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Well we had Office Lady class next so I got to ask Michibayashi Rio about the visions.

“Konnichiwa everybody come in.” said Michel in Japanese. She smelled at me with her professional-looking face. She’s da coolest fucking senpai ever. She had short, tidy brown hair. (She gets along with everybody bc were all japanese) She’s really young for an office lady. 2day she was wearing a black ripped suit. We went inside the black office with pastors of Minimoni. I raced my hand. I was wearing some black naie Polish with red pentagrams on it.

“What is it Ebony?” she asked. “Hey I love ur nail polish where’d u get it, Japanese Hot Topik?”

“Yeah.” I answered. All the 48g who didn’t know what HT was gave me weird looks. I gave them the middle finger. “Well I have to talk to you about some fings. When do you want to due it?”

“Ho about now?” she asked.

“OK.” I said.

“OK class fucking dismissed every1.” Rio said and she let every1 go. “Except for you Miichan.” she pointed at Minami Minegishi and sum other members of AKB48. “Please do exorcize (geddit) 1 on page 3.”

“OK I’m having lotz of visions.” I said in a worried voice. I’m so worried is Aina gong 2 die.

"Well, her name is Aina THE END after all" she said as she gave me a black cryptal ball to lock in. I looked at it.

“What do you c?” she asked.

“I said I see a black gothic skull and a pentagram.”

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. I looked at it. It was Aina. She was looking really sexy wearing a black leather facet, a black gothic Berryz Kobou t-shirt and blak Congress shoes.

“Okay you can go now, see ya cunt.” said Rio.

“Bye bitch.” I said waving.

I went to Aina and Chitti was sitting next to her. We both followed Aina together and I was so exhibited.