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A Long Road to Finding Love & Family

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Ginny had been taken up to the headmistress’s office forcibly, there were several times where she had tried to break free from Professor Black and McGonagall’s grip but it failed. Now she was waiting for Amelia, Kingsley, and her father Arthur. She sat in the chair with Sirius pointing his wand at her as the floo activated and out stepped her father, the minister and Auror.


'Alright let’s get this over with, you may give her truth serum.' Arthur spoke glaring at his daughter.
Kingsley stepped forward and administered the serum, looking utterly disgusted at the girl.
'What is your name?'
'Adriana Geneva Dumbledore.' – This caused several people to look shocked.
'Who are your parents?'


'Molly Prewett Weasley and Albus Dumbledore.' – Arthur was furious.
'Did you push Harry down the stairs?'
'He was to be mine… heroes are not gay and the child is just an abomination that needed to be gone. We hoped that if he lost the baby it would cause a rift and divorce leaving Harry to me.'
'Who is we?'


'Molly, Albus and Myself.'
'What was your plan once this occurred?'
'We would Marry, we would have complete access to the Potter Fortune and stage Harry’s death as an accident.'
'Are there any other children that aren’t Weasleys?'
'Ron, and Percy.'
'What do they think about Harry and this plan?'


'Percy thinks he is arrogant, selfish and attention seeking but is unaware that he his Albus eldest and of the plan that is in motion. Ron has no knowledge or part in this or that Albus is his father.'
'What plan? Dumbledore is in prison already.'
'That is what you think… that is a dummy of him. Do you really think he was going to make it easy for you all… you all owe him for defeating Gwindleward and Voldemort… he wants that Potter Fortune, he plans to use it to start another war with Harry as the Dark Lord, especially now that he is married to that slimy stinky, greasy git of a potions master.'
'Administer the antidote.' Amelia spoke.


'You are hereby expelled for Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and wizardry.' Minerva hissed with venom, snapping the wand. 'You are also under arrest for attempted line theft, attempted murder and murder.'
Arthur buried his face in his hands, feeling betrayed, hurt and ashamed of what he had just heard. He wasn’t sure how Harry and Severus could ever forgive him and only looked up at Minerva when he heard her pour a cup of tea.
'How is Harry and Severus?' he asked.


'Severus, is trying to be strong for Harry but keeps his emotions hidden from everyone, Harry hasn’t said a word, doesn’t acknowledge anyone. When I saw him a moment ago he was a mess, and falling apart at the words that schemer said.' Minerva replied.
'Would they agree to see me for a moment, I’d like to offer my condolences, and apologize for what she did.' Arthur spoke quietly.
'I am sure they would grant you a visit.' Minerva replied.
Twenty minutes later Minerva led Arthur and Sirius down to Severus’s and Harry’s quarters quietly. They passed several students and staff who all nodded the acknowledgement but found it eerily quiet for a place that was a school filled with teenagers.


She carefully knocked on the door of Snape’s quarters and watched as the door silently opened for them without Harry or Severus standing there. Stepping in they headed for the living room where they saw that Severus had managed to gently rock and sooth his husband asleep.
'Severus, how is he?' Minerva asked.
'He finally broke down, he believes he is being punished and that is why we lost our little boy.' Severus choked.
'He’s not to blame, you both did everything you could to protect your unborn child. The ones to blame are Ginny, Molly and Albus.' Sirius growled quietly.
'I have told him that but I am hoping that Narcissa can help, as she miscarried one before Draco and one after it might help him talk.' Severus replied.


'How are you Severus?' Arthur asked.
'Hanging in there, I think will be fine… we’re planning to bury the little boy we have named Elijah James next to his grandparents in Godric’s Hallow tomorrow. I believe that will help both of us heal.' Severus replied quietly.
'We’d like to be there, to say goodbye.' Minerva replied, Severus nodded.
'I would like to apologies for what Ginny did. I am disgusted with her, actually she isn’t even my daughter, and Ron and Percy aren’t my sons either.' Arthur spoke.


'We accept the apology even though it’s not you who should be saying their sorry and what do you mean not Weasleys?' Severus asked.
'That’s a personal question, Sev.' Harry moaned.
'I’m sorry, Harry is right for a change.' Severus spoke with a hint of amusement.
'It’s alright, when we questioned her under truth serum she gave her true name was Adriana Geneva Dumbledore. She even knew that Ron and Percy are Dumbledore’s sons.' Arthur replied sadly.


'So, Dumbledore has been planning this for a long while.' Sirius fumed.
'They were hoping that the loss of your son would drive a wedge that would lead to you two divorcing.' Minerva added.
'Ginny was then to marry you, conceive and then kill you so that they would have sole access to the Potter Fortune and Estates.' Arthur finished sadly.
'It also appears that Dumbledore isn’t in custody but a dummy of his is.' Sirius replied looking at his son with concern.
'So Harry is still in danger?' Severus asked.


'It appears so.' Minerva replied.
'Would you like us to tell he school of your loss and that you both need time to come to terms with the loss.' Minerva asked.
'Yes, I think it would be best, so that they won’t bother us too much while we grieve” Severus replied noticing that Harry had fallen asleep in his arms once more.
'We will leave you alone now, rest, and don’t worry about dinner in the hall, I’ll have a house elf bring you and Harry dinner here. If you both need anything, just ask and we will do it.' Sirius spoke quietly.
'Thank you.' Severus replied as he lifted his husband up and carried him to bed.


At dinner the entire great hall was filled with students and staff minus Harry and Severus. Minerva quietly stood up and gathered their attention, one would have thought she was a drill Sargent with how quick they had responded.
'It is with great sadness that I make this announcement.' She spoke.
Taking a breath she added 'You are all aware that someone had pushed Mr Potter-Snape down the stairs that landed him in hospital. What you weren’t aware at the time was that Harry was nearly 12 weeks pregnant.'
Many gasped in shock.


'The fall caused them to lose their unborn child, a child that would have been a son to them. They asked that you give them space and time to grieve for their son and hope that you all respect their wishes at this time. They have named their little boy Elijah James, who will be buried tomorrow alongside his grandparents James and Lily potter.' She sniffled, although the students knew that she was cut up about the loss as they were.

'Professor, did they find out who pushed Harry and why?' Hermione cried.
'Yes but it is not my place to tell you why, however Ginny Weasley has been arrested and being held in a cell at the ministry.' Minerva replied.
They watched the students sit and comfort each other before returning to their dorms or rooms.