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Can you see me

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It was not a significant day for Magnus. Not at all, really. He'd gotten up at the crack of dawn, mostly because he'd gone to sleep at around 8pm last night but also to begin his rigorous face routine and to prepare for school. He had met Tessa outside his house and they had gotten the bus together like they had done since they were eleven. And now Magnus was sitting in English for the last five minutes of the lesson. Strangely enough he could feel himself dozing off slightly despite all the sleep he had gotten last night but that was probably more because of how extremely tedious Mr Starkweather was. His voice was practically lulling Magnus to sleep and not in a good way. In fact Magnus was dreaming about those Giuseppe Zanotti black and gold trainers that he'd had his eye on for a while.

"Psst, pst-" Magnus turned around reluctantly to glare at Will who had been trying to get his attention for five minutes now clearly unbeknownst to the fact that Magnus was simply ignoring him.

"Where were you at lunch?" Will cut to the point quickly, glancing at Mr Starkweather in case he saw them talking.

"I was talking to Miss Seelie; she was asking me how I felt my maths work was going recently." Magnus hissed, mystified as to why Will was asking him right now when English was almost over.

"Oh…" Will looked oddly disappointed with his answer.

"Why do you look so put out by that?" Magnus inquired knowing that he was going to regret asking but doing it anyway.

"Eh, no reason, I just presumed you'd been getting it on with that guy again, Woolsey wasn't it?"

"Pfft, that ended right after it had started, he's a player and I only did it because I was feeling antsy that day." Magnus shrugged; surprised that Will had brought that topic back up when it had been weeks since the incident with Woolsey had happened.

"Oh, right okay well never mind then…" Will looked around the classroom suddenly averting Magnus's eyes.

"Will, why are you acting so strange?" Magnus demanded.

"I… shit, don't kill me Magnus. But I… might have bet Jem that you would get with someone before Christmas and I was… hoping that I could win faster if you and Woolsey got closer and honestly-" Will trailed off slowly at the look on Magnus's face.

"Are you serious? Sorry that I can't manage to keep someone interested for long enough for you to win your stupid bet William!" Magnus wasn't even mad at Will; he was more embarrassed that his non-existent love life had become the subject of Will and Jem's bets.

"I'm sorry Magn…" Will began but Magnus cut him off.

"No, don't apologise, it's fine, I just don't love highlighting the fact that I'm extremely single." Magnus rolled his eyes to show Will that he was joking… sort of.

"I am sorry though, it was insensitive and I shouldn't have brought it up Magnus." Will's bright blue eyes bored into Magnus's, full of sincerity that he hadn't expected, "You'll find someone Magnus, I know it."

Magnus didn't know what to say to that so he just smiled gratefully at Will and turned around just in time to hear the bell ring to indicate the end of the lesson. Magnus's mind was swimming with thoughts after his conversation with Will. Why was he so desperate for a boyfriend at this point in his life? He's seventeen! He has his whole life to find a guy (or girl but for now he'd given up on women because they were too annoying) but for some reason he couldn't stop feeling like he needed a boyfriend to be happy. It was so unusual for him to feel like this. Normally things didn't faze him and he was always flamboyant and creative and happy-go-lucky but lately he just hadn't felt that way. Well it was time for that to change! Starting right now, Magnus was going to look at the positive side of everything. He didn't have a boyfriend because it wasn't the right time for him to have a boyfriend. Magnus was a firm believer of the phrase 'everything happens for a reason' and he was going to stick by that from now on.

With that thought in his mind, he marched to his maths class for the last lesson of the day. And he was immediately greeted by Miss Seelie who prevented him from walking into the classroom.

"Uh…?" Magnus raised an eyebrow questioningly at his teacher whose beautiful auburn hair was pulled into a loose ponytail today.

"Don't worry. You're not in trouble. Quite the contrary, actually. You're moving to the higher class, Magnus!" Miss Seelie told him, with a knowing smile on her face.

Magnus's brain took five seconds for this to sink in.

"You… Oh my god. That's why you were asking me all those questions earlier about how confident I was feeling. You knew!" Magnus pretended to act betrayed but couldn't help the happy smile which was spreading across his face.

"Well, I wouldn't want to keep your new teacher waiting. Off you go, room 7." Miss Seelie politely shooed him away.

It was like the universe had heard Magnus's thoughts earlier. He had been working so hard in maths and it had paid off. This was just what he needed.

He was practically skipping down the hallway with uncontained joy. He actually skipped past room 7 but quickly backtracked to stand in front of the door.

He knocked once and opened the door immediately to see an intimidating classroom of all the smartest kids in the year.

"Ah, you must be Magnus Bane." The teacher said, walking closer to the door.

"Indeed I am." Magnus silently cursed himself for using the word 'indeed', who uses that word anymore?

"Well I'm Miss Loss and I'll be teaching you for the rest of the year. You can sit…" She scanned the room briefly, probably deciding who would be distracted by Magnus the least, "yes, you can sit by Alexander Lightwood over there." She pointed towards the back of the class where a boy was sitting slouched over the desk.

Hearing his name the boy looked up and Magnus had to hold back a gasp. The most beautiful hazel eyes were looking at Magnus with slight interest. He had clear ivory skin and ink black hair which Magnus could tell wasn't actually styled but rather was left in a tousled mess which screamed 'I woke up like this' but suited Alexander perfectly. Even sitting down he looked toned and muscular especially with his blazer off. He must work out, Magnus thought briefly, before going back to his analysis of Alexander's body. He was leaning on the desk with both elbows and his hands were tucked under his chin. His eyes, dear god his eyes, were still looking at Magnus this time with concealed amusement and his skin was faintly pink. The things Magnus would do to Alexander Lightwood.


Magnus blinked once and suddenly the reason for Alexander's amusement became clear. Magnus had been staring at him for god knows how long.

Wow, was he making a fool out of himself today.

"Magnus, you can sit down now." Miss Loss said pointedly.

"Right, yes of course." Most people would be embarrassed if they had just been caught checking a guy out in front of their new maths class but as always Magnus shrugged it off.

He strode to the back of the class and quickly sat down trying as hard as possible not to look at Alexander and get caught again.

But of course as soon as Magnus tried not to look at him, the more impossible it became. After an excruciating five seconds, Magnus dared a glance out of the corner of his eye and was baffled to see Alexander blatantly sitting on his phone in class despite it being against the school rules. Of course, Magnus's extreme love for black eyeliner and glitter on a daily basis wasn't exactly allowed but it was strange that Alexander was so clearly on his phone and Miss Loss didn't seem to care.

The lesson proceeded with Magnus struggling to stay focused when his neighbour was so distracting. It wasn't just his looks, he smelt amazing (Dior Homme, Magnus would hazard a guess) but more than anything, it was that goddamn phone that seemed glued to his hand. What could he possibly be so obsessed with that he couldn't look up once in half an hour? Magnus's mind began whirring with possible theories. Maybe he has a hot boyfriend who he's constantly texting… or worse a girlfriend! Or what if he's in trouble with the police and he's currently googling ways to escape conviction… For god's sake Magnus! Pull it together.

Magnus was abruptly pulled out of his brooding by the sound of Miss Loss's voice.

"So, how can you show that n²-n-90=0? Hmm, Alec do you want to have a go?"

Magnus wondered briefly if anyone in their right mind would want to have a go and then looked around to see who Alec was.

And to his surprise Alexander looked up once and said confidently "n = 10. 10² - 10 - 90 = 0."

So not only did Alexander evidently go by Alec for short but he could also solve maths equations in fewer than ten seconds and that was after being on his phone for the entirety of the lesson.

It didn't happen often but Magnus was impressed.

The rest of the lesson passed without incident. Alec returned to his mobile, Magnus sped through some equations and Miss Loss said nothing about the obvious rule breaking happening in the seat next to him.

Just before the bell rang, a boy with golden blonde hair tried to get Alec's attention.

"Oi. Oi. OI!"

Magnus watched as Alec looked up and had a whispered conversation with the boy who seemed to be called Jace.

"Well meet us on the field in thirty then." Jace said running a hand through his hair.

"Alright. I might not even be that long Jace." Alec muttered. He then turned round and caught Magnus watching him again. Magnus being Magnus held his stare confidently. Alec seemed a little embarrassed but not uncomfortable and his eyes held interest not horror. What was only minutes felt like hours to Magnus and in that moment he knew he wanted to get to know this hazel eyed mystery.

The bell rang, the moment shattered and Alec dropped his gaze but looked up once again. Fuck it, Magnus thought and winked a glittery eyelid in his direction. With that he picked up his one of a kind Michael Kors satchel and strutted out of the room.

Wow, that was a lot more eventful than I thought it would. Magnus mused about Alec as he walked down the corridor.

He was definitely not straight, that much was obvious. Even though Magnus had had a couple of moments of doubt throughout the lesson, no straight guy blushed when they saw another guy checking them out like Alec had. Was he out though? That would definitely be a problem if he wasn't. It wasn't that Magnus had an issue with closeted guys it was more that when he was interested in a guy he would hate to sneak around to be with him.

Magnus was in such deep thought that he walked into the row of lockers outside the History rooms.

As Magnus opened his locker he realised that with all his subtle flirting at the end of maths he'd left his textbook with the homework questions in on his desk.

Reluctantly he turned around and headed back to room 7 while quickly sorting through his satchel to make sure he hadn't left any other books.

He was still doing this as he reached the maths section of school which is how he didn't see Alec Lightwood himself leaning against the doorframe of room 7 and how he walked straight into Alec's very solid body.

"Jesus Christ! I think I just broke my nose on your-'' Magnus looked up clutching his nose and his jaw dropped. "Alexander. What are you still doing here?''

"Um, well I was talking to Miss Loss and then I realised that you'd left your textbook behind and I was going to try and find you but then I saw you walking down the hall so I decided to just wait for you to see me. But it turns out you didn't…" Alec stopped abruptly as if he realised how much he had said and he started turning slightly pink again. Magnus found it positively adorable.

Alec was holding out the textbook when Magnus stopped gazing at him and refocused so he quickly grabbed it and looked Alec directly in the eyes.

"Thank you… Alexander." He whispered in what he knew was a sexy tone. And it worked like a charm; Alec turned a bright red and averted his eyes suddenly.

They both knew that it was time for one of them to end the conversation because at this point they were just standing awkwardly in front of the maths room looking at each other.

Surprisingly though it was Alec – who had regained his normal pale skin tone – who stood up straighter and glanced at his watch in an offhand manner.

"Jace is gonna kill me." He muttered under his breath. "I have to go; I'll see you around, okay." Then with unexpected confidence he leaned forward so much so that Magnus could smell that his earlier guess was right, Alec was definitely wearing Dior Homme.

"You can call me Alec by the way." He whispered hotly in Magnus's ear before letting his lips graze over the skin underneath it.

Magnus stood absolutely still while Alec walked casually past him.

He had never been so taken aback in his life.

He felt almost like he'd just been on the biggest rollercoaster in the world three times but in a good way not a 'throwing up for the past two hours' way.

No, this feeling of adrenaline and excitement but also fear combined was exhilarating.

Magnus didn't know what would happen with Alexander next but he did know one thing.

He was going to enjoy maths class.