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The Courtship of Belle and Gaston

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“Papa, I’m home! Gaston is with me!” Belle calls out to her father.

Maurice comes out of his workshop, having just finished a new music box. “Belle, dear! Bonjour, Gaston!” He greets them happily.

“Bonjour, Maurice!” Gaston says, smiling at the older man.

“We have something to tell you, Papa,” Belle says, taking Gaston’s hand.

“Oh?” Maurice notices the happiness and love between the two and the hand-holding. He smiles knowingly. “Let’s move this to the living room, then,” He suggests.

“Okay,” The couple says in unison. They follow Maurice into the living room and sit on the couch. Maurice sits in his favorite chair.

“Gaston asked to court me and I said yes,” Belle tells her father.

“Is this alright with you, Maurice?” Gaston asks.

“You did already ask my permission to court Belle at the end of last month, Gaston, and I did tell you that I am fine with you both courting as long as Belle accepts,” Maurice tells them.

Belle is ecstatic. “Oh, thank you, Papa!” She exclaims, rushing to hug her father, who hugs her back.

“Thank you, Maurice!” Gaston happily says.

“You two are very welcome. You can hug me if you like, Gaston,” Maurice says.

The hunter gets up from the couch and happily joins the hugging, wrapping his arms around Belle and Maurice.

Once the hugfest is over, Belle, Maurice, and Gaston retire to the kitchen and make dinner together.