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Book of the Past

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Slowly waking up to the sound of dancing trees, you let your eyes look around. Your throat felt dry and you're hurting all over. But why did you wake up here?

"H-H..." you tried to call. But a cough grew up from your throat, interrupted your plea of help.

You doubt that anybody will hear you.

'Why-' you thought to yourself, 'why am I here...? Who am I? Most importantly...

'Why can't I remember?'

The moon shone gracefully through the forest, you heard noises coming out of nowhere. Growling, that you heard. One day here and you're already fresh meat.

Or so you thought.

A sound of footsteps and squawking was heard throughout the forest and you could see a faint beam of light coming your direction. You would sit up but it feels like that your whole body has been squashed by a behemoth.

You could see five pairs of red, glowing eyes from the bushes.

'Yup,' you thought again, 'I'm dead.'

The squawks got closer and you closed your eyes for the sweet embrace of death. Five creatures jumped from their hiding places and attacked, until you heard clanking and gunshots.

Shocked by the sudden sounds, you snapped your eyes open and saw four men attacking the creatures. Sure they were outnumbered but it was being dealt with as if it was a game for them.

The fight lasted for a while and you could tell that the last enemy was defeated by hearing it fall next to you. Footsteps got a little bit closer and you could tell that they were looking at you.

 "It appears that we're done here." one of the men said with an English accent.


 "We are but... What are we going to do with her?" asked another of them but with a deeper tone.


 'Her? Oh, they must have meant by me.' realized in your head.


 "I say we bring her to camp! What do you say, Noct?" quickly answered another of them.


 "Well," supposedly decided Noct, "I don't want the daemons to get her and she doesn't look so good."


 'Damn right I am.' you responded in your mind.

After your response, you fell asleep. Probably because of the damage you somehow took and while sleeping, you felt someone carrying you from the ground to another location which partially woke you up. For a few seconds after being lifted, you then fell into a deep sleep.