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Fairy Lemon Drops

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Lately things have been a little, different between them. They still go about their usual routines, they go on their missions; they hang out all the time.  But the feelings that have crept over them, a look in their eyes, the flush of a cheek, a quickening of the heart; or the warmth that comes on suddenly.  It has become so palpable that even their friends are sensing it too. 


Something is coming….


Lucy POV

Asleep in her bed dreaming, Lucy is restless tonight, just like the last several nights… She twists and turns under her covers, sweat soaking into her satin pink sheets.  “Of course I love you Natsu, I want you…  I need you!”  She groans a loud..  “Oh Natsu…  Mmmm, yes take me…”  Her hands caress her body as if a lover is touching her. “That feels soooo good!”    “Natsu!”  She cries out waking herself up to a sitting position.

Still breathing heavy she scans over her body. She can almost still feel his touch on her skin and the heat of his body all over hers.  Laying back onto her side she stares out the window….  "Natsu…" She whispers.  ‘Was that a dream? But yet it seemed so… Real.….’


Natsu POV

That very same night, asleep in his own bed, his dreams are heating up as well. His body temperature is rising, steaming the sweat that has covered his sheets.  “Lucy I love you… do you love me?”  “Ohhh Luce,” he moans.  “Yes, I wanna make love to you!”   “Oh my… You’re so tight baby!”  “Ughhh, I’m gonna c..  Lucy!”  Bolting up in bed as his screams wake him, ‘What the hell was that?!’  He pants, ‘I can still smell her like if she was here! I,I was just … with Lucy..  Ugh she felt sooo incredible!  But it was just a dream….. Right?!’  Sighing as he drops down onto his back, he looks out his window, ‘Lucy…’


The next morning at the guild Lucy is at the bar sipping a milkshake. With her head propped on her elbow she stares off to nowhere thinking about her dream the night before.  ‘It’s been the same dream all week. But it’s escalating and that was the most intense one so far!”  Exhale, “I told him I… love him…Do I?’ She lets out an audible sigh filled with longing, her eyes giving off a dreamier look, ‘Yes, I do. But we were... and he felt soo…’

“Lucy? Are you okay?  You seem preoccupied lately.” 

Startled out of her day dream she quickly sits upright, “Huh, Oh Mira, yeah I’m fine, just a, um a weird dream I keep having.”

Mira raises an eyebrow, “Oh, what kind of dream? By the look in your eyes it must have been a good one…”

Lucy’s cheeks start to heat up to a crimson blush, “Um, I really don’t wanna talk about. It’s, it’s nothing.”  She stammers

“Uh huh, well if you change your mind you know where to find me.”

“Thanks Mira.”


Natsu walks in to the guild hall. Scanning the room he sees Lucy at the bar but doesn’t immediately run to her like he normally would; the dream still too fresh in his mind.  

“Oi Flame-brain how ‘bout a fight!” shouts Gray

He turns to face his sparing buddy, “Not today.” He states bluntly

“Damn, what’s up with you this morning, in fact you’ve been aloof this whole week! Is something up?”

‘Literally Up!’   “No, Just got a lot on my mind okay.”

“Wouldn’t happen to be about….” Gray’s eyes flit to the blonde at the bar. Natsu’s eyes widen slightly, as his ears turn as pink as his hair.  “Uh huh, thought so.”


Hearing Natsu’s voice Lucy turns around to look at him. Their eyes instantly meet and lock on to one another, filled with wonderment, curiosity…Lust…  She can feel the temperature of her body starting to rise.  As her eyes glaze over moisture starts to form in her nether region. 

His body heat is also mounting as his legs unconsciously pull him towards her. After a few steps he snaps himself out of it.  Turning on his heels he rushes back out of the guild almost knocking Gray over to a nearby alley.  Leaning against the brick walls he holds his head in his hands.  His body is now completely on fire, ‘what is happening to me?!’

Shaking her head Lucy comes to her senses and rushes out after him but doesn’t see where he’s gone. ‘Natsu… what is going on?...” 


“Hey, Mira what do you think that was all about?” Gray asks the white haired bar mistress.

She just smiles, “Oh I think our little NaLu couple’s about to grow up.”


Lucy POV

That night Lucy is restless once more. As her dreams intensify her hands grip the now drenched sheets.  “Natsu, I want you!”   “Mmmm, you’re so big!”  She groans a loud... “Natsu!  Yes!  Make me yours forever….”  Groaning from the pain of the bite she bolts up in bed.  Reaching up to her neck she rubs it feeling for any bite marks, but there aren’t any.  ‘Was that still a dream? But it seemed so, so real and that bite…..  Ugh, Is he trying to tell me something, what does this all mean!?’ 

‘That’s it! I’m going to his house and figure out what’s going on!’


Natsu POV

Asleep in his own bed his body temperature is climbing once more. “Ohh Lucy, Your scent is intoxicating…  You’re so beautiful… Yes, I want you to be mine for the rest of our lives…  Are you sure baby?  This will only sting a little.”  He bites her neck and wakes up from the dream.  ‘What the, did I just ask her to be… But is she really ready?! Sigh, I can still… Taste her…’  He falls back asleep, hopeful the dream will continue.


When she reaches his cottage she slips in to find him sound asleep in his bed. Staring down at his partially naked body an unnatural force takes over her body.  Just like at the guild her eyes glaze over again, and an insatiable craving for this boy envelops every fiber of her being.  She strips down to her underwear and climbs in on top of him waking him up.

Instantly turning bright red, “Lucy?! W, what are you doing here… naked?!”

Purring, “Natsu, don’t you want me?” As she slinks over his torso she makes sure her ample bosoms press firmly against his bare chest, “I know you want me, I can feeeel, your desire for me.” 

“L-Luce, I don’t unders..”

“Don’t be coy… You’ve been telling me, through your dreams… our dreams… I want you too Natsu…”  His eyes expand, ‘The dreams! We’ve both been… in the dreams!’

“D,do you really love me Lucy?” He stammers, his eyes peering hopefully into her big brown eyes. 

“Of course I love you Natsu... I neeeeed you…” she whines. Kissing along his neck her breath tickles his ear making him shudder.  She rubs her hand along the growing bulge in his shorts eliciting a whimper.  “I want you to be my first, my only…  Make love to me Natsu.”   

“Lucy…” He bemoans.  Pulling her face to his, he kisses her lips brusquely before flipping her onto her back. Exhale, “I’ve never done this before…  Because…because it comes with a price.”

“I know the bite…” She whispers back.  “…and I’m willing to pay it to be with you.”   

A cheeky grin flashes over his face as he leans down to kiss her supple lips once more. “Oh Baby…” he murmurs huskily into her neck as he clamps down, his canines puncturing the skin.  Her hands grip onto his arms as the sting hits her. 

After releasing her neck he licks at the wounds and sits up. She feels warmth flooding throughout her body.  “I feel like I’m on fire…”

Losing all self-control; his desire to ravage the beautiful blonde beneath him kicks in. Ripping off her bra his mouth latches on to her supple breasts.  She groans as he bites her nipples, digging her nails into his back. 

Sitting up he pulls her panties off and removes his boxers revealing a large erection. Parting her legs as an invite he lays back on top of her, careful to still hold up his weight.  She shifts her hips as he rubs the tip over her moist crevasse, “Are you sure baby?”

“Yes.” She purrs. 

He enters into the depths of her womanhood.  

“Tss,” she flinches a little. “You’re so big!” 

Tightening her legs around his waist as he slides in and out of her, his moans take on a husky vibration. “Natsu… He feels so good!”  His temperature is escalating as his emotions no longer have any restraints.  Her eyes widen nervously as his body starts to glow red.

Seeing her shocked eyes, “I told you, you had to be able to handle me.” She nods and runs her fingers through his hair.  He lowers his head back down and kisses her softly.  “Baby, you feel amazing!”  Kissing her neck, “I’m glad I waited for you...”   “I’ve loved you for so long….” he murmurs into her ear. 

“Mmmm…I’ve loved you too Natsu… from the moment I met you.”

Sitting up on his knees he adjusts her legs up over his waist and holds firmly onto her thighs. Her hands grasp desperately at the sheets around her as he quickens his pace. 

"God, I love your scent…” he utters.  “I’m gonna make you mine for the rest of our lives…” 

“Make me yours forever….” She moans in return

She feels him swelling, ready, close. She arches her back to deepen the penetration and tightens her inner muscles around his shaft.  “Luce….. You’re gonna make me c…” he roars thrusting harder into her. 

“Oh My God Natsu!” Heat floods her, fiery warmth but it doesn’t hurt her.

Seconds pass as the pulsing against her constricting walls slow. Still panting a little he pulls out and sits down next to her.     

“This makes me your mate now?” she asks sitting up.

“Almost, it’s not over yet…”

“Wha..” A sudden alarm flashes in her eyes as her body now begins to heat up even further.  “This wasn’t in the dream!  What’s going on Natsu?”

“In order for you to be my mate, you must be like me.”

“A, a Dragon Slayer?” she stutters.

“Part Dragon.” He pulls her into his lap and wraps his arms around her.

“P-Part Dragon! Owww, Natsu, it’s hurting.”  She curls up into a fetal position.

“I know baby, it’s almost over. And then you’ll need to finish the bond.”  He kisses the top of her head and just holds her tight to him. 

Feeling her body finally relax he turns her to face him. “How do you feel?”  A notable look of concern in his eyes.

“I feel…. stronger…” There’s a new glint, fervor in her eyes that he’s never seen before.  She pushes him onto his back and climbs on top of him, straddling his legs and locking him down with her hips.  “I want more of him,” she growls, stroking his shaft and head to stimulate him.  He utters a low growl in response.  “Oh you know you want it… just sit back and enjoy it!”  She commands.  

Revived, she slides up and starts to rub her clit over the shaft pleasuring herself before pushing him back in roughly.  “Lucccy,” he moans.  “What have I done to you?!”

Her body has taken on the same reddish glow as he had. “Awakened me.”  She smirks, “Isn’t that what you wanted?”  Gyrating her hips slow at first, tightening her muscles on the way up and relaxing on the way down, she squeezes his shaft causing him to shudder in pleasure.  Slowly speeding up the motion, she grips onto his waist for stability and arches her back to deepen his reach. 

Her new senses are enhancing the friction on her g’spot. She tilts her head back licking her lips groaning, “Mmmmm Natsu…”  She can feel her orgasm is imminent and increases her momentum.  He can sense she’s close, so is he.

“Slow down, Luce, you’re..”

“I, don’t, want, to...” “Almost…”  “Uhhhh!”  Screaming as the climax hits her body stiffens, the walls around his hardened limb constraining even tighter. 

“Lucccy!” he utters, his back arching under her. He explodes once more.

Falling down on top of chest she locks onto his neck and bites down, her new longer canines piercing his skin. When the shudders finally subside she collapses to his side and cuddles up to his neck to kiss his wounds.  


“Now you’re mine!” She whispers. 

“Forever Baby!” And he passes out. 


Natsu POV

“Forever Baby!” he utters as he pops up in his bed awake.  ‘What the! No!  It couldn’t be a dream!  It was too real!!!’  Looking around him, he’s naked an obvious sexual encounter has happened, slight scorch marks on his sheets telling a tale but Lucy isn’t there.  Reaching up to his neck he feels the puncture wounds.  ‘Gah! I can’t take this anymore; I’ve got to find her.’  He throws on only shorts and rushes to her apartment.


Lucy POV

“Now you’re mine!” she whispers and stretches opening her eyes. ‘A dream? Ugh, is my mind  messing with me!’  Sitting up looking down at herself she realizes that she’s completely naked except for Natsu’s robe!  “How’d His!  Tss,” adjusting her hips she’s a little sore in that area.  Next she reaches up to her neck and feels the marks, ‘Then How’d that..?! and I feel different…’  Hearing a noise she turns to see Natsu in her window. 



“Natsu, it wasn’t a dream was it?!”

He shakes his head, “I guess you came home after I passed out and fell back asleep too.”

“So that means…”

He grins, “Forever baby, I am Yours and You are mine.”


She smirks…. Two pearly white fangs glinting in the moonlight.