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MAP: Atlas of the Kingdoms of Albion

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Albion has the following regions:

Southern Albion (south of Camelot)
- Cornwall (King Odin)
- Deorham (King Alined)
- Nemeth (King Rodor and Princess Mithian)
- Kent (Saxon-occupied land)
- Isle of Mora (where Lady Helen came from)

Central Albion (parallel with Camelot)
- Dyfed
- Gwynned (King Caerleon and Queen Annis)
- Gawant (Lord Godwyn and Princess Elena)
- Camelot (King Uther)
- Mercia (Lord Bayard)
- Escetir (King Cenred)
- Anglia
- Tir Mor (Saxon-occupied land)

Northern Albion (north of Camelot)
- Elmet (The Perilous Lands)
- Deira
- Rheged
- Northumbria
- Bernicia
- Gododdin
- Strathclyde

Far Northern Albion (aka Scotland)
- Uerturio (Picts)
- Dalriada (Picts)
- Alba (settled by Vikings)

Isle of Man

Eire, The Western Isle (aka Ireland)
- Ulaid
- Northern Ui Niell
- Southern Ui Niell
- Airgialla
- Connacht
- Laigin
- Munster

Not pictured:
- Norway (King Olaf and Princess Vivian)