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Kitchens and Confusion

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Seokjin, in all honesty, is terrified of his feelings. Specifically for the youngest member.

Jeongguk is just as unsure about his feelings. Mostly for the eldest.

Everyone else sees it... Except for them. So you can imagine how frustrating the tension is. There may also be some bets in place. Whoops?

Either way, everyone tries their damnedest to get the two to realize their feelings. They did everything they could possibly think of. Yoongi and Namjoon saying they were going to the studio. Hoseok and Jimin saying they were going to practice. even Taehyung said he was going t the store, but really he went to the park because why not? This was done to get the two alone, but nothing happened. The boys, by this I mean 95 line, locked Seokjin and Jeongguk in the closet in a game of truth or dare. They left the two alone for almost an hour, only letting them out when Jeongguk threatened to piss on Jimin's jacket. So that didn't work like they had hoped.

In the end, Namjoon sat Jeongguk done and told it to him straight.

"You like Seokjin-hyung." Not even a question. It was a fact.

"Why do you ask? Why would I?" Namjoon gave him a look. "Wait. Am I that obvious?" The leader just nodded, not wanting to embarrass the kid any more than he already is. He had first-hand experience with that, especially when it was caused by feelings you don't want to admit to.

"Look. I won't tell him because you are." To say Jeongguk was astonished would be an understatement. He was shocked, to say the least, and upset that he was that obvious. Jeongguk honestly thought his feelings were buried deep within him, but now he is thinking otherwise. Now he just hopes no one else noticed.

"Joonie-hyung, how fo I tell him? I'm not even sure about my feelings entirely. Like, I know I like him. But what if this is just a phase thing? Or just a type of infatuation? What then?" Jeongguk was genuinely worried, almost scared. And let's be honest, feelings are terrifying.

"Trust me on this one. Your feelings for him are real, I've noticed. And I'm sure he likes you back. Just talk to him. It can't be that bad."

"Says the one who refuses to admit he likes two people," Jeongguk muttered ending with a quick swat to the back of his head.

"Listen here, this is about you and not me. Got it? And Seokjin-hyung isn't that bad to talk to."

Jeongguk went to say something snarky but couldn't come up with anything. So he huffed and walked away, muttering along the lines of stupid, stupid, stupid.


Later at dinner, Jeongguk refused to look at any of them, only speaking when asking for something to be passed. Normally, this would have raised alarm among others, but Namjoon told them he spoke with the youngest. Everyone but the eldest. So Seokjin was obviously worried.

"Kookie? Are you alright?"


'Okay, he's not in a good mood. What happened?' Seokjin thought, watching how Jeongguk would react. 

"Do you want to tell me anything?"

Jeongguk could not have gotten any redder than he already was. He quickly shook his head, taking his bowl to the sink. Taehyung snickered, being cut off by a swift kick to the shin by Jimin.

"If any of you did something, I will find out. Understand?" Seokjin was in protective mode. Someone hurt his baby, so someone was going to pay, by doing dishes. Everyone was silent as they got up going their separate ways. Seokjin went to the kitchen, hoping to help the youngest.

'Don't let your feelings get in the way dumbass. Just don't do it.' 

"Jeongguk?" No answer.

He walked into the kitchen and found the boy curled up in the corner. Seokjin walked over and sat down next to him, now hearing the boy's sniffles.

"Can you tell me what is wrong? Did someone do something? Do I need to fight a bitch?" That last part got a half-assed chuckle out of Jeongguk.

"No hyung. It is just something I have to figure out."

"Like what Kook?"

Sighing, Jeongguk began.

"I'm just stressed about the tour starting soon. What If I mess up? What if someone gets hurt? Will ARMY like it? What will happen if they don't?" Jeongguk started to break down half way through and just couldn't continue with what he was going to say.

"Hey, hey. Calm down. Breathe with me okay." Seokjin started to take exaggerated breaths just to get the attention of the youngest. Once he had it, he started with deep breaths to get Jeongguk to calm down enough to get words out.

"Hyung. I like you. Like, I like you a lot. And I know this can get in the way of a lot of things, but I really like you." Jeongguk was shocked he even was able to say all of that. He stared at the eldest, waiting for something, anything really.

"Please say something."

He didn't. Instead, he leaned forward and waited for Jeongguk to get the hint. Well, he didn't. So Seokjin leaned closer, his nose brushing against Jeongguk's cheekbone, breath fanning ver the boy's face.

"Kiss me."

Jeongguk did just that.

It was feather light at first. Just little pecks and small tender kisses. Slowly getting more passionate. Jeongguk tried to push himself further onto Seokjin, trying to get as close as he can. Trying to prove to himself this is real.

All too soon, Seokjin pulled away.

"I'm here, I promise I'm here. I am not going anywhere anytime soon." Jeongguk just nodded and crawled into Seokjin's lap, wanting to be held.

"Can you hold me? This still feels like a dream." He was quiet, shy almost. Nothing like the loud and boisterous teen he normally is.

Seokjin answered by wrapping his arms tighter around the other's waist. Nuzzling his face into Jeongguk's brown locks, which were actually curled oddly enough. They sat there for a while, making sure the other was still there, that they weren't leaving.

Seokjin felt lips against his neck, just light brushes at first. It began like that but getting more and more heated. Seokjin knew he needed to stop soon, but he was enjoying this too much. However, when he heard footsteps, he gently pushed him away.

"No sex in my kitchen." Jeongguk looked defeated but nodded anyways. "At least, not yet." Was tacked on as an afterthought, brightening Jeongguk's face by tenfold. They grinned at each other at that. The prospect of sex in the near future made something in both of them stir awake.

"Well.. glad that has been sorted out. Hoseok! You owe me my money!"

"Park Jimin! What have I said about bets?"

"Sorry Jin-hyung, but this has been in place for some time now. And I want my money Hoseok!"

Seokjin tutted but focused back on the other in his lap. Grinning, he placed a kiss on his nose and patted Jeongguk's leg to have him get up. Seokjin stood up and grabbed Jeongguk's hand, pulling him back.

"Meet me in my room tonight. I'll make sure Yoongi won't be here." Seokjin mumbled in his ear.

Jeongguk's face split into a grin. Walking away with just a bit more of an exaggerated sway added to his hips.