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Not the Same Title as that Song from Titanic

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"Don't be ridiculous, Sherlock! What would I do with it, have it bronzed?"

"If you like."

"You could save someone's life with that, and in all honesty, if you- if you were to die..."

"We all die some day, John. It's called mortality; you must have encountered the concept in medical school."

"I know that, you daft wanker! On some far future day, if you were dead... I can't think of anything I'd rather know than that your heart is still beating. Whoever it's in."


"And leaving me your internal organs for posterity isn't?"

"You may have a point."

"I do. I know your heart belongs to me, you show me every day. And mine belongs to you, but you aren't getting it after I die."

"I'm not?"

"There's no need to pout!"