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I Just Don't Care

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Harry entered the room, after leaving Hermione behind at the potion trial. He sat down on the floor and watched Quirrell having an internal debate with whoever. "You know if might just try asking the mirror for it." Harry stated as he rose. He didn't want to be down here at all, but if it worked out, it would be worth it.

"Potter." Quirrell lost his stutter. He should have known the brat would appear to try and stop him. Gryffindors, what idiots.

"Yes, and I am guessing you have a guest." Harry answered as he walked out into the opening. He wasn't sure if this part of the castle was ever used normally, but it certainly had some big rooms. "You know, you could have done this anytime. Why wait until the end of the year? I mean if three first-years could get through all those traps, you should be had no problem. It's not like you didn't know the location after Halloween. By the way, next time try and be a bit more creative than a troll and fainting."

"Dumbledore." Quirrell answered. He couldn't be to upset about the truth about the troll. Voldemort had warned him about doing the fainting bit. He wanted Quirrell to issue the warning but pretend to go and look for the troll. He mentally heard the words "I told you so."

"He is annoying, isn't he?" Harry asked. "I mean all year he has been thinking he was leading me around with those clues. Actually started even before I got here. He sent Hagrid to pick me up, and Hagrid was getting the stone that day, and that man can't keep a secret. I think he used that to "let it out" shall we say. Honestly, I was even surprised how long it took the "brightest witch of our generation" to figure out the answers. I had to actually give hints a few times in which direction to go in. I even left the stupid Chocolate Frog card where Weasley could see it. Waste of brain cells."

"You aren't what you appear." Quirrell stated. He could feel Voldemort processing this information and wonder what was going on with the Boy-Who-Lived.

"Neither are you, so I guess were even. The key to getting the stone is simple. Just have no desire to use it." Harry stood in front of the mirror and felt the stone appear in his pocket. "So how about we strike a deal?"

"Give me the stone." Quirrell demanded. He lunged at Harry, who carefully side-stepped.

"Not dealing with you, now your buddy, that is a different story." Harry answered. He moved back to the center of the room. "Honestly, I do expect a certain level of professionalism."

"Let me speak to the boy." A voice stated, the voice coming from behind Quirrell.

"Ah, the mysterious stranger is willing to speak to me." Harry grinned. He watched Quirrell unwrap his turban. "Just a hint next time, don't go with a turban, unless you have always worn one, gives it away." He had wondered why no one questioned the stuttering man, why he was allowed to a class when he couldn't even hold a lecture.

Quirrell turned, Harry hid a smirk as he looked at the face on the back of Quirrell's head. He never wanted to see that look on anyone again. It was a bit sickening. Weird what someone was willing to do in regards to magic. Harry, however, figured that since the man was wearing a turban he had to be hiding something on the back of his head.

"What deal?" Voldemort stated. He wasn't sure what the boy wanted, but if he got a powerful follower out of it, he would make a deal.

"Simple, I will allow you to use the stone to get a body or whatever back. One use, you return the stone to me. You find a way to get me away from my muggle relatives, with no damage done to me. Personally, I could care less about what happens to them. We agree not to fight with each other, it will end whatever plan Dumbledore has set. You let me return to Hogwarts."

Voldemort knew the boy's life couldn't have been what he heard. His attitude was to much like his own when he arrived at Hogwarts. Also, the fact that he didn't care about what happened to his relatives let him know the boy was abused in some way. Voldemort wasn't willing to give in on the first offer and replied, "two uses of the stone, I won't destroy it. I will remove you from the muggle relatives. It might take some time. Are you aware of the prophecy?"

"Please, it was delivered by that hack, in a pub. You do realize the odds of a prophecy being true is almost nil, the only ones that fulfilled are the ones the idiots start on the course of filling it and don't stop. It was a bit of a surprise to read my life story in those books, to bad most of them are very, very, wrong." Harry answered. "One use or no stone."

Voldemort thought for a few moments. "Dumbledore won't let the prophecy go that easily. He will want us to fight. To him, it's either you or me."

"Takes two to fight. I also don't believe he is going to allow both of us to live. Something tells me he wants to make sure I am a biddable lamb, that is he going to lead to slaughter. However, I am not endangering my life for anyone else. I didn't even do anything to come here except fly. Granger dealt with the Devil's Snare and the potion aspect. Really have no idea why she thinks wizards don't use logic, but it worked. Weasley dealt with the chessboard, got hurt on it too. He blocked himself in, leaving no other move but for his piece to be taken out."

Voldemort smirked. "You aren't a Gryffindor."

"Nope, had to fight the hat for it. After hearing how evil Slytherins were, and how only dark wizards came from Slytherin, I knew I had to go somewhere else." Harry looked around the room. There really wasn't much to work with. "We best get this over with, you know Dumbledore won't be fooled for long with your distraction."

"True. Fine, one use to get my body back, I remove you from your relatives. I want your support in the war."

"This summer if possible. I really don't even want to return to them." Harry answered.

"Severus or Lucius Malfoy?" Voldemort asked.

"Severus, Dumbledore won't put up such a stink that way, he will still think he has some control over the situation. Not only that but Malfoy Jr. is the biggest whiner I have ever met. How do you stomach the prat?"

"I took a lot of points from him. I can arrange that. Especially since he believes Severus is his spy."

"Interesting." Harry asked. "I can't show any support until I am away from Hogwarts. I can do it behind the scenes. Oh, no hurting me that mean you won't be casting any of your creative punishments on me. I want some training, but you aren't allowed to treat me like one of your followers."

"So you will support me, I will train you. You will learn Dark Arts and anything else I instruct."

"That is fine. I don't mind that."


"Deal." Harry held out his hand and they felt the magic sealing the deal. Harry handed him the stone. "Now, let's set the stage for Dumbledore. Can you create a copy of that stone?"

"I was going to create some dust, with a blast circle around it. Ashes for a corpse, you will act surprised and ask timidly if it was your mother's protection that saved you. He is always going on about love and he will believe loved saved you."

"Oh, good idea." Harry grinned and they got to work. He listened to Voldemort tell him what to say and how to say it. He practiced with Voldemort before Dumbledore arrived for their stage scene.


Severus was furious. He couldn't believe Dumbledore did it again. It was at the Leaving Feast. He had been watching Potter and noticed the boy wasn't as happy as he appeared to be when Dumbledore changed the points to allow Gryffindor to win. He was willing to bet not many noticed the fake happiness. He had been wondering about the boy all year. There was something off about him.

He had spent many hours watching the boy, and yet, at times, he caught a look of disgust on his face when looking at his two friends. He had also seen him in the library, reading a lot, but his work never reflected that. He wondered what the boy was playing at. He wondered why the boy was so small and thin.

When all the students were leaving the hall, he felt his mark burn. He had received a message a few days ago, while Potter was in the infirmary recovering with his friends from their adventure, warning him that he would be called. He never told Dumbledore and he wasn't about to now. He headed out to the apparition spot, placed his hand on his mark and apparated to where the Dark Lord was.

"Ah, Severus, good of you to join me." The Dark Lord said from his desk chair. "Take a seat, we have much to discuss."

Severus wasn't sure what exactly happened, but he realized Potter had to have something to do with the Dark Lord's return. The man appeared to be a bit more saner than when he disappeared. "Tell me what you know of Potter."