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Begin Again

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Everything had been normal that day.

The two lovers had been out at the park, laughing and eating ice cream. Haruka had her arm wrapped tightly around Michiru's waist as they walked along, licking their ice cream and reminiscing about past times.

Everything was normal until Michiru fainted. Her eyes shut and she fell to the ground, landing with a loud thud.

"Michiru!" Haruka screamed as she bent down to pick up her lover, dropping her ice cream while she did so.

She picked up the unconscious girl in her arms and held her tightly to her chest while trying to hold back tears.

She instantly ran to her car with Michiru limp in her arms and set the girl down in the back seat.

She buckled her in tight and raced to the front seat, slamming the door as she got in and not even bothering to put on her seat belt.

She sped off to the hospital and carried the still unconscious girl inside.

It took one (agonizing) hour before Michiru was able to be seen.

By the time they got into a room, Michiru had started to wake up. "What happened?" she asked as she looked around the room.

"You fainted. I was so worried about you Michiru." Haruka said, as she tried to hold herself back from crying.

"Haruka, I'm fine. You didn't have to take me to a doctor you know."

"I know, but I wanted to make sure you were alright."

The doctor came in after that and did a quick check up on Michiru.

"Everything looks fine to me. Come back though if you have any more issues." he said and waved the two girls goodbye.

A few weeks passed by before Michiru had another fainting spell.

And after that one she had several more.

Haruka was getting more and more worried about her and every time they went to see a doctor they'd say she was fine.

It was only after about the twentieth time she had fainted that the doctor suggested that they run a blood test on her.

So there they were, waiting in the doctors office waiting for the results, with Haruka shaking while Michiru held her hand and reassured her that she was fine.

Suddenly the door opened and the doctor walked in. His expression was serious and blank, but behind that blank look Haruka could sense that something was wrong.

"So, what are the results?" Haruka demanded impatiently.

The doctor sighed and looked at them with a look of sadness in his eyes. "Miss Kaioh, I'm sorry to tell you this but you have leukemia."

Haruka's expression went blank, and she let go of Michiru's hand. "L-leukemia?" she asked quietly to which the doctor only nodded.

She couldn't take it anymore and fell to the floor. All her walls came crashing down and she started screaming and crying.

"I'll leave you two alone." the doctor whispered and left the room, leaving behind a broken Haruka and a just as broken Michiru.

"Haruka, please don't cry." Michiru whispered as tears fell down her own cheeks.

Haruka stood up and hugged Michiru tightly, sobbing into her shoulder. "I don't want to lose you again." she whispered sadly. "I-if you die from this, you won't be reborn again. Scouts can't be reborn when they die from natural causes."

Michiru wrapped her own arms tightly around her lover and rubbed her back. "I promise you that I won't die. I promise." she said.

They pulled apart slightly and kissed. "Ashiteru Michiru."

"I love you too Haruka..."


Four years went by and Michiru was still battling cancer. They were both 22 now and had gotten married a year ago.

Haruka was currently visiting her wife at the hospital who was undergoing another round of chemotherapy.

Michiru was bald now as she had shaved her head a few years ago before she lost her hair to the chemotherapy. She was much thinner now and you could see her collarbones clearly sticking out of her chest, and her skin was ghostly pale.

"Haruka?" Michiru asked softly.

Haruka tuned her head to look at her. "Hai?"

Michiru grabbed her hand and took a deep breath before speaking. "I have something to tell you." she said softly as she gave Haruka's hand a slight squeeze.

"The doctor said that I only have a month left to live." she whispered sadly.

Haruka's eyes widened and tears began to fall down her cheeks. "No that can't be right." she whispered choking back tears.

Michiru sighed and gave her hand another tight squeeze. "Haruka, it's the truth, even if you're not ready to admit it right now. With that being said, I won't be reincarnated again and there needs to be another sailor neptune. I was talking to Ami about this and she told me that there is a way for two egg cells to be fused together and by doing so that could potentially create a baby."

Haruka's eyes widened at that and a pink blush tinted her cheeks. "So w-what you're saying is..."

Michiru nodded. "Hai. I need you to become pregnant so that there can be another sailor neptune."

"I don't know about this Michiru. I never wanted to get pregnant. Can't you get a surrogate?"

Michiru shook her head. "I would if I could but it wouldn't work. Since we're both sailor scouts, the egg cells would be more likely to successfully fuse with one of yours then with a normal humans. Onegai Haruka. Do it for our princess." she pleaded.

Haruka sighed. "Fine, I'll do it for our princess."

Michiru smiled and weakly wrapped her arms around Haruka's neck. "Arrigatou."

"Ashiteru Michiru."

"I love you too."


Two weeks later Haruka was waiting in the doctor's office, waiting for the results to come back from the pregnancy test.

The door opened and the doctor walked in with a clipboard in his hand. "Congratulations mrs. Tenou. You're going to be a mother."

"A-arigatou." Haruka replied as she blushed slightly.

"Would you like an ultrasound right now? You might not be able to see much but I know that it would make your wife happy to see a picture."

"Hai, I would like one if possible."

"Ok, then lie down on the cot over there." the doctor instructed and Haruka did as told.

He lifted her shirt up and placed some of the blue goo on her belly.

Then he took the transducer and put it on her stomach. An image appeared on the screen and the doctor smiled at Haruka. "Congratulations again. It appears as if you're having twins." he said.

Haruka's eyes widened. "T-wins?" she stuttered.

The doctor nodded in response. "Yep. See," he began as he pointed at the dots on the screen. "Baby A," he said pointing to one dot. "And baby B." he said pointing to the other.

"Wow." Haruka whispered, as she sat up wiping the goo off her belly.

"I'm guessing you'd like some pictures printed?"


The doctor then left the room leaving Haruka all by herself.

"So a chibi Neptune and a Chibi Uranus." she muttered to herself.


"Twins?" Michiru asked in surprise as she looked at the pictures from the ultrasound.

"Yep! A chibi Neptune and a chibi Uranus." Haruka said with a grin.

"Wow. How will you know which one is Uranus and which one is Neptune?"

Haruka shrugged. "Don't know. Guess I'll find out."

Michiru laughed gently at her before putting the pictures aside on her nightstand. "I wish I could meet them." she muttered as her smile turned to a frown.

"I know. I wish you could meet them too but you'll be there in spirit." Haruka said.

"Hai, and don't ever forget that. I'll always be with you." Michiru said as she grabbed her wife's hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

Haruka's eyes started to fill with tears but she blinked them away before they could fall. "Ashiteru Michiru." she said leaning down to give her hand a gentle kiss.

"I love you too."


About a week later, Haruka was at home sleeping when all of a sudden she was awoken from her sleep by the sound of the phone ringing.

She sat up tiredly rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She glanced over at the clock beside her bed. 1:49 it read.

She sighed and reached over to pick up the phone. "Hello?" she said in a raspy tired voice.

"Is this Mrs. Tenou?" the voice, presumably a lady's voice, asked.

"Hai." she said.

"You need to come to the hospital right away,"

At that Haruka began to worry. "Is Michiru ok?" she asked trying to hold back the fear in her voice.

"Just get down to the hospital and we'll explain everything once you're there." the lady said and the line went dead.

She jumped out of bed and put on a pair of sweats as she was only in her tank and underwear, before she raced out the door and into her car.

She sped off to the hospital, hoping and praying that her lover was ok.

When she got there she quickly parked and ran inside and up to the clerk.

"Tenou Haruka." she said quickly to the nurse at the counter.

"Right this way." the lady said and lead her down the hall.

As she guessed she was lead down to Michiru's room where her wife was asleep.

"Is she ok?" Haruka asked the lady nervously.

"I'm afraid that Mrs. Tenou won't be able to live for another week." said a masculine voice.

Haruka spun around only to find herself face to face with the doctor who'd been looking after her and Michiru.

"Nani?!" Haruka yelled as she choked back her tears.

The doctor sighed and walked over to Michiru's bed. "Don't expect Michiru to live much longer. Spend as much time with her as you can before she passes because at this rate she may not live to see one more day."

Haruka began to cry as she walked over to her wife's bed. "No, no, no. This can't be happening." she whispered sadly as she reached a hand to touch her lover's face. Her skin was so cold to the touch and she had become so much thinner then she had already been.

"Michiru..." she whispered before breaking down and falling to the floor.

She heard the door close behind her and when she looked around she noticed that it was now only the two of them left in the room.

Sighing, she got up to her feet and laid herself down beside her wife. She wrapped her arms tightly around her and nuzzled her face into her shoulder. "Ashiteru Michiru." she whispered before falling asleep.


"Haruka..." a small voice croaked out, waking the blonde from her sleep.

She opened her eyes to see her wife looking up at her, in her arms. "Ohayo Michiru." she said softly.

"Why are you here?"

"I wanted to see you."

Michiru smiled gently up at her before weakly reaching up to give her a kiss on the lips.

"Ashiteru... Haruka..." she whispered before shutting her eyes and the sound of the heart rate monitor flatlining reached Haruka's ears.

Haruka's eyes widened and she began to tear up as she started to shake her wife. "Michiru, wake up! Michiru! Michiru! MICHIRU!" she screamed as tears came streaming down her cheeks.

That was the day that Haruka officially broke. When every single piece of the walls that she had built came crashing down. That was the day that she lost the love of her life and that was the day when her heart broke in two.