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The Earth and The Moon

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Isak was summer, and Even was winter. Isak was the sun, his golden curls shining down and casting light across the lands below. Even was the rain and snow, his crystal blue eyes somehow giving the lands below the feeling of warmth in the midst of the cold.

Isak was autumn, and Even was spring. Isak was the golden leaves drifting from the trees, his green eyes giving the leaves a place to land below. Even was the small blooms rising under the surface of dead earth, his pink lips being the first spot of color emerging from the surface from the small blooms.

Isak was the Earth, and Even was the Moon. Isak was the small circle floating amidst the wide vast space, his surface being covered in the green colors of his own, mixed with Even’s blues. Even was the moon, shining bright in the night sky of the Earth.

And most importantly, Isak was Even’s world. Even revolved around Isak, never keen on leaving, Isak being the one who gave him life. The same way with Isak. Even was Isak’s moon, and Isak would do anything to keep it that way.

Isak and Even were together, and that’s all that mattered. Sure, they were only one in a mix of millions of others. But why would that stop them? Without Isak, Even was empty. Without Even, Isak was bare.

And what would the Earth be without the moon, anyways?