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A Long Road to Finding Love & Family

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'What about Lily?' Minerva asked.
'Did she ever ask or speak to you about her family, or any hint that she might have been adopted?' Harry asked nervously.
'Not that I can recall. Why?'
'Mum was adopted, and in fact she was a pureblood.' Harry replied.


Minerva was shocked, she knew purebloods don't give up thier children for adoption in the muggle world... unless... there was one, but she couldn't be her daughter. Her daughter had been taken from her crib, presumed dead by now...
'I went to Petunia's yesterday and asked her if she knew if Lily had been adopted.' Srius spoke, breaking the silence.
'When did you do that?' asked Harry.


'While you were busy reading and sorting through your mail. She said that her parents were threatened by a man to raise her and gave me two letters, she said the man looked like the ex dictator arsewump.' Sirius replied.
'Threatened? What letters?' Minerva asked.
'Here, you should read these.' He went on giving one to Minerva and the other to Harry, who after taking it nervously pulled the letter out and began to read.


Dear Petunia,

I regrettably inform you that Lily and her good-for-nothing husband have been murdered, unfortunately their freak-of-a-son survived. You and your family are to raise Lily's son, make sure that by the time he enters Hogwarts, that he is submissive, and willing to see me as his savious.

I need him to be mouldable and I don't particularly care how you go about it. If you fail I will kill you and your family.

Best wishes,

Albus Dumbledore


'He gave them permission to treat me the way he did - he practically told them to abuse me!' Harry hissed as a pair of arms wrapped around him.
'Severus, what news do you bring?' Sirius asked, watching him gently.
'Aberforth just punched Albus in the face, breaking his nose, when Albus admitted to what happened with his niece.' Severus replied gently while rocking Harry.
Minerva meanwhile was furious at what was written on the letter she was reading, that she hadn't noticed Severus or the conversation going on.


Mr and Mrs Evans,

I ask you, no. I order you to raise my niece Adrianna Lily, she is not to know that she isn't your child by blood, or that she is from the magical world. If you don't do this, then I will make sure that your family suffers greatly. Make sure that she knows her place. That she is unwanted and above all a FREAK!

Best wishes,

Albus Dumbledore


'Harry - you were asking me about your mother, because you found out that I'm your grandmother?' Minerva squeaked.
'Yes... when we went to Gringotts.' Harry smiled, as she pulled him from Severus's lap and onto her own.
'He was comfortable Grandma Minnie.' Harry pouted, making everyone laugh as the fire-place flare.
'Aberforth, what can I do for you?' asked Sirius, know full well that it was to do with getting to know Harry.


'I was hoping I could meet my grandson.' He spoke as he heard laughter from behind Sirius.
'Yes, step on through.' Sirius replied as he saw Harry back in Severus's arms.
'Save me from Minnie!' Harry begged.
'Nope. Why should I?' Severus smirked.


'Because you wouldn't let your soon-to-be-husband get hurt would you?' Harry asked innocently, making Aberforth, Sirius and Minerva laugh.
'That is very Slytherin of you, Harry.' Remus smirked.
'The Hat told me that I was suppoed to be in Slytherin, but I met this boy who often says, "Wait until my father hears about this", and Hagrid and Ron were mega prejudice about Slytherin. I also learned that Voldemort had been in that House, so I simply asked the Hat... well argued with it really.' Harry stated.


'Well, my Snale in Lions clothing, you'll have nothing to fear... That mean nasty Gryffindor cat won't hurt her precious grandson.' Severus smirked.
'Are you sure? Cause she looks awfully scary?' Harry mocked.
'Come here, my grandson, Ill protect you from Grandma Tabby.' Aberforth spoke, trying to keep a straight face, while his wife mock glared at him.
'Anyway, Ab love, did you really punch that manipulative, conniving, Dementor-wouldn't-want-to-kiss-even-if-its-life-depended-on-it, freak accident of a brother of yours?' Minerva asked, making Harry flinch at the word "freak".


'Yes I did. He gloated how he snuck in that night and kidnapped out daughter, leaving her with muggles and then to discover she was murdered, with her husband and had a grandson who was alive. I think he deserved more than that.' Ab replied.
'I agree.' Sirius hissed before adding. 'I want to know if he knew about the abuse Harry suffered at the hands of the Dursley's.'
'He does. He gave them permission to, according to this letter.' Harry replied, holding out said letter.