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Order 66

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They try to be as obscure as possible.

Its impossible not to notice them though. Their armor is white and the sun shines on it, even with the dents and scratches in them.

But clone troopers are unmistakable to Jedi’s even out of armor. They fought together for three years on various planets and in various conditions. They know these men even if they are trying to keep a distance.

One squad, changed out every three hour, keeping a eye on the temple from a distance.

After what happened…after the march on the temple…

Well, no clone has come close to it. They haven’t dared even after the chips in their brains were exposed and removed.

Several clones had died and so had a few Jedi’s until Skywalker and Kenobi had managed to take care of the chips and the Sith Lord in the very heart of the Senate. People were still reeling from that.

Reeling from the fact that the war seemed to be over finally.

Reeling from a three year long war that was finally over and supplies were suddenly being sent back and forth. Relief effort.

Jedi’s on the move as what they were suppose to be. Negotiators once again.

And every time a Jedi set out, a discreet team of clones followed.

“…They’ve been there for two weeks now.” Obi-Wan wrapped his cloak around himself, standing with Plo.

“I know. I’ve sent messages to Wolffle. No answers. You?”

“None. I’ve sent to both Cody and Rex. I even tried Ahsoka to see if they’d talk to her.” Obi-Wan tightened his arms around himself. “I hear even Mace has tried to contact them.”

“They feel guilty. Many are blaming them.”

“None are Jedi’s though.” Obi-Wan sighed. Plo gave a harsh breath then nodded.

“None are Jedi. The public may think what they want. I just wish they’d come to talk to us.” He looked to the building where he could spot the white armor on the roof.

“You’re not the only one.” With the war over so many Jedi’s were floundering, looking for familiarity that had been lost and found even their steadfast friends gone from their lives. It hurt, but Jedi’s did their best, kept their distance in polite respect and hoped…just hoped for the return.

“I hear you have a mission?” Plo looked to Obi-Wan. “Its not to soon? Your leg is still healing I hear.”

Obi-Wan looked down at his shiny leg and let out a shaky breath. “Its healed as well as its going to I imagine. I have to give Anakin due credits for going so quick back into the war when he lost his arm, its…uncomfortable.” A lasting impact from Darth Sidious and one that had snapped Anakin out of his funk.

It had hurt, the severing of his leg. The prosthetic was good though and Anakin had already been tweaking with it for Obi-Wan to make it better.

“Beside, the delegates of Rymark knows me. They know they can trust me, I had been there before with Qui-Gon in my padawan days.” Obi-Wan smiled. “The healers insist I use my cane though. For now.”

“Its wise to listen to them Obi-Wan.” Plo murmured, rubbing his chest where Obi-Wan knew there was a new blaster scar.

“I have to take a transport out to one of the hangers outside the temple, they still haven’t fixed it enough for ships to leave it.” Obi-Wan picked up the bag at his feet and slung it over his shoulder before pulling the cane of his belt and leaning on it. “Until I return then Plo.”

“Until you return my friend.” Plo took the offered hand and squeezed it, watching as Obi-Wan limped down the stairs to a waiting transport. He took note of a one of the clones on the roof suddenly moving. ‘And there goes the report to the clone barracks…I wonder if its Commander Cody that will be Obi-Wan’s squad.’ He mused before thumbing his coms and pondering calling Wolffle again.

Perhaps the pack would answer this time?