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Xander And Cordy's Road Trip Adventures

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SERIES TITLE: Xander and Cordelia's Road Trip Adventures
CHAPTER TITLE: Last Minute Details
PART: <01> of
AUTHOR: Red Jacobson (
DISCLAIMER: None of the Characters you recognize belong to me, they all are the property of their respective owners. I promise to treat them better than their creators did
SUMMARY: Cordelia joins Xander on his Road Trip after graduation. Very AU, no Fluke, and the Chase's never lost their money.
FEEDBACK: Of course, feedback feeds the Muse, and she tells me more of the story for your reading pleasure
CATEGORY: Adventure/Erotica
RELATIONSHIPS: Xander/Cordelia/Other Female
SPOILERS: Since it's been over 12 years since Buffy Season Three aired, I seriously doubt anything mentioned in this story will be a surprise
WARNINGS: I'm sure that those of you familiar with my alleged writing have any doubts about what you are going to find here. But, for the virgins among you, you are going to find oral, anal, dom/sub, femme-slash, and quite possibly a number of other things that will have Mrs Grundy and Doctor James Dobson reaching for the smelling salts! *GRIN*
AUTHORS NOTES: Just a bit of fun that the muse provided, hope you enjoy.
YET ANOTHER AUTHORS NOTE: The Master/Slave Ceremony that appears in this chapter is something I made up out of whole cloth, as well as the questioning that Xander did to Willow. I don't know if that is something that actually happens in a relationship like that, but it seems to me to be something that should happen to ensure that both know what they are getting into.

Kingman's Bluff
May 25th, 1999

Graduation was over, the Mayor was roasting his snaky bits in Hell, and they were planning to wrap up one final loose end before departing in the morning on his long planned road trip. Of course, Xander mused to himself, the plans had changed a great deal when he'd invited his girlfriend along. Queen C had promptly taken over the arrangements, and, where he had planned a leisurely drive up the coast and a trip through Utah before heading toward the East Coast, Cordelia had voted for a tour of America's Finest Five Star Hotels. He really didn't put up much of a fight, after all, she was paying for it, and, most importantly, she was sleeping with him, and he learned early in life that arguing with the woman who was willing and eager to have sex with you was a lose/lose proposition!

He was a bit nervous about her plans for tonight, simply because so many things could go wrong. He had already tried to talk her out of it, but the best he could get her to agree to do, was to talk to Willow before putting her plans in motion. Xander was well aware of Willow's feelings for him, she hadn't really made a secret of them, especially after she and Oz had broken up when he left to go back east to college. It was the way that Willow made her interest known that had irritated his girlfriend.

Cordy had changed a great deal over the past year, especially after she had almost died at the beginning of the year when she had fallen on the jagged piece of metal the night that Spike had kidnapped the two of them. They never did figure out what the bleached blonde vamp had been trying to accomplish, When Buffy and the others had arrived to rescue them, Spike was drunk as a loon and Buffy was in no mood to question him, he was dust almost before he knew he was in a fight.

Cordelia had spent the better part of 2 weeks in the Hospital after that. Ironically enough, it was the way he had stayed at her side the whole time that finally convinced her parents that he was not like his parents, and they gave their blessing to their relationship. After Cordy was released from the hospital, and had been declared totally healed by the specialists her parents had brought in, she had invited him to stay with her overnight. Her parents turned a blind eye to the fact that he showed up for breakfast dressed in the same clothing he had worn for dinner the night before. Cordelia did tell him later that her mother had questioned her to make sure they had taken precautions, and was relieved that they had used condoms.

They had done more than make love that night though, but knowing that they were each others' first did make the night special. It was the conversation they had before and after that made the night stand out in memory. It seems that Cordelia had taken a good look at her life while she was in the hospital unable to sleep, and really didn't like what she had seen. She was feared, and fawned over by those currying favor, but her only actual friends were Xander and Faith. The way she put it was, “If something gets me one night when we are out there, I want more than just the two of you to be honestly sad that I'm gone!”

When she returned to school, Cordelia was a changed person, she broke away from the majority of the Cordette's, except for Aura, who took Cordy's new attitude in stride, and turned out to be a fun person to be around. Of course Harmony tried, badly, to take Cordelia's place, but, considering she had nowhere near the intelligence and observational skills that Cordelia had used to acquire and maintain her position, she was soon ignored by the vast majority of the student body. In changing her attitude, a funny thing happened, she became even more popular, except this time, people weren't afraid to talk to her. Less than a month later, when the Homecoming Queen was chosen, there was no contest, she won in a landslide.

About the only person who didn't warm to the 'new' Cordelia was Willow, she refused to accept that Xander was happy with Cordy, and was constantly making snide comments behind Cordy's back. It had gotten so bad that, after a raging argument in the Library, he had stopped speaking to Willow for close to six weeks. Eventually it was Cordy who got them speaking again, but things were still tense. Which brought his thoughts full circle. Turning to his girlfriend, Xander wrapped his arm around her shoulders and spoke quietly. “You know I'm supporting you in this, but I just hope you are prepared for it to blow up in your face. I know you are comfortable with your desires, and God knows I'm thankful for it, but she may not be willing to face the fact that she's attracted to women as well. Just because the Vampire Version of her, where ever she came from, was an equal opportunity letch, doesn't mean that she's ready to admit that it's part of her as well.”

Cordy sighed and leaned into him, “I know, but it's the only way I can think of that will allow you to keep your oldest friend, and still make her understand that her fantasies of 2.5 kids and white picket fence are not going to come true with you. I told you the night of our conversation that I'm willing to share, but I have to be there too, if she can accept that, we all win, if not, then, I'm sorry, I don't see any way that she can be any part of our life.”

“Well, as long as your sure, we may as well get started. I talked to Faith earlier, and she'll keep Buffy occupied tonight, and she said she's holding you to your promise to send her a plane ticket when we get to Chicago, that's she's always wanted to re-enact the subway scene from “Risky Business” as a threesome!”

Cordy chuckled, “That girl is such a horn-dog!” She paused, thinking, “It does sound like fun though.”
Xander joined in her laughter as they walked to her car.

When they pulled up the driveway at the Chase home, Cordy gave Xander a kiss, and said, “I'm not too sure how long this is going to take, but if it goes over an hour I'll give you a call, okay?”

“Okay, just be careful when the sun goes down, a whole lot of the vamps may have been dusted this afternoon, but they aren't the only things out there!”

“I'll be fine, there isn't anything out there that can outrun me when I've got the petal down.”

Xander stood and watched as she drove off, knowing that things were going to change, one way or another, before morning. He just hoped it worked out the way Cordy thought, but he was afraid he was going to permanently lose his oldest friend.

The Rosenberg House

Cordy pulled her Mustang convertible to a stop in the driveway, noticing that, as usual, Willow's parents were not in residence. Walking up the door, she took a deep breath and rang the buzzer. Willow answered the door in less than a minute, the welcoming smile dropping from her face as she saw who was standing on her porch. “What do you want Cordelia?” she hissed, using Cordy's full name like a curse. Cordy sighed, “Look Willow, Xander and I are leaving tomorrow, and we won't be back for months. This is the last chance for you and I to come to an agreement that will allow you to keep your oldest friend. Are you going to step aside so we can discuss this like civilized human beings, or do you really want to have this conversation on your front porch where the neighbors can see?”

Checking to see that the sun was still out, Willow stepped to the side, allowing Cordy to enter. Once the statuesque brunette was inside, Willow shut the door and whirled around, “Alright, you're in my house, now what the fuck do you want Cordelia?”

Cordy didn't seem to notice the profanity, or the tone, simply sitting down on the couch and making herself comfortable, before looking at Willow and saying, “It's not so much what I want, it's more about what you want, and how I can help you get it.”

Willow froze for a second, before slowing looking at her nemesis, and saying in a quieter tone of voice, “I have no idea what you are talking about Cordelia, how could you possibly have any idea what I want?”

“Let's not play games right now, Willow, you are too smart to successfully play stupid. I'm talking about Xander. He is with me, and nothing is going to change that, no matter how much you may want it. But, the thing is, I'm not opposed to sharing him, as long as certain conditions are met, just ask Faith, and Buffy.”

Willow gasped, “You mean she was telling the truth? I thought she was just teasing me, trying to make me feel bad that she had something I couldn't have!”

“Oh no, while I wasn't in the library then, I'm sure that what she said was the truth, and she wasn't actually trying to make you feel bad, she was trying to be helpful, to let you know what you need to do to get what you want. I know, I know, you are straight, you never even thought about another girl. Is that what you are going to say? Then ask yourself this, if you are such a straight arrow girl, why do I constantly see you checking out me and Buffy and the other girls in the shower, and taking a long time with the soap afterward?”

Willow blushed but didn't say anything, and when Cordy spoke again, it was in a softer tone of voice, “Willow, I'm honestly not trying to be a bitch here, I'm trying to get you to face up to something, and let you know that we won't judge you for it. I went through the same turmoil when I realized I was bisexual, but once I realized that life is too short to worry about other people's problems, I've been a lot happier and much more relaxed. I know that we aren't friends, there is too much history between us for that, but we can become friends, if for no other reason than it would make Xander happy, and we both love the goof!”

Willow stood there, dumbstruck, her mouth opening as if to say something, then she shut it again, before doing just about the last thing Cordy expected, she started to laugh, and kept laughing for several minutes, until she final stopped, and wiping her eyes, looked up to see her one time nemesis watching her with concern.

“I'm alright, I was just laughing at myself! You didn't need to convince me, I've been aware that I was bisexual for a few years now. I started noticing things when I was a freshman, and I had read enough of my parents books to understand what it meant. I was just laughing because I was trying to over think things, as usual, when if I had just talked to you months ago we could have been having a lot more fun than sniping at each other! You see, it wasn't just being bisexual that I was dealing with, it was actually harder to admit that I really wanted somebody to totally dominate me, to do things to me, to make me do things that I would never think to do for myself.” Growing serious, she continued, “The part I was having the problem with wasn't wanting Xander, that was no secret, but having to stop myself from crawling under the table in the library when we were researching and spreading your legs in those skirts and sliding your panties down and worshiping your pussy, while you try to pretend nothing is happening. I'll keep licking and teasing your clit with my tongue like a good little slave until it is all swollen then I would lock my lips around it and suck like it was a little tiny cock, making you squirm in your seat. I'd tease you like that for as long as I could, then I'd slide my fingers in you, and make you bite your tongue to stop from screaming as you cum and coat my face with your juices! And while Xander is trying to find out what is wrong, I would reach over and unzip his jeans, and start sucking him, and the whole thing starts over again, finishing with you bending me over the table and pulling my pants down and giving me a bare bottom spanking in front of everybody!”

She looked over at Cordy and almost started laughing again at the flushed look on her face, and the way she was rubbing her thighs together. Without thinking about it, Willow crossed the room and dropped to her knees in front of the brunette, spreading her legs, she grinned as she smelled the other girls arousal, especially since Cordy had gone commando today! Pushing the skirt up over her hips, Willow lifted Cordy's legs over her shoulders and dived in, getting her first taste of the girl she'd been fantasizing about for months. She gathered the juices that were already flowing, drinking them like nectar, before teasing the other girls lips, making them spread wider and working her tongue inside.

She may not have had any experience, but she must have been doing something right, as Cordelia's fingers twined themselves into her hair, pulling her closer. The brunette had been so worked up from Willow's fantasy that it didn't take much to send her over the edge, but she didn't let go of Willow's hair until she finally came down from her climax. Willow sat back on her heels with a satisfied smile on her face as she gathered the juices and licked them off of her fingers.

It took a minute or so for Cordy to be able to speak coherently again, and she just smiled brightly and murmured, “Wow! We definitely wasted too much time this year!” Before sitting up and pulling Willow into her lap, where she started kissing the smaller girl passionately. The two of them were lost in the kissing until they were distracted by the clock chiming 6 o'clock. Reluctantly breaking the kiss, Cordy said, “I guess you are interested then?” And Willow nodded, but said, “I need to get changed first, though, I've had an outfit prepared for a while, and this is the perfect time to wear it! I'll be back down in 10 minutes.”

As soon as Willow ran upstairs, Cordy grabbed her phone from her purse and dialed Xander. “Hey Lover, prepare yourself for the night of your life! Things went far better than I even expected, in fact, I'm still recovering from the “O” she gave me! I'm sure we'll tell you all about it, and maybe even give you a demonstration when we get there. She's getting changed now, said she had an outfit all picked out and everything. We'll be leaving in a few minutes, so you'll be able to see it for yourself when we get there.”

With a laugh at her boyfriends groan, she ended the call and straightened her clothes while waiting for Willow.

1630 Revello Drive
Earlier That Afternoon

Buffy had barely waited until the door had closed behind her and Faith before she started pulling the younger Slayer's clothing off. She had captured Faith's mouth with her own, pressing her against the door as her hands were fumbling with the other girls shirt, pulling it up and off her arms, and tearing at the bra until she found the clasp and released her breasts. Faith was just as busy pulling at Buffy's clothes, and they eventually made it up the stairs to Buffy's bedroom, leaving a trail of clothing behind them. In a small, still rational portion of her mind, Buffy was grateful that Mom and Dawn weren't home, having gotten out of town the night before, or she would have been grounded for months!

That was the last rational thought she had for quite a while, as she pushed Faith back onto the bed and climbed on top of her, her thigh sliding between Faith's legs and rubbing frantically as they continued kissing. The two of them were so worked up from the fight earlier that it didn't take long for them to hit their peak. It was while they were relaxing in the afterglow that the smaller girl chuckled, “Damn B! I knew I got the Hungry and Hornies after a fight, but that was something else!” Buffy just laughed, “Faith, you ain't seen nothing yet! It's too bad you took off right after that fight with the Hell Bitches a few months ago, I damn near wore Xander and Cordy out, and was still ready for more! That was one wild night! I had no idea Cordy was so good with a strap-on, but being the filling in a Buffy Sammich was a hell of a ride!”

Faith laughed, “They got you that way too, huh? I think the two of us ought to make plans to surprise them when they get back to town and have a Cordy Sammich, I'm sure she'd love it!”

“She probably would, but why wait til they get back? It's still early enough to get over to Cordy's place.”

“Nah, they got plans for tonight, C said she was going to try and talk to Red, see if they can get things straight between them before they take off.”

Buffy grinned, picturing the scene. “That's going to be an interesting conversation, to be sure, especially if Cordy can get Wills to stop soaking her feet in the river.”

“I don't know, B, I don't think she's spending as much time on the river as you might think. I think Red knows what's going on, but isn't sure how to handle it, but C'll take care of her.”

“It's how she handles her that will make for the interesting part. Especially if Willow does in fact know what's going on, it could make for some enjoyable sleepovers after patrol this summer!”

Faith laughed, “Damn B! And you call me a horn-dog? You're just as bad as I am, wanting to get in your best friends panties.”

“Oh and you don't Faith? I've seen you checking her out in the shower, and how you lean over her at the computer, trying to sneak a look down her top.”

“Busted! But, that's enough talk, I'm ready for round two, how 'bout you?”

There was no further talking for a while.

The Chase Mansion
7pm That Night

Xander set aside the copy of 'On The Road' that he had been re-reading when he heard Cordy's car pull up in front of the Pool House. Watching the door, his eyes widened when he saw Cordy walk through the door, a leash in her hand. It wasn't the leash that surprised him, but the fact that it was hooked to a collar around Willow's throat. From the throat, his jaw dropped as he took a good look at how she was dressed. She was wearing a raincoat over her shoulders, but it was open, and he could see that she was dressed all in white, from her stockings and garter set, to the lace bustier that left her breasts exposed, down to the crotchless panties that framed her shaven pussy.

Cordy grinned as she saw the obvious evidence of his approval, before lifting the raincoat off her shoulders and turning Willow around, to show the white elbow length gloves that were cuffed at the wrists behind her back. Dropping his eyes, he grinned at the sight of the butt plug held firmly in place. Cordy turned her around, so she was facing him again, and tapped Willow on the shoulder, and the redhead dropped to her knees, and lowered her eyes to the floor.

“Hello Lover, I found a naughty little slave who was just begging for a chance to serve us. I brought her home to see if she's worth keeping or not, what do you think?”

Dropping into character, because this was a game that the two of them played a lot, especially with Aura and Tamara, Xander stood from his chair and walked over to his new slave. “You've certainly done a wonderful job presenting her, my dear. And I do like the packaging, but it will be her performance that determines if she becomes a bed warmer, or just a toy for the servants like the last one.”

“This is true, however she's already given me a most satisfactory performance, so I doubt you will be disappointed.”

“I'm certain she did her utmost to please you, my dear, all of our slaves are devoted to you, especially our new pet, Buffy. Maybe if this one works out, we can have Buffy train her?” He grinned inwardly as Willow blushed brightly, and her nipples tightened in obvious arousal. Looking up at Cordy, she grinned back at him and mouthed “horn dog!” at him, as he tried to look innocent. Getting back into character, Xander spoke, “Slave, raise your eyes and look at me.”

Willow lifted her head, and he looked into her eyes, slightly surprised at the unfocused gaze. He had only seen that once before, the last time he and Cordy had played this game with Aura. The former Cordette had a deep submissive streak as well, and her reactions introduced them to the phrase 'Sub Space' and they realized that it was no longer a game for her, she really did consider herself their slave. Looking up at Cordy, he whispered “Sub Space” and a look of comprehension flashed in her eyes. She frowned briefly in concentration, before looking him in the eyes again, and nodded. He looked at her questioningly, and she nodded again, before he nodded. He wasn't sure how it happened, but it looked like he and Cordy had gotten themselves another slave, and he could see the need to do some serious research on the lifestyle, because if these two girls had given themselves to the two of them, he was damned sure going to find out how to treat them properly!

Realizing that Willow was waiting patiently for him to speak, he said, “Come back to us Willow, you can go deep again after I ask you some questions, but for now, come back to us.”

He was relieved that her eyes cleared instantly, and he could see the spark of intelligence gleaming brightly, although it was clearly tinged with desire. “Willow, are you offering yourself to us of your own free will, with no outside influence or compulsion?”

“Xander, I mean, Master, I've been imagining this for over a year, as soon as I saw the two of you together, I started picturing myself serving you both. I am doing this of my own free will and looking forward to the chance to serve you.”

Xander nodded, “Do you offer yourself to us, knowing that, although we will never deliberately harm you, we may require you to do things that you may not want to do, but will do so anyway?”

“I do”

“Do you offer yourself to us, understanding that you will be joining us permanently, and, I am the only man who you will ever allow to touch you, that any children you eventually have will be mine, but that you will often be asked to perform with your sister slaves for your Mistress and Myself, as well as select guests, entertainment? Think carefully about this Willow, because we aren't playing around here.”

Willow didn't say anything for close to a minute, and Xander was pleased to see that she really was thinking things through before coming to a decision.

“I have to admit, I hadn't considered the idea of being made to perform in front of others, but I can trust you not to let them touch me, and you are the only man whose children I ever wanted, you are the only man I ever wanted, Oz was just an experiment, and he never even saw as much of me as you are seeing right now. So, yes, I understand what I am offering, and agree to all of it of my own free will!”

Thinking quickly, Xander says, “Okay, if we are going to do this, we are going to do it right!” Looking at Cordy, he said, “Give Aura a call, see if she can come over. If she's as serious about this as Willow is, we need to recognize it, and I've got an idea for a ceremony that will formalize them giving themselves to us.”

Cordy thought about questioning him, but when Xander was this decisive, it was usually best to follow his lead, it was the Alpha in him, combined with the soldier memories that were combining to provide him with a plan, and it almost always worked out very well. Besides, even though she wasn't the submissive that Aura or Willow were, she still kind of liked seeing 'take charge' Xander show his face.

Sliding in character, Mistress Cordelia hit speed dial on her phone and waited for it to be answered. Recognizing Aura's voice on the other end, she purred, “Hello Pet, can you come over here now? Your Master and I want to have a ceremony for you and your new sister slave, demonstrating your commitment to us, and our commitment to you.”

She smiled at the eagerness in her pet's voice, “Of course Mistress, I'll leave right now!”

“Very good, you still remember the gate code, do you not? Just come back to the pool house and walk in, we will be waiting for you.”

Not waiting for a response, she ended the call and put her phone away.

15 Minutes Later
A block from the Chase Home

“Faith, the next time I let you talk me into walking halfway across town, will you at least remind me to put on some comfortable shoes? My feet are killing me in these boots!”

“Hey B, you're the one who wanted to see what Red is up to with X and Queen C, I'm not that curious. But, since you were determined, I was damn sure not getting into a car with you, I've seen how you drive!”

“Hey, it was just the one time, and I'm sure that the drivers ed teacher was on the edge of the heart attack anyway, you can't be sure it was my fault!”

“Sure, B, sure, just keep telling yourself that.”

“I'm not that bad a driver, am I?”

No answer

“Am I?”

Faith sighed, “I guess not, at least compared to a drunken narcoleptic anyway.” she finished with a snicker.

“See! I knew I wasn't that bad!” Buffy exclaimed triumphantly, before the rest of what Faith said sunk in, “Hey! You take that back!”

The sound of running feet and the two girls laughter echoed throughout the neighborhood.

When they had stopped running, they were right in front of the Chase home, and Faith said, “Hey, isn't that Aura's car? Wonder what she's doing here at this hour?”


Buffy took a closer look at the bright blue Altima, and said, “Looks like it, and she's probably here for a booty call, just like we would be if they called us.” She paused, thinking, “Although, Willow wasn't home either, I wonder if there is more than just a booty call going on. You've noticed how Willow reacts sometimes when somebody tells her what to do? I get a whiff of arousal every time it happens, and I remember Aura being the same way that time she was with us.”

“So, you think that X and C are playing a kinky dom/sub game tonight?” Faith grinned, “Coz I could be in the mood for some of that myself. Don't get me wrong B, lovin' what you and I get up to, but sometimes I get a hankerin' for some beef steak, and I've got one now.”

Buffy grinned wickedly, “No prob, Faith, I could do with a little kink myself tonight, you know how it is, the bigger the fight, the wilder the appetite.”

“Ain't that the truth!” Faith nodded, “but we better beat feet if we want to get through the gate before it closes.” she said, starting to run.

They made it through with seconds to spare and slowed down to a jog, following Aura's car.

Inside The Pool House

Cordy looked up from the security monitor, “Hey Xan? Did you invite anybody tonight?”

“Nope, why?”

“Because we've got a couple of Slayers jogging up the driveway.”

Xander gave a half amused groan, “Of all the nights they decided they wanted a booty call! Okay, you get our new pets into the pool area, and I'll explain the situation to the two of them.”

Xander was waiting at the doorway when the two unexpected guests jogged up. “Something Hellmouthy going on?” he asked. When they shook their heads, he smirked, “Let me guess then, Faith spilled the beans about Cordy having chat with Willow, and you figured you'd see if you could get in on it, right?”

He didn't let them answer, continuing, “Look, there is something serious going on tonight, and you can watch, but behave yourselves until it's time to play okay?”

“What's going on, Xander? If it's really serious we can give you some privacy.” Buffy asked, curiously.

Xander sighed, “Okay, both of you have played Master and Mistress games with us sometimes, right? Well, with Aura and Willow, it's a lot more than a game, they really want to be our slaves, and Cordy and I are accepting their offer. Tonight is a ceremony to confirm that, and make sure it's what they both want, that's why I'm asking you to behave, and not make any smart ass comments. This is a very big thing for all of us, and I don't want them distracted. Can you do that for me, please?”

Surprisingly, it was Faith who responded, all trace of her usual smirk gone, “Sure, we can do that Xan, I can respect how big a step it is, I knew a couple people who were into the lifestyle back in Southie, and it wasn't just fun and games for them.”

“It's not for us either, which is why we won't be moving fully into it until after we get back from our trip, both Cordy and I have a lot of things to learn, so we don't mess up the trust they are giving us.”

“We'll be good, Xander, don't worry.” Buffy agreed, and they followed him into the pool house.

When they arrived in the Pool Area, Xander stripped off his clothing, and gestured for them to do so as well. They quickly stripped and left their clothing by the doorway and followed him down the hallway to the frosted glass doors leading to the pool itself.

Opening the door, the smell of chlorine hit them, and the sound of the water gently lapping against the edges of the pool. Walking inside, they could see Cordy, Willow and Aura, all of them stark naked,and a study in contrasts, Willow with her pale skin and red hair, Aura with her naturally brown skin and jet black hair, common to her Filipino background, hanging down her back, and Cordelia, standing in the shallow end of the swimming pool, waiting for them.

Faith and Buffy stood back, quietly watching as Xander walked past the two waiting girls and joined Cordy in the pool. He gave her a quick kiss, and turned to face Aura and Willow.

“Aura Adora Adonia” he called, and Aura walked into the water to stand before him, and Cordelia moved to stand beside her.

Placing his hands gently on her shoulders, he spoke quietly, but his voice echoed off the tile walls, “You have expressed your desire to give yourself to Cordelia and I, to be our Slave, and you have also expressed your understanding of what this means. Do you still wish to do so?”

Aura spoke quietly but clearly, “Yes Master, Yes Mistress, very much so.”

“Very well then, let this signify the end of your life as Aura Adora Adonia, when you arise, you will be Aura Aluria Adonia.” Nodding at Cordelia, they lowered Aura under the water, and raised her up a second later, to be kissed by her new Master and Mistress. After they broke the kiss, they led her over to the edge of the pool, where Cordy picked up a collar, and handed it to Xander, who placed it around Aura's neck, while she beamed with happiness.

Aura stayed at the edge of the pool and watched as Willow went through the same ceremony, leaving behind Willow Danielle Rosenberg, and becoming Willow Desiree Rosenberg, receiving her own collar.

Hearing a soft moan from Cordy, he glanced over and saw that Aura had her mouth on Cordy's breast, while her hands were busy under the water. Smiling to himself, he reached out his hand to Willow and led her back to the steps out of the pool. Sitting on the top step, he spread his legs and said, “Pleasure me pet, show me that you are worthy of the gift I gave you tonight.”


He watched as she dropped into Sub Space instantly, and opened her mouth, taking him inside her. Xander leaned back on his elbows as he watched her work, enjoying the sensations as she took as much of him in her mouth as she could before closing her lips around him and starting to move her head on his cock.

It was obvious that she didn't have much experience, but her sheer enthusiasm made up for it, as she stroked what she couldn't get in her mouth with one hand, while fondling his balls with the other. The combination of her enthusiasm as well as the idea that it was his sweet innocent Willow giving him her sluttiest blowjob soon pushed him over the edge, and he let himself go, unloading in her mouth as she swallowed as much as she could, before he pulled out and pointed his cock at her chest and sprayed the last of his seed across her breasts. He couldn't be certain, but he thought, by the way she shuddered and moaned, that Willow had at least a small orgasm right then.

Thanking his quick reload time, a gift from the goddess Aphrodite after the Love Spell the previous year, he stood up and moved Willow so she was kneeling on the top step, her pussy and ass above the water level. Tapping her on the shoulder, he turned her head so she could see Buffy and Faith making out by the edge of the pool, their hands in each others pussy and working furiously. “When I'm finished with you tonight, you and your sister slave are going to put on a show for us, making love to her while Mistress and I entertain ourselves with the Slayers and we all watch you perform for us! Do you like that idea Slave?”

“Oooooooooh Yes, Master! I'll put on a wonderful show for you and Mistress, thank you!”

“I'm sure you will, now, it's time for you to get what you have wanted for a long, long time.” Xander said, as he slid his cock into her pussy, burying himself to the hilt. There was no doubt this time, he could feel Willow tightening around him as her pussy spasmed in pleasure. He held still as she rode out her orgasm before starting to move once she relaxed around him. He glanced back and saw that Cordy was sitting on the edge of the pool and Aura was going down on her, and doing her usual wonderful job if the look on Cordy's face was anything to go by. Turning to others in the room, he saw that Buffy and Faith had moved to the floor and were rolling around in a 69 position, with Buffy on top, until Faith surprised her by sliding two fingers into the older girls ass, allowing Faith to roll them over so she was once more on top.

Turning his attention back to Willow, who seemed to be cumming steadily as he pumped her, he licked his fingers and rubbed the first one around her rosebud, relaxing the ring enough for work his finger in, causing her to cry out as an even more powerful climax hit her. He kept up his rhythm, working a second and third finger into her ass and stretching her hole enough to handle him, before he pulled out of her pussy and put his cock at her last hole. As soon as the head was pushing in, Willow cried out “Yes Master, Yes! Fuck your Slaves ass! I've wanted this for so long!” That was all he needed as he pushed forward, taking her ass in one stroke before grabbing her hips and starting to fuck her.

Willow started moving against him, building up a good rhythm and taking him to the edge far faster than he wanted, but the part of him that wasn't Master Xander was still blown away by the situation he found himself in. He would have been happy with just Cordy, but his horny minx of a lover wanted to explore her bisexuality, and wouldn't keep that part of her life away from him, and it led to him living out almost all of his fantasies with Cordy's enthusiastic participation.

While he was musing about the wonderful strangeness of his life for the past several months, his orgasm snuck up on him, and he let loose with a roar as he flooded Willows' ass with his cum. Breathing heavily, he pulled out and sat down on the step, pulling Willow into his arms and stroking her as she came down from the climax that his own release had triggered in her.

Hearing applause and wolf whistles, he looked up to see the other four girls grinning at him. It was going to be a very long night!

End Part One