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Lost Boy

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The first time Steve and Tony met, Steve was studying for his bar exam, hunched over a pile of books in the college library.

“Can I sit here?” A low voice asked, and Steve looked up, before looking right back down, instantly flustered, stuttering over his words as he tried to gather his thoughts.

“Uh yeah-yeah, whatever.” He cleared a stack of books off and the other man set a big stack down.


Steve couldn’t help stealing glances even as he tried to keep studying. 

The newcomer was young, definitely younger than Steve’s twenty five years. Maybe barely out of high school. Dressed all in black, knees showing through ripped denim, and a worn AC/D.C. shirt stretching across his shoulders. 

He was gorgeous. Steve couldn’t help wanting to stare. He was just…gorgeous. Clear skin, big eyes made more dramatic by eye liner. Dark hair that just barely started curling over his ears. Wiry muscles in his arms, and long legs. Just the beginning of a goatee around his mouth and chin. It was sexy in a scruffy, punk kid kind of way. 

Steve was hooked instantly. 

Unfortunately, the kid  was also high as fuck and Steve could tell from clear across the table.

Those dark brown eyes were dilated so far they were almost black. The hand that traced sentences in the thick book was shaking and his lips were red from being bitten and licked.

Why he would come to the library high was beyond Steve, but instead of worrying about it, he just kept studying, glancing up every once in while when the other guy would shift and sigh.

“You want some water?” Steve handed him a bottle from his bag, a few minutes later, unable to ignore it any longer and the kid looked up in surprise.

“Uh yeah. Thank you.” He drained it in almost one go, and smiled. “I’m Tony.”


Tony’s dark eyes drifted over broad shoulders, short blonde hair, blue eyes behind glasses, and thick arms. “Steve, you are the cutest thing in glasses I’ve ever seen.”

Steve blushed but didn’t look up, and when Tony licked his lips again, it was purely in interest.

Steve offered him a ride home, seeing as how there was no way the boy was driving anywhere in that state, and Tony accepted quickly.

“Thanks man. I probably would have just walked and this is a long way to walk. I appreciate the ride home.”

‘Home’ was a giant brownstone on east end, and Steve looked at it with just a touch of awe.

“You gonna be okay walking up that driveway?”

“I’m fine.” Tony laughed, a soft husky sound that made Steve’s stomach tighten. “Just a little dizzy.”

“Come on then.”

With Steve’s arm wrapped around his waist, they managed a slow walk up the driveway, Steve taking the kids keys and opening the door.

“I’m not a bad kid.” The boy suddenly said. “Just… just kind of lost lately.”

“We’re all a little lost sometimes.” Steve replied quietly, and let himself out.

The second time Steve saw Tony he was just walking down the street headed to the library after stepping out for bite of lunch.

He did a double take when he saw Tony out with a couple of teenagers, dressed in another all black ensemble, this time complete with fingerless gloves. A shorter brunette had his arms wrapped around a redhead not wearing near enough clothing, and a tall boy with a full sleeve tattooed down his left arm, his tank top not hiding any of the muscles across his back, was leaning over Tony, who was pressed against a building, a hand on the kids chest.

Steve looked away.

It had taken a whole week to stop thinking about Tony, about the way his dark eyes had sparked even while high. The way the light had touched over smooth skin, the soft voice giving him directions on the ride home. Tony had a tongue ring that clicked against his teeth when he spoke, and it was way more distracting than it should have been.

Steve hadn’t been able to get the kid out of his head, and it was driving him crazy, so he just looked away.

“Steve.” Tony saw him though, and pushed the taller one away. “Steve!” His face lit up and he jogged over to where Steve had paused on the library steps.

“Hey Tony.” A quick once-over assured him Tony wasn’t high so he smiled down at him.

“Hey.” Tony’s smile was equal parts shy and teasing. “I didn’t think you’d remember me.”

“Hard to forget.” Steve admitted, and Tony grinned, asking, “Back studying again?”

“Oh, um, yeah. I have to take the bar in a few months.”

“Lawyer man, huh?” Tony’s eyes sparkled and Steve fought not to grin.

“I suppose so.” He nodded. “Just under eight weeks left.”

“Study hard then, pretty boy. I’ve never been with a lawyer before and I bet it’s fun.” Tony stood on his toes and brushed a kiss over Steve’s cheek, his hands gripping his jacket, before basically running back to his friends.

Steve walked into the library and started studying again, like he wasn’t blushing, like he wasn’t going to be thinking about that barely-there kiss all day, like the idea of being with Tony didn’t make him instantly, physically uncomfortable. 

When Steve reached into his jacket pocket for his keys nearly eight hours later, he frowned when he felt a piece of paper.

In handwriting he didn’t recognize, a phone number and a ridiculous amount of ‘xoxo-s’ were scrawled on the back of a receipt. 

On the bottom it just said “Tony” in a heart.

Steve rolled his eyes but didn’t stop smiling.

That’s what he needed in life. A drug using teenager with a crush on him.

Tony was waiting on the library steps a couple days later when Steve showed up.

“Tony. What are you doing here?”

“Stalking you.” he answered with a flippant shrug, then burst out laughing when Steve’s eyes widened. “Calm down, not really. I um-” he glanced away sheepishly. “I asked the girl up front when the hot lawyer came to study and she said everyday from 11:15 to about eight pm. So I just thought I’d wait.”

“Oh?” Steve raised an eyebrow and Tony sent him an innocent look.

“I gave you my number.” he said in a high, accented voice. “I thought you might call.” Steve just looked at him, confused and Tony sighed. “Really? Moriarty? BBC Sherlock? Nothing? You don’t recognize that line? Its the best line!”

“I can’t tell you the last time I watched TV, Tony.”

“Okay, well that joke didn’t work out how I planned.” Tony jumped to his feet. “So really, um, why didn’t you call?”

“I’m just–” Steve ran his hand through his hair. “Just busy. And you’re..young. Quite a bit younger than me.”

“Legal. Twenty.” Tony countered. “If that’s the problem. Is it?”

“No, of course not.” Steve frowned. “I wouldn’t even have looked twice if I thought you were underage.”

“You only looked twice?” Tony teased, and Steve kind of hated how easy it was for Tony to make him smile. “I could have sworn it was at least three times.”

“What are you studying?” Steve asked curiously, partly because he wanted to know, mostly to change the subject.

“Physics.” Tony answered with a grin. “Not today actually, I’m busy, but tomorrow? Will you be here?”

Steve paused with one foot on the step, then grabbed his phone and threw out a quick message. 

Tony’s phone trilled, and he looked down, then up again in surprise. “Is this you? I thought you didn’t want to call–?”

“I did.” Steve admitted. “Just cause I didn’t call, doesn’t mean I didn’t want to. Some days are harder than others with all this going on.”

“I’m not a junkie, you know.” Tony said quietly, looking down the sidewalk self consciously. “I just… I’m just… I’m smart, you know. Super smart. Some days are just bad.”

“I believe it.” Steve answered and Tony bit his lip.

“I’m serious. I know I was high the other day and I just don’t want you to think–”

“I don’t.” Steve finally smiled, and Tony’s whole face lit up.

~~From: Tony~~
You should be studying and not texting me, but text me back anyway

~~To: Tony~~
yeah, I should be studying but it’s fine.
–what are you doing today anyway? Besides skulking around the library preying on law students

~~From: Tony~~
oh don’t worry you are the only law student i am preying on. Let me know when you get tired so I can move in for the kill.

Steve hated himself for laughing so hard at the text.