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Witchcraft & Wizardry & Voltron

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   “Shiro! Allura!” 

Black robes filtered across Platform 9 ¾ to reveal Shiro running a hand through his hair, a dazed expression on his face as Allura chatted emphatically to him. At the sound of their names the two heads, light and dark, snapped up. “Matt!” Allura waved, a wide smile on her face. 

Matt wove through the crowd, hand around Pidge’s wrist to keep her in tow. “Hey guys!” He pulled the two of them into a hug, ruffling Shiro’s hair. “Long time no see,” he winked. 

“Yes, a whole three weeks since we were in London!” Allura laughed.

“How was your summer, Pidge?” Shiro turned to his friend’s sister with a smile, dodging Matt’s attempts to get him into a headlock. 

Pidge smiled, holding her new books to her chest, “It was good! I finally figured out the Hiccoughing Po-”

“-Isn’t she growing up so fast?” Matt cut her off, nearly bowling her over with the force of his side-hug. 

Allura giggled, “Leave her alone!”

“You should see Keith, that kid’s a bean stalk-” Shiro smirked, his eyes scanning the platform. 

“We’ll find him on the train,” Allura said, laying a hand on Shiro’s shoulder for a moment before pulling it away; no one missed the red that flared in her cheeks when she met Matt’s raised brows. 

— “You wanna go find the other two?” Keith nodded his head toward the compartment door.

Pidge’s eyes snapped up, her book thumping shut. “Yes- I can’t listen to these three talk about NEWTS anymore!”

The two made their way down from the front car, slipping past the trolley witch until they saw two familiar figures throwing Bertie Bott’s at each other. After the shuffling of September 1st hugs and high fives, and the ensuing scuffle over Lance’s last box of jelly beans, the gang fell into their usual pattern. 

“So Keith,” Lance raised his brow, lips curled in a gleefully mischievous smile, “How does it feel to know your brother is Head Boy? Seems like your year’s gonna be pretty lame now that Shiro’s a narc.”

Keith rolled his eyes as the rest of the compartment snickered, flicking what he had determined to be a vomit flavored bean at Lance. Hunk paused in the middle of inspecting an unidentified flavor to add, “Lance, you do realize that both of your team captains are Head Boy and Girl? You’re totally screwed.”

“They’re what?” Lance’s mouth dropped, his wand clattering to the floor. 

“You didn’t know?” Pidge asked over Keith’s gratified chuckling, “Allura’s Head Girl. I’d say it was nepotism but we all saw her call a foul on her own team last year-”

“-That was Hunk’s fault for throwing his club!” Lance cried indignantly.

“That was an accident,” Hunk retorted, “You didn’t have to catch it!”

Laughter rang out from the compartment, the train whistle announcing the start of another year as Hogwarts loomed into view.