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Plans for securing a wife

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When I arrived at the office the following day, WeiWei was already there. Working diligently.
So focused on the task in front of her that she probably never notices my burning eyes on her body for what must have been most of our morning. As the other employees started arriving I fortunately managed to tone it down a little.

Although her presence was distracting me, it stimmuntarly made me feel proud that this was the woman I had picked to stay by my side. Who could complete an impossible task such as the one Ah Shuang had given her.

Sitting by my desk, noticing every small movement WeiWei made I felt a sting of jealousy. As pathetic as it was, my negative emotions were centered around the items holding WeiWei's attention. The computer screen in front of her which she looked at with such focus, or the mobile phones laying next to her on the desk which she sometimes caressed with her long thin fingers.

Not only were she working inside my company, taking part in solving a problem related to the mobile game we were creating, she was executing complicated tasks while wearing a bright red feminine dress.

I love watching her wearing that particular colour and all the associations I got while watching her move around in those types of garments. There is probably only one thing which I would love more than her wearing a red dress. Me slowly removing said dress from her thin frame.
My fingers gently moved her long dark hair to the sides. Grabbed a hold of the zipper which had formerly been hidden by her dark locks close to her neck. Moving the zipper slowly downwards as my fingers followed its movements while caressing the ivory skin which would unveiled itself to my hungry eyes.

Maybe I would find a small beauty spot which no man had ever seen on her body before. Just mine to see and to kiss.

I could feel my mouth producing more spit in entrapridation at the picture playing out inside my mind. My fingers were almost involuntarily following the imaginary line of her open dress on my desk. Wishing I were trailing teasingly yet gently touching slowly down WeiWei's back. Yearning for the feeling of metal and soft fabric. Her white skin.

Noticing the erotic direction my thoughts were flowing I had to shake my head a little. I could feel a slight blush creeping across my cheeks with the realization that my thoughts were executed out in public. With a glass window as the only thing separating myself from the others, making it easy for everyone to see me.

My body's reaction was luckily hidden by my desk. Trying to clear up the mentall mess I was almost falling into I ordered myself to focus my attention elsewhere.

It would not look good for my dreams of having my wife as a permanent worker at my company if just her nearness distracted me at this length. Hopefully my reaction right now had more to do with the fact I had missed WeiWei dearly the days she had spent back home. That after a while I would get used to seeing her everyday instead of just talking to her.
Not that her voice hadn't been enough to get a reaction out of my body.
There had been more than a few examples where I had spent some 'quality' time in my bed after we had said goodnight on the phone. The last time had just been a few days ago.

No, I just needed to spend more time with her, and my mind and body would hopefully no longer hunger after her as it did nowadays. If not, us working together in the same office might in the end become too complicated.

Luckily, shortly after that thought I managed to follow the lady in red's example and shifted my focus back on the task in front of me.

Complicated programming, which I have always held a deep fondness for, was at this moment sourly lacking comfort compared to watching the love of my life, but I would persevere.

WeiWei were at this particular moment separated from me by just a few meters and a glass wall. So close yet so far.

A positive aspect of WeiWei's seating arrangement was that she had opted to situate herself facing in my direction. In doing so, giving me the opportunity to look at her everytime I needed to catch my breath.
In a way, her diligent focus on showing Ah Shuang her capability made my own batteries recharge faster. Being ignored by my wife in this type situation was surprisingly not unwelcomed.

After just a short look on the cactus sitting next to my computer screen I managed to tackle the problems in front of me with a new strong motivated force.



In what might feel like hours later, but probably were just a few minutes I noticed some movement in my peripheral vision related to the red dressed figure. Instinctively making my eyes zoom in on her once again.

WeiWei was standing up, her body moving in the direction of the printer. My eyes followed her as she picked up the papers the machine spewed out for her, giving me a short glimt of the zipper on the back of her dress.
This time I managed to hold back my thingeling fingers, hindering them from stretching out in her direction. Instead my eyes followed her every move. Taking notice of how she put the papers into a binder, the gestures of her fingers as she stapled the documents together. How she gently sealed the used mobile phones inside a transparent plastic box.

As she completed the tasks in front of her, I could easily see everything. Even how she took a deep breath before walking in the direction of where Ah Shuang sat.
I had to smile at WeiWei's "you can do it!" speech she had obviously given herself mentally.

I sent my own silent thoughts of support in her direction while her figure moved farther and farther away from me. Not that I assumed she needed my well wishing. She was an independent woman who would show my annoying employee what she was capable of. He would sooner or later have to eat his former words about females being useless.

Despite having a deep wish to see Ah Shuang's reaction to my wife's report I could not do so from where I was situated. Instead of walking out of my office to see the scene, I told myself that if I managed to complete the task in front of me I could alternatively share a meal with WeiWei later. And when doing so could hear about the episode told from her own tempting mouth.


Since I was so focused on the task in front of me I did not notice when WeiWei arrived back and sat down at her workingstation.

I only realized it when my phone made a sound, signaling that I had gotten a tekst.
A little distractingly my hand moved in the direction from where the sound came from, while my eyes were still glued to my computer screen.

Giving the smaller screen a glance I noticed that the text came from WeiWei. Before reading my eyes were already moving in order to find her figure inside the office. Locking my eyes with her dark orbs in question. She made a cute movement with her fingers in a gesture symbolizing walking. Although I understood the general meaning she was trying to convert, since I had no idea of its context I broke our connection and focused on the text she sent me.

The first two written sentences told me that it was already noon. That I should not forget to eat lunch. Simply reminding of how my wife cared about my wellbeing. Unfortunately the last part, broke my former promise to myself to share lunch with her if I worked as diligently as she had. My wife had written that she could not stay with me for the meal she was telling me to have since she would be picking up Er Xi. Taking notice of WeiWei’s reasons I could not help holding back a small sad smile.

My girlfriend’s caring nature was one of the most lovable aspects about her, and although I understood her reasons, I felt a stab of disappointment. Here I had sacrificed precious time working where instead I could have been actively daydreaming about her. I knew my feelings were completely unreasonable, but nevertheless they did not change the way I felt.

Rather than protesting, I just replied that she should return soon.

Seeing my response on her own mobile WeiWei's eyes found mine yet again. Using her smile and another cute gesture with her hands she confirmed that she had read and understood my message. Feeling a little cute myself I returned with a smile while copying her gesture. As an extra bonus I gave her a blink as well.

After WeiWei left I ordered a portion of fried noodles from a closeby restaurant, who were both cheap and good. Since my wife would not be joining me, parts of my hunger had stilled, but since she had reminded me that I should eat lunch I could not disappoint her.

Not long after I sat alone in my office eating my boring lunch while hoping that WeiWei would return later so we could at least eat dinner together. I tried to comfort myself with thinking that maybe her appointments had been for the better. Sharing dinner would technically be preferable than a small thirty minutes lunch. A long meal would give her a better chance to tell me every small detail about Ah Shuangs shocked reaction.

With these thoughts I quickly finished my meal before focusing on today's work again. After all the faster I worked the quicker I could hopefully spend time with my wife later.


Yu Banshan and myself had a personal meeting later the same day. We had already agreed that he should pick me up when it was time to leave. Originally we were planning on discussing some delicate matters that we at this point did not want to share with the other employees. Why stress the others, if there was a large possibility it would never become a real problem?

While waiting for the appointed time I kept on diligently working hard. When my head was almost spinning from all the numbers on my screen Yu Banshan finally saved me. While standing in the doorway he pointed out it was time for us to leave. Telling him I would be ready in just a minute I started saving my work.

While leaving my office I let my eyes move around the room, looking for my female intern. I had seen her return after having picked up Er Xi earlier in the day, so I had originally expected to find her with my searching eyes. Unfortunately not finding her I concluded she was probably busy with another task from Ah Shuang.

Standing next to my friend as we waited for the arrival of the elevator I contemplated how my wife had probably shown my hardworking, but still an ignorant misogynist employee how well I had been in choosing a woman full of substance. WeiWei's brilliance would by itself explain my reasons for connecting myself to her in a romantic relationship.

As the elevator doors slowly opened I realized what emotional distress felt like.

What was really important right came out of the elevator, giving me a shock. It was not my wife’s brilliance I should be focusing on, it was my wife’s health. And right now it has become my number one priority.

My wife, still as beautiful as ever, was now soaking wet.

Concerned I walked directly up towards her, inquiring as to what had happened. Before she could tell me anything I heard Yu Banshan behind me, asking her if this had happened because he had asked her to go out to buy some medicine. His question told me he was the reason for this disaster.

Since my wife was in this position because of his actions I gave him an angry glare. My best friend's response was to look away while scratching himself with his littlefinger in his ear.
Taking notice of his reaction I understood he knew the dire unjustment he had executed towards my wife, and that he at some point would regret asking her to go outside when he knew it was raining.

My judgmental stare was interrupted by WeiWei proclaiming it was not my friends fault. Still, I could not completely let it rest and turned my irritated glare at full force at Yu Bashan again. He replied by giving me a silly, but nevertheless a little damp grin. Probably assuming he was somewhat safe from my resentment because my wife was protecting him.

In any other circumstance I would have forgiven him, but right now this situation is related to my wife's well beingness. My worry for the lingering effect of being soaked made me more frustrated than what I am usually perceived as. Right now my only thoughts were related to fixing this problem.

Did glaring at Yu Banshan fix the problem? No, but it somewhat made me feel slightly better. As if I were doing something except from standing here useless looking at the drenched lady in red.

My worry for her health was festering inside of me the moment I noticed her drenched body. Why had she gone outside without an umbrella when the weather forecast had foreseen almost monsoon rain today? She should have known better. I knew deep inside that she was brighter than her actions had just shown me.
There was no conceivable way that her walking outside in that rain would be logical for me. Nevertheless, she had done so, and right now I desperately needed to take care of her so she would not get sick.

When Yu Banshan claimed that Ah Shuang was sick and that he originally had planned to buy his ill coworker some medication, but that he had been interrupted by a call from a client, urging him to send some documents, and therefore instead sent WeiWei, made my frustration lessened a tiny bit. Rationally I knew Yu Banshan would never tell WeiWei to go outside unprotected in the rain, but despite everything, this did not help with the problem in front of me. My soaking wet woman.

His explanations were legit reasonable, but despite the facts of his words, it had nevertheless not convinced me enough to not buy the most expensive thing on the menu the next time we went out to eat together. After all he was the one who was supposed to pick up the bill.

Not letting up my glare I ordered Yu Banshan to hand over his suit jacket. My friend, without any protest despite likely knowing I would use his jacket to cover up WeiWei wet body, quickly undressed and handed it over to me.

With more force than strictly necessary my hand grabbed the small bag my wife was holding. It was probably containing the medicine responsible for my wife's trip outside. Quickly I pushed it hard into my friend's open arms. My main concern right now was to cover up WeiWei in his jacket. Trying to heat up her body so she would not get sick. In any other situation I would rather drag another males jacket off WeiWei body instead of covering her up in it. Unfortunately I was not wearing a jacket myself, and in this situation I knew making her use my friends jacket was better than letting her stay wet in her small red summer dress.

Besides, out of every man on this planet, Yu Banshan, despite his somewhat dirty mind, would never consider the imagination of daydreaming about WeiWei using his clothes to protect herself against the cold.

My friend respected me and cared about my relationship with WeiWei too much in order to jeopardise it with a few unrealistically thoughts and ideas. Since I did not trust the other workers not to fantasize about WeiWei's clinging dress I knew she needed to be covered up, not just because she could get sick, but because the office was filled with young men who were probably having an unhealthy imagination considering what they were working on.

No, I did not want anyone else to see her like this.

After covering her completely up inside Yu Ba shan’s jacket I pushed the button for the elevator again. As it opened I held a strong grasp around WeiWei, dragging her body into the metal box together with me. On the other side of the threshold stood my confused friend, asking where we were going.
Not giving away too much information I just told him we were going home.

His last view of me as the doors closed was probably my cold mask of distress.