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Bound to You

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She doesn’t feel ashamed with herself.

Not one bit.

Sometimes it was to teach her not to go wandering after one of their fellow Returners. Sometimes it was meant as given lesson; like one time it was a slap in her face from her that earned her the manacles in return.

She had her angry moments. She knew precisely how to handle most of them.

Sometimes however, she would give in and specifically ask for them. That is if she was willing to give her that relief of maintaining some of her taken freedom.

Even while the manacles had been twin-cuffed, one link attached at both ends, she was very satisfied having two sets of them to use in bed. One set’s end attached to one of her wrists, the other set’s end attached to the bedrails.

Either that or she would simply bind her ankles to the foot part with that bedrail down there and have a lot of guilty fun fastening the ones at the head part of the bedrail.

She looks so damn beautiful in them anyway. Who would blame her for being straightforward?

If she wriggles too much in the heat of the moment, and her wrists ended up bruising from the restraints, she’d simply use Cure on them after, or run her fingers along them and soothe them softly in her caring grasps, if the bruises weren’t agonizingly blue.

She was getting over the bad memories of being locked in South Figaro and bounded with them during her unfortunate imprisonment. She was very pleased with that.

Terra wouldn’t ever let her use the manacles on her though. Those suggestions given before normally ended up with the same outcome; she’d regret ever mentioning the idea. One time, Celes was in way over her head and whimpered while struggling against her touch and her muffled pleading became Terra’s reward.

She hadn’t suggested the idea anymore ever since.

Celes hated it so much at the beginning. She knew it was wrong. It was so wrong, that it didn’t matter. It was so wrong, but for some reason it felt right. Sometimes it was exactly what she wanted and she couldn’t dispute over it when she was very willing.

It felt good.

Knowing how much she loves her.

She loves her too.

But sometimes she would resist them. It would be only a matter of time till she’s been put back in her place.

Terra unabashedly admires her in chains.

However it has been taking them both quite some time to have her grow an irresistible affinity for them.

They’ll work on it. Terra’s certain.

Celes’ unconditionally bound to her. That reason alone is more than enough.