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When Life Gives Lemons

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That day had been a shitty day. So shitty in fact that Namjoon wanted to sleep through the rest of it and wake up tomorrow feeling like shit because he had slept too much. But, of course, with any other plan Namjoon has ever done, it doesn't go like that. Because he's a fucking a child stuck in an adult's body and he has to do adult things.

It was 8:30 pm and Namjoon was grocery shopping (and wallowing in self pity). He watched as families and couples went around acting cute and it was almost like they were trying to poke fun at Namjoon for not having anyone, for failing everything. For not even knowing how to pick lemons because is bigger lemons better or smaller ones, Namjoon didn't know.

When he was finally done he went to the checkout, fitting everything in a paper bag. He hadn't needed much (coffee and lemons because he had run out of lemons ages ago).

"That'll be 9,221 Won," the black-haired cashier girl announced, voice lifeless. She probably had a bad day too. It wasn't like Namjoon was the only one having bad days, everyone had bad days, why was he acting like he was-


"Oh, yeah, sorry." Namjoon got out of his mini trans and held out the money. He put his wallet in his bag and got the paper bag that had lemons on top, hitting each other with every step the tall male took.

He got out of the supermarket, walking in the car park. He didn't have a car but his house was close, he had been lucky enough to make a good decision at his house's location. Close to a 24/7 supermarket.

The wind blew on top of him, making him shiver the slightest bit. He felt his fingers get a bit tingly from the cold. It was okay. He was going to go home and put the damn lemons in the fridge and then go to sleep.

He took a few more steps then suddenly a man hit him and he dropped his bag, stumbling back a bit.

"Oh no, I am so sorry!" Namjoon looked as the lemons trickled out of the bag, hitting the pavement that covered the whole area. The lemons were rolling out of the bag and Namjoon didn't even have lemons now because fuck him because he didn't know whether to buy big lemons or small lemons or whether to buy Ethiopian or Kenyan coffee because what did they differ anyways and now the lemons were out of the bag and he didn't know why this kept happening and why he just couldn't function like a normal fucking adult and now the lemons were tumbling to the other side of the road and-

"It's fine." His voice came out groggy, he felt tears gather in his eyes. He looked down, his hat covering up his face as he glided his fingers over his eyes. He was crying over fucking lemons.

He got the paper bag from the ground and picked up the lemons that had rolled away and put them in the paper bag. It was fine. He looked at the brown haired guy still looking slightly panicked.

"I am really, really sorry," the guy said, worry settled in his eye. He got one lemon that was next to his foot and put it in the paper bag. Then he walked away.

Namjoon got to his house safe, didn't even bother turning on the lights. He put the paper bag onto the kitchen counter then collapsed on his bed. He suddenly felt the sour taste of lemons in his mouth.


Because sometimes life makes you buy lemons and a guy runs over you and they roll out of your paper bag.