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Hardest choise

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‘Uh...W-what happend’ I said to myself and opend my eyes. I realized that I’m
lying on a big plot of golden flowers. A single beam of light falls on me.
‘Wait a second!’ I thought….’A plot of golden flowers? Beam of light above me?’
I started anylizing everything. Then I looked on my hands first. They were a bit
smaller, as well as my legs. Then I discovered what clothes I was wearing....
A blue jumper with dark pink(almost light purple) stripes and same blue pants.
I immidiently stopped. ‘Wait, wait!! This can’t be?!’ I couldn’t belive myself. ‘It simply can’t be ture!’ I said to myself.
First of even could this….

Then I started to remember everything.
There was this hudge storm and I just finally, after many „let’s play’s” of ‘Undertale’ on Youtube that I've watched I decided that (mine) epilepcia or not I’m gonna buy and playthrou This Wonderfull Game.
I stopped for a moment with my thoughts...’Oh...right. As long as I stay on this flowers game won’t trully „start” ‘.
And I went back to the depth of my mind.
‘Alrighty’….I said to myself starting to analyzing again…
‘So I turn on Undertale...then lightning striked somewere near….

Well at least it isn’t FNAF or any other creappy or gore game’ I thought to myself.
‘Okey, okey….bad puns save for later….now
Your 26 year old girl in body of „in
theory” genderless….huh….15(?) year in theory suposed to be
10 at maximum(if I remember well).’
I said to myself.
‘Well good that I don’t have any family….
No one will be worried about my dissapirience...Well my job and my bills and that stuff might be problematic...’
I started arguing with myself. ‘But on the other hand… I don’t have my
epilepcia in this body (I guess) and if I take „pacyfist path” I won’t suffer like in „real world”.‘ I continued debate….
’Oh...but the important things are….first how
(or will I ever) get out of here and
second….should I say characters in the „game” that they aren’t real? Afterall….’
I looked on my hands again...they weren’t pixelated ‘This is their Home, Life,
Entire Existence. I can’t say „Hey Papyrus You know that You’re just a bunch
of some computer codes?” no I just couldn’t….for them THIS is Real World.’
With that final thought I finally got up and I started my journey in the Undergrounds.