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The rise of WildWan

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To put it bluntly…

Obi-Wan had enough.

He quite deliberately and steadily stood up in the middle of the council session and started walking towards the doors, tucking his hands into his sleeves as he walked past the holo of Dooku with calm steps.

“Going somewhere you are Master Kenobi?” Came Yoda’s voice and Obi-Wan stopped right outside the doors, contemplating what to do and say before he turned around and meet the full force of eleven councilors and Dooku’s hologram.

He raised his own eyebrows in turn. “I’m going to my room where I’m going to make a pot of tea and perhaps plan a sabacc night with some of my troopers that may or may not involve betting out clothes.” He finally drawled out.

“And permitted to go you think you are? Important this is.” Yoda stared at him.

The immovable object meet the unstoppable force.

And then Obi-Wan started to slowly smile at Yoda. “Grandmaster of my master, I’m not asking for permission. I’m saying I’m going. I’m tired, its three years of war on my shoulders. I’m taking a day…no make that a week where I am not basically running this army, someone else can be in charge.” He rolled his shoulders.

Then he focused sharply on Yoda again, putting on a half grin that made him look more like Qui-Gon Jinn the old gundark he was then polite Master Kenobi. “Now, Ahsoka played a very fitting song on the last campain I was with her on…basically… fuck this shit I’m out, fuck this shit I’m out no thanks, don’t mind me, I’m grab my stuff and please, excuse me please.” Without turning from Yoda’s slowly widening eyes, Obi-Wan kicked the door open. “Fuck this shit I’m out, nope, fuck this shit I’m out, alright then, I don’t know what the fuck just happened but I don’t really care, I’ma get the fuck up out of here. Fuck this shit I’m out.” With that he turned on his heel and stepped to the elevator.

There was a stunned silence before Dooku made a considering hum. “He’s more like Qui-Gon then I thought. Perhaps appealing to a different side of him could function better for me.” He was originally going to taunt Yoda a bit but…well bigger fish to catch.


“Master Kenob-”


“But Mas-”


“But this is very imp-”

“Galada nurk.”

“I don’t speak Sutarian master Kenobi!”

“It means no but less polite then I was saying it.”

Obi-Wan firmly let the door behind him close. He took a deep breath then started undressing on his way to his room.

“Um…Obi-Wan?” Anakin and Ahsoka stared at him from the couch as the man in question dropped his robe and belt on the floor right outside his room.

“Yes?” Came a muffled response from the bedroom.

“What are you doing?”


“I can tell that.” Anakin glanced at his young padawan then stood slowly. “I don’t know wh-Obi-Wan! Where did you get that?!”

Obi-Wan walked past Anakin to the fresher, wearing a pair of black form fitting leather pants and a loser green shirt that did wonders for his complexion and copper hair. “I own it of course. I bought it. I assume you mean the clothes of course.” Obi-Wan offered almost lightly as he ran water through a brush and took it to his hair.

“Yes!” Anakin sputtered. “Obi-Wan what’s going on?”

“I’m taking a break. I’m not going anywhere, I’m not letting the council send me anywhere, me and the 212 are staying on Coruscant and I’m going to the clone barracks now to play sabacc and I’m going to be betting my clothes.” Obi-Wan offered pleasantly as he moved over to a cupboard and reached into it, pulling a bottle of whiskey from the far back of it that Anakin had never noticed before.

“…What?” Anakin blinked.

“I’m taking a break to get shitfaced with my troopers and play strip sabacc.” Obi-Wan picked up his robe and put it on, effectively hiding his state of dress. “Bye.”

They watched him leave, stunned as the door shut behind the master Jedi.

“…What?” Anakin repeated, looking at Ahsoka who shrugged in return.