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"Lucy!" He shouted to get her attention this time.


"Oh, what?" She had been distracted, watching Flynn over Wyatt's shoulder.


He searched her face, "We're going to split up.. Okay?" He gestured behind himself, "I'll go that way."


"No!" She grabbed his arm before he could turn, "I.. want to go that way. I think he's the other way and I think it'd be better if you dealt with him."


He frowned, "Okay.. whatever you say.."


Rufus had already gone, thankfully not seeing Flynn. He left, shooting her a weird look as he passed.


She let out the breath she didn't know she was holding. She really should have let him find Flynn, she didn't understand why she was so protective of the terrorist. She walked up to him, sliding into the seat across from him, "What are you planning?"


His green eyes pierced her as he scoffed, "Like I'd tell you."


She frowned, "Well considering I just saved your ass, I think you should."


He smirked, "And why'd you do that?"


God, she hated him sometimes. She didn't answer his question directly, "Wyatt was going to come this way and I.. happened to see you and stopped him."


He looked at the table and then back to her, "Where'd he go then?"


She scoffed, mirroring his actions, "Like I'd tell you."


He smirked, "Fair enough."


Her eyes narrowed, "Why do you keep doing this? Why can't you just stop time traveling? It's making it worse."


He looked over her shoulder, "I do what I must, Lucy. You know I don't enjoy this."


She frowned, "Yet you do it anyway. How many people have died because of this?"


He didn't answer so she said, "Exactly, too many."


He got out of his seat, "Whatever you say." He gave her a taunting kiss on her cheek, making shivers go up her spine, and then walked away. He knew she wouldn't follow him, she watched him disappear into the crowd.


Almost on cue, Wyatt sat in the seat that Flynn had left seconds before. Flynn had already disappeared thankfully. His blue eyes scanned her face, "What's got you blushing so much?"


This snapped her back into reality and she looked away from the crowd and at him, "Blushing? I'm not blushing."


Wyatt shrugged. He looked around at the crowd of people, "Did you see Flynn?"


She shook her head, "Of course not, I would've told you immediately."


He slowly nodded, "We should find Rufus then, see if he saw him."


The two of them got up, finding Rufus in a matter of minutes. Their friend was close to the table, searching the crowd.


"Did you see Flynn? neither of us have." It was Wyatt that spoke.


Rufus gave her a knowing look, "No, I would've thought he'd go to Lucy."


She cursed at herself in her head, he had seen her with Flynn, "Well, he didn't. Let's keep looking."


At least Wyatt hadn't seen, Rufus wouldn't say anything. So she was off the hook.. for now.