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Everyone Wins (in Red)

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Rey bumped into Finn in a hallway, which wasn’t too impressive given how many there were snaking through the Resistance base. What was, as she stumbled back and he caught her arms, was their reaction.


“Ooph! Oh, I’m sorry Finn, I was looking for you-”


“I was looking for you too-”


“I had an idea.” They both said at the same time, then froze. After a few surprised seconds, they looked at eachother and laughed.


“Okay, you first.” Finn chuckled, always the gentleman.


“No, no, you. Is it important?”


Finn hadn’t let go, instead dragging his hands down to settle on her elbows. She wore much less clothing now that she had in the desert, and loved being touched. Her arms were baby soft, or so Finn said.


“No,” Finn replied, “not really. But maybe we shouldn’t talk in the middle of the walkway.”


“Mm, true.”


They shuffled to the side, finding the opening to a wire closet a good place to settle. Finn released Rey’s arms and crossed his own protectively over his stomach. Rey frowned and said, “You first, then.”


Finn shuffled awkwardly from foot to foot, butt leaned against a metal rack. “So I was talking to Poe.”


“Oh no.”


“Hush,” Finn said, faking a stern look, “he mentioned something about a holiday in the Republic, and I know we don’t have any idea what those are but he said it had something to do with love. Lovers. He seemed nostalgic? I’m not sure, he also said it was red and pink themed.”


Rey scrunched her nose. Pink was not an attractive color, generally speaking. “Okay. So what are you thinking?”


“That we, I don’t know, do something for it? Apparently it's tomorrow, according to the galactic calendar.”


“Doesn't he come back from a mission in the early morning?”


Finn nodded. “0500.”


“Well,” Rey leaned back herself, finding another convenient rack. She reached down and scratched her thigh near the knee. “I was thinking that it was high time he paid for his little stunt at the party a few months ago.”


She didn’t need to specify. Poe still teased her endlessly, and even if he or Finn joked about exhibitionism around her, she blushed. Events directly after hadn’t been bad either, but she had become very weak to suggestions of a lascivious nature in public.


“Hmm,” Finn scratched his chin, a day’s worth of stubble having grown there. “Maybe we can combine.”


“My thoughts exactly. And I had more of an idea than just that.”


A little grin slowly spread over Finn’s face, Rey’s favorite expression on him, and she returned it. “We have ten hours til he comes back. Let’s get our duties finished and we’ll have five left to plan. Meet at my bunk later?”






Meet they did, and plan, and at 0430 they were quietly opening the door to Poe’s bunk, a decently sized little room for the top pilot slash war hero. It had the little bed set up against the wall across from the door, with its sturdy but old metal frame, a little washing up area in the corner, and on the far side was a heavy wood table, thinner than it was long, that held most of Poe’s random belongings that he cycled through normally. Clothes, X-wing tools, bits of electronics from BB-8, rations, and other small items. Rey pointed Finn silently to the table, and he began cleaning it off, setting everything gently onto the shelf that ran the length of the far wall, and replacing the clothes in the squat dresser by the bed.


Ren put down her pack on a clear space of the bed (sheets rumpled to all hell, socks and grooming items strewn about), and pulled the ties open. She smiled at their contents, and placed them carefully on the bed. Once they were done it was almost 0500. Finn took up a comfy stance leaned against the wall next to the door, Rey set herself primly on the bed, and they waited.


At 0533, enough time for Poe to have taxied into the hangar, checked his X-wing, and debrief but not much else, the door to his room slid open. The room was fully dark as he trudged in. Finn and Rey, their night vision at its best, saw him stop in the middle of the room when the lights didn’t automatically come on. “What the-”


“Hi Poe.”


He started slightly, then said, tentatively, “Rey?”


“Mhm. How was your mission?”


“...fine. Success, but not sure how much we’ll get out of it. No losses.”


“That’s good.” She said, voice even and calm.


Poe sighed. “Little mouse, clearly you’re up to something, but to be honest with you I’ve been up for something near two days and I’m spent. Maybe we can raincheck?”


“I don’t know about spent ,” came Finn's voice from behind him, just as his dark hands touched Poe’s back and snaked around to his chest, fingers splayed possessively, “not yet.”


“Stars-” Poe swore quietly in surprise, hands coming up to cover Finn’s. At that moment, in true theatrical nature, the door to the room closed.


Rey didn’t move from the bed, even as Finn’s hands began to wander, picking over Poe’s flight suit underclothes and kneading gently at muscles that were likely very tired. Poe groaned softly.


“Poe,” Rey said.




“Finn and I were planning on a gift for you. Bonus is you don’t need to do much at all. Just say yes.”


“Why do I feel like this is a trap?” Poe said, his muted voice holding a trace of amusement.


“It’s something like that. Yes or no? If you really want we can leave.” Finn replied, and his tone wasn’t coercive in the slightest. If Poe really wanted to rest, they wouldn’t argue.


“How could I turn down a homecoming gift?”


Poe heard Finn huff out a small laugh, and then his forearms were being drawn behind his back. Finn shifted to take both of Poe’s wrists and draw them up just before the point of true discomfort, and then held them there crossed in one hand. He really had impressively large hands, a fact Poe had found great pleasure in before. Rey, her form shifting like a ghost on the bed, spoke. “Do you want lights on or off?”


“Either is good.” Poe answered honestly. Light was good for the visuals, but darkness was good for heightening sensations.


“Off, for now.” She decided, and rose. She slunk over to Poe, who could barely see her in the poor filtering light from the door cracks, and stopped short of him. “Do you want to be able to speak, or no?”


Poe opened his mouth to answer, but Rey said “Nevermind. You need to communicate somehow.” A shot of interest flared up in Poe’s belly, but he stayed still.


“Don’t move your arms unless I move them.” Finn instructed quietly.


“Yes, pup.”


Finn let go slowly, and Poe took up the effort to holding his arms twisted up behind him. It wasn’t comfortable, but doable. He was rewarded by a light tap on the ass, the hand then sliding around to the front to unbutton his trousers.


Rey’s hands went to work as well, coming to find the zipper of his body-forming shirt and pulling it down without haste nor delay. As Finn pulled the trousers to his knees, they swapped, and Finn helped Poe remove his shirt and reset his arms while Rey gently pulled the boots, socks, and pants from his legs and feet. Entirely nude in the inky dark, Poe sighed.


The next sensory input was not what he was expecting. Something cool and slippery draped over his shoulder, and he shuddered as it dragged across one pec and teased his nipple. It was hard to tell what it was until it wrapped around under his opposite armpit and towards his hands. His next breath was shaky as Finn held his arms up so Rey could wrap the silky fabric tight around his wrists. He was being tied.


The thin fabric came back around to his front, looped through the middle of the first side, and then back around his back the other way. It was like an elegant ladder as Rey wrapped and looped the fabric across his front and then through the W of his arms, lashing them against his back. After a few minutes, she tied it off in the back, Finn stepping around to his front.


“Feel okay? Not too tight?” Rey asked, fingers fluttering over her work and testing the slack on the different sections.


“Where did you learn to do this?” Poe asked, already slightly breathless in excitement.


“That’s not what she asked.” Finn said, putting a finger to Poe’s chin and tilting it up. The glint of Finn’s eyes could barely be seen in the dark. “Answer your Mistress.”


Poe lost his air for a moment. “Yes, it’s fine.” He managed. “Does that make you my Master?”


Finn laughed, enough to warm the tension of the room but not enough to break it. “No. I’m her Guard dog. And you are the naughty cat we just caught in our trap.”


“That’s right.” Rey purred in his ear, then bit it quickly. Poe jerked. “What do we do with naughty cats?”


“We teach them a lesson.”


Clearly, they’d rehearsed this, but the confidence in Finn’s voice went straight to Poe’s dick. Rey was clearly a kinky little girl, confident and beautiful and strong willed, and it hadn’t taken too much to get her to where she was. But Finn was hit-or-miss. One night he could be totally on, with the cues and in the heat of it. Other nights he could be bumbling and unsure. But he definitely worked better with a script, it seemed, and with Rey’s lead. Either way Finn was an utterly attractive soul and drop dead sexy, but Poe was an experienced man. It took a lot to work him up, and this was pressing all his buttons at once.


“I’ll take the punishment, Mistress.” Poe said with as much composure as he could muster with all the blood rushing to his genitals.


He heard Rey suck in a breath. “Good kitty.” She breathed. “Pup, if you could get us started, then?”


Poe had been so busy thinking about how turned on he was that the breath ghosting over his cock was sudden and surprising. He hadn’t noticed Finn drop to his knees, which wouldn’t be comfortable on the stone flooring, or his mouth draw close. A tiny lick flickered over his head and he whined. Poe was not good with teasing.


“Ah, ah, hush.” Said Rey, and clamped a hand over his mouth from behind. She pressed herself up against his back, breasts pushing into the holes made by his bent arms, legs coming to stand between his own. Her body was warm against his cool skin. Skin? Again unbeknownst to Poe, Rey had managed to strip sometime so far in the exchange. “If it gets to be too much, bump me with your foot. Once for slow down, twice for stop. Okay?”


Poe nodded slightly against her hand. She was smiling when she instructed Finn to begin a second time.


Gentle, fat lips wrapped around the head, suckling gently as Finn’s tongue swiped the underside. Poe gasped behind his improvised gag, toes curling. Finn gave it some attention, then slowly worked his way down, inch by inch, until his wide nose was almost lost in Poe’s dark pubic hair. He breathed heavily around the intrusion, but calmly. It was a goddamn mystery how an ex-Stormtrooper was so talented at giving head, but Finn was extraordinary in many ways, and after a moment of adjustment, he pulled away and back down, swallowing slightly as Poe’s cock head brushed the back of his throat again.


He set an agonizingly slow pace, enough to curl heat deep in Poe’s loins but not enough to set him off. After a few minutes, his legs were shaking and he was panting behind Rey’s iron grip.


“What a good, good boy,” Rey said, dragging her other hand down Poe’s side. “Should we give him mercy for being so patient?”


Finn pulled off and Poe held back a pathetic sound at the loss. “If you want to, Mistress. He hasn’t moved at all.”


“I’m impressed,” Rey said, and it was genuine. Poe wasn’t known for being very patient in bed, and lost in the moment he had almost choked Rey more than once on his dick. An over-abundance of apologies followed but the fact was that Poe was a passionate man and couldn’t always contain himself.


“Would you like that, pet?” Rey asked him. She put the other hand to his cheek, he got the hint and nodded so she could feel it. “Alright.”


Finn practically dove back onto Poe’s cock, pulling all the suction he could and focusing it around the head. Poe threw his head back, causing it to rest on Rey’s shoulder as he locked his knees. Alternating his assault from the head down the shaft every few seconds in a rapid pace had Poe in a full body tremble, and with a little cry he spilled into Finn’s mouth without warning.


Diligently swallowing, Finn gave a last little wiggle of his tongue before pulling off. He stood again, seeming to have no trouble, and kissed Poe. The somewhat bitter unusual taste of his come passed between their mouths, and Poe lapped it away best he could.

Rey gave another little sigh. “Lovely. But we aren’t done with you, kit. Your punishment yet awaits.”