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Plans for securing a wife

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I have always known I was a little different from those around me. Not because of my brain or my good looks, but mostly my admittedly lacking social skills. I would often feel awkward when I had to communicate with others.
Usually I prefer the company of my computer or some complicated mathematical equivalents.
I would have to force myself into social activities, with real human to human interactions.
There have been more than a few situations in my life where I have been accused of being rude and arrogant, but the opinions of others do not affect me in my daily life so why should I care what they say or think?

Luckily, in college I met a few male friends who might not understand me completely but still accepted me. Despite the fact they were loud and had smelly socks, they made my life more interesting.
Nonetheless, my relationship with those three guys was not close enough for me to feel comfortable living together with them in our assigned dorm room. Luckily my parents was professors at the university I was studying, and I got a special permission to live with my parents instead.

My parents were rarely home, traveling to rural areas to perform archaeological excavations or holding lectures on how to preserve relevant findings correctly.
Staying alone in the apartment was like having my own small haven.
Even so, I still kept in contact with my roommates online and in our classes.
After all, I had to keep my parents from worrying about me too much concerning my lack of a social life.

As the years went by and after spending more time together with the three young men then I have ever spent with anyone who was not a relative, I offered them positions in the company I was planning to start. Putting my trust in them.
I have never regretted that decision so far in my life.

My assigned roommates had all noticed my reluctance to communicate with with others orally, and let those aspects of my behavior pass without it influencing their support in my daily life. Nonetheless they all argued that my good looks was wasted on someone like me, and I would probably forever stay single.
Unfortunately I could not even argue against their judgment.
They were probably right.




I wonder what my friends would think at this particular moment if they could see me now.
My eyes fixated on the fingers of a female online player at my uncle's gaming hub.
My uncle had excused himself for a moment, having to take a phone call at the register, leaving me on a room filled with computers and other young gamers as I waited for him to finish his conversation.
Waiting behind this perfect gamer. Leaving me standing perplexed behind a slaying goddess.

I think my roommates would have trouble understanding how I could fall for someone just by seeing their fingers dance over a keyboard.
I fell in love before we exchanged one word, or before I could even see her face.
Her thin, talented fingers was enough to spellbind me.

Almost like a stalker I stood behind this young woman while she continued gaming online.
Not moving an inch, my eyes following the movements of her fingers as she played "A Chinese Ghost Story" online.
I hardly blinked, afraid I would lose a precious second of the fascinating scene in front of me. The female player on the other hand had no idea I was standing there, and how much she had affected me as she assisted her guild in taking down a boss.

My heart fluttered even faster when I realized her skills was on a higher level than those around her. She was a formidable player, almost at my level.
Her fingers was making the online character react faster than I have ever seen someone using that particular character before.
Not only did her fingers fascinate me, her actions online was also quite interesting.
She obviously knew what she was doing.

As I stood there in trance I luckily managed to compose myself enough to see her screen name. Reed Wei Wei. She was even connected to the same server I myself had a profile on.

Despite the fact if I had not played that particular game online in awhile, I knew the second I got back home I would sit down in front of my computer.
I would log on searching every female character dressed in red until I found her.
Until I found the woman behind the nickname Reed Wei Wei.

After the female player was done with the fighting online she did not waste time chatting with her guild members. She quickly said goodbye and logged of.
As she turned off the computer and walked away, she gave me a glimpse of her face for the first time. Not only did she play like a goddess, she looked like one as well.
Ivory skin, with a long dark hair.

As she walked away I could not make myself react, still fixated on what had just happened.
My eyes still focused on the now black screen, soaking in the memory of the scene that had just unfolded in front of me, storing every small detail in my brain for later.

My trance was broken when my uncle came back.
He informed me he was done for the day, and we should leave in order to have dinner together. Did he not just leave me a few second ago?

I had to shake my head a little in order to function normally again, not wishing for him to ask me any questions I could not answer even to myself.
Finally I managed to turn my head away from the computer in order to focus on him, giving him a small smile as we left his gaming hub. I agreed to join him for dinner, a bit belatedly.

Since the girl had just left I assumed she would probably not log online again today.
Knowing this, it was the only reason I had not refused my uncles invitation to share a meal. A player at her level had to be online quite often in order to still keep her rating, and because of that fact I knew I would find her again. Of this I was certain of.
Those thoughts followed me all the way home, through the dinner with my uncle and even when I logged online that night. Sadly she had not logged onto the game again, and therefore I could not find her this night.

If by some strange unlucky events I could not find her online inside the game, I knew could just hack my uncle's computer database for her profile if I was desperate enough.

Nothing would stop me from finding her again.