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Her Kids

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This was it.

Ahn Minhyuk will not take having his girlfriend running away from him whenever her “kids” called. It was alright the first few times because she was so cute when she got worried and pissed off over a couple of high school kids she wrangled in Dobong - Dong.

But enough was enough.

Here Bong Soon was running off to take care of her kids when they were passionately making out. And they were certainly about to do more than just make out. But then her special ringtone started playing and all the passion just flew out the window.

(She didn't even have a special ringtone for him, he checked)

She was running around trying to find her shirt and skirt, while Minhyuk was sitting pouting on the bed.

“Babe, can’t you just let them take care of themselves this once, weren't we about to take care of something ourselves.”

‘Minhyuk, really? They really need me. Look you don’t understand ok, I’m coming right back after I’m done.”

Before he could whine a little more, she ran over to his side and kissed him quick before running out of the room.

He decided he was still going to pout because at least he deserved to do that when his girlfriend was out taking care of her kids.