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An Eternity in Your Eyes

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He’ll never forget that first time he saw him. The way their eyes brushed to one side before each returning the other’s gaze. Silent. Secret. As though they both knew that what they were doing was dangerous. It didn’t matter that there was only two years between them, it still felt like an eternity, it looked like one too. He was tall and lean, muscular in the places that it counted, eyes that had seen some rough times, but a soft mouth, smooth cheeks that gave Liam the glimmer of hope that maybe he wasn’t so out of his league. But Liam was youthful, bright eyed and shorter than most of his friends, the other guy was interested, though, he could tell from that lingering gaze.

He had caught Stiles’ attention that very first day, not enough that Scott was staring at him like he used to do whenever Stiles was around Ethan or Danny, his best friend didn’t even notice his spiked pulse, the extra thumps in his heart-beat. Or maybe he didn’t care, or say it, or maybe Scott was still so wrapped up in getting over Alison that Stiles being interested in another guy wasn’t important. Stiles had told him months ago, after the first time he had been caught checking out Danny after practice. But this time… It wasn’t a big deal, of course, but he wasn’t sure that he wanted to be known as the guy who went after the Freshmen as soon as they arrived, and they were young looking. Was that part of it? Sure, he was cute and youthful, and looked exactly the opposite to the guys that Stiles had fallen for previously. Liam looked like he wasn’t tainted by the supernatural, and that was what got his attention.

Liam caught the final ball and pulled off his helmet, grinning at his new friends. A few weeks in Beacon Hills and he already had a group to fall in with. "Nice Liam, you might just be our first ever Freshman captain!" He grinned at the compliment and touched sticks with the Garett. His eyes were drawn away, seeing two older teenagers watching at him, well one was staring at him. He looked away, but something made him glance back, and his gaze connected with the closer of the two. A familiar clench of his muscles and swoop in his stomach and the feelings were instant. He felt his friend punch him on the shoulder playfully and Liam tore his eyes away, forcing an easy grin onto his face.

It was lacrosse practice, that was where Stiles saw him; standing in goal, letting nothing past, pulling off his helmet and holy crap, punch to the gut. He almost staggered backwards when the connection was made. It was that moment, when the world slowed to a crawl, when the volume hit zero, and it was just him and a teenager he'd never seen before. And then it was gone, the other boy looked away first, but not before throwing a cocky grin his way.

That was the moment Stiles knew that he a much bigger problem than Kate Argent rising from the dead.