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I was so excited. I fellowed Aina wandering if we where going 2 do it again. We went outside and then we went into Aina’s black car.

“Lingling what the fuck did Michel say.” whispered Aina potting hre gothic whit hand with bvlak nail polish on mine.

“She said she would tell me what the visions meant torromow.” I grumbled in a sexy voice. She took out a heroin cabaret and spiked it, and gave it to me to spork. She started to fly the car into a tree. We went to the top of it. Aina put on a nightcore version of Momusu.

“Shabadabadoodoodoo shabdadoodoo doo doo dooruruu.” sang Sayu’s sexy, sped-up voice. We started tiling of each other’s cloves fevently. Sexual toolbox puns and coitus ensued

“HON HON WEI WEI WEI... MERDE” I screamed bc we stated frenching passively. Suddenly………… I fell asleep. I started having a dream. In it an idol was shooting two more idols.

“No! Please don’t fucking kill us!1” they pleaded but she just kept shooting them. She ran away in a red car.

“No! Oh my fucking god!11” I shouted in a scared voice.

“Lingling what’s wrong?” Aina asked me as I woke up opening my muddy brown eyes.

I started to cry and tears of blood went down my face. I told Aina to call Chitti. She did it with her blak Up Up Girls mobile. Butt the worst thing was who the ppl who were shot in the dream where……………………… Miki Yamamachi and Yua Yumeno from Gang Parade!111