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what you sowed

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The after life is not the eternity of torment and hell fire Wesley expected, and despite seeing for himself the marked disparities between what each dimension considers 'hell', he is still surprised that someone, somewhere, considers watching bumbling teens making fools of themselves -- even more so than the Scoobies had managed, he is disconcerted to find -- the cruelest possible punishments for his sins.

But Lilah is here too, and she laughs and presses closer into his side when he expresses this sentiment because this, apparently, is her reward; drawls, "I never stopped world peace, so who's the better servant of evil, Wes?" with such boneless grace it almost makes the implications of her words a lie.

This, he thinks, is why his mind and soul were left functioning -- not from mercy, not from forgiveness, not from two qualities that rain onto others without touching him, but for a cost-effective method of punishing a hero -- so he holds her and kisses her and tastes her, because he's in hell and can hardly sink lower, but he's tired enough, she's real enough, that he doesn't care to claw his way back up.