he’d been inspecting and hurrying over. “Very nice they had good taste.”

“Oh! a literal waterfall shower.” Nate yelped. Emrys turned and started laughing, Nate had gotten curious upon not seeing a shower head in the bathing area and pressed the one button in the vicinity turning on the shower and getting soaked, since he was standing under the ledge it poured off of.

“Very nice, all we really need is a nice fire pit, a few hot plates and this would be the perfect place to spend a day or two.” Emrys said. He grinned, “Stephanus would love this place…….Are you thinking what I am?”

“Probably,” Nate agreed. “Let’s double check and see if there are places that would work to set hot plates and since it appears that people may have spent the night I also want to see if there is a raised area to put bedding away from the sand.”

“Good idea and we should figure out the best place to put a fire pit as well.” Emrys said as they left the bathroom.

It didn’t take long for the two to discover that there was indeed a carved out rock that worked as a counter. They also found out that one of the rock walls wasn’t a wall at all when Emrys went to lean on it and fell through instead. It turned out to be a bedroom with a seriously oversized custom made to fit round bed made to fit the smaller hidden alcove.

How in the world did they get that in here!” Nate exclaimed blinking.

“Beyond magick I really don’t care, but watching the sunrise from here would be splendid.” Emrys responded, crawling along the edges of the bed and poking at the walls looking for hidden niches. He found a couple of small ones meant likely to hold drinks,….or other things depending on ones intentions. These discoveries made they went to decide where to put a fire pit.

As it turned out they didn’t need to bother as there was one already in place. They had simply missed it earlier as the cover was partially buried under the sand. A quick bit of magick and they were able to pull the cover off without dumping all the sand into the pit itself. They replaced the cover after checking the pit but it appeared to be in working order and it was wood burning besides. They found no firewood but that was easily remedied later. Exploring done they headed back to the house after resealing the entryway.

“Now it’s just a matter of getting this place ready and getting Stephanus here,” Emrys said as they walked back home.

“It’ll be simple enough to send Stephanus an invitation and I’ll leave the food ideas to you.” Nate smiled, “My Finicky Cat is indefinitely better than me at that kind of thing.”

A Week Later: Nate & and Emrys

Nate picked up the r.s.v.p from Stephanus, even as dense as he could be at times to the energy around correspondence, he didn’t need his other side to pick up on the nervous energy that surrounded the response. It was positive of course, but the responder was extremely edgy. He sighed things would work themselves out in a few days, but it made him glad he’d waited until so close to send the invitation. Less time for his incubus to cause himself a nervous fit. He dropped the rest of the mail on the table and went to tell Emrys that they’d gotten a positive response. Emrys had grinned when he told him as well as telling him to stop worrying, things would work out fine.

~~~~~~~Stephanus & Anita~~~~~~

Anita could tell that something was bothering Stephanus greatly. Oh, he was his normal charming and sophisticated self but she could tell something was bothering him even if others couldn’t. She frowned slightly, concerned, and went back to her work determined to talk to him later and see if she could help.

For his part Stephanus was very worried even as he kept his outward composure, inside was a whole different story. He’d received an invitation from Nate and Emrys for a beach day that would likely turn into an overnight. They had assured him he’d only be gone for one night knowing he didn’t like to leave the club long, even if he knew Anita was perfectly capable of running said club for a few days.

It wasn’t so much Emrys that worried him but Nate, who was also Creator and Master. Had he done something wrong without knowing it? He didn’t think he had but still he couldn’t help but feel jumpy and nervous. He knew Anita would be asking questions later as he’d seen her watching him briefly earlier a small concerned frown on her face.

Later after things had settled down, he retreated to his office to get some work done and try to take his mind off of the upcoming weekend. It didn’t work very well and he ended up staring fitfully out the window glad he only had two days to go before this meeting. Anita found him like that, staring broodingly out the window. When she’d asked what was wrong he’d told her that nothing was wrong per say, except that the invitation she’d given him earlier was from Nate and Emrys.

Anita, wonderful lady that she was, understood the problem immediately and set about in her own way to try and reassure him that things would be fine in the end. Oddly enough it was her pointing out that the abrupt and close arrival of the invitation was likely a move on Nate’s part to try and avoid giving Stephanus to much time to worry himself sick, that calmed him down a bit.

He got through the next couple of days, but he still couldn’t help feeling apprehensive, as he finished packing his bag and headed out to the car. He opted to drive himself this time, having been told there would be parking space and wanting the distraction from his nerves. Pulling out of the garage he was still feeling highly nervous, but, was surprised to find that he was also a bit excited.

~~~~~~~Nate & Emrys: Nate has just fallen out of bed~~~~~~~

“You are wigglier than a worm on a hook this morning, what’s eating you?” Emrys asked sleepily sitting up.

Nate, who was still sitting on the floor from where he’d managed to roll out of bed, goggled at him in shock before bursting into laughter. “I’m not sure but I’m still trying to figure out how I ended up at the bottom of the bed.” he answered still snickering.

Now mostly awake Emrys realized that Nate had rolled off the foot of the bed and he blinked at him in bemusement. Getting out of bed he stretched and said, “I’m taking a quick shower before Stephanus gets here.” and disappeared into the bathroom. Nate smiled happily and, untangling himself from the quilt got dressed. He then finished packing a few odds and ends in his and Emrys’ overnight bags.

Emrys’ phone beeped just as he came out of the bathroom and he picked it up glancing at the display. “Stephanus’ eta is about 5 minutes,” He said setting it back down after sending a quick reply.

“Perfect, in that case why don’t we meet him at the garage.” Nate replied, “I finished packing our bags while you were in the shower. We can leave as soon as you are dressed.”

“Sounds good to me.” Emrys replied as he disappeared into the closet.