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Kitten Licks and Caramel Macchiatos

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When Taehyung had first decided to go to the 24/7 library on campus, he had had his mind set on studying for the exam he had in three days. He wasn’t like his older brother Namjoon (what kind of person had an 148 IQ anyway, what the fuck) so he actually had to study. He ignored the little voice in the back of his head that reminded him that Namjoon studied a hell of a lot more than he ever did. At least he was attempting to study, so that had to count for something, right? Nevermind the fact that he probably should have started a few weeks ago, Taehyung had a goal. He had a plan. He would spend a few hours at his favorite table and then he would try and mooch pastries out of Jin-hyung at the coffee shop across campus. It was a perfect plan.

His favorite table was on the fourth floor, perfectly balanced between the absolute silence required on the seventh floor and the rowdy chatter of the first. How his university was able to afford a library with seven floors he didn’t know, but Taehyung could admit that he enjoyed spending time there. Even if he usually avoiding and procrastinated all of his assignments until the last minute. He was related to Namjoon though, so he had somehow managed to gain whatever remaining IQ points his older brother hadn’t sucked out of their mother’s womb. He wasn’t a complete dumbass, thankfully.

Taehyung hated where his mind went sometimes.

Letting out a deep sigh he ignored his thoughts and started traversing his way through the stacks, aiming for the back right corner farthest from any windows. It was the dimmest corner of the library he had found that also contained a table and he enjoyed it immensely. His brother normally called Taehyung’s bedroom a black pit of despair and Taehyung liked to retain the aesthetic throughout his daily life.

When he finally got there though, Taehyung found that his favorite table was occupied. Automatically he felt a pout crossing his face because his second favorite table was on the second floor and always had more foot traffic than this one, usually accompanied by giggling girls that he frankly wasn’t interested in because ew, vaginas. He didn’t want to go down there.

The person violating his table (because it was his, damn the library being a public space) wasn’t studying though, so there was a chance that Taehyung could make him leave. Well, Taehyung assumed it was a him, anyway. He couldn’t really tell.

The stranger was curled into a ball on the floor under Taehyung’s table, head supported by a neck pillow and a long black jacket serving as a makeshift blanket. He couldn’t make out his face, obscured as it was by a hood pulled up over gray-dyed (he hoped it was dyed) hair and the the fact that he was turned towards the wall. It looked like he had tried studying at one point though, if the loose papers and closed laptop positioned around his body said anything.

Quirking an amused eyebrow Taehyung set his laptop bag gently on the empty tabletop before crouching on the balls of his feet and reaching out to jab a few times at the man’s shoulder. There was barely a grunt in response, leaving Taehyung to snort in amusement even as he heard the guy continue to snore lightly. Cute.

After a moment of consideration Taehyung moved his hand lower. He paused, head tilted, before he shrugged (YOLO , a distant part of his brain supplied with a cringe) and started jabbing at the man’s side in quick, ticklish gestures.

“Motherfuck!” The man jackknifed, spasming violently. At least Taehyung definitely knew it was a man now, because no female would have such a deep, raspy voice. No female would have prompted the chills that shot down Taehyung’s spine either considering he was very, very much into dicks but, well. That was a consideration for a later time.

Taehyung watched as the man curled into an even tighter ball, practically disappearing under his jacket as he rubbed at his face violently. “What the fuck?”

Taehyung cleared his throat, amused when sleep-blurry eyes turned his way even if he had to swallow nervously because hot damn. Sure, the man looked pissed as all hell, but he was cute in that way that angry kittens were: able to intimidate with their killer glares, but still just balls of fluff. Fuck, Taehyung’s table stealer was adorable.

“Good morning, sunshine.”

The man’s eyes flickered in confusion before glancing around at his surroundings. There was a beat of silence before he was groaning (Taehyung ignored his second set of spine-tingling chills) and thumping his head back against the carpeted floor. “Fuck.”

“I’ve gotta say, I can think of a lot of more comfortable places to sleep. Like on a bed, maybe.” My bed specifically, he didn’t add.

“Listen you sassy fuck, I got sexiled last night and it’s way too early for me to be dealing with your shit.”

Taehyung winced sympathetically even as he opened his mouth to comment, “It’s noon, bro. That would explain your situation though, even if with a face like that I bet you could’ve easily found a bed to help warm.”

Taehyung waggled his eyebrows shamelessly at the deadpan expression he received.

Opening his mouth - and wow , those were some pretty, pink, pouty lips (yay for alliterations) - to no doubt return with a biting retort (he seemed like the type)  the man suddenly froze. “Wait, it’s noon?”

“12:37 PM.” Taehyung clarified after a quick glance at his phone.

“Motherfuck!” The man yelped for a second time, jolting into a sitting position and immediately falling back to the floor when his head violently met the underside of the table. Taehyung stared blankly as the man groaned, spine-chills noticeably absent because nothing sexy about the way the man was grasping at his skull in pain.

Taehyung snorted in amusement, even as he craned his head to flit his gaze over the bottom of the table in evaluation. “At least you didn’t smack into some gum.” The table was actually fairly clear of the substance, a definite surprise in his book. Then again, it was Taehyung’s favorite table and barely anyone ever visited it. He certainly wasn’t a jackass who couldn’t throw away his own chewed gum, so Taehyung definitely wouldn’t be a culprit.

The man was too busy to acknowledge Taehyung’s optimistic words though, too busy with a mumbled chant of “fuck, fuck, fuck” as he busied himself gathering all his papers and shoving them into a backpack Taehyung only just noticed. The laptop was soon to join them along with it’s charger, causing a frown to cross Taehyung’s face. That wasn’t safe for the laptop, and as someone who owned one that had cost ₩800,000 Taehyung was very concerned about the safety and treatment of one. For all he knew the strangers was a cheap piece of junk he had ordered on eBay though, so Taehyung couldn’t really judge. He wanted to, though. He really did.

“Uh, thanks, for waking me up and all. I have a class at one.” The stranger suddenly spoke, drawing Taehyung’s gaze as the shorter man started to crawl out from under the table even as he was stuffing his neck pillow into the black bag.

“It’s chill. Don’t forget your jacket, it’s fucking freezing outside.” Taehyung advised.

The man shot him a appreciative look (oh shit , that gummy smile was just as pretty as his lips, holy fuck ) as he took a moment to shrug into his jacket like Taehyung suggested. Raising to his feet only left Taehyung in a further dilemma because as gruff as the man’s voice was, he was also extremely pretty and shorter than Taehyung by a few inches and fuck , Taehyung was really into that apparently. It just highlighted Taehyung’s earlier comparison of the man to a kitten - a grumpy, sleepy kitten but a kitten nonetheless - and Taehyung hated to admit it but he was fucking smitten and it hadn’t even been five minutes yet.

“I’m Taehyung, by the way. Just in case you wanna know who to worship as your Lord and Savior later.” He introduced, adding in a wink that he immediately regretted. He should take Namjoon’s boyfriend’s words to heart. Hoseok was right, Namjoon and he shouldn’t wink. Namjoon because he looked like he was having a seizure, and Taehyung because he only did so in situations where it was best to not.

The man looked a little flustered though. Or, well, his cheeks were faintly flushed. His expression were more along the lines of being Done™ though.

“...right. I’m Yoongi. I gotta go.” With that he was disappearing down the lines of bookshelves, pausing for a moment when Taehyung cooed out a teasing, “bye, sleepyhead!” before he’d snorted and left Taehyung’s line of sight with an absent wave.

Letting out a sigh after a few moments had passed, Taehyung flopped down onto a chair. Well, that had been an experience.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Taehyung heard again, his head snapping up to watch as Yoongi power walked back around the corner of the bookshelves. His face was more flustered than it had been in the face of Taehyung’s awkward flirting so he rose an eyebrow curiously.

“Phone.” The gray haired man explained simply, setting his backpack down on the table with a faint shred of care (aw, he really did care about the safety of his laptop) before he abruptly crawled under the table again. Taehyung wasn’t proud of the yelp that left his throat but hey, the man had just fell to his knees right by where he was sitting. Of course he’d react to that.

Yoongi shot him a vaguely amused look, half covered by exasperation and panic no doubt caused by his approaching class. A second later he was ducked under the tabletop only to quickly reemerge with his phone grasped tightly in his fist. Taehyung absently stared at Yoongi’s knuckled fingers, wondering how they would feel inside his-

“Anyway, yeah, thanks again. Bye.” Yoongi interrupted his impure thoughts, causing a flush to rise to Taehyung’s cheeks even as he shot his signature boxy smile at the shorter man.

“No problem.”

 “Hyung, it’s a problem.”

Hoseok was too busy cackling to comfort Taehyung. The younger boy had his upper body splayed out over Hoseok’s coffee table from where he sat on the floor, half-lidded eyes staring hopelessly up at a thrice-watched episode of One Piece. Fuck, why couldn’t Taehyung just be a pirate? Fuck all this school and emotional shit.

His brother’s boyfriend started slapping at his back in a move far too painful to even be disguised as comfort. “Ah, Taehyungie, don’t be so upset. You never know, you might see him again soon.”

“Hyung, there are at least three thousand students in this university. I may suck at math, but even I know my chances are hella low.”

You suck at math? Bitch, try me.”

“It’s not my fault you were too hungover to attend you math final last semester. Speaking of, we have a test next week.”

“Fuck Mr. Choi.”


“Why are you best friend’s with my boyfriend? It’s fucking weird.” Namjoon suddenly interjected, looking up from where he had been nuzzling into Hoseok’s side. He had his bulky headphones on as he messed around with his most recent track, evidently paused just so he could insult his innocent little brother.

Taehyung glanced over his shoulder with a glare. “Because we’re both fucking weirdos and I’m not finding a new friend when Hoseok-hyung already tolerates me. I blame you, by the way.”

“Blame our mother.”

“Do you want me to die? She’d find out I’d bad mouthed her somehow. Probably by you, considering you have no honor.”

“I do too! I wouldn’t rat you out!”

“Christmas 2014.”


“As much as I enjoy watching you two squabble,” Hoseok interjected, bringing an instant end to their bickering as they turned to look at him, “what did your kitten dude even look like?”

Before Taehyung could answer (and then go on another rant about how cute Yoongi had been) he was interrupted by the sound of the door being thrown open.

“Hoseok! How many times do I gotta tell you to lock the fuckin’ door!” A gruff voice yelled.

Yoongi-hyung.” Hoseok immediately whined.

Taehyung had sat bolt upright, eyes wide as he turned to stare as his ‘kitten dude’ rounded the corner into the small living room (Hoseok had been a lucky bastard and received a dorm in the good residential hall) only to shoot a rather vile glare at his hyung. Sure, he looked like he would strangle anything in a five foot perimeter but Yoongi was still sleep ruffled - from his bed head to his squinting eyes - and fucking cute.

Taehyung was screwed.

He was also extremely lucky because wow, apparently his chances were super fucking high of encountering Yoongi once again.

He had never met Hoseok’s roommate, even during the year the stranger had been Namjoon’s roommate beforehand. His brother had been assigned a dorm with him during his freshman year and Taehyung knew that they had grown to be friends. When they had been separated into different dorms during his junior year of college Namjoon ending up meeting his old roommate’s new roommate - Jung Hoseok - and falling in love. Taehyung, who had never really visited his brother because fuck no he wasn’t taking a train all alone from Daegu to Seoul, had never met either of them until he had applied and been accepted into the same university. He had met Hoseok within a week and instantly became attached like a leech (Namjoon wasn’t happy) to the older man, but he never had been able to meet Namjoon’s old roommate. Hoseok said that he was always in his studio or the library, killing himself with assignments and producing. Taehyung simply left it at that. It wasn’t like he had to know all of his brother’s friends, even if it was an easy way to acquire juicy gossip.

All of that didn’t matter though, because Taehyung had met Yoongi. Now he was just left cursing lost opportunities because hot damn, he would have loved to meet the shorter man months ago when Taehyung had just joined college seven months ago.


“Sunshine?” Namjoon repeated in horror, eyes snapping down to where his little brother’s arms were raised happily.

“Sunshine?!” Hoseok repeated in delight, eyes snapping to where Yoongi had frozen stock still.

Taehyung watched in both nervousness and glee as Yoongi carefully examined his relaxed form slouching against the cheap couch, eyes slowly filling with recognition. Taehyung hadn’t realized he’d been in Hoseok’s dorm for going on two hours after he had barged in while wailing both internally and externally, having left the library immediately after Yoongi’s departure. His brother and his boyfriend had just been cuddling on the couch (thank fuck, Taehyung’s retinas were still scarred by the image of Namjoon’s dick violating Hoseok’s ass) and both had violently flinched from Taehyung’s abrupt screeching. Two hours, a few cups (tiny cups, courtesy of Wet Blanket Kim Namjoon™) of soju, and a lot of despaired whines later led to the current circumstances where Yoongi was gazing down at Taehyung with a carefully blank expression before turning to his older brother.

“What the fuck?”

“Min Yoongi, meet Kim Taehyung. He’s my younger brother.” Namjoon explained, waving a negligent hand Taehyung’s way before ruffling his hair.

Hyung.” He whined automatically.

Yoongi’s nose scrunched in confusion ( cute ) before looking between Namjoon and Hoseok and directing his next statement to the latter. “Wait, is this the guy you said smashed a cake onto your face then licked the icing off?”

“Namjoon licked him too.” Taehyung interjected weakly.

“Yeah, but I’m allowed to lick him, you brat.”

Taehyung grimaced, an action he found mirrored by Yoongi. “Hyung, seriously, you’re going to make me think about the Syrup Incident.”

“Oh, don’t even talk you little shit. What about the Whipped Cream Spectacular-”

“Look, you could have joined us but-”

“What kind of incesterous-”

“Wait, scratch that I never wanna see your dick again-”

“Well maybe you should learn to fucking knock, you-”

“Well maybe you should learn not to fuck you boyfriend on the fucking kitchen counter you nasty little-”

“I’m older and taller than you-”

“That just means you’re closer to death and have further to fall into Hell, don’t act all-”

“Come here you little-!”

Taehyung yelped, dodging to the side as Namjoon pushed his laptop into Hoseok’s lap (gently, because his brother wasn’t a complete monster) and lunged for his neck. Crawling swiftly away Taehyung let out a loud scream as he felt Namjoon’s hand grasp at his ankle. Kicking violently the younger cackled when he foot connected with Namjoon’s crotch and caused a high pitched yelp to leave Namjoon’s usually baritone vocal cords.

“Take that you fucker!”

“I’m gonna kill-!”

Taehyung was already on his feet when Namjoon was able to struggle up, a violent glint behind his eyes before they widened at the sight of Taehyung’s taller form situated perfectly behind Yoongi. Sure, the elder (Hoseok called him hyung, so he was definitely older than Taehyung) was on the shorter side and couldn’t protect Taehyung completely like a proper meat-shield, but he had a feeling that his kitten comparison could also be extended to a pair of vicious claws when prompted.

“You...are certainly louder than I expected.” Yoongi said after a few seconds into the silent stalemate.

Hoseok burst out into cackles, Namjoon scowled fiercely, and Taehyung simply grinned as he leaned his head down to side eye Yoongi suggestively. “I can be as loud as you want, Yoongi-hyung.”

Hoseok choked on air, Namjoon looked vaguely ill, and Yoongi had that faint coloring in his cheeks once again that drew Taehyung’s attention like a hawk’s gaze to a mouse. Chuckling in amusement right by the short man’s ear, Taehyung leaned back on the balls of his feet and sent a cheerful smile to his brother. “I should probably head back to the library. Gotta study and all that.”

He also had to go and have an existential crisis for a bit, but he wouldn’t be admitting to that. Kim Taehyung was the epitome of emotional stability. His brain hadn’t been screeching at him since Yoongi had stepped into the dorm at all, nope. No siree, it certainly hadn’t been.

(Yes it fucking had.)

“Want to get some coffee with me first?” Yoongi questioned suddenly before seeming to freeze, eyebrows furrowing in confusion. It was almost as if he couldn’t believe the question had fell out of his own mouth, a sentiment Namjoon and Hoseok clearly agreed with considering their flabbergasted gaping.

Taehyung felt that familiar boxy smile of his stretching his lips, “If you want?”

“As a thank you,” Yoongi hurriedly clarified, “You know, for this morning.”

Taehyung laughed (it wasn’t a giggle), watching the flush of Yoongi’s cheeks grow more and more red even as he slipped on his shoes and jacket. “I’m not gonna say no to free caffeine.”


He waited for Yoongi to slip on his shoes, holding up the jacket he first saw being improvised as Yoongi’s blanket and helped him slip it on despite the elder man’s protests that he wasn’t incapable, dammit. Sending a wink (despite Hoseok’s demands that he never do so in his presence) to his horrified hyungs he saluted as he followed Yoongi into the hallway. “Later!”

 “Oh. Yoongi, Taehyung, hey.” Jin greeted them in surprise, eyes glancing between the duo as his plush lips pursed in confusion. Taehyung grinned happily, leaning a bit too close to Yoongi than was probably appropriate given the way their arms were pressed together warmly.

“Jinnie-hyung! Can I get a caramel macchiato and a strawberry bingsu? Please, please, please?” Taehyung begged, automatically clasping his hands under his chin, widening his eyes, and fixing his most pitiful pout on his lips. It was instinct at this point to finish his order with his best aegyo (it always got a few won cut from the bill even though Jin was a manager and it was considered Bad Behavior).

Yoongi choked beside him, making Taehyung blink in realization as he remembered that the elder had promised to pay. Turning to the shorter man sheepishly Taehyung sent him a bashful smile. “Oh, right. Can I get bingsu too? Please? Pretty please?”

It probably wasn’t fair that Taehyung produced his aegyo once again, sending a pitiful look down at the gray haired man.

Yoongi didn’t stand a chance.

Puffing out a sigh, Yoongi turned to Jin. “Yeah, whatever, not like it’s two degrees outside or anything. I want my normal espresso, hyung.”

Taehyung frowned as he took a quick glance down at his phone, ignoring the barrage of messages from his brother and Hoseok-hyung and putting it back in his pocket before he nonchalantly spoke up. “Espresso? Aren’t those bitter? You should drink something sweet like you, Yoongi-hyung.”

Yoongi froze.

Jin froze.

Taehyung smiled happily, almost bouncing on the balls of his heels as he internally cackled.

“I...unbelievable.” Yoongi muttered quietly, covering his face with his hands for a moment as he groaned, his face flaming red. Turns out Yoongi blushed far more violently from compliments than he did innuendoes, who knew.

“I can make you groan for a more enjoyable reason if you want.” Taehyung offered, leaning closer to whisper into the elder’s ear while shooting the still-frozen Jin a mischievous smirk. It prompted the elder into starting on their drinks at least, even if he shook his head in disapproval at Taehyung’s actions. It was probably blowing his mind, considering Hoseok and Namjoon’s texts had practically been a series of capitalizations and question marks.

“Stop teasing me you little shit.” Yoongi growled.

“I’m actually being quite serious, but okay. I’ll stop if you’re uncomfortable.”

“If I’m-?!” Shooting his head up with a scowl, Yoongi frowned despite Taehyung’s small smile. It was probably more gentle than what three hours of acquaintanceship warranted, but Taehyung had always been friendly. Also Yoongi was very, very cute. So, yeah, there was that.

There was a second as Yoongi paused, fox-like eyes darting carefully over Taehyung’s face before the flush faded and Yoongi relaxed. “Thanks, I guess. You don’t have to stop I’m just-”

“Easily flustered?”


“You’re cute when you blush, hyung.”

“I am not cute.”

“Yeah, you are. Like a little kitten. A grumpy little kitten that’s probably plotting my death but you’re still fluffy and cute, cute, cute.” Taehyung crooned his words into Yoongi’s ear, retreating a few centimeters when he felt his lips brush against the upper ridge. Before he could get a response to that , Taehyung was disappointed by Jin’s pointed cough.


Looking up, the duo found their hyung watching judgmentally, even if there was a tiny smile hinting at his lips at the sight of Yoongi’s tomato red face. Their orders were on a tray next to the register as he started typing at the screen. “₩20,000.”

Yoongi choked on air.

“Hey, the bingsu normally costs that much by itself.” Taehyung pointed out quietly, glancing around for any of Jin’s coworkers. Yoongi snorted in response, muttering under his breath about ‘expensive ass coffee shops and stupid fucking aegyo that shouldn’t even work on him’ even as he handed two ₩10,000 bills over.

“Don’t worry, the aegyo works on everyone. I’m fuckin’ irresistable.” Taehyung chuckled, picking up the tray and motioning for Yoongi to pick a seat. Both Jin and Yoongi were looking the tray in his grasp warily though, prompting him to raise an eyebrow curiously.

“Are you should I shouldn’t carry-”

Taehyung cut him off with a snort. “I’m not a clumsy mess like Joonie-hyung, don’t worry.”

Yoongi eyed him dubiously for a moment before shrugging. “Fair enough. Come on, the second floor always has less people.”

“Ooh, can we sit on the balcony? I like people watching. Or mocking, either or.”

“I like your style, kid, but again - it’s two degrees outside.”

“I’m not a kid, what the fuck.”

 Jin stared after the conversing duo blankly for a few seconds as they climbed the stairs before mechanically pulling out his phone and retreating to the backroom. He wasn’t sure if what he had just witnessed was real or he was just in a alcohol-induced stupor. He needed some type of confirmation.

Motioning for Jihoon to take the counter for a bit and ignoring his betrayed pout, the pink-haired man was quick to dial Namjoon’s number. Hopefully the music technology major had some type of answer because Jin certainly hadn’t been prepared for this.

Hell, he didn’t even know the two knew each other.


“Why the fuck is Yoongi on a date with your little brother?”

Unfortunately, his answer was indecipherable considering it was just a garbled mess of Namjoon and Hoseok’s screeching.

 Yoongi directed them to a seat that was right beside a floor to ceiling window (Taehyung knew it was as close as they would get to the balcony so he didn’t complain) and sat as Taehyung carefully slid the tray onto the table top. He might have claimed he didn’t inherit the genes that made Namjoon a certified God of Destruction™ but he may have...latent ones. Only sometimes, though. He wasn’t a klutz approximately 98% of the time but that two percent…

Well, Taehyung definitely had a few incidents in the past that he was mentally repressing, that’s for sure.

Yoongi suddenly paused as Taehyung took the only other seat at the table, pulling his arms out of the sleeves of his heavy jacket and letting it fall against the back of the chair. Taehyung was too busy to notice - licking his lips, as he grabbed his spoon and entirely focused on the collection of strawberries decorating the shaved ice. He didn’t look up until Yoongi cleared his throat, squinting his eyes at the nervous look that had shifted over the man’s features. “Are you even legal?”

“What the fuck? Yes!” Taehyung sputtered, almost dropping his spoon in surprise.

Yoongi’s eyebrow shot up, faintly disbelieving. “Yeah? When were you born?”

“I’m part of the ‘95 line. December.”

Yoongi huffed out a laugh, flopping back in his chair and rubbing at his face even as he watched Taehyung pick out the whole strawberry that was situated on top a bed of whipped cream. It looked like his eyes darkened subtly when Taehyung sucked it into his mouth, licking his fingers of the whipped cream without pause. When their eyes met Taehyung paused for a moment to let the sexual tension simmer knowingly before he cheekily grinned and leant forward.

“So how old are you, hyung?”

“I’m almost three years older than you.”

Cocking an eyebrow curiously, Taehyung’s eyes darted towards the stairs. “You called Jin your hyung though?”

“March 1993.” Yoongi clarified.

“Ahh, you missed out by three months. How sad.”

Yoongi let out a hum of agreement, cautiously rising his still-steaming espresso to his lips. He wrinkled his nose when he cautiously licked at it only to burn the tip of his tongue. “Fuck.”

“Aw, look, you even kitten lick at things.” Taehyung cooed, snickering at the glare he was shot in response.

“Eat your bingsu, brat.”

“Aye, aye, cap’n.”

Yoongi stared at him for a moment, eyes narrow. “You watch One Piece just like your brother, don’t you?”

Taehyung snorted, smirking smugly. “Please, who do you think showed him it?”

Yoongi groaned, letting his face drop into his hands once again.

After a moment of simply watching the elder Taehyung grabbed one of the two strawberry pepero sticks stuck into his bingsu and deposited it into Yoongi’s espresso cup. It was when Taehyung pulled his hand away that Yoongi looked up, eyes instantly looking upon his violated coffee in confusion. “Why?”

Taehyung shrugged. “Just some sugar to sweeten you up.”

Yoongi’s eyes glazed over for a moment before he sniggered, a blush surprisingly absent. Shame. “Trust me, I don’t need any more sugar.”

 “So, how was your date?” Namjoon asked, stepping into their dorm and staring at where Taehyung was lying starfish style in the middle of his twin bed. The Kim brothers had not lucked out - unlike Yoongi and Hoseok - and had been stuffed into the oldest residential hall on campus. The dorms were tiny, only fitting two twin beds, two desks, and one chest of drawers along one wall. The other wall held their tiny closet, mostly filled with Namjoon’s expansive number of clothes because the man had an odd obsession with fashion. Hell, he even had a hashtag on twitter called Kim Daily that got far more likes and retweets than Taehyung was comfortable with.

It didn’t help that Hoseok fully supported Namjoon’s endeavors - was even the photographer in most cases - and bought him new clothes whenever he had the spare cash. That job at the nearby dance studio as an instructor had to count for something, after all.

Why, oh why did their mother force them to room together for Taehyung’s freshman year?

“Was it really a date? I was hoping to end up with hickies like you’re usually covered with.” Taehyung muttered, rolling his head to the side and watching in satisfaction as Namjoon’s face flushed as red as Yoongi’s had been. Chuckling in amusement the younger man turned his gaze back up to the ceiling and let out a long sigh. “The date was nice.”

“Yeah? Then why do you look like you’re moping?”

“He just dropped me off at the library, hyung. No kiss, no tongue, no consensual handjobs in the closest bathroom-”

“Okay, okay, I get it!”

Taehyung pouted. “He didn’t even ask for my number.”

“Well, Yoongi-hyung’s kind of an awkward fucker.”

 “I’m such an awkward fucker.”

Hoseok snorted loudly, prompting Yoongi to raised his head from where he was beating it against their kitchen counter and shoot him a glacial glare. He only received a teasing smirk in response, along with the following, “I knew you were alone for a reason.”


“How did your date go, anyway?” Hoseok interrupted, not in the mood to hear Yoongi’s excuses about how all of his past relationships only failed to work because the other person was too this, or too that. The honest answer was that Yoongi was afraid of commitment and feelings, so people either left him or he left them before they expected too much. Hoseok was honestly just surprised Yoongi still went on dates.

“It wasn’t a date-”

“Jin took his break and spied on you the entire time you were in the cafe. Trust me, it was definitely a date.”


“Well, I hope you two didn’t fuck. That’s Joonie’s little brother, bro.”

“Don’t remind me.” Yoongi groaned, once again starting to abuse his skull. Hoseok huffed, hopping up off the couch and moving to intercept his hyung from losing anymore brain cells. Gently (insistently) guiding him back to their shitty couch, Hoseok sat him down before narrowing his eyes and placing his hands on his hips in an imitation of his nagging mother.



“Talk, you poor excuse for a cactus.”

“Fuck you.”

“I can call you a kitten like Taehyung.”

“Jin-hyung heard that?”

“No, Taehyung was waxing poetic about your library meeting to me and Joonie for like two hours while you had class.”


“That happy glint in your eyes is freaking me out.”

“I’m not happy.”

“You’re smiling.”

“Shut the fuck up.”

Hoseok huffed again, fighting down his smile as he crossed his arms. “Then talk”

Yoongi groaned, falling back against the couch cushions and waving his arms in despair. “It was great. He was great. Why are the Kim brothers great? Also, why are they both attractive as fuck? It’s unfair is what it is. Like, sure, Namjoon’s fucking sexy and all like you always like to talk about when you dive into the soju but Taehyung holy fuck-”

“I take it back, stop talking.” Hoseok interrupts with a grimace. “Did you stop by a bar before you came back?”

“I might have chugged a bit of your strawberry vodka while you weren’t looking.”

Yoongi!” Hoseok shrieked, darting into the kitchen.

“Strawberries need to be banned from Korea, hyung. Totally outlawed. I have the image of Taehyung licking his fucking fingers after eating each one engrained into my retinas, dammit. Hey, at least your vodka probably tastes like Taehyung’s mouth. Not that I would know because I’m an awkward motherfucking idiot. Please kill me.”

“I just might.” Hoseok muttered, glaring at his half empty bottle of American alcohol. He had had to get this specially imported and Yoongi fucking guzzled it. Did he even know how much shipping cost? More than the fucking bottle itself, that’s how much.

Hoseok hadn’t even been able to have a shot of this himself, yet.

Growling in annoyance he took a leaf out of Yoongi’s book, opening the cap as he muttered. “Bottoms up, let’s get drunk.”

Thirty minutes later and Yoongi was whining loudly up at the ceiling from his place spread out on the couch, his arms spread wide as if to ask for a miracle. “I didn’t even get his number, Hoseokkie!”

“You’re a goddamn mess.” Hoseok snarled from where he was lying face first on their carpet. Probably not the smartest thing to do since he couldn’t even remember the last time he vacuumed, but whatever. He couldn’t remember a lot of things right now anyway. All he knew was that his special vodka was gone and he’d have to empty his wallet to get more.

“Damn straight.” Yoongi agreed, waving his hand abruptly in Hoseok’s direction.

“I mean, I could give you Taetae’s number if you want.” Hoseok pointed out after a moment of lagging consideration.

“You have his number?!” Yoongi shouted, jackknifing into a sitting position before immediately lying back down with a groan. Cradling his head, he started whimpering. “Head rush.”

“Well, I have his Kakao anyway. I also have his number, but who the fuck actually calls people anymore?”

“Gimme both. I want both.”

“What day’s tomorrow?” Hoseok suddenly questioned, heart thumping as he tried to remember whether or not he had class.


Heart instantly calming, Hoseok let out a breathy laugh. “Oh, sweet. Sucks to be you though, you have a morning class.”


Hoseok gave me your ID, hope you dont mind 10:30 AM

10:32 AM yoongi-hyung??

Did you really name urself after one of joonies tracks 10:33 AM

I am a proud dongsaeng
And i love my brother
Never tell him i said that
10:36 AM But anyway cypher is fckin lit ok have u heard it

Look at my ID 10:38 AM


You didnt know? 10:39 AM

10:43 AM FUCK ME

Listen i have a class at 11 so
I’ll leave you to...chill 10:44 AM


Im not a celebrity 10:48 AM

Considering ive jacked off to ur mixtape i’d say you’re a celebrity

Uh 10:49 AM


Youve really 10:50 AM


How would i see your later if youre gonna die 10:51 AM

Aren’t u an angel? You certainly look like one
10:54 AM Pls have mercy i just woke up

Unless you have a hangover too you have no room to complain
Now shut up this teacher is a total bitch about phones 10:57 AM

10:58 AM Aye aye capn

Youre not luffy stfu 10:59 AM

10:59 AM r00d

 “Namjoonie-hyung, my best friend, my BFFL, my favorite brother-”

“Your only brother.”

“-the light of my life. I need you to stab me through the eye with an ice pick.”

“What? Why?”

“I am an embarrassment.”

“I’ve known that for twenty years, Tae. That’s nothing new.”

“Fuck you.”

11:35 AM Would it be weird if i asked you out for another coffee after your class?

I’ll pay this tiem
11:44 AM time*

No, it’s not weird
Sorry btw my class is one of those once a week long as fuck ones
I’ll get out at four if youre willing to wait 12:24 PM

Ooh look at u texting in class u bad boy ;)
Unless u like being called a good boy cuz i can work with that too
I hate myslef so m uch
Four is fine
If u even want to be around the total embarrassment that is kim taehyung anyway
12:31 PM Holy fuck

How are you and namjoon even related?
Like, he cant even make innuendoes without stuttering 4:02 PM

4:04 PM Dont let him fool u he’s a kinky fucker

GeniusMinSuga scared to ask how you know that 4:05 PM

4:06 PM He’s my older brother, whos porn did u think i watched when i finally got boners?

I wanna know what he watches and yet I dont 4:07 PM

Idk what he watches now
i stopped sneaking onto his laptop after finding a video of hobi-hyung
It sucks because now i cant watch any porn
4:09 PM Cuz like hell im getting my laptop infested with viruses like that shithead

A video of hoseok??? 4:09 PM

4:10 PM Think naked body rolls

I dont want to think, i want to pull my brain out through my fucking nose
Why would you make me imagine that i thought you liked me 4:10 PM

Of course i like you~
4:11 PM Ur my kitten after all!!<3

Forget I asked 4:13 PM

So rude
U could have my luv and u just give me salt
Im a catch dammit
4:14 PM A fucking winning trout

Did you just call yourself a trout 4:15 PM

4:15 PM Not my finest moment, i’ll admit

So uh, lunch? 4:18 PM

4:18 PM Yesss my stomachs been growling for hours

You didnt have to wait for me? 4:18 PM

If i wanted to see ur cute as hell face yes i did
4:19 PM Do you wanna go back to jin hyungs cafe or?

No, he was spying on us yesterday 4:19 PM


I can probably get us a deal at the bbq shop down the road?
My friend works there 4:22 PM

You have friends?
4:23 PM WAIT

Ouch 4:23 PM


jfc tae 4:29 PM

4:29 PM Aw u called me tae~<3

You wanna go or not 4:33 PM

Ur so tsundere wow
My tsundere kitten~
4:34 PM But yes feed me pls im gonna die

Are you at your dorm? 4:34 PM

4:35 PM Nah, im in the square trying to find a kitten

What 4:35 PM

Not you
An actual kitten
This girl in my class yesterday took a picture of this lil gray one
4:37 PM I want it

The university doesnt allow pets though? 4:37 PM

4:39 PM Tell that to my neighbor and his yappy taco bell dog

GeniusMinSuga mean a chihuahua? 4:40 PM

I couldnt spell it okay
4:41 PM Not even autocorrect was helping me

Meet me by the fountain 4:41 PM

4:41 PM Aye aye capn

Kim fucking Taehyung 4:42 PM

4:44 PM I mean u can fuck me if u want? I’m not opposed


 “Yes, kitten?” Taehyung cooed into Yoongi’s ear, watching in amusement as he almost jumped a foot in the air. The amusement was fleeting, considering the shorter man had instinctively shot his elbow back straight into Taehyung’s gut. “Oh, fuck!”

“That’s what you get.” Yoongi scoffed over Taehyung’s whimpers of pain. The boy had dropped to his knees, arms circling his abdomen dramatically even as he stared up tearily at Yoongi with pained whines. Pursing his lips in consideration when all he received in return was a flat stare, Taehyung let his eyes drift down before smirking mischievously.

“Ya know, when I get on my knees for most guys it’s a lot less public.”

Watching Yoongi’s face flush Taehyung slowly rose to his feet in delight, rubbing at his stomach for a moment before clicking his tongue. “Okay, but I really am hungry.”

Rolling his eyes, Yoongi waved over his shoulder as he turned towards the university’s exit. “Come on then.”

Five minutes later (with a quick stop because “There’s a fucking cat hyung, I need to pet it”) they were walking into the small shop. They were lucky to get a seat considering the late lunch rush customers were combining with the just-got-off-work customers. Taehyung had worked at a few restaurants during high school and honestly he was glad to leave the scene when he moved from Daegu to Seoul to join his brother for college. Then again relying on the income from the saxophone covers he put up on YouTube probably wasn’t the best solution profit wise. He would most likely have to get a ‘real’ job if he kept going on dates with Yoongi, at least.

If this was a date, anyway.

“Is this a date?” A new voice questioned, making Taehyung glance up quickly because wow, was he in the presence of a psychic?

Their waiter was a tall guy (well, tall for Yoongi - he was probably Taehyung’s height) with pitch black hair (uninspired), pierced ears, and adorable bunny teeth. Blinking slowly Taehyung turned to where Yoongi was frowning out their waiter with a flushed scowl, his nose scrunching once again in that adorable way of his.


“Yoongi-hyung I didn’t even think could get laid , let alone score a date.” Wow, the psychic was apparently a savage. A savage bunny.

“I’d let him lay me down, don’t worry about that.” Taehyung interjected before Yoongi could spit back at the guy (Jungkook). Taehyung changed his mind, Yoongi wasn’t a kitten. He was a chimera kitten with the ability to spit venom like a rattlesnake. Yeah, that was much more accurate.

Bunny-boy’s eyes moved rapidly from staring intensely at Yoongi to looking at Taehyung, mouth falling open almost comically and his wide eyes widening even further. Taehyung simply replied with a smirk, a silent “you heard me” exchanged between them before Yoongi was rolling his eyes. “Taehyung, can you try and keep it PG-13?”

“Have you seen a PG-13 movie recently? I’m actually sticking to the script fairly well.”

Yoongi scowled. “You know what I mean.”

“Of course, anything for my honey boo boo.” Taehyung drawled sarcastically.

Wow, that was a startling shade of red crossing over Yoongi’s cheeks. The waiter was quietly cackling, eyes alight in mirth. Smiling sheepishly, Taehyung shrugged before leaning closer over the table top, voice dropping into a more serious tone and eyes gleaming. “Don’t worry kitten, I can be obedient.”

Jungkook choked on air.

Turning amused eyes bunny-boy’s way and leaning back into his seat, Taehyung ignored Yoongi’s flustered spluttering and started flipping through the menu. “What do you wanna eat?”


At Taehyung’s suggestive wink Yoongi started spluttering once again. “Pork meat. Cows. Chicken. An animal.”

“There’s a special on the pork bulgogi, hyung.” Jungkook offered helpfully, starting to write down on his little notepad at Yoongi’s agreeing nod. “What about you...ah, Taehyung-ssi?”

“He’s your hyung, brat.” Yoongi informed absently, eyes busy skimming between the offered sodas and the choices of alcohol.

“Don’t even think about it, you had a hangover this morning.” Taehyung muttered before turning to smile up at bunny-boy with his boxy grin. “Japchae with beef, please. With a coke.”

“Yeah, get me a coke too.” Yoongi grumbled after sending a quick glare Taehyung’s way but acquiescing nonetheless.

Nodding his head in confirmation Jungkook spouted out the order for a double check before walking away to the kitchen and busying himself with other tables. Taehyung was too distracted by Yoongi to really care where Jungkook went, in all honesty. Opening his mouth to release another lewd insinuation, Taehyung paused in consideration before changing tactics. Best not to desensitize the man, after all.

“So, why haven’t I see you around campus before?”

Yoongi paused, brows furrowing in confusion before meeting Taehyung’s gaze. “I don’t know, why haven’t I seen you?”

“Don’t act coy, I’m over at Hobi-hyung’s dorm more than my own it seems like.” Taehyung chuckled.

Yoongi’s eyes widened in surprise. “You are?”

“...yes? How the hell haven’t you noticed? I always end up eating your cereal. Hoseok just told me it was his roommate’s though, never specified a name.”

“You little shit.”

“That’s not romantic, hyung.” Jungkook intervened, appearing with their sodas and depositing Yoongi’s order on the heated grill before disappearing yet again. Yoongi didn’t even have time to roast the little rabbit, how disappointing.

“I thought Hoseok was eating it, fuck. You owe me. Like three boxes, at least.”

Taehyung rose an eyebrow before motioning at the table between them. “This is gonna be like ₩50,000, cut me some slack.”

“We could always split it.”

“This is a date, we’re not splitting the bill, dammit.”

“This is a date?” Yoongi repeated deadpan.

Taehyung froze before nervously starting to laugh. “Uh, I mean, if you want it to be?”

Yoongi leaned back in his seat, face impassive as he looked Taehyung up and down before he turned to flip the grilling meat without a word. Several seconds passed in silence, only driving Taehyung’s nervousness higher and higher.

“Aren’t you supposed to buy me flowers or something?”

Taehyung flinched before blinking rapidly in confusion because wait, what?

“Uh...I mean…? Give me a minute.” Taehyung demanded, pulling out his phone posthaste and pulling up Naver. There had to be a flower shop that would deliver within two hours.

“I was joking, holy shit.” Yoongi suddenly chuckled, making Taehyung look up in confusion.

“ don’t want the flowers? There’s a deal on poinsettias since December’s only like five days away. They’ll even deliver in four hours.”

Yoongi stared.

Taehyung stared back.

After several seconds of awkward silence Yoongi leaned back in his seat once again, crossing his arms over his chest. “You’re serious.”


“ don’t have to buy the flowers.”

“Oh thank fuck that would’ve emptied my bank account.” Taehyung breathed in relief, closing out of the tab and storing his phone safely back into his pocket. Yoongi snorted.

“Why did you offer then?”

“Because I’m a good date. I’m the best date. Date me.” Taehyung muttered, letting his forehead fall against his crossed arms settled on the table languidly before jerking upright as he realized what he had just said. “Uh, I mean, go on another date with me?”

“How about you guys finish this one first?” Jungkook interrupted, approaching once again with Taehyung’s order and a few more cans of coke. Yoongi was too busy getting his own order off the grill to notice the subtle thumbs up Jungkook shot Taehyung’s way.


An hour later found Taehyung with an arm carefully wrapped around Yoongi’s shoulders (he was still surprised the elder had allowed it) as they walked idly back to their university. They were taking their time, gazing curiously into storefronts and weaving their way through the foot traffic that swarmed in droves considering the late hour. Their date had been fantastic as far as Taehyung could tell, the duo able to converse without any awkward pauses (ignoring the silences that follow after one of Taehyung’s many, many innuendoes) and even sending each other into a fit of hysterical laughter after a sarcastic comment or two. Taehyung had just about lost his shit when Yoongi recounted the first time he had given Namjoon alcohol. Taehyung returned the favor by revealing just what the Whipped Cream Spectacular had been and just how horrified Namjoon had been when he came upon it. He was honored with the sight of Min Yoongi being sent into a fit of hacking coughs after he accidently inhaled his soda after bursting into laughter.

Throughout their more amusing conversations they also found out some basic information about the other, though.

Yoongi was a Music Technology major like Namjoon, wanting to produce and create his own music. He had been in underground rapper back in Daegu (so, so close to Taehyung but so far) for a few years before he had decided to buckle down on his studies after realizing that he had bigger goals. He wanted to share his music, his experiences and thoughts (himself), with the world. He couldn’t just become a producer right off the bat unless he became an idol (and even then, there was no guarantee he would even be allowed to sing his own music) so he had applied to their university and had been there for the last three years. On the flip side, Taehyung was double-majoring in Jazz Studies and Music Education, a feat that had Yoongi dropping a few slices of his bulgogi back down onto his plate in shock.

Taehyung had snorted in amusement before agreeing. “I know. I’m shocked too. But hey, I really love kids, ya know? And considering that I’m…,” he motioned between the two of them, making a lewd hand before continuing, “I doubt I’ll ever have any of my own.”

That had made Yoongi look at him in sad understanding despite his blush, prompting the younger to instantly turn the conversation to happier topics. It meant explaining his love for the saxophone, revealing his YouTube channel and even showing it to the older man. One new follower later, Taehyung was a flustered mess as he talked about his family, his dog (Soonshim was his dog, fuck whatever Namjoon said, he had Rapmon anyway), and anything else about his life Taehyung thought to share.

Now they were here, Taehyung’s wallet noticeably lighter after he had paid a suggestively winking Jungkook (damn that rabbit for being able to wink, Taehyung wanted to as well).

After a few minutes of stewing in silence, Taehyung spoke up. “You wanna try and get a free coffee out of Jin-hyung?”

“Are you gonna stick a pepero in my drink again?” Yoongi deadpanned.

Listen, I’ve tried an espresso before and I about puked. How in the world you can drink that tar, I don’t understand.” Taehyung refuted seriously, ignoring the teasing smirk playing along those pretty, pink, pouty lips (that alliteration was going to kill him, no matter how accurate it was).

Yoongi agreed though, so Taehyung wasn’t too upset about his hyung’s lack of tastebuds. Besides, maybe it would end up useful further in the future.


What?!” Yoongi snarled.

“Hyung, hyung, please don’t hang up. Please, please, please.”

“Tae? What happened? Are you okay?”

Oh, well that was definitely worry in Yoongi’s voice. Hot damn.

“I’m fine but- you remember when I met you in the library? How you were sexiled? Well I really, really don’t wanna sleep under my favorite table so save me .”

There was a beat of silence, only Yoongi’s breathing heard over the speaker of the phone, before Taehyung abruptly had to pull the speaker away from his ear because Yoongi had started to cackle, loudly. The younger tried not to pout but dammit, there was no one out to see him so he fucking pouted. It had been two weeks since their second date (the cafe one definitely counted) and he had gone on a third, fourth, even fifth date with Yoongi since then. So, yeah, he knew that Yoongi liked his sleep and how furious he could get if someone woke him up - hell, he had seen the shorter man bodily throw Hoseok out of his room before slamming the door closed just last week. It meant that Taehyung’s decision to wake the elder up in the middle of the night was a most definite no, no and he knew it but fucking hell, he was desperate, okay? He had been studying for his semester finals in the library, he didn’t deserve to be greeted with Hoseok’s bare ass when he walked back into his room.

Yoongi let out a gasping breath. “W-wait, don’t you guys live in the shitty hall with those tiny ass dorms too?”

“Look, I might have just walked in on something that makes me want to bleach my eyes and I need somewhere to sleep. Help your favorite dongsaeng out, please.”

More cackling. Dammit, Yoongi.

“Aw you poor soul.” The elder finally managed to coo breathily, and no , Taehyung definitely wasn’t getting those spine-tingles that had been present since their very first meeting. He’s wasn’t.

(He most certainly was.)

“Do not coo at me right now, this is not a situation where you’re allowed to coo.”

“When am I then?”

“When I’ve got your dick in my-”


“Well it’s true.”

“Shameless,” Taehyung heard him mutter under his breath, “you’re completely shameless.”

“I’m also getting blue balls. From the cold, hyung, not edging. Though I wouldn’t be as opposed to that as much as I am walking around in the goddamn cold at two in the morning so please unlock your door I’m at your hall now.”

“What are you gonna do if anyone ever hears your nasty ass comments?” Yoongi questioned with a grunt, the ruffling of sheets signifying that the elder was actually getting up, bless.

“See if they’re willing to join in on the fun?”


“You’re not interested in threesomes?”


“Ooh, the possessive type then, huh? Cute.”

“What don’t you find cute?” Yoongi grumbled quietly.

“Anything that isn’t you.”

There was a pause.

“Actually I take that back, have you see my dog back home? Soonshim is the most adorable fucking lifeform on this planet and-”

“I’ve seen Soonshim. I showed you Holly afterwards.”

“Oh right, your fried chicken leg.”

“...I’m locking this door again.”

“Kitten, nooo !”

“Stop calling me that.”


“Insufferable. You’re insufferable. Where are you?”

“Elevator. Two floors away, don’t worry.”

“Hurry up, the floor’s fucking cold.”

“I can’t control the elevator hyung. If I had psychic powers, trust me: you would know .”

“Why does that sound vaguely ominous?”

“Because it is. Also don’t worry, I’ll warm up your feet for you.”

“I don’t have a foot fetish, thanks.”

“Well neither do I but I was thinking more along the lines of cuddling in your blanket burrito hyung told me so much about.”

“Your brother’s dead to me.”

“Trust me, after tonight he’s dead to me too. Then again this isn’t the first time he’s pulled this shit, so.”


“Yes my darling little kitten?”

“Shut the fuck up.”

Taehyung huffed out a laugh, shaking his head as he stepped out of the elevator and quickly made his way down the hallway. Once he was at Yoongi’s dorm he knocked in warning, opening the door immediately. The blast of toasty warm air hit him like a wall, melting all his muscles and bones instantly. He couldn’t resist the shameless moan that left his throat a second later. Fuck, he was freezing.

There was a click as he was hung up on, Yoongi’s shadowy form rising from where he had been perched on the couch. Taehyung was quick to shed his shoes and jacket before approaching him, arms open wide for a hug. Before Yoongi had a chance to dodge away Taehyung had engulfed the smaller man in a tightly, practically purring at how warm he was.

“Tae, lemme go. You’re fucking freezing.” Yoongi mumbled into his neck, Daegu satoori rolling out on his sleep-heavy tongue. It sent delicious tingles down his spine as much as it reminded him of home, so Taehyung simply hummed and shook his head.

“Nope. I’m Yoongi starved. I need to recharge my batteries. They run on Yoongi instead of lithium. I’d say you’re my energizer bunny but you look absolutely nothing like Jungkook.”

Speaking of, that bunny-boy turned out to be Taehyung’s neighbor who owned the taco bell dog. Taehyung didn’t even realize until he had caught the younger man sneaking the yappy mutt into the elevator after a late-night walk with a short, muscled redhead at his side. The little runt had had a toothy, ugly face. Soonshim was like, a million times cuter than that tiny thing. At least the boy, who Taehyung assumed was Jungkook’s boyfriend considering how clingy he had been, was attractive. That jawline could’ve cut glass, hot damn. His cheeks had been oddly squishy though, and Taehyung had had to resist the urge to pinch them.

“I…did you freeze your goddamn brain?” Yoongi’s hesitant question brought him back into the present, making Taehyung smile down at the rapper.

“Maybe. It’s really, really cold outside.”

“Fuck, wasn’t it supposed to be like negative four tonight? Come to bed.” Yoongi was already pulling him by the wrist towards the one room in the apartment Taehyung hadn’t seen until a week ago. Even then it had only been for a fleeting moment when Yoongi had rushed inside to grab something. Taehyung had simply leaned against the door jam, looking around the dimmed room, gazing upon the light-blocking drapes with deep approval.

Now, though, he was pulled inside without pause and pushed abruptly onto the mattress. Bouncing subtly, Taehyung blinked in surprise before staring at Yoongi and watching as the elder slammed his door shut before shuffling over to his closet.

“Ya know, when I imagined you pushing me into bed the circumstances were very, very different.” Taehyung commented idly.

Yoongi stiffened from where he was rummaging around, turning his head to shoot a rather vile glare over his shoulder. There must be a few deeply rooted masochistic tendencies Taehyung had yet to uncover because the only thing that crossed his mind was cute. Then again that word had been repeating nonstop in his brain since the very beginning, so. Yoongi was speaking thought, and Taehyung would much rather listen to that deep, raspy voice than his own thoughts.

“It’s far too late for me to be dealing with your ass, Kim Taehyung.”

“And here I thought you’d like dealing with my ass.”

“Shh.” Yoongi grumbled, leaving Taehyung to blink dumbly at the elder before his vision was obscured.

Reaching up to pull the shirt Yoongi had thrown off his head, Taehyung furrowed his eyebrows. “Did you just shush-” Another garment was thrown at his face, revealed to be a pair of sweatpants when Taehyung shook them out incredulously.

“Change. Quickly. Then get in bed because it’s three in the fucking morning .”

“Aye, aye, captain.”


Chuckling, the taller man stood from his position on the bed and quickly shed his sweater and undershirt in one go. Layers were his best friend considering how fucking freezing it had become.

A sudden yelp had Taehyung pausing though, dark eyes instantly looking over at where Yoongi had froze, inches away from climbing back into bed. Taehyung took the chance to look him over, from the dark sweats hanging low on his hips to the worn, holey t-shirt hanging off his small shoulders. Fuck, Yoongi was cute. Fuck.

Especially that wide-eyed, deer in the headlights look he was currently sporting whilst he stared down at Taehyung’s chest.


Taehyung rose an eyebrow, voice coming out far more calm than he was really feeling. “You okay?”

“Uh, yeah, just--I just stepped on something.” Yoongi excused, hurriedly turning his head away and burrowing down into his sheets until they were covering him head to toe. Cute.

“Right.” Taehyung hummed, reaching down to unzip his jeans and pointedly ignoring the gulp that sounded loudly in the quiet room. If the elder didn’t want to acknowledge that Taehyung was stripping right before him, the younger wouldn’t push him. He’d tease him though, most definitely.

“I’m hurt that you don’t wanna watch me strip. I could dance for you if you want.”

“Shut up.”

“So mean. Are you sure you like me?”

“I’ve had my tongue down your throat, of course I fucking like you. I just don’t know why.”

“I’m irresistible, I’ve told you. Also I’ve had a lot of tongues down my throat. Dicks too, but unfortunately not yours.” Taehyung leered at the lump on the bed, disappointed when it didn’t even twitch.


“But hey, if you like me so much maybe we should date.” Fuck.

“We’ve gone on like five dates already-” Yoongi wasn’t understanding.

“No, I mean like, ‘be my boyfriend’ date.” Taehyung clarified before gulping himself. Fuck.

The room was silent for several minutes, even after Taehyung had changed into his borrowed clothes, folding up his old ones and placing them on the cluttered desk.

“Did you just-”

“Min Yoongi, be my boyfriend. Please?”

 “What kind of shitty romance is this-” Yoongi suddenly exploded, jackknifing upright and throwing his blankets off. He instantly flinched back in surprise, not expecting to find Taehyung to be looming silently at the side of his mattress. Sending a mutinous glare his way, Yoongi paused at the honest, gentle expression he found. That thrice-damned pout he had first seen at the cafe was back too.


“You- I- Taehyung-” Yoongi was a rapper, dammit. He spit words at a speed most couldn’t even fathom, his tongue was practically a technological wonder, so why couldn’t he talk? Fuck.

“C’mon, hyung.” Taehyung wheedled, drawing the elder’s attention once again. Scowling, they gray haired man ignored the spluttered mess his brain was trying to make him descend into and focused on the actual request. Taehyung wanted to date him. Exclusively, one-hundred percent, legitimately date him. Or, well, he hoped he meant exclusively. He was pretty sure he meant exclusively.

“Like, exclusively?” Yoongi questioned, just to be sure.

Taehyung looked at him like he was an idiot. “Yes, hyung. Definitely exclusively. I’m not letting anyone else touch my kitten, that’s for sure.”

Yoongi scowled. He wasn’t blushing, dammit. He hated that nickname. Hated it.

(He was blushing.)


“And you?”

Taehyung blinked, obliviously tilting his head like a damn puppy and really , why was Yoongi the one being equated to a small animal when the younger could look like that?

“What about me?”

“You know.” Yoongi grumbled, refusing to clarify. This was already embarrassing enough.

Taehyung stared blankly for several seconds before realization finally lit up his eyes. “Oh! You mean, like, if I’d let anyone touch me? Pfft, fuck no, hyung. I just want you. Only you.”

Oh, well, fuck. There was the romance. Taehyung really needed to wipe that tender look off his face because Yoongi’s heart couldn’t handle this.

Yoongi’s brain, though - it was yelling at him to abort. Abort, abort, abort, fucking flee you dumbass-

This was his dorm, though. There was nowhere to flee, and honestly? Yoongi wasn’t sure if he honestly wanted to run. Taehyung was great. He was funny and weird, and he didn’t mind that Yoongi was an awkward fucker considering he was one himself and-

Well, Yoongi liked him.

Min Yoongi liked Kim Taehyung.

That’s so fucking weird, what the fuck.

“I mean, I guess.” Yoongi finally sighed in defeat. He ignored his past transgressions - the fleeting relationships that always ended in failure because of him, by him - because this…

This wasn’t like anything Yoongi had ever experienced before and he wanted it. He wanted it so, so much.

Taehyung smiled in that odd, box-like way of his and Yoongi didn’t even have a second to stare in idiotic awe before he was being tackled back onto the mattress in a hug. Taehyung’s lips were right by his ear, letting out a squeal that was far too loud for ass o’clock in the morning and dammit-

“Shut the fuck up, Tae. Oh my god, you’re so loud.”

“You called me Tae!”

“Shut up!”

“My sweet, adorable little kitten is mine, mine, mine-ow, fuck!”

Go to sleep.”

“You didn’t have to pinch me, what the fuck? This is abuse! Spousal abuse!”

“We’re not even married you dumbfuck-”

“My kitten is so filthy. You curse so much. Bite your tongue. Or, well, you could bite my tongue instead if you-ow!”

 “Are you seeing what I’m seeing?” Jin questioned, staring in stupefied wonder. The couple had been visiting his cafe together for four months and he still wondered if he was in a drunken stupor. Sure, there had been that break where the campus had emptied out for winter break but Namjoon had been sure to spam the elder with picture after picture of Yoongi and Taehyung cuddling on the couch or feeding each other or this or that or whatever that made Namjoon’s blood curdle. Really, it was as if the man didn’t realize how nauseating he could be with Hoseok.

“I didn’t realize hyung would get this sappy when he brought Taehyung to work.” Jungkook muttered sullenly, chin perched thoughtfully on Jimin’s shoulder as he watched the couple laugh together.

“He’s your hyung, just like I am, Jungkookie.” Jimin grumbled.

Jungkook pat him thoughtfully on his upper thigh, squeezing subtly before turning his attention back to the relatively-new couple. Taehyung was suddenly leaning forward, a cut strawberry from his bingsu clenched between his finger and thumb. Why, Jungkook didn’t know, because it wasn’t like Yoongi-hyung would-

Without a word Yoongi was opening his mouth, sucking the younger man’s fingers into his mouth and sending his boyfriend look that promised things Jungkook really didn’t want to think about.

Okay, Jungkook definitely didn’t need to see that. Turning his eyes back to Seokjin, the younger man nervously smiled. “Jinnie-hyung, do you have any liquor back there?”

“I wish.”

 “Holy fuck, oh my god-!”

“Kim fucking Taehyung!”

“I fucking eat there!”

“My eyes-!”

Taehyung cackled even as he repressed a groan when Yoongi clenched around him. Glancing over his shoulder with a smirk, he looked at where Hoseok and Namjoon’s scandalized faces were frozen at the dorm’s entrance. Glee was shooting down his spine at the same rate as his arousal, even if Yoongi was shooting him an annoyed glare. He was also smirking, though, so it wasn’t like he was too bothered.

“Ya know, I expected it to go the other way around, honestly.” Hoseok’s voice was heard a second after the door finally slammed shut.

Hoseok, babe, what the fuck?”

“That was an hour ago!” Yoongi called out, joining Taehyung in his evil cackling at the dual groan of disgust they received in response before they heard the duo retreat with loud, stomping footsteps.

Grinning that gummy smile Taehyung was slowly falling in love with, the elder made adorable grasping motions up at him. So cute . Leaning down as prompted, the younger only let out a satisfied hum as Yoongi’s arms wrapped snugly around the back of his neck. Then the elder’s lips were right at his ear, breath fanning out in a spine-tingling way and-

“Make me cum, Tae.”