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Author Notes: This is my first fanfic… so be nice!! This is rated M/MA, not really sure yet. I will try to post every 3-5 days. And I will follow the unwritten rules of fanfic: no cheating, no new drama and I will try to stay as true as I can to the characters as possible. This will began as Dean is questioning Emma about being pregnant. There are quotes and scenes from the movie. Also if you are wondering I’m planning to make another story after this one about when they come home. Please read and review!!!

Disclaimer: I don’t own The Blue Lagoon: The Awaking.

Waiting by 3sth3r

Chapter 1: Goodbye Cruel World

“You think it was the fish. It did smell a little funny.” Emma had been coughing up fish bits for the last few minutes. Dean handed Emma some water to rise out her mouth. “You think maybe you’re pregnant?” he asked.

Emma looked up at Dean and said, “No, I’m not. Well I might be.” She thought about how long it had been since her last period and it was well over a month ago.

“It not that I don’t want kids it just that… I do just not,” Dean started to say.

“I know.”

“You want to have kids?” Dean asked.

“Yea, maybe… someday.”  But someday might come sooner than later. Dean and Emma smiled at each other.

“Good.” Dean breathed a sigh of relief.

Emma took mint leaves and put it in her mouth trying to take the vomit taste away. “Aahh, what I would do for toothpaste right now, or some chicken soup or a sad movie.”

“Come here,” Dean said, “and laid down I will make you feel better.” He took a deep breath in as Emma came too laid next to him.

“Do you ever think what everyone else is doing?” Emma asked Dean.

Dean thought for a moment, “Who’s everyone else?”

“Friends, family, people out in the world”

“We’re everyone else, Prom Queen.” A plastic bottle fell from the treetops and landed on Emma’s face.

“Ow, what was that?” Both Dean and Emma stood when they saw the monkey climbing through the trees carrying what looked like the lost flare gun both Emma and Dean couldn’t find a few days before when a helicopter went over the island. And it seemed that not only did the monkey take the flare gun but all the containers that seem to go “missing” in the last few weeks.

The little monkey started to wave the gun, “Hey, monkey put down the gun and step away from the vehicle.” Dean said calmly.    

“Come on monkey put down the gun.” Emma pled; she looked away for something to please the monkey while Dean kept it in his sight.

“No, no, no, no, stop, stop, STOP.” Dean shouted as the monkey was every close at throwing the gun into dense forest.

“Here, I’ll trade ya. Banana for the gun.” Emma said as she waved the banana around. The monkey let go of the gun and Dean catches it. The monkey raced off.

“He did even get his banana.” Watching the monkey leave.

“You know what,” Emma said with a determined look in her eye, took the gun and shot one of the flares in the air.

“WHAT THE HELL EMMA?” Dean shouted.

“I can’t…” Emma sobbed. “I can’t live like this. This isn’t living, Dean, it’s surviving. I don’t want to hope anymore. We can survive out here for more than a year.” Emma started to walk off.

But Dean grabbed her wrist. Emma looked up at Dean, “I will make this better for us. I promise.” Emma falls into his arms.  

After a while both Emma and Dean headed back down to the campsite and make a fire and stared into the sunset. Emma turned to Dean and glazed into his eyes. “Kiss me.” She whispered. Dean pressed his lips softy into hers. Dean cupped her face and drew her closer turning a soft kiss into a passionate one. Emma opens her mouth to allow Dean access, his tongue touched hers and soon Emma put her hand into his hair. A soft moan came from Emma. Dean broke away first. Emma seemed confused.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

Dean looked down, “I don’t want to take advantage of you.” He looked up and brushed his finger against her checks.

“Dean, I maybe pregnant what more damage could you do?” she paused, “I just want to feel ok again. I just what to forget and with you it’s possible.”

Dean nodded. Emma and Dean began kissing again and shredded their clothes. Dean lay on top of Emma.

“Make love to me.” Emma whispered. Dean’s hand move down her body pulling feeling her under him. Emma pulled at his hair bring his mouth deeper into hers. Dean pulled away and left a trail of kisses down her neck and then across her collarbone. Then he took her breast in his mouth and began to suck. A small moan came from Emma.

 “Dean” she breathes. Dean moved his lips to her stomach and began to kiss her navel near her pubic line. “Dean, please.” Dean kissed her again on the lips, and felt with his into her slits. He let out a sharp breathe as his member grew hard against her. Dean felt that she was hot and wet then using his fingers he explored her.  He had never fingered anyone before and this would be the first. Emma’s hips tilted up against his fingers as he got to her G spot. She moaned again. He pushed again at the spot and again, Emma let out a cry.

Emma’s hand then guided Dean’s hand to the right spot and he eased a finger inside her and then another. “Dean.” She moaned. He pushed his fingers inside her again and again. She was beginning to climb, the pleasure was building but she didn’t want to come like this. “Dean, no.” Emma whispered. Dean was confused and slowly slipped his fingers out of her. “I want you.” she said. Dean widened Emma’s legs and eased his cock onto her. Emma gripped Dean biceps as he began to ride her over and over again. Emma’s and Dean's breathing became hard and ragged.

Both Emma and Dean were climbing higher and high to their climax. Emma let out a high pitch cry as she reached her release. Dean followed after her after a few more thrust deep into her. For the rest of the night they laid there together in their arms holding on tight.

To be continued...